Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Germany: Police and Fire-fighters attacked with pyrotechnics on New Years

(Berlin) The penchant of newcomers to Europe to disregard the rule of law or to even respect it, is perfectly exemplified by the following video of how first responders in Berlin were targeted with pyrotechnics.  Police arrested a 16 year old girl armed with 44 illegal fireworks, and a 22 year old who was found with drugs and a knife.

Across Berlin 1,600 additional police officers were on duty on New Year's Eve .  In the 12 hour period between  6pm  and 6 am they were called out to 3,084 emergency incidents (previous year: 3,123) 6 Police officers were attacked and in another incident a flare gun was fired into a patrol car.

The fire department which had approximately 1,400 people  and over 400 vehicles on duty saw attacks on 57 vehicles and with 8 firemen physically attacked.

On the other side of the coin, 2 people were killed when the illegal firework they were holding blew up in their face, a 11 year old child was injured when a bunch of thugs threw a firework in his face and another 21 were injured due to misusing fireworks, including 5 idiots who had fingers amputated after their pyrotechnic exploded whilst they were holding it.