Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tunsia: 2nd night of protests see's 49 police officers wounded and 206 arrested.

(Tunis) Since starting with one small protest on Sunday Tunisian demonstrators have defied the threat of a security clampdown  and spilled onto the streets of the capital and at least four other towns for a third night of violent protests fuelled by economic hardship after the government hiked prices of staple goods and introduced new taxes at the start of the year to try to tackle a ballooning deficit and appease foreign lenders.

Late on Tuesday, clashes erupted in more than 20 towns, as protesters attacked police stations and government buildings and torched cars, also hurling petrol bombs at a Jewish school on the southern tourist island of Djerba.
The interior ministry said Wednesday that more than 200 people have been arrested and 49 police officers have been hurt