Thursday, February 28, 2019

UK: Mohammed charged after threatening Muslim woman for wearing western clothing

(London) So many Islamic women living in the west state that they cover up because it is there basic human right to wear what they want, when asked if they are forced to do so they laugh. But I'm from an Islamic family (Thankfully none of my siblings cover up) and I know this just isn't true. The males of Islamic families are belittled. publicly abused and emasculated by the religiously pious who play the religion card in which to gain standing within the Islamic community. In doing so they force these liberal Muslims to adopt practices which have no place in the Uk, simply in order to save face. Well there is also another side to all of this pressure, idiots actually attack women for not subscribing to their Islamic set of values.

Which is what transpired when 37 year old Mohammed Amin walked into a health centre in London and handed a Muslim female healthworker a note which stated that she was not following the Islamic dress code. When a doctor came to her assistance, Mohammed issued threats at the woman before hurling abuse at the doctor for being a Christian and threatening him with violence if he dared report him to the police. Well tough crap, Mohammed was reported and in court he received an 18 month community order consisting of him having to complete a 10 day rehabilitation requirement, 100 hours unpaid work and pay costs of £85.00. As you can see the UK, doesn't offer much of a deterrent to stop these idiots from carrying out gods works.

Just as a matter of fact, this took place around 2 miles from where ISIS bride Shamima Begum
 and her many friends who also buggered off to join ISIS lived. Makes you wonder

Somalia: Car bomb attack on Hotel kills 10

(Mogadishu) It has been reported that  suicide car bomb was detonated outside a Mogadishu hotel on Thursday killed at least 10 people and destroying nearby  buildings in the Somali capital’s busiest street,

Islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab have claimed responsibility for the attack.
 “We targeted and stormed Hotel Maka Al Mukaram. We are still inside it,”

Korea: Drunk Russian ship captain crashes into bridge in Hit and run

(Busan) The drunk captain of the Russian cargo ship Seagrand for some very strange reason decided that the quickest way to get home to his home port of Vladivostok was to head inland into Korea rather than heading out to sea. Which entailed crashing into the second longest road bridge in the country. The thing is he had already hit a cruise liner 40 mins before.

On realising he was reading his compass upside down, he turned tail and headed out o sea, in what appears to be a cargo ship carrying out a huge hit and run. The Koran authorities not impressed sent 4 patrol boats out after the ship in which to bring the captain back to face the music.

The accident caused damage to the lower part of the bi-level bridge, the KCG said. No injuries were reported, but portions of the lower bridge were closed off for precautionary reasons.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

UK: Liberals offended by use of ISIS bride photo in Airsoft game, didn't complain when pictures of Trump were use.

(Liverpool) In the Uk the liberals are up in arms over how photos of an ISIS bride who is currently demanding to be allowed to return to the Uk in which to live in peace and quiet in which to teach her son the koran. Apparently its a hate crime in the making

The thing is, none of the people complaining about the above are that bothered about the targets of President Trump, Margaret Thatcher , Justine Bieber at the same place. Funny how the snowflakes will defend those who hate and want to kill us.

UK: Another 9 Pakistani Males jailed for Paedophilia

(Bradford)  In the Uk, Yet another gang of Pakistani Islamic males have been jailed for child rape. This time a gang of 9 received a total of 132 years after being convicted on charges on  22 offences including rape and inciting child prostitution.The abuse came to light in 2014 when one of victims saw a report on the grooming and sexual abuse of hundreds of young girls in Rotherham on local TV and asked her partner to contact the authorities. This led to the sentencing of these Pakistani paedophiles today. The judge closed the case with this statement:

 "No major city in England and Wales seems to have been spared this problem of grooming by older men acting together or alone."

(From top left, clockwise) Basharat Khaliq, Saeed Akhtar, Naveed Akhtar, Parvaze Ahmed, Zeeshan Ali, Fahim Iqbal, Izar Hussain, Mohammed Usman and Kieran Harris were all jailed at Bradford Crown Court

India: Clashes continue between India and Pakistan.

(Kashmir)  The slide to war between these 2 nuclear armed  states continues after Pakistan attempted to strike 6 military installations inside India. Whilst the former claims the strikes were successful, the latter states otherwise. Anyway, aircraft where sent to tackle the Pakistani strike aircraft and one an Indian Mig 21 Bison was shot down over Pakistani territory . India has admitted to this loss and in a counter claim they also managed to shoot down a Pakistani aircraft.

The Mig 21 is a Russian fighter jet which first flew in 1959, and first saw action in Indian service agaisnt Pakistan in 1971. Whilst the Pakistan replaced its Mig 21 adversary the F104 starfighter in 1972 the Indians have continued to to use the Mig 21 with it being scheduled to be retired this year.  Pretty sure that questions will be raised why such an outdated aircraft, which has killed 170 Indian pilots since 1970 in crashes is being used in combat agaisnt Pakistan

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Australia: Unveils UAV Loyal Wingman concept

(Canberra) Boeing Australia  has revealed plans of an unmanned buddy system which will fly alongside manned aircraft which will act as a force multiplier. named the Loyal Wingman the craft at 38-foot-long craft and fitted with artificial intelligence will provide fighter-like performance, with the ability to  fly independently, or in support of piloted aircraft while maintaining a safe distance between other aircraft. The aircraft will be equipped with sensor packages to support intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions as well as electronic warfare.

UK: Socialist Opposition to the Government demands evidence regards the proscribing of Hezb-allah

(London) Yesterday I mentioned how the British government has proscribed the Iranian funded Lebanese terrorist group and I ended with:

Pretty sure the leader of the British socialist Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn who classes 'Hezballah' as his friends won't be happy.
Well guess what, he isn't and it appears he has instructed his minions to character assassinate the British Home secretary by claiming its simply to make him look hard for any future leadership jostling and a statement from Labour HQ states:
“Decisions on the proscription of organisations as terror groups are supposed to be made on the advice of civil servants based on clear evidence that those organisations fall foul of the proscription criteria set out in legislation. The home secretary must therefore now demonstrate that this decision was taken in an objective and impartial way, and driven by clear and new evidence, not by his leadership ambitions.”
It appears that Labour isn't happy how its terrorists friends are losing the ability to move in the Uk.

India: Pakistan starts shooting war with India

(Kashmir)  As of this evening Pakistan has started shelling India in which to try and regain some sort of honour over how India struck a terrorist camp earlier this morning. This was reported by the Indian army spokeman as:

From 6:30 pm onwards, the Pakistani army initiated unprovoked ceasefire violation by shelling with heavy calibre weaponry along the LoC out of frustration.

What makes this worrying is that usually India usually turns a blind eye to Pakistani shelling, but today they have hit back twice as hard. resulting in this media statement from the Indian army:
"The Indian Army retaliated for effect and our focused fire resulted in severe destruction to five posts and number of casualties to Pak army (along LoC in Rajouri and Poonch districts)"

Hopefully sounds minds will prevail, but from watching India news coverage, it appears that patriotic fever is the colour of the day and these are two countries which are both nuclear armed.

India: Shoots down Pakistani UAV

(Kutch) Hours after the Indiana airforce struck terrorist targets inside its regional rival Pakistan, they dealt a much small blow when they shot down a Pakistani UAV which had decided to fly across the border and have a wander .The incident transpired on India’s border with Pakistan in the state of Gujarat .

But what makes this incident stand out was the Indians used the Israeli SPYDER anti-aircraft system and is believed to be the first operational kill for the system.

India: Carries out air-strikes on Paksitan

(Kashmir)  India this morning has stated it has carried out strikes agaisnt terrorist targets inside Pakistan situated on the outskirts of Balakot

The strikes which were expected were in response to a  terrorist suicide bombing inside India earlier this month which saw 40 para military policemen killed which India blamed on Pakistan for its active supports of terrorists inside Kashmir

Fully expecting the Indians to counter strike the Pakistanis hoped to defuse the situation with India by relocating hundreds of terrorists and their trainers away from the part of  Kashmire they occupy to a number of holiday resorts inside Pakistan proper hoping that the relocation into Pakistan  would be enough to still the hand of Indian retribution. Problem was not only is it an election year inside India, but packing 300+ terrorists into 3 camps was simply too tempting and so this morning in the early hours 12 Indian Mirage 2000H strike aircraft using 1000lb laser guided bombs struck the camps, with early estimates of at least 200 deaths.

It appears that the Pakistanis expecting some sort of reply to the attack inside India already had a script ready in which to downplay the attack in which to calm the hotheads inside the country by claiming that the Indians ran away when their aircraft responded and caused little damage.

Germany: Praises Iran whilst berating Saudi Arabia.

(Berlin)  The Germans have taken a hard stance over Saudi Arabia over how they murdered one its own citizens (Jamal Khashoggi) inside one of it consulates last year. It has banned arms sales and encouraged others to follow, it has imposed travel bans on a nbr of Saudi citizens. Yet what is surprising is how the same Germans who claim to have taken the moral high ground with Saudi Arabia have no problem with Iran. You know that Iran which is second only to China in state executions, that Iran which had been running death squads across Europe , that Iran which was caught spying agaisnt Germany just the other month, that Iran which threatens to destroy Europe, never mind Israel on a regular basis, that Iran which has a habit of seeing foreign embassies attacked, if that country berates Iran, that Iran which has a disgusting Human right record agaisnt women, yet for all its faults Berlin has no problem allowing Iranian leaders guilty of human rights abuses to be treated on the QT inside the country, or even go agaisnt the US regards how Iran loves to play with ballistic missiles which is agaisnt  UN resolution 2231 , and now we find the Germans congratulating the Mad mullahs on the celebration of 40 years of rule. A rule I should add they ensured they retained when they clamped down on the plebs with deadly force in 2009 and last year.

Gee there's that 'H' word again.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Somalia: US air-strike takes out 35 terrorists

(Mogadishu) U.S. Africa Command have issued a press statement that they carried out an airstrike on Al-Shahbab terrorists based inside Somalia who had massed together prior to an attack killing 35 terrorists.

The strike took place 23 miles east of Beledweyne, close to the border with Ethiopia.

Somalia: Gunmen murder 9 street cleaners

(Lafoole) al-Shabab terrorists  shot dead nine civilians street cleaners in a town just outside the capital on Monday. six women and three men who wear cleaning the road were killed by the terrorists; two  other workers were injured in the attack.

Regional governor Mohamed Ibrahim Barre speaking to t he media explained that the terrorists do not want the people to clean the streets because they use the garbage, trees and undergrowth to disguise their improvised explosive devices.

UK: Proscribes Hezballah

(London) The British Home Secretary Sajid Javid has taken the step of  banning all wings of Hezbollah due to its destabilizing influence in the Middle East, classing the Lebanese Islamist movement as a terrorist organization. 

“We are no longer able to distinguish between their already banned military wing and the political party. Because of this, I have taken the decision to proscribe the group in its entirety.”
The changes are expected to take force from Friday, after which supporting Hezbollah will be an offence carrying a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. Pretty sure the leader of the British socialist Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn who classes 'Hezballah' as his friends won't be happy.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Bangladesh: Aircraft hijacker shot dead.

(Chittagong) Biman Bangladesh Airlines Flight BG-147 from Dakar to Dubai via Chittagong took an unexpected turn for the worse when an armed gunman tried to enter the cockpit armed with a gun, after his attempts at shooting his way into the cockpit failed, the aircraft made an emergency landing at Hazrat Shah Amanat International Airport at 5:41pm where upon he demanded  he wished to communicate with the prime minster about his wife.

Unfortunately for him , instead of the prime minster her was met by a para commando unit of the Bangladesh Army who shot him dead.

US: Teen pledges allegiance to ISIS , pops across to local cop shop bringing a knife to a gunfight.

(Fountains Hill) The police in Maricopa County Arizona have released a bodycam video of the shooting of 18 year old  Ismail Hamed outside a  police sub station.
On the 5th of January  Ismail Hamed rang 911 twice and speaking to the operator said:
“My name is Ismail Hamed, I live in Fountain Hills, and I owe my allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. I just want a cop to come real quick and I want to deal with them.”
So Maricopa County Sheriff’s Sgt. Brandon Wells was sent along and on getting out of his vehicle he found Ismail waiting for him, when asked for ID, he proceeded to start to throw stones at Officer Wells, he then pulls a knife and advances on the officer despite being told not to at gunpoint. 2 shots later and the old adage of never bringing a knife to a gun fight was substantiated.

Ismail Hamed, has now been charged with two counts of terrorism under Arizona law, two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Friday, February 22, 2019

UK: Honours WW2 US aircrew who died crashing to avoid school children

(Sheffield) On the 22nd February 1944, Mi Amigo a B17 bomber returning from a mission over Denmark experienced engine trouble over the city of Sheffield. Spotting a park, the pilot descended and attempted to land on it, unfortunately for the crew of that B17 there were school children playing and as the bomber flew low waving at the children to get out of the way, they as children waved backed not understanding what was happening, the pilot decided to look elsewhere and crashed into woodland killing all the crew.

A memorial was built in honour of the crew and one of those children now 87 has spent the past several decades looking after said memorial  in memory of the crew of the B17.

6 weeks ago in January a BBC reporter walking his dog came across, Tony Foulds (That child now a pensioner) and asked him what the story was about the memorial. He told him the story and said he would love to see a military aircraft fly past in honour and remembrance of that ill-fated crew  who died so others could live. At the time Mr Foulds didn’t know the man walking his dog was a reporter and that reporter made a few calls

and today not just one,but several aircraft flew over the memorial on the 75th anniversary of the above crash. Thousands of people  turned up in which to join in with the commemoration.

The full story here

Interlude: The Commodores - Easy

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Israel: Sends Rocket to the Moon

(Jerusalem)  Israel is hoping to become the 4th Nation to send a spacecraft to the moon with the launching of the Beresheet robotic lunar lander. But what makes this mission different from all the rest is:

  • It is privately funded as opposed to state funded
  • It has piggybacked onto another launch in which to get into Space
SpaceIL the company behind this endeavour is an Israeli organization, established in 2011, in which to compete in the Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP) which was a competition to see a privately funded spacecraft land on the Moon. After the contest declared no winner, SpaceIL decided to continue with the project resulting in them paying Space X to allow them to piggyback the finished Beresheet lander onto one of its flights into Space.

Once Beresheet is in Earth orbit and separated from the Falcon 9 launcher, it will undergo several orbits around Earth, taking around 2.5 months before it reaches the Moon's area of influence. Once there,it will attempt to be captured by the Moons gravity placing it into a lunar orbit where upon  it will decelerate until for a landing on the lunar surface.

If all goes according to plan, the 5-foot-tall (1.5 meters) Beresheet — whose name means "in the beginning" in Hebrew — will land on the moon on April 11. Onboard will be an Israeli flag, a time capsule, which includes a "Lunar Library." -The library is a project of the nonprofit Arch Mission Foundation, which seeks to archive human knowledge for millions or billions of years. The Lunar Library will carry, among other things, the entirety of the English-language version of Wikipedia and keys to 5,000 languages, -The lander will study craters and the local magnetic field (unlike Earth, the moon doesn't have a global magnetic field) during its lunar approach and two-Earth-day surface mission. But the main goal is to inspire young people around the world, especially those in Israel.

US: The Boy who cried Trump

(Chicago)  A picture says a thousand words:

Venezuela: Closes border with Brazil to stop aid getting through

(Caracas) As Venezuela continues to fail economically, International Aid has started to pile up in warehouses in countries that border it, in which to help the people. The problem is, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro and his cronies understand only too well that if he lets in the Aid, he is publicly admitting that his socialist derived economic policies have failed and that would lead to increased calls for his resignation.  Which is why for the past few weeks he’s been playing the ‘The US wants to invade us’ in which to rally the plebs into supporting him. Problem is people aren't buying this anymore and the opposition inside the country is growing bigger, in fact so much bigger, he has replaced his Venezuelan  bodyguards for Russians due to trust issues. Well as pressure mounts for him to allow in the Aid, today he gave his answer.

He has ordered closing  the border with Brazil effected Thursday evening in which to prevent the importation humanitarian aid he also said on stated on his television broadcast  he's also considering a closure of Venezuela's border with Colombia. Gee isn’t socialism great.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

US: Women who left to join ISIS and wants to return informed: "The computer says..NO."

(Washington)  So in 2014 , 20 year old Hoda Muthana packed her bags and buggered off to Syria in which to join ISIS and live in a pure Islamic state.

There she married a ISIS terrorist and when he was killed, she married another, and when he was killed she married another. In between laying on the slab and saying 'fillet' She took to social media in which to get Muslims living in the US to carry out acts of terrorism agaisnt American citizens:
“Americans wake up! Men and women altogether. You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping! Go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriots, Memorial, etc day … Kill them.”
Her twitter feed was full of bloodcurdling incitement,  she now says her account was taken over by others. Oh Ok, I'll believe you, but I know millions won't With the worlds fightback against ISIS she 
retreated deeper into Isis’s ever-shrinking land and so six weeks ago, she fled the village of Susa, not far from the current frontline in Baghuz. where she  was captured by Kurdish forces who transferred her to al-Hawl, where she now mingles with wives and widows of fighters from around the world.
As we have seen with other ISIS brides the liberals , do-gooders and certain Islamic orgs (looks at CAIR) have begged in the name of humanity for her to be allowed to rejoin her Yemeni family in Alabama. Why her lawyer  has even called for her to be a voice of a deradicalisation programme that dissuades others from joining the terror group and counters online manipulation...really?

Problem for her is, the US government has just said No
Isn't Karma a right bitch. Expect the usual suspects to have a melt down.

UK: Hussein Brothers jailed for carrying out a machete attack inside a supermarket

(Bristol) Last August 31st 36 year old Naveed Hussain whilst out shopping got into a tussle with 44-year-old Zebeullam Mayakhial and came off second best. Unable to take this loss of face, he phoned his younger brother to help him regain his honour.

So picking up a machete on his way out of the door, 34 year old  Razwan Hussain, travelled over to the Tesco supermarket in Eastville with bloody revenge in mind. On his arrival he quickly paired up with his brother and like a pack of rabid dogs (Pakistani ones at that) chased down their victims inside the supermarket , attacking the 21 year old inside the foyer and then with a single blow of the machete, Razwan came close to severing Mayakhial arm. Then the pair of these thugs made a hasty getaway. Customers inside the store who witnessed the attack believed that they were in the midst of a terrorist incident and fled for their lives.

Naveed Hussain, left and Razwan Hussain, right 
Police quickly identified the brothers and a citywide alert was put in action by armed police. Razwan was arrested a week later after being found by officers hiding at a relative’s home, while Naveed handed himself in after five days. In court their brief related how the brothers were family men who had been victims of violence in the past. Unfortunately for these two violent thugs, the judge was having none of the ‘I am a victim’ card and  sent both down. Razwan Hussain received a 10 and a half year sentence and his older brother Naveed was given a 2 year stretch.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

US: Schoolboy sues Washington Post for defamation

(Covington) A few years ago I was in town and I bumped into a friend of mine in an art gallery. We started talking and the discussion gravitated to books we were reading. I mentioned that I was reading a book on the 6 Day War. When this tall white bloke came out of nowhere and started slandering the Jews. I think he must have presumed from my ethnicity (I’m brown skinned from an Indian background) that I would support his angle of attack. I made the mistake of trying to communicate with him in a polite and civil manner, however when he realised that I didn't support attacking the jews, he went off on a rant, becoming louder by the second in which to try and gain the moral high ground. I did the adult thing and disengaged from the conversation and walked away to a tirade of agitated comments. After a couple of minutes and when everything was back to normal I walked over to my new friend and asked him in a very calm and collective manner if he wished to continue the conversation outside , his instant reply was “I’m a lawyer" which I presume was enough of a threat to make most stand down. Big mistake.  My reply of “lawyers bleed "  was met by the draining of blood out of his face when he realised he had actually picked the wrong bloke to tangle with. He refused to step outside and grabbing hold of his female other half disengaged from the conversation by walking away as quickly as possible. I left it at that, I had nothing to prove, But you know what that gobshite will now think twice before raising his voice in which to silence the other fellow.

The thing is , that tactic of  shouting down others is a move that has become rife across the western world. You know, where the eternally offended crowd shout and scream at anybody they object, so as to character assassinate that person into silence. This is perfectly exemplified how the other month a group of Catholic schoolboys made the headlines for wearing red MAGA hats in Washington as they waited for transport to take them home after attending a rally. The boys crimes were they were white, catholic and as mentioned wearing make America great head wear.  You've all heard the story how the boys were character assassinated as racists because they didn't react when grown adults who were not white decided to get in their face. To the world they expressed disrespect to an ancient Native American Indian who also gained extra brownie points by claiming to be a Vietnam veteran. A video of the event was promulgated to the world by that Native Americans fellow activists and soon the video of children subscribing to racial hatred was made worse by how a few wore MAGA hats. The left pillared these children, in which to express their hatred of President Trump. There were calls for the boys to be attacked (Yes Adults tweeted that these children should be physically attacked) congress women attacked them on social media as did people from the entertainment  business

In the space of a few hours these young boys became the most hated people on the planet. And then videos of the actual event surfaced, they showed that actually the boys had been the targets of the most vile abuse going from a group of Black men, that the so called native American who wasn't a Vietnam vet had walked into the midst of a bunch of school boys and faced off against a child who didn't know how to respond and simply smiled The media which could have cleared all of this up in minutes continued to spread the lie for around a week that the boys were racist bigots and then the boys lawyered up.  Their first move was to warn those idiots who had led the charge against children to remove their offensive tweets, now they have followed up with a lawsuit against the Washington Post for $250 million and you know what, I hope they win and then follow that up with action against all those adults who think it is acceptable to target children with open hatred simply because they can.This is the only thing these so called self proclaimed social justice warriors understand, which hopefully will put an end to this snowflakes generations habit of throwing the most vile abuse going in which to get their way. Which lets be honest is the very thing they claim to be fighting. 

Oh look squirrel.

London: British ISIS girl to be stripped of citizenship.

(London) The last few days has seen an onslaught of media articles regards the welfare of ISIS teenage bride  Shamima Begum so as to try and win around the British public in which to allow her to return to the UK she left in 2015 in which to live a peaceful and quiet life.

The problem for her supporters is, she hasn't stuck to the script they have given her and instead of being contrite , has spoken of how :
  •  "She wasn't phased by seeing heads of decapitated victims, as they were only the heads of men set on raping Islamic women."
  • "The keeping of Yazidi women by ISIS was no issue as it was in the Koran."
  • The bombing of a child's concert in Manchester which killed 22 and injured 500 was justified due to the bombing of ISIS terrorists."
  • She said she was partly inspired by videos of fighters beheading hostages and also by videos showing "the good life" under IS.
  • She watched videos of the murders of British hostages but said she did not know the names of any of the victims.
  • "People should have sympathy towards me for everything I've been through."
Due to the use of the media by her supporters and the usual suspects in which to remake her as a victim, there has been a huge backlash across the Uk and very few people want to see this ISIS terrorist in the UK. Which is why it has been reported that the UK is going to strip her of her British passport leaving her with her Bangladeshi one. As you can guess her supporters aren't happy claiming that the UK risks making her into a martyr  and her family looking at taking the Uk to court. 

Funny enough, the BBC knocked out a funny skit the other year labelled the 'Real housewives of ISIS' which offended the usual suspects. 

France: Yet another Jewish cemetery desecrated

(Quatzenheim)  Just 2 months after a Jewish cemetery was desecrated by the daubing of  swastikas on  37 gravestones . Another cemetery around 20 miles away from the first has also been desecrated  with around 80 grave having swastikas  painted on them.

This vile act comes just days before a march against the rise of anti- Semitism across France. As always the political elites across France scratch their heads unable to to find exactly who could be behind such hate crimes, the thing is the evidence is there in front of them and yet instead of calling a spade a spade they dance around the guilty scared of being classed as a ...racist by the very people who are...racist.

France: Knifeman shot dead after stabbing 4 people.

(Marseille)  Whilst the do gooders in the west go all out in trying to sell to the European public that accepting blood thirsty ISIS terrorists back into their midst because it is the moral thing to do.

News has just come out, that a man armed with a knife went on the rampage in the centre of the French city of Marseille this afternoon stabbing 2 people on a tram and then another 2 on a street nearby. He was shot when police arrived and he raised a gun in their direction.

Saudi Arabia: To build the AK103 assult weapon as the West turns away

(Riyadh)  Whilst the Western world liberals suckle at the teat of Iranian propaganda regards what a nasty place Saudi Arabia is and thus demand the cutting off of all links to the country. The Saudis like everybody else who have faced diplomatic isolation from the West have simply turned to those who don't give a toss about human rights , which is why the home of Islam has turned to China and Russia in which to source its weapons.  The other year Saudi Arabia purchased a factory for $10 billion off the Chinese in which to build the Wing Loong (the Chinese version of the Reaper Drone)  which in turn has been exported to all the neighbours. (Egypt/Iraq/UAE/Nigeria)

In a deal with the Ukraine Saudi Arabia is to receive 30 Antonov An-178 transport aircraft which is similar to the C130 J Hercules 

The French (who don't give a toss who they sell to) have just knocked out a deal to build warships in Saudi Arabia, And now the Russians have revealed that they are going to build a factory inside Saudi Arabia in which to manufacture the AK 103 assault rifle following in the steps of Venezuela which has 2 plants producing the same weapon.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Egypt:Police chase sees assailant and 2 policemen killed

(Cairo)  A failed attack on a police patrol last friday, saw police across the capital searching for the gunmen behind the attack. Monday evening one of the suspects was spotted and police gave chase, unfortunately for all, an explosive device which the suspect was carried prematurely detonated killing the suspect and 2 police officers giving chase close to the Al-Azhar mosque.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

France: Still unable to admit Muslims are behind the rise in Anti-Semitism.

(Paris) The Gilets Jaunes or in English "yellow vest" protests began in mid-November last year over fuel taxes. Since then they have broadened into a revolt against President Macron, and a political class seen as out of touch with common people. The protests often turn violent, causing mindless damage.

Yesterday France claimed it was shocked and disgusted after coverage of a hoard of yellow vest protesters hurling anti-Semitic abuse at 69-year-old Jewish academic Alain Finkielkraut in the street .In videos of the incident, protesters can be heard yelling: "Dirty Jew" and "you're a hater, you're going to die, you're going to hell," while others called on him to "go home" and "return to Tel Aviv." In a different clip demonstrators can be heard screaming anti-Semitic profanities such as "dirty Zionist shit." Thankfully Police were at hand and whisked him away before somebody took to physical violence.
French President Emmanuel Macron spoke out against the attack  stating that "the anti-Semitic insults he [Finkielkraut] has been subjected to are as the absolute opposite of who we are and what makes us a great nation. We will not tolerate them." His stance was mirrored by others in Government. Yet not one of them have noticed that the main agitator during the incident sports an Islamic beard and is wearing a  Palestinian keffiyeh, funny enough others supporting his stance don't look French either. what with their dark tans and such. yet despite the rise in Anti-Semitism across Europe, nobody has managed to add 1 and 1 together in which to come up with 2 . 

Just what is it with European political elites and their inability to call out Islamic based intolerance. I mean they don't have a problem playing the white race hate card when somebody looks funny at an gun bearing blood dripping Islamic terrorist who is screaming 'Allah ackba do they. 

Iran: Tells EU, if you want us to stop building missiles sell us Fighter jets

(Tehran) Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Javad Zarif in an interview with Germany newspaper Spiegal  sent a message to the EU that if they want the theological state to stop building missiles which they themselves have stated are capable of striking European cities then the solution is simple. Sell Tehran advance fighter jets. He pointed to the fact that  regional countries are teeming with the purchased weaponry that mostly come from Europe, he added that the Persian Gulf states have bought $100bn of weaponry only in 2018, however he did add that the weapons Iran  has purchased are only for defensive use.

The German newspaper asked if Iran is only concerned with being defensive, then why was it shipping thousands of missiles to Islamic terrorist group Hezb-allah, to which Zarif replied it was to allow the terrorist group to defend itself from Israel. Stating that Israel had attacked Syria 300 times. Whilst talking about Syria, he pointed out that unlike the US which had left it too late in which to disengage from Syria, Iran would stay in which to fight..terrorism which taking his stance regards the US is something of an oxymoron.  He continued his interview by telling the EU to stop using human rights as a weapon and that any friend of the US is allowed to commit whatever crime they want, which is why the Zionist regime and the Saudis can do whatever they want and get away with it.
He ended by stating that allegations levelled against Iran about organizing terrorist attacks in Europe, as baseless.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Syria: Canadian admits to role in gruesome ISIS execution videos

(Kurdistan) So a month ago I mentioned how good old Canadian boy Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, had been interviewed inside Syria of how he had left Canada in which to fight the good fight inside Syria.

Well he has now admitted he helped produce ISIS propaganda snuff videos that showed prisoners digging their own graves and being executed, In the English-language Flames of War video, the narrator praised jihadist foreign fighters who had come to Syria from around the world and said they were “chosen by Allah.” During a scene that showed the mass execution of prisoners lying face-down, he said ISIS was “harsh against the kuffar [non-believers]. This harshness never wavered and was a constant trait of the brothers.” The 55-minute video ends with a row of kneeling prisoners being shot in the back of the head and tumbling forward into the mass grave they have just dug with shovels.

Iran: Warns Pakistan over continued atatcks

(Tehran) Responding to the suicide attack inside Iran the other which saw 27 Iranian soldiers killed . Revolutionary Guards chief Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari has warned neighbouring Pakistan it would “pay a heavy price” for harbouring the terrorists who carried out said attack .Jafari addressing a large crowd gathered for the funeral of the victims of Wednesday’s suicide bombing stated:

“Just in the past year, six or seven suicide attacks were neutralized but they were able to carry out this one, Why do Pakistan’s army and security body ... give refuge to these anti-revolutionary groups? Pakistan will no doubt pay a high price,”
Looks like the Pakistani foreign office has a lot on its plate at the moment what with the threat of hostility's with  Iran and India at the same time.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Syria: Unrepentant ISIS female wants to return to the Uk

(Kurdistan) In Feb 2015, three Muslim school girls hit the headlines after they ran away from their homes in London in which to travel to Syria in which to join ISIS. At the time the media related how they were victims, how the authorities were concerned for their safety and how the families blamed the police.- It soon transpired that one of the girls had been radicalised by her very own father who took her to anti-western protests in the Uk- CCTV coverage revealed that the trio had made it to Syria and after a few weeks had been married off to ISIS thugs where they revealed on social media what a wonderful time they were having.

ISIS brides Kadiza Sultana, Amira Abase and Shamima Begum on route to Syria

4 years down the line, and that wonderful time is no more, of the three, 1 is dead, one is in a refugee camp after her terrorist husband surrendered in the last ISIS holdout in Syria and the other nobody knows. A reporter for the Times visited that refugee camp and interviewed Shamima Begum the girl holed up as a refugee. His report reveals that she doesn't regret going, that ISIS were fighting the good fight, in otherwords she is unrepentant. That said, she stated she wants to return to the Uk, have her child (she is 9 months pregnant) and live quietly.

Anthony Loyds interview has galvanised the do-gooders , the leftwing media and the plain stupid that this unrepentant ISIS member is a victim, that we should bring her back to the Uk and that actually she poses very little risk to the Uk. Naturally the bBC which refuses to refer to those who terrorise the sick lame and lazy by cutting their throats as terrorists has gone all out interviewing lots of Muslims who feel that this girl should be returned and it’s not about her, but about her unborn child.
the irony here is the very people who claim these girls were brainwashed, that they were victims are also the same ones demanding children their age should be given the vote. Oh the double standards.

Interlude: 10cc - Rubber Bullets

Thursday, February 14, 2019

India: Suicide attack kills 42 Indian soldiers

(Lethpora) Hours after terrorists murdered 20 Iranian soldiers near the Pakistani/Iranian border, on the other side of Pakistani on the Indian border 42 soldiers were killed when a Pakistani funded terrorist drove a vehicle borne suicide bomb into a coach that was transporting them on the Srinagar-Jammu highway. The suicide bomber couldn’t have picked a worse time in which to strike as the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) bus was part of  a 78-vehicle convoy carrying 2,547 security personnel that was traveling from Jammu to Srinagar.

Pakistani funded terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohamed (JeM) have claimed responsibility for the attack and released a video clip of the suicide bomber, a ‘commander’ identified as Adil Ahmad Dar. Just what is it about Pakistanis and terrorism.

The attack— the worst terrorist attack in decades — will no doubt change India’s internal policy within kashmir and its relations with Pakistan. Why? Because the leader of JeM Maulana, Masood Azhar, is allowed by the Pakistani Government to operate with absolute impunity inside Pakistan. To that end India will no doubt carry out a military strike on Pakistani military assets just as it did in 2016 after Pakistani based terrorists struck an army base. Pakistan which has courted numerous terrorists groups since it was born in 1947, has denied any involvement. But the simple fact remains the Islamic penchant of being the victim will no longer wash with an increasingly nationalist Hindu India which will be undergoing a general election in 2 months’ time. The problem here  is both countries are nuclear armed nations

Now this is where it starts to get murky, India has requested an emergency UN security council meeting regards the attack and will no doubt retry to get  Masood Azhar added as a designated terrorist under the 1267 Sanctions Committee. However the last time they tried , China which uses Pakistani as its puppet in which to occupy India militarily vetoed that request, if they do so again the risk of India striking  Pakistan rises and all it will take is one Pakistani idiot with access to their nuclear arsenal in which to make the region glow.simply to regain his honour.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Iran: Suicide attack on Revolutionary Guards kills 20

(Baluchestan)  Whist Iran promotes the view that its armed forces are able to hold their own amongst the rest of the worlds armed forces . Its Revolutionary Guards whom Tehran loves to portray as the best in the world have taken another beating on the border with Pakistan yet again. Sunni Islamic terrorists who have more than held their own against the so called best fighting soldiers in the world –including capturing and still holding 12 revolutionary guards- today killed 20 Revolutionary guards by the use of a suicide bomber.

The Sunni Islam terrorist group, Jaish al-Adl (Army of Justice) has claimed responsibility for the attack claiming it is fighting for the rights of Iranian Sunnis, who are heavily discriminated by the Iranian shia Muslim government.

Iran: Claims credit behind the film 'Captain Phillips'

(Tehran) On the 8th April 2009 the MV Maersk Alabama, a 17,000 tonne container ship was sailing off the horn of Africa , when it was bordered and hijacked by 4 Somali pirates. They held the ship for the next few days before boarding a lifeboat which set sail for shore and presumably riches for them, and incarceration for their hostage 'Captain Richard Philips'. The only problem was the US Navy had responded to the ships SOS and the lifeboat was soon hemmed in by the United States Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Bainbridge and the guided-missile frigate USS Halyburton. unable to accept the fact that they had been caught, they took out their anger on their hostage, which in turn led to US Navy Seals taking out 3 of them with shots to the head and capturing the last who in a US court of law received 33 years in jail. In 2013 a film was made of the above incident staring 'Tom Hanks.

So in a nutshell , American captain kidnapped by Somali pirates was rescued by the US navy. Well not according the Iranians, they are claiming that the film is based on a rescue carried out by their Navy. Former Iranian Navy commander General Habibollah Sayyari speaking during an interview aired on Iranian television on the 5th of February, cited the 2012 Iran navy rescue of the Iranian ship MV Eglantine that had been hijacked and taken to the shore of Somalia. Two Filipino sailors were killed during the Iranian navy rescue operation.

The thing the good General hasn't taken into account is not only was the film based on the book that Capitan Phillips had published in 2010. But the entire incident was reported to the world as it transpired. Ironically by a very strange quirk of coincidence filming for the film began on the very same day that the MV Eglantine was hijacked, the 26th March 2012. 

France: 3 Egyptians arrested fro attacking transgender prostitutes

(Paris)  French police have arrested 3 Egyptians males all aged 20 for attacking transgender prostitutes who were piling their trade in a public park on Sunday evening in Paris.

After reports of the attack were made, police patrols  found and arrested three suspects. One of them was found in possession of a pair of heeled shoes and a red mini-speaker belonging to one of the victims ... The others, with sticks. They were formally identified by two of their victims

The three suspects have declared themselves to be homeless migrants and of Egyptian nationality. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

France: Spate of Anti-Semitic incidents over the weekend condemned.

(Paris) Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has condemned a spate of anti-Semitic vandalism and graffiti in and around Paris at the weekend which has resulted in widespread condemnation amid concerns about an increase in hate crime against Jews. Speaking to lawmakers he stated that he shared their anger at the "loathsome" acts, urging people "to express their absolute rejection" of anti-Semitism. The incidents in question include:

  • A tree planted at a memorial site outside Paris for IlanHalimi, a young Jewish man who was tortured to death in 2006. was found had been chopped down, and a second tree was partly sawed through.
  • The word "Juden" (German for Jew) was scrawled on the window of a Paris bagel bakery and swastikas were plastered over several post boxes bearing the image of former government minister and Holocaust survivor Simone Veil.
  • Graffiti found on Monday at the headquarters of French daily Le Monde targeted President Emmanuel Macron, using anti-Semitic tropes to refer to his former job as a Rothschild investment banker. The words "Macron Jews' Bitch" was written in English across a garage door in the city centre, and the phrase "Jewish pig" was sprayed onto a wall in the northern 18th district.

The problem across the Western world, never mind France, is Political correctness prevents naming exactly where all this ugliness stems from.