Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sweden: 17 year old Arab arrested for raping a man at gun point.

(Malmo) A 17 year old Arab asylum seeker has been arrested in Sweden for raping a 37 year old man at gun point.

Prosecutor Ida Killesl√§tt in court demanded the 17-year-old be detained for robbery,  rape and attempted  blackmail. The case is unusual in several ways:  In that the victim is a man, and secondly, that an unauthorized person has been requested to be detained.

Germany: Angela Merkel admits to 'no-go' areas in Germany

(Berlin) In an interview with German tv, Chancellor Angela Merkel  said she favors a zero tolerance policy on crime and that includes preventing no-go areas, "that's areas where nobody dares to go." Adding:: "There are such areas and one has to call them by their name and do something about them."

When asked to name the areas, Interior Ministry spokesman Johannes Dimroth declined to identify no-go areas, saying security was a matter for local not federal authorities.

Good to see how the opening up of the country to anybody and everybody has paid off so well.

Australia: Africa gang problems continue.

(Melbourne) Australia is currently having a debate about gang violence. Specifically, it is debating whether it is appropriate to call groups of young  men - who are predominantly from African backgrounds-  a “gang” and, if so named, what should be done about it. The debate is down to an increase in large-scale violent offences committed by young people of African appearance, most of whom have been linked to Melbourne’s Sudanese migrant community.

However, whilst the political elites wax lyrical about the semantics of  calling a gang a gang and about the racist connotations of pointing the finger at Somali males, the people who have to live in these areas frequented by these non-persons have to suffer. Isn’t political correctness great?

UK: Major funder of the Labour party exposed as a supporter of a racist bigot.

(London) Max Mosley is a very rich man, he is also the son of Oswold Mosley  who became infamous during the 1930s as the leader of the British Fascist party. (Who found out the hard way in 1936 when he tried to march through the Jewish area of Cable St, that the British didn't subscribe to the Nazis craze which was very popular across the channel in Europe) .

Max has always denied subscribing to his fathers bigoted ways and 10 years ago successfully sued the media when they ran a story about him throwing Nazis themed sex parties. Of late he has become a major funder for the socialist labour party in the UK,  of whom the deputy leader Tom Watson has received well over £500,000. In return Watson supported Mosleys attempts to shackle the free press, you know like Hitler did. During the above court case Mosley categorically denied putting out racist election leaflets at the Moss Side by-election in 1961 which said 'coloured immigrants' spread 'tuberculosis, VD and other terrible diseases like leprosy' and should be sent 'home'. The leaflet added: 'Coloured immigration threatens your children's health.'  When asked about the existence of that leaflet in the High Court, Mr Mosley said:
'If there was such a leaflet, you would be able to produce it', adding he could 'not recall' it. He said it was 'absolute nonsense' to suggest such a pamphlet was put out."
Yesterday, a copy of that leaflet turned up and the press, have not only handed a copy to the crown prosecution service, they have asked prosecutors to ask Scotland Yard to consider whether Max Mosley committed perjury at his orgy privacy trial. 

I have to laugh how when asked in the above TV train crash, if he believed in sending immigrants home in 1961, He says no, he believed in offering financial inducements to persuade Jamaicans to go home,  He then states that the document is a fake, and that if it is true his lawyers want to look at it. Only to be told it can be found in 2 different libraries.

On hearing the above news, Labour have said they will no longer accept any more money from Mr Mosely, but will not return the monies received.  So much for that socialist mantra of not supporting racist bigoted ways.

Syria: New Iranian base found

(Damascus) Shia Iran has used its presence inside Syria in which to plan for mischief against the Sunni Arab states by planning to attack Israel, In doing so, the mad Mullahs know that the vast majority of  Muslims across the world will support their cause, whilst disparaging the Gulf states in the region for not killing the jew as directed to in the Islamic holy book. Israel knows this and has for the past  year been taking out Iranian bases inside Syria. Well it appears that the Iranian plan of action was bigger than first realised with Fox news using satellite data revealing yet another Iranian base.

The new Iranian base, eight miles northwest of Damascus, operated by the Quds Force — the special operations arm of Tehran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The photos show two new white hangars, each roughly 30 yards by 20 yards, used to store short- and medium-range missiles.

On Capitol Hill Tuesday, the top U.S. military commander for American forces in the Middle East said Iran was “increasing” the number and “quality” of its ballistic missiles it was deploying to the region — when asked during a House Armed Services Committee by Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., about reports Iran had moved more missiles into Syria.

Anybody else noticed how a so called peaceful country, is actually one of the most belligerent countries going.

Something to make you smile

Plenty of bad news out there, so here's a little something to make you smile:

Japan: To deploy Anti-Ship missiles on Okinawa's main island to combat Chinese Navy.

(Tokyo)  Concerned about the aggressive nature of China towards small Japanese Islands which Beijing has started to drool over. The Japanese in 2015 stated it was going to deploy a Ground Self-Defence Force security unit (Around 500 men) armed with defensive weaponry to the Isle of Miyako-jima which is situated approximately halfway between  Okinawa and Taiwan.

The Japanese have decided to send the Type 12 Anti-ship missile to the Island in which to cover the immediate area. Similar to the American Harpoon the Type 12 packs nearly 500lbs of high explosives and the missile has a range just shy of 100 miles. It is also a ‘networked’ weapon, where initial and mid-course targeting can be provided by third-party platforms such as maritime patrol aircraft, ships and helicopters. Meaning that the Japanese can fire from safety and guide their weapons to target.  Resulting in a most credible area denial weapon against the Chinese navy, who didn't take that news well. Now, the Japanese have now decided to deploy the Type 12 to the main island of Okinawa around 230 miles north of Miyako-jima in which to bolster their defence there and something tells me the Chinese won't like that either.

UK: Gang of 10 in court over rape charges on teenage girls

(Bradford)  Currently in the UK , 10 men are in the dock on charges of preying on two vulnerable teenage girls in care. The court was told how the men were arrested after the partner of one of the victims rang a BBC TV studio following a report on sexual abuse they gave the name of the victim to police after they were contacted. In court the men pleaded as follows to the charges:

  • 37 year old Basharat Khaliq pleaded not guilty to one charge of assault by penetration and five charges of rape.
  • 54 year old Saeed Akhtar denies two charges of causing or inciting child prostitution and one charge of rape.
  • 42 year old Naveed Akhtar and 31 year old Izar Hussain deny three charges of rape, with Hussain also denying an additional allegation of attempted rape.
  • 30 year old Mohammed Usman and 37 year old Kieran Harris both pleaded not guilty to two charges of rape.
  • 36 year old Yasar Majid denies a single charge of rape, whilst 27 year old Fahim Iqbal pleaded not guilty to aiding and abetting rape.
  • 31 year Zeeshan Ali denies a single charge of sexual assault.
  • 35 year old Parvaze Ahmed denies three charges of rape
It appears that the police had actually interviewed the girls a few years ago in regards to another sexual abuse investigation but hadn't followed up, until frustrated at a lack of action one of the victims went to the media.

Israel: IDF opens up Hamas terror tunnel to the media.

(Gaza) Hamas, as the victims they proclaim themselves as at the hands of the Jew next door, appear to have no problem using resources meant for the people of Gaza, to build terror tunnels which are meant to allow these Islamic terrorists to invade the sovereign country next door and murder, death kill as many innocent civilians as possible. Of late the IDF have become very successful in exposing these tunnels and the other week, the IDF showed off one such tunnel to the media in which to highlight what Hamas is up to.

The liberals of this world keep on complaining that Israel doesn't allow anything into Gaza and that the people are suffering, yet they remain silent on the abuse of construction materials which really should be used to build roads, homes, schools and hospitals. Funny that.

UK: How the lefts adoption of Political correctness had made them blind to pure bigotry.

The political left love to scream out about how they champion the rights of minority groups be they blacks,gay, disabled, female, foreign or just simply confused. If there's a voice to be heard, the left of the political spectrum will champion it. In years past the left have admirably taken on thugs fought racism, and bigotry , however over these past few years it transpires that the left have become what they claim to hate the most, and that is racist bigots.

In the Uk, we have the Labour party currently the opposition to the government. In 1979 they lost power to Maggie Thatcher  and they remained out of power until 1997. The reason they remained out of power for so long was down to how the left ruined the Uk during the 70s with strikes. In fact the unions held so much power they brought down governments and after years of power cuts, shortages, and pure bullying the public voted them out and kept them out. During those wilderness years the left started openly character assassinating their political opponents and they had no problem indoctrinating school children with that mindset. Maggie Thatcher was accused of closing down the coal mines, yet the fact remains Labour closed almost twice as many in half the time. She was accused of wanting a war with Argentina so as to get re-elected, yet when the official government papers were opened 30 years later, it was revealed she was actually ready for peace.  There was plenty other allegations which were without any basis. Yet the youth from 1979-97 were brainwashed into thinking that the conservative party were and could be only evil.

With an entire generation brought up thinking that it is their right to violently challenge anything they  object to, we now have arrived at a place where the Labour party is riddled with Anti-Semitism  However in order to challenge people they brought in a human-rights lawyer to look into the matter and within weeks, she declared there was no Anti-Semitism to be found in the Labour Party.  As a reward she was rewarded by the Pro Hamas, Hezballah leader of the labour Party with a peerage. The thing is Anti-Semitism is rife within the Labour Party and over 20 Labour MPs have been suspended for...Anti Semitism in recent years. Only last week Shami Chakrabarti was on TV stating she didn't have a problem with Anti-Semite Ken Livingstone being readmitted into the Labour Party for his open anti-Semitism which saw him suspend many times.

Today, the leader of the Labour Party stood for a photo shoot with Transsexual  Munroe Bergdorf as the new  LGBT adviser to Labour's women and equality minister. The thing is Munroe as is a fucking racist bigot,  he was sacked by L'Oreal for claiming that all white people are racist. Despite the fact his mother is white, 
On all white people being racist:
'Honestly I don't have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people any more. Yes ALL white people.'

On the suffragettes:
'FYI - The Suffragettes were white supremacists who were fighting for WHITE women's rights - they specifically left black women out of the movement. 'It is not 100 years since women got the vote it's 100 years since WHITE women got the vote. Black women couldn't vote until MUCH later.'

On homosexual Conservatives:
'Gay male Tories are a special kind of d**khead. It's actually quite astonishing.'

Yet the labour party had a Tory advisor sacked from a job as a new university regulator after criticism over controversial comments he made years ago.

This do as I say not as I do behaviour is rife within the Labour party, the current leader of the Labour party has links with terrorists be it the IRA, Hamas, Hezballah, he has links with Iran, Gaza, Venezuela, Cuba and Russia. only last week it was revealed he had links with  Czech intelligence when it was a communist state. He has openly stated that he would get rid of the British military , pull out of NATO and join up with Russia. He has objected to the Police shooting dead terrorists during a terrorist attack . One of his close supporters has said that instead of killing ISIS terrorists in Iraq, British soldiers  should instead  sit down and have a cup of tea with them.

The British people were given a vote the other year if they wished to remain in the EU, the vote saw the largest number of people vote in the Uk and the leave vote won. Yet to those who lost, that wasn't right, they cried and cried, dragged their feet and ensured that the process to leave has become a minefield.  They have claimed that if you add the people who didn't vote, then more people voted to remain , that they were aware of the full facts . They have demanded that we have another vote in which to settle it for once and for all. yesterday the Labour party changed tack of respecting the vote of the British people and stated that they now back a permanent customs union with the EU, which goes against the wishes of the electorate.

The deputy leader of the Labour Party has a habit of seeing paedophiles inside the conservative party and has no problem going to the media and the Police in which to do his dirty work and yet, not only has his claims been found to be unfounded, the main character behind his claims has just been charged on being a paedophile and the police having to pay damages to those accused

Labour peer Lord Ahmed, killed a man whilst driving up a motorway late at night whilst texting on his phone and was jailed. 16 days later he was released (There was a labour party in power at the time) He then was suspended by the Labour party (well they had to) when he blamed the jews for his prison sentence.

The Labour party claims it is big on fighting abuse, yet when Jared O’Mara the Labour MP for Sheffield was found to have posted a series of homophobic and sexist comments on online forums, , he was allowed to take sick leave for stress (during his so called suspension) and allowed to retake his seat 12 weeks later

Sarah Champion the labour MP for Rotherham wrote last year "Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls". this was regards over 1500 young white girls found to have been raped in her ward, which had been covered up by the Labour council. For doing so, she was forced to resign for being...racist. Meanwhile a few hundreds miles further north in the Newcastle area, it has just been revealed that up to 700 young white girls have been raped by....Pakistani males Want to guess which political party is in control and has been for years in the area.

Over the years common sense has been thrown out of the window and replaced with a bunch of self serving idiots who whilst bemoaning anything in front of them, quite happily say. move along nothing to see here, when the same thing is found within their ranks.

This people is how the left works today, throw, mud, and if it doesn't stick throw some more in which to make the target of your character assassination pay and if somebody should find a pile of mud on you, then point elsewhere and shout out 'squirrel' 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

India: Muslim women protest a law designed to protect them.

(Jhunjhunu)  Triple talaq is the practice under which a Muslim man can divorce his wife by simply uttering "talaq" three times. . (the Arabic word for divorce)  It is prevalent among India's Muslim community majority of whom follow the Hanafi Islamic school of law. The pronouncement can be oral or written, or, in recent times, delivered by electronic means such as telephone, SMS, email or social media. The man does not need to cite any cause for the divorce and the wife need not have been present at the time of pronouncement.
The practice has been banned in a number of countries :
Pakistan , Egypt , Bangladesh ,Tunisia , Turkey, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Algeria, Malaysian state of Sarawak, Iran, Jordan, Indonesia, UAE, Qatar, Sudan, Morocco, Iraq, Brunei and Malaysia.

India has decided to do likewise and last December set about doing just that.

However this hasn't gone down well with......Muslim women who today protested in their thousands The women said they wouldn't tolerate changes to Sharia law, and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government of interfering, and of hurting Muslims' sentiments. Sympathy for Muslim women should translate into education schemes instead, stating:
"Islamic Law is a law that has come from the sky and till today, we have not made any change in it, neither will we let it happen,"
Funny how this backward practice is banned in quite a few Islamic countries and nobody complains about the sanctity of Sharia law. But when a Hindu majority country does likewise , why its a crime against Islam. You couldn't make it up if you tried,  could you.

Somalia: US Airstrike takes out 2 Al-Shabab terrorists

(Jilib) The U.S. Africa Command (Africom) reported on tuesday that they had taken out 2 Al-Shabab terrorists in an air-strike in the south of Somalia, just under a week after they took out 3 terrorists in the same area.

Germany: Report slams readiness state of Military.

(Berlin) The state of Germany's military has deteriorated in recent years amid budget cuts and poor management, according to a report published on Tuesday by Parliamentary Armed Forces Commissioner Hans-Peter Bartels. The ‘Report on theOperational Readiness of the Bundeswehr’s Primary Weapons Systems 2017,’ has been seen by local media and is set to be presented to Germany’s lower house of parliament on Wednesday. So what did the report say:

Number of weapon systems ready for action:
Not good, and her Defence Minister is currently fighting to keep her job. Funny enough I saw this picture a few years ago which sums up the state of play within central Europe regards their attitude to defence. (The two on the left have been replaced by males) 

And Mrs Merkel mocked President Trump when he said Europe has to spend more money on defence a year ago.

Nigeria:Nine killed as Christian, Muslim youths clash

(Kaduna) At least nine persons have been reportedly killed and several others injured during a clash between Christian and Muslim youths at Kasuwan Magani area of Kaduna on Monday. 

There has been conflicting reports on what triggered the crisis but one account said some Christian youths in the town went about beating girls for allegedly dating Muslim boys , whilst another claimed youths in the area decided to take action when report filtered into town that there was an attempt to forcefully convert Christian girls to Islam who were allegedly taken to the residence of the local chief 

Monday, February 26, 2018

South Africa: To cut diplomatic ties with Israel.

(Pretoria) The new Government in South Africa is taken shape and one of the first things it has decided to do is cut ties with Israel as a show of support with Palestinians.

The motion was set in place by Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor who just happens to be a Muslim :
“The majority party has agreed, that government must cut diplomatic ties with Israel, given the absence of genuine initiatives by Israel to secure lasting peace and a viable two-state solution that includes full freedom and democracy for the Palestinian people,”
Ironically all of the above came about after opposition leader Kenneth Meshoe, asked why Israel hadn't been consulted regards the water shortage that Cape Town is currently experiencing.

UK: Misogynist news from Yorkshire

(Bradford) 33 year old Turkan Lowmani wasn’t happy when he returned home last August to find his wife speaking to a man on the phone. So he went into the Kitchen picked up a knife and stabbed her 21 times.  Thankfully she survived and actually defended her husband in court.  A angle repeated by his lawyer Mr Khan who described Lowmani, who had no previous convictions, as a “peace-loving man who abhorred violence”, adding he was a “doting father to three children.” He said: “The incident was not pre-meditated. He acted out of anger and did things he would never have done.”

However that peaceful loving man bit didn’t wash with the Judge who jailed Lowmani for 19 years.
As the judge spoke, Lowmani sat in the dock with his head in his hands and said at one point: “This is all wrong, wrong.” As he was being handcuffed and led away to the cells, he shouted: “This is not right, this is not acceptable. I am not that kind of person.”
Turkan Lowmani.
Hopefully Lowmani will get to scream: “I am not that kind of person.”  in the prison showers on a daily basis.

(Leeds) 20 year old Afghan illegal immigrant Aryan Rashidi, has been jailed for 14 years due to his nocturnal habit of breaking into homes and attempting to rape the women who live there at knifepoint. Police were called to a house near Wakefield city centre at about 2.08am on October 5, 2016, after it was reported that a pregnant woman had been raped at knifepoint by a man who had climbed into her house through an open window. The incident followed an earlier offence  where he targeted a woman as she was asleep at her family home in Bradford on June 14, 2016. Rashidi used a ladder to climb to the bathroom window before entering the property. The woman, who was in bed with her husband, awoke to find Rashidi pulling at her pyjama bottoms. She pretended to be asleep as she feared Rashidi may be armed. Her baby was asleep in a cot beside her and another child was sleeping in a different room. She managed to wake her husband and Rashidi ran off, leaving a shoe at the scene.

Aryan Rashidi

Rashidi, who had entered the country illegally in a lorry, said he did not know his date of birth when arrested and tried to claim he has aged 15 or 16. A dental examination showed Rashidi is aged likely to be aged 22. He pleaded guilty to rape and trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence.

(Bradford) 35 year old Zahid Younas has been jailed  for two years and three months  after he was found guilty of assaulting his wife and robbing a man of his phone.  It appears there had been an argument between the pair last year, when Younas would not allow his wife to sleep in their shared bedroom. He then unleashed an attack on her, where she was punched and kicked while she was on the bed, leaving her with scratches and also bruises to her arms, shoulder and legs. 

Zahid Younas

Younas, who has eight previous convictions for 21 offences, was arrested and interviewed, providing a prepared statement and denying the allegation. In September, while on bail, he went on to rob a man of his iPhone on Sunbridge Road.

(Bradford) 38 Year old Imran Khaliq who plied his teenage victim with drugs before raping her has been found guilty of two counts of rape in a retrial at Bradford Crown Court. However as he didn’t attend court a warrant has been issued for his arrest. As is so normal in the Uk regards Islamic rapists, Police declined a request by the local newspaper to issue a picture of Khan.
In court the jurors heard how Khaliq had forced cocaine up the girl’s nose and threatened to smash a bottle over her head if she cried out in January 2017. The victim stated that he had locked her in an attic bedroom at his house, seizing her in a headlock and telling her: “You know what I am going to do now,” before raping her repeatedly.

Norway: US Marines undergo Arctic training

(Norway) For the past few weeks, Viking Squadron , Royal Marines have been introducing the US Marine Corps how they operate their armour under Project Odin, as the  US Marines look for a vehicle suited to such extremes as they expand their cold weather warfare capability.

C/Sgt Alex Hayden, in charge of the armoured training in Norway.
 Viking is the vehicle of choice, It’s capable of crossing undulating deep snow, steep slopes and swimming in water, it can also be mounted with a heavy machine-gun and has white phosphorous smoke. This makes it a formidable but manoeuvrable vehicle.
 Since being in the Arctic, the US Marines are realising the true benefits of this vehicle and the capability it can offer to their commanders.” US Marine Sgt Scotty Lyall is one of those who’s received Viking training under the Royal Marines.
 “The instruction has been fantastic. We don’t have a vehicle like this, and this is exactly what we need in this environment.”

UK: London sees 20% increase in rapes, Police unable to explain why.

(London) There were 7,613 reported rapes in London this past year to January, compared to 6,392, the previous reporting year, according to figures collated by the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). This represents a 20% increase and the police can’t explain why?

The Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Craig Mackey, speaking to the Mayor’s office  has said the rise could not be accounted for simply by more victims feeling able to report abuse or better recording practices and that they (The Met) haven’t a clue about that 20%
“It is not as simple as saying this is increased confidence, of course that plays a part, and faith in the process, but there is something going on with sexual offending in London that we don’t fully understand. We see the end of it but we don’t understand the causes.”
Really?  London has seen rapes rise exponentially year after year over several years. In parts of London rapes have increased by as much as 236%. Over the same time the white population in the British capital city in 2011 had fallen to 44%. Stabbings are up, Political gerrymandering is up, Murders are up, terrorism is up and now we find rapes are up and the police are unable to explain why? 

Really? or just too scared to tell the truth.

Germany: Left target Food bank with Nazis graffiti

(Essen) I wrote the otherday about how a food bank inside Germany had temporary stopped receiving claims from Immigrants as they found that the huge number of them claiming free food, was putting off the vulnerable older German population from visiting.  The Essen non-profit is one of 930 "Tafel" food banks across Germany. They collect food that is nearing its expiration date from restaurants and supermarkets. People who are unemployed or on welfare can sign up to receive free groceries for their families at a specified time once a week. The "Tafel" is an NGO as and as such is not the last stop between needy families and hunger, which is the responsibility of the state and national governments. On Thursday, Manager J√∂rg Sartor stated that as the number of foreigners had increased to 75 percent of the food bank members, elderly Germans were becoming too frightened to participate in the program.

"I was approached several times because there was too much pushing and shoving,"
The ban on new sign-ups was expected to last a few months, and will end before the summer. However ,the left in Germany wasn't happy and last night the very people who love to play the abuse card (he called me this, he called me that) in which to gain attention did just that by daubing Nazis graffiti across the food bank and its vehicles in which to make sure that nobody else will challenge their views:

Sator called the damage to property according to WAZ "a mess", but announced that he would not remove the labels. "We will not get rid of that, let everyone see what kind of idiots there are in the world."

Anybody else notice how the most intolerant people out there are actually those who claim to find it everywhere they look.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Iraq: Sentences 15 women to death for ISIS membership.

(Baghdad)  The Iraqi government has really offended the left this evening by handing out death sentences to 15 women who travelled to Iraqi in which to join ISIS. The women, said to be aged between 20 and 50, appeared dressed in black at the central criminal court in Baghdad  they confessed to marrying IS fighters or providing the group "with logistical aid or helping them carry out terrorist attacks", One told the court that she had fought Iraqi troops alongside the men.

Human Rights Watch has raised concerns about the judicial process and branded the trials unfair. Lawyers for the women who have been previously jailed for life by the same court have argued that they were tricked or coerced into travelling into IS territory.

Anybody else find it strange how in this day and age of female emancipation, where I am informed by the left and the media, that there is nothing a man can do that a woman can’t, if anything I keep on getting told that women are smarter, and mature earlier (Which I agree with by the way) that they were somehow tricked into joining ISIS. Yeah right. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,  and there’s  nothing that prevents women from being just as evil as men. Finally a lot of these women when interviewed have stated they travelled to the region in which to live in a pure Islamic state, under Islamic law. So what's the bloody problem as Iraq is an Islamic state run under Islamic law.

Germany: The left protests the Women's March in Berlin

(Berlin) On the 21st of February  the Dems Abroad Germany held a women's march

In which stand for the following:
Women’s rights are human rights! Let’s take a stand for human rights and social justice! This march is to:
  • Commemorate last year’s marches that took place across the world
  • Demonstrate that our solidarity, strength, and persistence are here to stay
  • Make our demands for gender equality heard, including: Equal pay for equal work, Awareness of sexual assault and harassment, Lack of equal representation in politics, Reproductive rights and the right to choose
  • This is an inclusive event. It is for people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, sexual orientations, disabilities, political affiliations and backgrounds.
Apparently that didn't go down well with the far left who really objected to women complaining about sexual abuse , rapes and murders carried out on women, which for some very strange reason have seen a huge increase these past few years. So they protested against the march,  screaming that the women were..NAZIS and succeeded in closing it down:

France: Two Islamist attacks foiled this year

(Paris) Speaking to the Press, French interior minister Gerard Collomb has revealed that 2 months into 2018, the French security forces have foiled two planned attacks.

One attempt was foiled when the French police arrested in January was planning to hit a major sporting facility. The other was stopped when a suspect who had been targeting troops on anti-terrorism patrols and had acquired bomb-making equipment. Explaining the rise in the number of jihadists getting picked up, the French interior minister stated:
“Because the Islamic State is disappearing, people are seeking to stage attacks in western countries as a distraction from its defeat,”
The problem here, the security forces have to get it right every time, those who wish to spoil our day, have only to get lucky once.

Germany: Art Gallery takes down satirical Erdogan picture, but keeps similar Trump and Kim Jong-un ones on display.

(Karlsruhe)  is currently hosting the Art Karlsruhe fair. Like many art fairs, artists display their work and for Thomas Baumg√§rtel his Banana Sprayer artwork whose trademark motif is an Andy Warhol-style banana.  On display are 3 satirical pictures of the leaders of the US, North Korea and Turkey.
However the artist complained Friday after the gallery took down a painting that depicts Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a banana stuck up his arse. It appears a Turkish journalist at the fair, took a picture texted it back to Turkey and as is the way of the Turk, complained that the picture is a "racist and vulgar attack" on their president. As Muslims in the West are known to murder death kill on the slightest provocation, the fair organisers have taken down the picture of the Turkish dictator so as to avoid trouble. The thing is they left up the pictures of President Trump and  Kim Jong-un. Funny how, the left have no problem painting the leaders of the US and North Korea as the biggest threats to world peace. Yet take down the picture of the leader of a so called moderate Islamic nation. (well so they keep telling me) 

That people is how the West now appeases Islam whenever they make a fuss about something they object to. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Yemen: Suicide bombers hit counter-terrorist base, kill 14, injure 40.

(Aden) A suicide attack today highlights the Byzantine nature of the war inside Yemen . The attack by Islamic state on the headquarters of a counter-terrorism unit in the southern port city of Aden on Saturday highlights killing 14 and injuring 40 shows how complicated the situation in the country is. On the side of the rebels we have Iran. They had the forces of the ex president on his side, but when they killed him off the other month, that saw his forces join the otherside. On the side of the official UN recognised Government we have Saudi Arabia and other gulf states. In between we have ISIS and Al qaeda.  Then on top of all that  we have the US which is fighting Al Qaeda.If that wasn't complicated enough the tribes of the south who were fighting the rebels on the side of the Government and Saudi Arabia, decided to make a play for power themselves and have carved themselves their own little caliphate under the remit of the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC)  who captured the port city of Aden and the surrounding area at the end of January 2018. 

Graphic taken from Critical threats
Which was where the bombings today took place. The first bomb targeted an anti-terrorism military camp with detention facilities for suspected militants, while the other targeted an office for the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) which is also the residence of Aden’s former governor, Aidarous al-Zubaidi,

Graphic taken from the Guardian

Islamic State, in a statement carried by its Amaq news agency, claimed responsibility for what it described as two "martyrdom operations"  The attack was the first one of its kind in southern Yemen since the southern separatists took the city from the Hadi government over control of the city. 

Anybody else notice that a Sunni terrorist organisation which a lot of people claim is funded by Saudi Arabian citizens  just happened to hit a town that used to be under the control of SA and its allies in an area that ISIS hasn’t shown its face for a while.

Switzerland: Muslim body justifies FGM

(Bern)  I wrote the other week about how the spokesman for the Islamic Cultural Centre in Ireland not only justified female genital mutilation (FGM)  but explained a way around the First world ban on this barbaric practice on Prime time TV by saying:
“There is no difference between FGM and female circumcision: “They are the experts. If they say there is no difference, there is no difference. Thus the latter should be allowed but only in instances where this was recommended and allowed by doctors.”
As you can imagine this went down like a lead balloon in Ireland and Dr Ali Selim (Dr as in academic) was forced to apologise by..playing the victim by blaming the  media, which he said, behaved like “a lynch mob” The above just goes to show how Muslims living in the West when they feel strong enough, try to subvert the way of the land in which to accommodate intolerant practices which have no place in any civilised society.

And so it is, in Switzerland where a local paper has found the Islamic Central Council Switzerland actually mirrors the Islamic Cultural Centre in Ireland in its views on FGM on its web site. Where it explains the difference between FGM and Sunna circumcision. (Sunna been, the traditional portion of Muslim law based on Muhammad's words or acts, accepted (together with the Koran) as authoritative by Muslims and followed particularly by Sunni Muslims.) So in otherwords  Lawful as deemed under Islamic law. This it explains by the following chapter on the above web site:
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III. The opinions of scholars
Scholars agree in the vast majority that the woman's Sunnah circumcision is legitimate in Islam and that she is attested by the normative sources. Rather, the question is how they classed . The practice of female circumcision : the majority of scholars among the Hanafites and Malikites see female circumcision as a Sunna and noble act. The circumcision of the woman is not classified as an obligation. An overwhelming majority of Shafiite and Hanbalitic scholars, as well as creams among the Malikites, consider circumcision to be a binding sunna / wadjib for women as well.

Which it concludes with

IV. Conclusion
In this summary on circumcision of women, it could be shown beyond doubt that besides the "sanctuary" circumcision, which is not sanctioned by Islamic normativity, there is a clear indication of a much more moderate Sunnah practice in the relevant sources of law (Ahaddith) the clitoral prepuce). Even the jurists did not argue about the validity of the practice, but only about the question of classification, as w√Ędjib or sunna (mustahabb). Accordingly, there is no law school that would not have at least categorized female circumcision as sunna.
However as they know FGM is illegal across the civilised world (Including Switzerland) they add a disclaimer.
* Disclaimer: Due to FGM's legal prohibitions in some countries, including Switzerland,  and uncertainty about the legal status of Sunna circumcision, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist before considering such an intervention .

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Isn't it funny how Muslims living in the West try to excuse and get around practices not only banned by the host country, but by the UN, by playing the medical card.

Holland: Palestinian rioter sues company for selling police dogs to Israel

(Amsterdam)  19 year old Palestinian   Hamze Abu Hashem is suing   a Dutch dog breeder who sold a dog to the Israeli army that he claims bit him during a riot in the West Bank in 2014. The incident caught on film shows Hashem been apprehended after taking part in stone throwing which he stated in his paperwork  as h thought it necessary to throw stones at soldiers. For which he was sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined 4,000 shekels ($1000)

Anyway Hamzes is demanding ten thousand euros for immaterial damage and a thousand euros for psychological help. He also wants the company to get a ban on ever delivering dogs to Israel. His lawyer stated:
“My client has severe scars that he will have to wear the rest of his life. In addition, he is heavily traumatized by the attack. He shakes when he hears dogs barking, is nervous and afraid to go to bed and sleepwalking”

Somalia: Bomb attacks on presidential palace., kills 18, injures 20

(Mogadishu) At least 18 people have been killed after two car bomb attacks in Somalia's capital Mogadishu.

Police said the first car bomb went off after militants breached a checkpoint near the president's residence by shooting at security personnel. The second blast was in a car parked in front of a hotel away from the palace. Security forces shot dead five gunmen suspected of trying to attack the building.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Belgium: Muslims win right to wear Hijab in School.

(Tongeren) A law banning the full-face veil came into effect in Belgium in July 2011. The law bans any clothing that obscures the identity of the wearer in places like parks and on the street. In December 2012, Belgium's Constitutional Court rejected appeals for the ban to be annulled, ruling that it did not violate human rights. Before the law was passed, the burka was already banned in several districts under old local laws originally designed to stop people masking their faces completely at carnival time.

The above didn't go down well with the local Islamic population who took Belgium to court on a number of occasions in which to win the right to cover up. That last was last year when the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Belgium's ban on face veils does not violate the European Convention on Human Rights.

Not ones to give up, the Muslims then took the government to court in the Belgique municipality of Maasmechelen and today a judge in Tongeren decided that 11 school girls have a right to cover up as the school regulations go against the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees freedom of religion.

I wonder when we will see the reverse in Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and parts of Pakistan?

Holland: Votes to recognise Armenian 'genocide', Ankara not happy.

(The Hague. )The Dutch parliament voted Thursday overwhelmingly voted in favour of recognising the mass killing of Armenians in the early 1900s under the Ottoman Empire as "genocide", in a move that has pissed off the Turks which replied in a statement:
"We strongly condemn the decision of the Netherlands' House of Representatives today to recognize the 1915 events as 'genocide' The decision has no place in either history or justice. Therefore, it has no legal binding or validity. “
Turkey's position on the events of 1915 is that deaths of over 1.5 million Armenian's in eastern Anatolia in 1915 occurred after some sided with invading Russians and revolted against Ottoman forces. A subsequent relocation of Armenians resulted in numerous casualties. Ankara does not recognise the claim of genocide but acknowledges there were casualties on both sides during World War I. In fact so strong is this inability to accept the truth, that people have been murdered in Turkey for mentioning the Armenian 'genocide'.

The irony here, is Turkey has no problem playing the genocide card against Israel (where the Arab population is growing faster than the Jewish one) of finger pointing at the US, Germany, France and the Greeks regards past indiscretions , yet the fact remains when the shoe is on the other foot, the Turks scream and stamp their tiny little feet in which to scream foul play. Which kind of explains another dig the Turks made at the Dutch:
"The unfounded decisions taken by the parliament of a country which closed its eyes to the Srebrenica massacre... have no place in history,"
This isn't the first time the Turks have thrown a hissy fit:

In 2006, Turkey condemned a French parliamentary vote which would make it a crime to deny that Armenians had suffered genocide. The bill did not become law - but Turkey suspended military ties.

In March 2007, Turkey withdrew its ambassador to Washington after a US congressional committee narrowly approved a resolution branding the killings as "genocide.

In 2015 Turkey recalled its Vatican ambassador and accused the Pope of having "discriminated about people's suffering" after Pope Francis called it "the first genocide of the 20th Century"

In June 2016 Turkey withdrew its ambassador to Berlin and denounced the vote as “null and void after the German Parliament recognised the Armenian genocide.

It appears that Turkey subscribes to the notion, do as I say and not as I do. on that note here's a message from me to Turkey:

India: Takes out Pakistani bunker with a targeted missile strike.

(Kashmir)  After weeks of belligerence by Pakistan against India  in the form of terrorists attacks against the Indian military, be it artillery strikes, sniper attacks across the border, attacks on Military establishments, India took action today with a guided rocket attack on a Pakistani Military bunker which I am led to believe killed 22 Pakistani soldiers.

As this is a tit for tat conflict (And tomorrow is Friday) expect Pakistan to respond.

Germany: Food bank bars new migrant clients

(Essen)  German food bank ‘Essener Tafel" has temporarily stopped accepting new non-German clients, citing a huge influx of migrants that was displacing locals in need.  Joerg Sartor, chairman of the Food bank  stated:

"Since the number of foreign citizens among our clients has risen to 75 percent in recent years ... we are forced to only accept customers with German identity cards in order to facilitate proper integration, we want the German granny to be able to keep coming to us,"
He said German elderly people and single mothers had been gradually displaced over the past two years as the share of migrants had risen to three-quarters of recipients.

The website of the "Essener Tafel" charity said it had taken the step in order to avoid frictions between needy locals and foreigners that could harm acceptance of the newcomers.

Somalia: US Airstrike takes out 4 Al-Shabab terrorists

(Jamaame) The U.S. Africa Command (Africom) reported on Thursday that they had taken out 4 Al-Shabab terrorists in an air-strike in the south of Somalia, 24 hours after taking out 3 terrorists in another UAV -strike.

Interlude: Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Jordan: Restructures its armoured formations

(Amman) The Royal Jordanian Army (RJA) is restructuring its armoured forces. Currently the RJA fields eight battalions of Main Battle Tanks, four of which are equipped with a total of 182 M60A3s. The other four battalions are equipped with Challenger 1 tanks, which are known locally as Al Hussein MBTs.  Around 400 of these had been delivered by 2004, although it is unlikely that many are still in service.

 Al Hussein in British service as the Challenger 1
The new line up sees the Al Hussein MBT phased out of service, pushing the M60 tanks into the premier Jordanian MBT position 

and the inclusion of ex-Italian Army Centauros, which is a wheeled armoured fighting vehicle fitted with the same gun as the M60 (105mm) both will be backed up by Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicles.

It seems that with a peace treaty in place with Israel, Jordan has moved away from heavy armour which requires transport to be moved any considerable distance for vehicles which have greater strategic mobility. Which in today climate of pop up rebellions and insurgencies across the region, means that troops can be rapidly deployed not only across the country, but to the neighbours as well, if the need is there. (Iraq/Syria/Saudi Arabia) 

The strange thing is a few years back, the Jordanians developed 2 very interesting vehicles using the Challenger 1 body and the Centurion tank
1)The Jordanian Falcon , a unmanned streamline turret fitted with a 120mm smooth-bore gun. Remote operation of the turret enables full under amour protection for the crew members. Overall protection level is improved by reduced vehicle profile. Front of the turret is reinforced with composite armour.

2) The al-Dawsar heavy armoured personnel carrier (APC) is a heavy armoured personnel carrier which is a conversion of the Centurion main battle tank it has a crew of two and provides accommodation for 7 troops.

Whilst I fully understand the concept of rapid reaction forces, sometimes, you require a little something bigger and heavier hitting than a 105mm gun, which can also take a punch or two or even three.