Saturday, August 17, 2019

Israel: 5 terrorists killed as they tried to sneak into the country from Gaza.

(Jerusalem) In the third infiltration attempt from Gaza this week,  the IDF spotted and killed 5 armed gunmen as they tried to do what US congress Muslims  Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar couldn’t and that is enter Israel.
Unfortunately for these 5 terrorists they were spotted and in a very short battle consisting of a helicopter gunship and a tank on one side and 5 lightly armed idiots on the other. The 5 men gave their lives for nothing other than to allow Hamas to send the message to their Iranian backers that they are willing to die (as Sunni Muslims) for Shia money.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Interlude: Boney M. - Daddy Cool

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Norway: Gunman arrested inside mosque.

(Oslo,) So on Saturday at around 1600hrs a white 20 year old Norwegian citizen wearing a uniform, body armour, a helmet and armed with multiple weapons entered a mosque and started shooting up the place.

But get this, he was overpowered by a 75 year old man, who after placing him in a choke hold sat on him until the police arrived. Thankfully the mosque was virtually empty at the time and the only injured people were the gunman and the brave pensioner who took him down.

After he was arrested, people searching his home address found the body of a woman. what an idiot and well done to the brave man who took him down.

Morroco: Belgium school children carrying out volunteer work, forced to leave country due to death threats for wearing…shorts.

(Adar) Bouworde vzw is a Belgian youth organisation that sends nearly a 1000 young volunteers abroad every year, mostly for short-term work camps aiming to educate youngsters about poorness, solidarity and other social themes.

Which is why 40 school children from Belgium found themselves in the village of Adar helping build up the infrastructure.

Problem was pictures of the children wearing shorts as they worked upset  people who were over 300 miles away who protested that they should be beheaded for offending Islam. A member of Parliament demanded to know why European women were wearing beachwear whilst working. 

Due to the threats and the polarizing of the situation,  Bouworde vzw has decided to pull all its youth teams from the country. Police in Morroco have arrested the teacher who made the beheading statement on charges of incitement to terrorism

Gaza: IDF strikes Hamas outposts after foiling Terrorist attempt to breach border.

(Gaza) After a bunch of heavily armed (But peaceful) Hamas terrorists were foiled in an attempt to sneak into Israel in which to carry out a mission of murder, death kill in return for the $30 million a month their Iranian masters decided to throw their way as of last week.

The IDF decided to return the favour and bomb a number of Hamas outposts during the night.
Ah, the IDF have stated that they killed 4 Hamas thugs:

UK: Mohamed arrested and charged for savage machete attackon policeman

(London) Just after midnight on Thursday morning, Police pulled over a white van in East London suspected of having no insurance in Leyton, east London, The driver 56 year old Muhammad Rodwan wasn’t happy at getting pulled over and decided to express his anger on 28 year old PC Stuart Outten, by usinga machete he had in the van on PC Outten,

Despite being severely injured PC Outten managed to Tazer Muhammad allowing his partner to arrest the violent thug.

Yesterday in court Muhammad Rodwan, 56, was charged with PC Outten's attempted murder and possession of an offensive weapon he was remanded in custody until September.