Friday, January 12, 2018

Germany: Questions asked why Iranian Mullah with the blood of thousands on his hands,was treated for Brain Tumour

(Hanover)  Whilst the liberals in the West bemoan President Trump for everything and anything demanding he should be banned from visiting their countries. Germany has no problem allowing Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi Shahroudi who as head of Iran's justice ministry from 1999 to 2009. signed off on over 2,000 Iranian prisoners, including many minors, to be executed.

In fact he was the man in charge over the imprisonment, torture, rape and killing of Canadian photojournalist Zara Kazemi  in July 2003. who was picked up for taking photos of a demonstration, yet died in custody, the Iranians said she committed suicide, yet the doctor who examined her stated that when he inspected her 4 days after her arrest he found evidence of a very brutal rape, A skull fracture, two broken fingers, missing fingernails, a crushed big toe and a broken nose. Severe abdominal bruising, swelling behind the head and a bruised shoulder, deep scratches on the neck and evidence of flogging on the legs and to stop the Canadians from carrying out their own autopsy they buried her in Iran and refused them access to the body.
Yet not only was this mass murderer given a visa to visit Germany, he was allowed to receive medical treatment which he has denied to thousands of people. When news of his sojourn came to the public eye this religious thug  quickly boarded a plane and returned to the Motherland , where his successors have been clamping down on the people again.
German Foreign Ministry spokesman Rainer Breul said on January 8 that Shahrudi sought treatment in Germany for a "serious illness" and that his request was granted after "credible health reasons" were given.
Isn't it strange how the so called Liberals bemoan Trump as a racist bigot, yet have no problem inviting actual religious racist bigots to be treated in the best hospitals in the land. Oh look there's that 'H' word again.