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Interlude: China Crisis - "Wishful Thinking"

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Bangladesh: Latest coal powered power station has setback as workers clash with the Chinese builders.

(Payra) Whilst all the eco warriors protest in the West regards global warming  climate change from their neck of the woods
Which whilst admirable , doesn't take into account that actually that the West has been cutting its CO2 emissions for a long while and that actually the US, yes that US which the do-gooders love to lambaste has made the biggest cuts in CO2 these past 20 years. Which is strange as when President Bush refused to sign up to Kyto Protocol targets saying that technology and not set targets was the way to reduce CO2 he was turned into public enemy Nbr 1by the ethical latte crowd. 

Then we had the Paris agreement in 2015, where the western world signed up to cutting CO2 with immediate effect, with a total ban on CO2 by 2050. The thing is China the worlds biggest polluter has a cop out and can continue pumping out CO2 until 2030. 

Which brings  me to Bangladesh , this low lying country built on low lying marsh land is prone to flooding and has been most vocal on climate change demanding the West hands over billions to help sort out their explosive population who are running out of land to live on. Currently China is building 13 coal fired power stations in Bangladesh which will be up and running by 2023. The first which is set to come on line the huge 1,320 megawatt one at Payra port

However construction work has been placed on hold after 6000 Bangladeshi workers rioted after32 year old Swabindra Das, fell to his death from a 70 foot tower and rumours started that he was killed by the Chinese and they were trying to cover it up. So riot they did killing 1 and seriously injuring another 6, On top of that critical equipment was stolen or destroyed setting back the whole project.

So in nutshell the Chinese and Bangladeshi governments who are amongst the most vocal regards climate change and demand the west do more, are between them knocking out 13 huge coal powered power stations whilst they demand the West close their down (which they are). 

I wonder why all the climate change crowd aren't protesting outside the Chinese and Bangladeshi embassies.

Scotland: Leading Islamophobia campaigner branded “untruthful” in a sexual harassment case

(Glasgow)  The general secretary of the Muslim Council of Scotland(MCoS) is Shaukat Sultan, he is the treasurer of the local Labour party in Glasgow Southern and has played a role on the Holyrood (Scottish parliament) crossparty group on “Tackling Islamophobia".  

Shaukat Sultan
You’d think that such a person would make a credible witness in a court case regards sexual harassment, think again. Mr Sultan used to work at Roshni a glasgow based charity set up to help protect vulnerable adults and children from within ethnic minority communities from abuse. However it crashed and burned in 2017 after its founder Millionaire Ali Khan was found guilty of mental and sexualabuse of a female worker. 

It appears after she rejected his advances, he cut her hours  threatened her with dismissal, verbal and physical abuse, made “sexually explicit remarks to her” and encouraged her to flirt with potential advertisers. He was also found to have threatened to disclose intimate details of victims personal life to third parties and made threats of violence towards her family. Anyway he was directed to pay for his harassment along with Mr Sultan who it transpired touched base with the victim’s stepfather in which to get her to drop the case.  The employment tribunal ordered Roshni and Ali Khan to jointly pay the victim £74,647, which included £35,000 for injury to feelings and £20,000 for personal injury, but she never received a penny as both  directors quit within days of the remedy hearing. However, the same case resulted in criticism of Sultan, who was described on the Roshni website as its “longest serving team member”.
  •  “We found that Shaukat Sultan was not credible when he told the Tribunal that he did not share with Mr Khan the reason why he had asked for the claimant’s stepfather’s telephone number.”  
  • “We found that Mr Sultan was seeking to have pressure placed on the claimant to withdraw the claim. Those were steps taken on behalf of the first respondent [Roshni].”
  • The judge added: “We also found that Shaukat Sultan had been untruthful in giving his evidence to the Employment Tribunal about the events of 11 May 2015.”

Since his day in court in 2015 Mr Sultan has since risen to become general secretary of the MCoS, which is an “accord” of Muslim associations, mosques and institutions north of the border and sat on the Scottish Governments cross party team on combating ‘Islamophobia’  which is a form of abuse. 
even with the above court case been reported in the media. The funny thing is after Roshni closed, a new charity 'Engage me' was born . The Scottish  Daily Record reported that  key staff at Roshni – which means light in Urdu – have helped set up a new group called Engage Me, based at the same Glasgow city centre site. Logos for the organisations have striking similarities as is its mission statement:
 “raise awareness of the existence of sexual, physical and psychological abuse against persons and groups within the minority ethinic communities”

Beware the cat in the box

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Ethiopia: Coup attempt fails.

(Bahir Dar) A coup attempt against the head of one of the Ethiopia’s nine regional states on Saturday has failed. A spokesman for Prime MinisterAbiy Ahmed, speaking on state TV on Saturday stated:
“There was an organized coup attempt in Bahir Dar but it failed,”
It has been reported that the chief of staff of Ethiopia's army was shot dead by his own body guard in his home hour before the coup attempt began, he is now under arrest. The coup was led by former political prisoner Brig. Gen. Asaminew Tsige, who was freed last year.

The Prime minister Mr Abiy has stated that several officials had been killed during the attack in the Amhara regional capital Bahir Dar and that there has been gunfire in the capital.

The coup could be over how the Prime Minister has ruffled a few feathers since his inauguration last year by:
  1. Brokering a peace treaty with Eritrea regards their 20 year border conflict.
  2. Signed a peace treaty with rebels in the restive Oromia Region
  3. Amended the country's "draconian" anti-terrorismlaw, widely perceived as a tool of political repression.
  4. Released thousands of political prisoners
  5. Ended the state of emergency which was put in place after his predecessor Hailemariam Desalegn resigned
  6. Set up a commission aimed at reviewing the divisive system of ethnic federalism. 
  7. Announced his intention to pursue the large-scale privatisation of state-owned enterprises 
  8. Declared his intention to carry out reforms of the military to strengthen its effectiveness and professionalism, with the view of limiting its role in politics

The above very rarely seen in Africa has upset quite a lot of powerful people and he has met some resistance. For example there was an attempt on his life this time last year which saw 2 people killed.
It appears that some very powerful people don't want the country to change for the better and feel that returning to how things were, is so much better. lets hope they fail.

Kenya: 3 Terrorists killed during a botched attempt to attack a police station.

(Yumbis) Late Friday evening Al Shahbab terrorists decided to sneak across the border and take on a police station. 

So after destroying a communications mast that serves the region, (possibly to stop a cry for help being transmitted) they launched an attack on the police unit, once the smoke from the gun fight had dissipated, the Terrorists had done a runner, leaving 3 dead and a number of blood trails disappearing into the bush. , with no casualties on the police side. I suppose we could say they fought the law and the law won:

Friday, June 21, 2019

Turkey: Goes to the polls Sunday......Again.

(Ankara) You may have noticed a strange phenomena these past few years: The demand for a revote.We saw it when Bush won in 2000, when Trump won in 2017. Over here in Europe, the European Union (That so called bastion of free thinking, free speech and human rights ) has made something of a name for itself with rejecting votes which go agaisnt its wishes and makes the offenders retake them or simply ignores them

In 1992 Denmark voted on the Maastricht Treaty (Which was part of the EU attempt to push for the further integration of the nations regards laws and of the EU having its own currency (Euro)) . Well shock horror the Danes rejected it, the EU not happy voided the vote made them take it again a year later and guess what..they won.
The Irish went to the ballot box in 2001 in which to ratify the Treaty of Nice of the European Union which was needed in which to continue to allow the EU to grow. They voted No and the EU simply rejected it, who made the Irish retake the vote. But before they did, they spent millions on EU propaganda. and in 2002 the Irish voted...yes.
In 2005 France voted on the Constitution for Europe,in which to see if the public wanted to go further with the EU. and shock horror the public rejected it and the French government and the EU just rejected that vote and carried on as normal
A month after the French vote in 2005 Holland voted on the European Constitution referendum in which to see if the public wanted to go further with the EU. They rejected it as did the dutch government and the EU.

Well next door to the EU is Turkey and they hosted their local elections on the 31st of March this year and shock horror, the governing party the Justice and Development Party (AKP) lost a lot of votes  Well the pocket dictator in all but name Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was having none of that, he voided the election and decided to make the country vote again. this they will do on Sunday and it will be interesting if he loses again. I doubt it as the city of Istanbul has just stated that 68K people cannot vote. Funny enough the ruling party ALP runs it.

Have to laugh as the Turkish media posted this a while ago:

Sweden: Unaccompanied child migrant rapes his foster sister, claims it is legal in his homeland

(Stockholm)  Currently in Sweden there is a case of how an unaccompanied child migrant who on claiming he was 17 was placed with a foster family. Well he's currently under lock and key after it was revealed that he raped his much younger foster sister. When asked to explain himself, he replied he didn't know as it is legal to rape children in his home country and that the incident was simply:

“something happening between two children”.
However it transpires that he was informed numerous times of the rules that apply in Sweden to sexual relations at his previous accommodations and at the schools he attends as it is mandated policy to inform migrants of the do and don't of sexual relationships  His legal guardian pointed out that the 17-year-old does well at school. He also described the sexual incident with a minor as a “one-off” and pointed out that taking the boy into special care would destroy his progress. Unfortunately for the child rapist, the court was having none of this crap and locked him up for six months with immediate effect until his court case comes up and he will be prosecuted for rape against children.

But get this investigations into his background  have revealed suspicions that the so called 17 year old child may in fact be over 20 years old.

Jordan: Offended by latest Netflicks show

(Amman) So the nice folks in Jordan have seen red over the latest Netflicks series (Jinn) which is also the sites first Arabic  series. It appears that script has a group of school children visiting Petra who sneak off at night like teens do to drink beer, smoke weed and gossip around a bonfire. A girl asks her frisky boyfriend to take things slow.

Well  the series has been blasted on social medias pornographic. Government ministers have vowed to censor it. Jordan’s grand mufti denounced it as “a moral degradation.” Lawmakers called an emergency session. The attorney general demanded the cyber-crimes unit “take immediate, necessary action” to pull it from Netflix.

The thing is, I've been to Jordan I spent quite a lot of time in the desert and before we left we travelled on mass to...Petra. Loverly place and in the car park, there is a bar,(actually there are a lot of bars)  where you can buy beer. In Amman, I used to stop off at a Hotel (in which to use their toilets and grab a sneaky shower) The opulent bars there..sell alcohol.

So it's a little hypocritical of the Jordanians to complain about people drinking alcohol when it is openly on sale there. But hey, there's nothing like the religious righteous who whilst venting their spleen about a TV show remain silent on the huge curse of Honour crimes which inflict the country
where until recently marrying your rape victim got you off jail and where you receive a reduced sentence if you can prove that your victims actions of speaking to a boy offended you.

Iraq: Bomb blast at Shia mosque kills 7

(Baghdad) You can always tell when its Friday The Islamic holyday and somewhere some brainwashed idiot will happily murder his fellow man because a religious bigot has told him that he will go to heaven if he carries out a suicide mission. 

Which is what transpired at the Shia Imam Mahdi Al-Muntadhar Mosque in Baladiyat, when a suicide bomber was stopped from entering the mosque by security guard, caught out, he blew himself up there. Killing 7 and injuring another 20. what is it with these idiots and the need to kill somebody because they are...different.

Canada: Iranian refugee slates the country which gave her a new home as a Racist Colonialist Project Like Israel

(Toronto) Nasim Asgari, who was born in Tehran, told an interviewer during the annual Al Quds protest that she does not consider herself to be Canadian because Canada is a "white-supremacist, colonialist, racist project" much like Israel. Asgari describes herself as a poet and an artist, and she is currently studying human rights and equity studies at York University. which begs me to ask the question why is she living in Canada.

Intrigued I had a butchers at her twitter feed and I found out she is an Anti-Semite

An Iranian nationalist
 An ungrateful person
  and a racist.

And to the CBC she is somebody to be admired:

The same CBC I should add which loves to play the Islamophobia card

Interlude:A Flock Of Seagulls - Transfer Affection

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Turkey: Unveils mock up of their future Stealth fighter

(Paris) Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) have unveiled a model of their future (stealth) fifth-generation TF-X (Turkish Fighter - Experimental) at the Paris airshow.

With its purchase of the F35 somewhat in the air, Turkey looks set to go it alone with an ambitious plan for a country which has never built an indigenous fighter jet to have the above plane flying in 6 years time and taken into service in 10.  Seeing as the F35 took over 20 years to get from design to being delivered , the Russian T-50 and the Chinese J-20 set to follow the same time frame. I'll tip my hat to the Turks if they pull this off.

Gaza: Hamas says Israel must allow for promised development in Gaza for truce to continue

(Gaza) On Thursday Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh announced the Israeli part of a future truce they will put into effect which they knocked out with the UN, Egypt and Qatar. He stated for any future peace Israel has to allow the building of two industrial zones, a power line and a hospital . This is on top of the water pipe Israel is currently laying into Gaza as well as a new sewage pipe which will take sewage from Gaza into Israel for processing.

At the same press conference he denounced Bahrain for normalizing links with Israel. The irony here is, isn't that what he is doing As this is Hamas, whilst talking peace Haniyeh accused Israel of non-compliance with the ceasefire and of delaying any launching of the projects stated in the deal. “The understandings are in danger because of the non-compliance by the occupation to implement the required obligations,”

When asked why Hamas won't talk directly to Israel for a better chance to implement the deal, Haniyeh said his group, which was founded on the goal of destroying Israel, has "obstructive lines on talking directly to the Israeli occupation."
 "Negotiations between you and your enemy in principle is not a mistake, but at this time, with these conditions, it's a national crime if you do it,"
For a so called racist nation which has Gaza under a deadly siege, the Israelis sure have a funny way of keeping that siege in place.

Malaysia : Prime Minister Mahathir denounces murder charges agaisnt Russians regards the downing of Flight MH17 as heresay.

(Kuala Lumpur) On the 17th of July 2014 (MH17) on a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down while flying over eastern Ukraine, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.  The investigation that followed revealed hard evidence that the missile used was a Buk missile system, transported from Russia into the separatist part of eastern Ukraine. From the get go, the Russians have obstructed the investigation; initially they stated that the Ukrainians fired the missile, and then they tried pushing the view that a Ukrainian Su 25 shot down MH17. (The problem there is the SU 25 is a ground attack aircraft and not fitted to carry air to air missiles.)  Also there exists damning video evidence of a surface to air launch and the actual wreckage of the missile used, a missile that could only come from a Buk Anti-aircraft missile system.

In October 2015, the Dutch Safety Board concluded the plane had been hit by a Buk missile, causing it to break apart in mid-air. The Dutch-led joint investigation team (JIT)- which includes officials from the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine - concluded in May 2018 that the missile system belonged to the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile brigade, based in the western Russian city of Kursk. It produced evidence that it said proved how the missile system had reached eastern Ukraine.

Anyway, 5 years down the line and the Dutch released their findings to the world yesterday and they indicted 3 Russians (Igor Girkin, Sergei Dubinsky and Oleg Pulatov) , and 1 Ukrainian separatist  (Leonid Kharchenko.)

Naturally the Russians have slated the finding stating they that they reject the findings of the JIT which were "aimed at discrediting the Russian Federation in the eyes of the international community". But what was really surprising is that  Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia , the country the plane that was shot down belonged to has parroted the very same line as the Russians.

"Blaming Russia for the shooting down of flight MH17 has always been the “script” of an international political plot to attack the country"
That got me thinking why would he go down that line. A quick check and it works out that Russia has been throwing  a lot of money at Malaysia these past few years:
  • On the 15th March 2016, a Russian-Malaysian business council was established with the intent to strengthen cooperation on economic, scientific, technological issues and culture. 
  • On the 20th May 2016 a bilateral meetingbetween Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Russian President Putin  explored the  possibility of negotiating for a free trade agreement (FTA) between Malaysia with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) in which Russia was among the leading countries. They also looked at direct flights between Malaysia and Russia as well as Russia supplying Malaysia with weapons 
  • On the 22nd of Feb 2018 Russia opened its second Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) branch office in the country, the first was opened in 1981.
  • Funny enough trade between the two countries has also risen in 2012 it was $1.769 billion , by 2016 it had risen to $2.19 billion in 2016.
  •  When Prime Minister (PM) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad met with President Putin last  November they they discussed how there had been significant increase in bilateral trade of over 60% in the last eight months.
Hey I'm not saying the PM of Malaysia has been bought off by Moscow, but for him to come right out and defend the Russians when all the evidence points at them does raise a lot of questions.

Iran: Shoots down US Drone

(Tehran)  Iran this morning shot down a US UAV stating that the craft had been spying over Iran at the time. whilst the media (and the unwashed) have swallowed the Iranian line. If they bothered to look at the facts, they would find that actually the facts don't add up.

The UAV that was shot down was a Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton.

A High-Altitude Long Endurance (H.A.L.E.) UAV  whose mission is high altitude maritime surveillance , which means it is configured for working over water rather than over land so its equipment is based around radar rather than optical as found on UAVs such as the Medium-altitude long-endurance (M.A.L.E)  Reaper and Predators  we hear so much about. Its reach will allow it to observe Iran from well outside their boundary lines, so Iran stating it shot down the UAV within its borders is something of a stretch. So the question is why?

Iran knows it can't defeat the US militarily (despite all its boasting of its military might)  So for the past few years it has embarked on a program of ostracising the US from its allies, this appears to be working with the EU, who see Iran as an prize catch regards exports which is why they have overlooked Iran's :

  1. Kidnapping and holding of European hostages for political gain.
  2. Death teams inside Europe
  3. Spying inside Europe
  4. Support for terrorism inside Europe
Add the huge effort it has pursued in promoting anti US propaganda on the social media front:

Facebook removes nearly 800 fake pages and accounts traced to Iran
How Iran spreads disinformation around the world

and it isn't hard to see how so many people see the US as the belligerent one. The irony here is Iran is the one launching physical attacks the ME and not the US, which has been most restraint in its responses to Iranian war mongering.

How Iran sHow Iran spreads disinformation around the worldpreads disinformation around the world

Canada: Sex abuse Iman arrested as he tries to flee the country.

(Toronto)  Imam Syed Zaidi  told a young women he met in 2008 that she was possessed by evil spirits and that he had in his trousers a special tool that would removes those evil spirits . 

He advised that his special tool had to be inserted into her numerous times over a period of a few years and that it was a secret she could not pass onto others. Problem for this so called Islamic holyman when she found out his special purpose wasn't so special after all. He threated to shame her by informing the local community, he threated her with violence including killing her. She stuck by her guns and reported this nonce to the police. 

Naturally as an imported religious sex pest , Zaidi did what all imported religious sex pests do, he did a runner which is why he was arrested at Toronto Pearson Airport trying to leave the country. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

US: Syrian refugee Mustafa arrested over plot to bomb Church in revenge for ISIS defeats.

(Pittsburgh) The authorities in Pennsylvania have arrested 21 year old  Mustafa Mousab Alowemer on charges of planning to bomb a church in the name of ISIS , and in which to avenge his fellow jihadi religious bigiots.

Alowemer arrived to the U.S. as a refugee in 2016. He graduated from high school but does not hold a U.S. passport and is not a legal permanent resident of the U.S. He first came to the attention of authorities because of a jihadist-oriented message he posted on an internet bulletin board and because he was communicating with an ISIS-supporter in the U.S. who was already under investigation.

Apparently the church he targeted was the Nigerian the Legacy International Worship Center in Pittsburgh and he decided to target said Church due to Nigeria's problem with Boko Haram a terrorist group based in the Northern (Islamic) half of Nigeria whose sole remit is to enforce sharia law onto everybody. The irony here being that the northern half if Nigeria is run under..sharia law.

Burkina Faso: 17 killed after Jihadists attack village

(Belehede) The village of Belehede was set upon by a gang of armed men on Tuesday which saw them murder 17 people simply because they can.

A military operation is currently underway to find the attackers and secure the area, 

UK: BBCs Pro Antisemitic stance exposed yet again

(London) The BBC held a live debate featuring the five candidates fighting for the Conservative leadership on Tuesday night. The programme took the form of people from across the UK appearing on a big screen from BBC regional studios ask the five candidates a question. Mr Abdullah Patel appeared from the Bristol studios to ask the sixth question which was about Islamophobia. He said anti-Islamic political rhetoric caused problems for his community and asked the candidates directly if he believed words had consequences.

Fair enough, but within hours  Mr Patel an  Iman and headmaster of a girls school whilst demanding to know from the next Prime minister of the UK do words have consequences, found out the hard way that words actually do have consequences when is was revealed he is nothing more than an anti-semtic, misogynistic bigot who should not not have been allowed to speak on national TV, A quick check of his social media accounts revealed Mr Patels mindset:

A check the bBC failed to carry out. Their damage limitation team stated they did, but Mr Patel had deactivated his account prior to appearing on the show, which is strange as minutes after he was allowed to promote this vision of Islamic victimhood  the above tweets were hitting the twitterverse.
Going back to Mr Patels question of:
words had consequences.

He's now been suspended by the school and the mosque he works for due to the public embarrassment his lies have brought upon them.

Another of the people the BBC brought on to ask questions was so called independent voting Aman Thakar,

Who if they had bothered to do their work would have found out that he was not only a Labour activist who stood as the labour candidate in  the Southwark local election last year.  he was seconded by his law firm to the Labour Party to work for Jeremy Corbyn’s investigating anti-Semitism, and here is what was found on his twitter feed before he made it private:

He also has been suspended by his law firm. The thing is, the BBC has been caught out time and time again regards Anti-Semitism, kind of explains its huge pro Islamic output. But like the left all over the world they excuse their hatred by issuing smokescreens . 

The look on the cats face

Russia: Roma people and Russian have huge set too, Russians blame...The US

(Chemodanovka)  So last week tensions between Roma people and Russian villagers in the region of Penza ended up in a deadly brawl which saw 1 Russian killed, and a number injured after native Russians complained about their womenfolk being sexually harassed by the Roma. This was followed by arson attacks and the forced evictions of hundreds of Roma people to the city of Volgograd.

This was followed by arson attacks

and the forced evictions of around 900  Roma people to the city of Volgograd.

Governor Ivan Belozertsev, tried to relieve tensions, by blaming the US.
“America, the west, has poured enormous amounts of money into preparing people here … they’re in every region, including ours, and they don’t want to solve problems, they want to destabilise the situation. They bring fake information here,”
 He then followed that up by banning the sale of Alcohol.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Niger: Church burnt down after Iman arrested by Government.

(Maradi) Niger is a country in central Africa which is around 99% Islamic. So when the Islamic Government arrested an Iman for berating the Niger Government who do you think his supporters decided to target in which to express their anger. Yup Christians which is why 150 religious bigots descended on the protestant church in the country’s second city and burnt it down.

And I keep getting told that these people subscribe to a religion of peace and understanding.

Mali: Gunmen attack village kill 41

(Central Mali) It never rains in Africa when it comes to murder, death, kill, rather it simply pours. Monday evening saw the latest deluge of death when around 100 gunmen on motorbikes descended on two villages (Yoro and Gangafani) and carried out a mass killing in which is presumed to be a reprisal attack in the ongoing feud between two different ethnic tribes. 

The tit-for-tat violence in recent months has largely pitted Dogon hunters against Fulani herders. Attackers believed to be Fulani raided a Dogon village last week, killing at least 35 people. The victims of Monday’s raids were mostly ethnic Dogons.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Yemen: What is happening in Yemen

(Sana'a)   The conflict in Yemen is one mired in confusion and a lot of propaganda. In a nutshell The dictator for life Ali Abdullah Saleh was ousted from power by the people during the Yemeni revolution in 2012 which was but one branch of the Arab spring which had brought down numerous dictators for life across the Arab world.  Unlike the rest Saleh was allowed to leave office with the $60 billion he had pilfered and told he was ok if he kept out of the country.  Unfortunately for somebody who had been in power since 1978 (North Yemen 1978-1990, unified Yemen  1990-2012)

Saleh couldn't let go and so he returned to the north of the country in 2015 (The former North Yemen) and throwing in his clan with the local tribesmen (The Houthi) they decided to try and take control of the county which saw them capture the former lands of North Yemen and expand somewhat slightly and take the area around Aden. 

There they were defeated when Saudi Arabia throw in its lot with the President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi since then the Houthi have been pushed back into what was North Yemen , where the geography of the land (mountainous) has kept them safe until they decided to murder Saleh in December 2017 followed by a murderous clamp down on his clan. They on mass decided to throw in their lot with Hadi and the Saudis and since then the Houthi have lost a lot of land mainly lowlands, 

but they remain tight in the mountainous areas they still hold.

Now this is where it gets murky , the Houthi are Shia Muslims and as such have the support of Shai Iran, whose mullahs are happy to cause trouble for the Sunni Muslims of the Gulf nations, primarily their regional rival Saudi Arabia which just happens to be next door. In fact the first thing the Houthi did when they took the West of the country was throw in their lot with Tehran. Which kind of explains the advance weaponry the Houthi have apparently invented themselves (like the over 200 Scud missiles launched into Saudi Arabia)  The recent use of tactical cruise missiles 

Since the reversal of Houthi fortunes after they removed Salah and his clans, there has been in play a huge propaganda effort in which to play the victim card for the houthi, This has been aimed at the peace groups in the West and are surely funded by Iran. For example until Jan this year the death toll for the war was around 6000 people, now that figure has been risen these past few months to over 230K  really 250 thousand people killed in 4 months,  Much has been made of millions starving, yet the only people starving are those in Houthi held areas and that is due not to the Saudi backed Yemani army, rather it is due to the Houthi. In fact yesterday the UN stated it was going to have to stop food aid to the Houthi areas due to the theft of aid by the Houthi.

Funny how all the do-gooders in the West remain silent on this.

Nigeria: Triple suicide attack on people watching football kills 30

(Konduga)  One of the main characters in the Sci Fi comic 2000AD is Judge Dredd, a Mega City ONE policeman. One of the villains that Dredd keeps on bumping into is Judge Death, a being from another dimension who along with his buddies (Judge Fire, Judge Fear and Judge Mortis) having decided that only the living commit crimes feel it is their duty to eradicate all life.

I get the impression that jihadists on Planet Earth subscribe to the very same mind-set, who when they aren’t banning anything which they find offensive, have no problem killing off anybody actually having a good time. Which is why last night in a village near the town of Konduga, situated in Borno state, 3 suicide bombers walked into a hall where people were watching football on a communal TV and blew themselves up killing at least 30 people,  and injuring another 42. There was a fourth bomber but her explosive vest failed to detonate and she was arrested.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

France: knife-wielding man shot outside Military hospital

(Lyon)  At around 3pm local time , French soldiers on guard outside the Desgenettes military hospital were threatened by a man with a knife. Problem for the knifeman the soldiers were armed with guns and he was shot upon which he was taken to hospital were he is in a non life threating condition.

Not much information has been put out by the authorities, but the Parisian newspaper does mention in its report that the shot man was wearing a  Djellaba.( a long, loose-fitting unisex outer robe with full sleeves that is worn in the Maghreb region of North Africa)

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Somalia: Twin car bombs kills 8 people, injures 25.

(Mogadishu)  Islamic terrorist group Al-Shahbab detonated 2 car bombs in the Somali capital on Saturday. The first  near a checkpoint for the presidential palace, resulted in eight deaths, whilst the discovery of second car bomb at a checkpoint on the road to the airport saw no casualties as people were evacuated from the area in time. on top of the 8 deaths. 25 people were wounded,

Kenya: Roadside bomb claims 8 Police lives.

(Wajir) A roadside bomb hit a police vehicle patrolling near Kenya’s border with Somalia on Saturday, killing  eight of the 13 officers inside. The attack occurred on Saturday morning at Konton centre, and were pursuing attackers who raided the village late Friday and drove away with three police reservists.

Knowing that they would be followed, they laid an explosive device in the road . According to police sources, there were 13 officers in a Land Cruiser that ran over the landmine, eight of whom died on the spot.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Iran: Crew of Norwegian tanker were forced at gunpoint to leave ship that rescued them and go to Iran.

(Tehran) Contrary to Tehran's statement that they rescued the crew of the  stricken Norwegian-owned tanker Front Altair, it has now been reported that actually the crew had been picked up by the Hyundai Dubai,

Which was then surrounded by the Iranian navy and told to hand the rescued men men over. The  captain of the Hyundai Dubai contacted his company's management, who told him to refuse Iran's request. However the captain did as he was told saying that "he felt like he had no choice" and handed the crew over to the Iranians. The crew of the Japanese ship were rescued by a Dutch ship and they handed over the crew to the USS Bainbridge in which to prevent the Iranians taking them at gunpoint.

The Iranians still hold the crew of the Norwegian ship and appear to be milking the fact that they rescued them. Problem for the mad mullahs is that the crews body language doesn't come across as people grateful to be rescued , but rather that of a crew captured at gunpoint.

Arabian Gulf: US shows video of Iranians removing failed mine from stricken tanker.

(Iran) After yesterdays explosions on two oil tankers traversing the Arabian gulf.

The US government has released a video of Iranian naval forces sidling along side one of the stricken tankers and removing a limpet mine which had apparently failed to detonate, but which had forced the crew to abandon ship.

Naturally the Iranians have denied doing so, which is strange from a nation which has shouting out loud that they would shut down the entrance to the Arabian Gulf  if the world doesn't do as it demands and has done so in the past, resulting in Operation Praying Mantis in 1988 where the US Navy decided to bitchslap the Mad Mullahs.

However it now transpires that before the wee Iranian boat went alongside the Kokura Courageous, they had noticed the US drone flying above and launched a surface to air missile at it. it missed, but it did ensure that the UAV kept a healthy distance from the de mining operation and now it has been reported  that the Iranians have surrounded the Kokura Courageous and are refusing rescue tugs from towing her to port.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Gaza: Israel carries out strikes in response to missile attack on school.

(Gaza)  Yesterday evening a rocket launched from Gaza struck a school, in the city of  Sderot. The rocket, which did not explode, whilst causing damage resulted in no injuries . Thankfully most students had gone home for the weekend, but several people were still inside the school at the time

A few hours later another missile was launched from Gaza at the  small community of  Nirim but this was intercepted by the Iron dome missile system. Unfortunately due to the very close proximity of Gaza to Sderot not much warning can be given for missiles launched agaisnt it.

In response the IDF struck several targets inside Gaza during the night

Interlude: Seal & Adamski - Killer

Friday, June 7, 2019

Interlude: Prince - 1999

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Arabian Gulf: Saudi Arabia rescues Iranian from covert mothership supporting Yemeni rebels

(Riyadh)  After the US reimposed sanctions in Iran regards its double dealing with its nuclear chemistry set , they warned the world that they would close the Straits of Hormuz, that they would attack American troops in the region and that they had the weapons and will to carry out those trumps. The problem for the mad mullahs is they are now dealing with a Republican President and not a Democrat. Which is why POTUS reinforced the region with 2 carrier task forces and a load of B52 bombers.

Since then the Mad mullahs have issued daily threats, that they aren't scared, that the US and not them are a threat to the region and that they are peaceful. Which is why when a number of foreign tankers (Not American) were targeted by limpet mines, Tehran said...not us. When Suicide drones started hitting Saudi oil pipelines, Tehran said ...not us. The thing is everybody knows its the Iranians but in this day and age of political correctness anybody who says anything about Iranian is deemed a racist.

Well the otherday in the middle of the Arabian Gulf the Saudi airforce were called to rescue an injured sailor off of the Iranian-registered ship Saviz. As the Rescue helicopter came in to pick up the injured crewman. video filmed from the Saudi Rescue helicopter filmed Military speed boats lashed to its upper deck and personnel on board in camouflage uniforms. Iranian naval forces operate a number of types of boats in this general category, which it can use in swarming attacks, to lay naval mines, or otherwise conduct hit-and-run attacks at sea. They could also carry light cargo loads and move small numbers of personnel back and forth between their mother ship and shore.

UK: Political correct policing is the reason why crime is rife in the Uk.

(London)  President Trump came to London this week to visit the Queen. As per usual the Left wing anti whatever crowd were out in force and as per their hatred of anything and everything they had no problem violently attacking pensioners who had come to support President Trump:

The British Police as seen in both video clips did nothing. Now heres a clip from the otherday where a woman deflated the Trump Balloon and within a minute hoards of police arrive to arrest her.

Yes she was wrong, but where was the same response when leftwing thugs were violently attacking old age pensioners.

Ramadan Death Count: Syria Wash-up (23/05-04/0619)

May 24, 2019, 5 civilians killed in Syria

May 26, 2019, 12 civilians killed in Syria

May 27, 2019, 19 civilians killed in Syria

May 28, 2019, 24 civilians killed in Syria

May 29, 2019, 14 civilians killed in Syria

May 30, 2019, 7 civilians killed in Syria

May 31, 2019, 5 civilians killed in Syria

June 2, 2019, 28 civilians killed in Syria

June 3, 2019, 5 civilians killed in Syria

Ramadan death toll stands at 1,530

Only the Syrian civilian death toll has been listed for this year as information coming out of Idlib (where a huge battle is taking place between the Syrian Government and friends and the last remaining pocket of Jihadists) is somewhat sparse. If and when this information becomes available I will update the figures.