Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sweden: Man shot dead inside a pizzeria

(Stockholm) In the Swedish Capital , a  25-year-old man enjoying something to eat inside  a pizzeria was shot dead by a so called "death squad", which is going around setting old scores amongst the criminal fraternity . The murder is seen as a revenge killing for a 20 year old man who was shot 8 times on New Years Eve in the same so called vulnerable Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby which in 2007 had a 90% immigrant population primarily from the ME and Africa.

The death squad has been reported as a gun for hire group who will kill for money with a going price of around £62K ($85k) per hit, as of last May, the group had been connected to at least 10 murders.

Funny how so many people berated President Trump when he mentioned the problems Sweden has with its new Citizens.  Yet in a space of 2 days in a country which was the envy of the world only a few years ago for its quality of life , has seen a man blown up by a hand grenade, a family of four found murdered and now a man shot dead.