Wednesday, January 31, 2018

France: Another day, another attack on a Jewish child

(Paris) The rise in Anti-Semitism inside France continues  with the news that a 8 year old Jewish boy was attacked by 2 teenagers on Monday. The French President has tweeted his disgust:

France  has seen a steady rise in Anti-Semitism . On Monday Kobili Traore, the murderer of French Jewish grandmother Sarah Halimi, was declared fit to stand trial after he played the insanity card for throwing the 65 year old Sarah out of her 3rd story window whilst uttering ‘Allah Ackba’

Less than three weeks ago, a 15-year-old girl wearing a uniform for herJewish school and out on lunch break was attacked by an adult man and slashed across the face, according to reports at the time.That attack came one day after a fire at a Kosher grocery store in another Paris suburb called Créteil, which some believed was an attack intended to coincide with the January 2015 attacks in Paris.