Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Niger: Church burnt down after Iman arrested by Government.

(Maradi) Niger is a country in central Africa which is around 99% Islamic. So when the Islamic Government arrested an Iman for berating the Niger Government who do you think his supporters decided to target in which to express their anger. Yup Christians which is why 150 religious bigots descended on the protestant church in the country’s second city and burnt it down.

And I keep getting told that these people subscribe to a religion of peace and understanding.

Mali: Gunmen attack village kill 41

(Central Mali) It never rains in Africa when it comes to murder, death, kill, rather it simply pours. Monday evening saw the latest deluge of death when around 100 gunmen on motorbikes descended on two villages (Yoro and Gangafani) and carried out a mass killing in which is presumed to be a reprisal attack in the ongoing feud between two different ethnic tribes. 

The tit-for-tat violence in recent months has largely pitted Dogon hunters against Fulani herders. Attackers believed to be Fulani raided a Dogon village last week, killing at least 35 people. The victims of Monday’s raids were mostly ethnic Dogons.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Yemen: What is happening in Yemen

(Sana'a)   The conflict in Yemen is one mired in confusion and a lot of propaganda. In a nutshell The dictator for life Ali Abdullah Saleh was ousted from power by the people during the Yemeni revolution in 2012 which was but one branch of the Arab spring which had brought down numerous dictators for life across the Arab world.  Unlike the rest Saleh was allowed to leave office with the $60 billion he had pilfered and told he was ok if he kept out of the country.  Unfortunately for somebody who had been in power since 1978 (North Yemen 1978-1990, unified Yemen  1990-2012)

Saleh couldn't let go and so he returned to the north of the country in 2015 (The former North Yemen) and throwing in his clan with the local tribesmen (The Houthi) they decided to try and take control of the county which saw them capture the former lands of North Yemen and expand somewhat slightly and take the area around Aden. 

There they were defeated when Saudi Arabia throw in its lot with the President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi since then the Houthi have been pushed back into what was North Yemen , where the geography of the land (mountainous) has kept them safe until they decided to murder Saleh in December 2017 followed by a murderous clamp down on his clan. They on mass decided to throw in their lot with Hadi and the Saudis and since then the Houthi have lost a lot of land mainly lowlands, 

but they remain tight in the mountainous areas they still hold.

Now this is where it gets murky , the Houthi are Shia Muslims and as such have the support of Shai Iran, whose mullahs are happy to cause trouble for the Sunni Muslims of the Gulf nations, primarily their regional rival Saudi Arabia which just happens to be next door. In fact the first thing the Houthi did when they took the West of the country was throw in their lot with Tehran. Which kind of explains the advance weaponry the Houthi have apparently invented themselves (like the over 200 Scud missiles launched into Saudi Arabia)  The recent use of tactical cruise missiles 

Since the reversal of Houthi fortunes after they removed Salah and his clans, there has been in play a huge propaganda effort in which to play the victim card for the houthi, This has been aimed at the peace groups in the West and are surely funded by Iran. For example until Jan this year the death toll for the war was around 6000 people, now that figure has been risen these past few months to over 230K  really 250 thousand people killed in 4 months,  Much has been made of millions starving, yet the only people starving are those in Houthi held areas and that is due not to the Saudi backed Yemani army, rather it is due to the Houthi. In fact yesterday the UN stated it was going to have to stop food aid to the Houthi areas due to the theft of aid by the Houthi.

Funny how all the do-gooders in the West remain silent on this.

Nigeria: Triple suicide attack on people watching football kills 30

(Konduga)  One of the main characters in the Sci Fi comic 2000AD is Judge Dredd, a Mega City ONE policeman. One of the villains that Dredd keeps on bumping into is Judge Death, a being from another dimension who along with his buddies (Judge Fire, Judge Fear and Judge Mortis) having decided that only the living commit crimes feel it is their duty to eradicate all life.

I get the impression that jihadists on Planet Earth subscribe to the very same mind-set, who when they aren’t banning anything which they find offensive, have no problem killing off anybody actually having a good time. Which is why last night in a village near the town of Konduga, situated in Borno state, 3 suicide bombers walked into a hall where people were watching football on a communal TV and blew themselves up killing at least 30 people,  and injuring another 42. There was a fourth bomber but her explosive vest failed to detonate and she was arrested.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

France: knife-wielding man shot outside Military hospital

(Lyon)  At around 3pm local time , French soldiers on guard outside the Desgenettes military hospital were threatened by a man with a knife. Problem for the knifeman the soldiers were armed with guns and he was shot upon which he was taken to hospital were he is in a non life threating condition.

Not much information has been put out by the authorities, but the Parisian newspaper does mention in its report that the shot man was wearing a  Djellaba.( a long, loose-fitting unisex outer robe with full sleeves that is worn in the Maghreb region of North Africa)