Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ukraine: Shows off Saudi Arabian funded Missile system.

(Kiev) Saudi Arabia (and it's lackys) spends a lot of money on advanced weaponry, primarily to combat Iranian belligerence (which is currently biting the mad mullahs in the backside back home) However Western sensitivities ensure that certain long range weapon systems are kept out of Saudi hands. 

One such example is Ballistic missiles, when SA wanted the means to hit Iranian cities they went knocking on China’s door and purchased the DF3 and DF21Ballistic missiles during the 80s. With the DF3 having a range of 4000 miles it isn’t just Iran which they can target and hit.

Then there was combat drones, which resulted in Riyadh knocking on china’s door again and spending billions on an advanced  UAV factory to be built in house, no doubt with follow up sales to other Islamic nations.
Wing Loong II as to be built by SA
And so it is with short range tactical missile systems, with both the US and Russia refusing to accommodate SA, they instead simply funded a Ukrainian company to develop their very own missile and the other day the Grom-2(Thunder-2) tactical missile system was shown off to the world. The Grom is an advanced vehicle borne missile system able to lob a 500Kg warhead out to 500Kms. The bonus for the Ukraine , is the Saudis funded a weapon they can use against Russia.

Meanwhile the ethical latte drinkers continue to scream foul play at the UK for selling weapons to SA. The irony here is, the Uk sells a lot less weaponry to SA  than the likes of the US/China/France/Spain/Turkey and even Canada, but you wouldn't  know that from listening to them vent their spleens.