Friday, March 27, 2020

Interlude:Billy Ocean - When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

That must be the most expensive trio of backing singers ever.

US: Woman coughs over $35,000 worth of food inside Supermarket for a prank.

(Hanover Township) So yesterday I  wrote about how a Nazis loser offended by how the town he lived in had been placed under a lockdown saw him shot dead after he decided the thing to do in which to get his revenge was blow up a hospital full of COVID 19 victims. Thankfully the FBI took him out before he could carry out his so called act of revenge.

Margaret Cirko 

Well today , there’s another bizarre story coming from the states regards the COVID 19 outbreak 35 year old Margaret Cirko walked into a local Gerrity’s supermarket on Wednesday

and proceeded to cough over all the food . During her coughing episode of a prank she apparently screamed out:
“I have the virus, now you are all going to get sick,”
She was quickly ushered out by the staff and then promptly arrested by the Police . The Supermarket had to employ 15 members of staff to throw out around $35,000 worth of food .
Cirko, was charged Thursday with  threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction, making terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. what is it with some people and stupidity 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Norway: Jihadist deported to.....Italy

(Oslo) In 1991 Mullah Fateh Vahid Krekar a Sunni Iraqi Kurdish Islamic scholar and terrorist leader sought and gained asylum in Norway, as soon as he got that Norwegian passport he returned to the country he ran away from in fear for his life and set about trying to achieve his dream of carving out a pure Islamic homeland inside Iraq based on pure Sharia law, which as fate would have it didn’t transpire for another 24 years.

Mulla Krekar
On the 1st of September 2001 he formed terrorist group Ansar al-Islam which just happened to pledge allegiance to Al Q 10 days before 9/11 and started laying the framework for that new Islamic caliphate by targeting Kurds . After the Taliban lost power  a few weeks later, Ansar al-Islam received lots of new recruits from Afghanistan and started making a name for itself as a terror group
In 2002, the Norwegians decided to revoke Krekar’s  Norwegian citizenship over how he was spending so much time in Iraq running a terror group, naturally he played the victimcard which saw him arrested in Holland and deported to…Norway. The courts there charged him as a terrorist and ordered him to be deported to Iraq. But alas this poor man lawyers pleaded that his life would be at risk if he was deported to Iraq because they subscribed to the very same Sharia law that Krekar wanted to install in his new Islamic caliphate , so for the next 18 years he remained in Norway. Knowing he couldn’t be deported due to Norway's commitment to Human rights for all. Krekar began making a name for himself as Norwegian public enemy number 1 by issuing numerous death threats to anybody he disagreed with. In fact in 2012 he was found guilty of one such incident, but he appealed and was acquitted a year later . In January 2015 finding itself with a huge problem on its hands Norway exiled him and his family 200 miles north of the capital the town of Kyrksæterøra. (population 2500) However he still had access to his followers via the internet and a month later he was jailed for congratulating the killers who carried outthe Charlie Hebo murders in Paris.

He was arrested again whilst in Prison in Nov 2015 as part of a mass European police action regards ISIS members across Europe. He was arrested again in Nov 2016 and last year in 2019. The latter was to be the opening Norway needed in which to rid themselves of this intolerant ‘B’ who whilst hating everything about the Western way of life afforded to him by the Norwegian people , fought tooth and nail in which to remain on a life of benefits.

That arrest was due to an extradition request made by the Italians over his links to an offshoot of  Ansar al-Islam where he had been sentenced to 12 years in jail in his absence.  He and his lawyers presumed they could get over this and of late used the high rate of deaths in that country from COVID 19 in which to try and keep suckling  on the Norwegian taxpayer. Huge mistake and yesterday he was extradited to the country with the highest rate of COVID 19 deaths in the world. At 63 years of age and apparently in lill health , Krekar best get used to scrubbing himself down in the Prison showers in which to ensure he doesn’t catch something nasty, say like a 20 stone girlfriend who answers to the name... Bernard.

Germany: Asylum seekers riot over COVID 19 lockdown

(Suhl) So whilst virtually the entire world is under some form of lockdown due to the COVID 19 outbreak.  Asylum seekers in one German town decided to riot over how their accommodation which houses around 500 people was placed under quarantine after 2 people were found to have been infected by the Corona virus after been warned off by the authorities that quarantine means quarantine and that walking around town in mass groups isn’t the done thing.

So the Germans sent in 200 Riot Police backed up by the German army (and water cannon) in which to arrest 22 prime agitators:
And they were met by ISIS flags and young child placed in the front line. How do I know this? The Police reported it. (Link to letter)

US: Domestic terrorist planning to bomb COVID 19 hospital shot dead

(Kansas city) The FBI have announced that they have shot dead 36 year old Timothy Wilson, who was "actively planning to target a hospital with a car bomb after he took umbridge with his local mayor for calling a lockdown.

Wilson whom the FBI had been watching for several months had started taking the necessary steps to acquire the materials needed to build an Improvised explosive device and he was killed Tuesday after he showed up armed to pick up an inert explosive device supplied by authorities. Instead of listening to the FBI, he decided to take his chance and lost after coming second on the draw and was taken to a local hospital for treatment where he was pronounced dead.

According to the FBI, after his local mayor issued a stay-at-home order for its residents over the current COVID 19 pandemic, Wilson said he felt compelled to act because of the mayor’s order and after considering  various targets he settled on a local hospital in an attempt to harm as many people as possible by targeting a facility which could be providing critical medical care in the very near future

Its been revealed by the media that Wilson was an admirer of the 1980s terrorist group The Order” and was linked to “two active neo-Nazi organisations,” the National Socialist Movement(NSM) and Vorherrschaft Division (VSD) and subscribed to the view that the current COVID 19 crisis was engineered by Jews:
“If you don’t think this whole thing was engineered by Jews as a power grab here is more proof of their plans. Jews have been playing the long game we are the only ones standing in their way.”
Why do all these Hitler fanboys who subscribe to this notion of white racial purity all look like they have an extra chromosome and lick windows for a pastime?

UK: Egyptian Racist jailed for anti-semitic abuse at Jewish family

(St Albans) So 3 weeks ago I mentioned how 20 year old Egyptian Adam Cassidy (Turkish father, English mother ) was found guilty of racist behaviour towards a Jewish family having a coffee. Despite apologising and trying to claim he was provoked by them for calling him a 'Dirty Arab' 

I mean look at the picture below taken on the day in the Uk, does he look like an Arab?
The judge was having none of it, and today the Racist fatherless person was jailed for 6 weeks. Now follow that up by deporting him back to his parents who are still living in Egypt.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Afghanistan: 25 Sikhs murdered inside their temple by Islamic state terrorist

(Kabul) Wednesday morning saw a armed gunman storm a Sikh temple in the capital killing 25 , people before he himself was killed. Islamic State have admitted to the attack which lasted over 6 hours and at one point saw 150 people taken hostage.

It never fails to amaze me the intolerance shown towards others (including their own) by the followers of a faith whom I am informed 24/7 by the liberals of this world subscribe to a religion of peace. Currently these so called peaceful followers are protesting left, right and centre in India over how India has decided to offer sanctuary to non Islamic people from the Islamic countries which surround it , but deny it to Muslims from those countries.and when we see acts of violence like this transpire all we hear is silence from the 'Islamophobia crowd"

Mozambique: Islamists attack town, Amnesty blames Government.

(Mocimboa da Praia)  So the other day Islamists in the north of Mozambique deciding they had nothing better to do, decided to attack the town of Mocimboa da Praia targeting barracks, police stations and the local prison.  The area just south of the border with Tanzania is where the vast majority of the country’s Muslims reside which currently stands at around 18% of the population

So why here?  I mean the place isn't know for regional strife and during the destructive civil war that fell upon the country between 1977 to 1992, the region was were many people from the south (over 1000 miles away) relocated in search of safety)  Well the area has recently become a hive of activity after one of the largest gas fields was discovered in the region  and as the country is poor. this find is a godsend for the government and for the people, an insurgency resulting in a clampdown on the Islamic population would see idiots flock to the area resulting in concessions been made towards the terrorists or the birth of a new country along the lines of South Sudan.  Which is why since 2017, Islamist acts of terrorism have risen in the area. Just what is it about Muslims around the world and their inability to live in peace with others.

Naturally Amnesty International have jumped into the argument as the blind polarised bigots they are and have decided to attack the government and not the blood thirsty thugs referring to the attack as the culmination of a tragic failure by the Mozambican government to protect the people" of the regi

Couldn't make it up if you tried.

Nigeria: Over 50 Nigerian soldiers killed in Boko Haram ambush

(Goneri) So whilst the Chad army was getting knocked for six by the terrorist group they were meant to be chasing down  around Lake Chad, 70 miles south in Nigeria, Boko Haram were doing likewise with the Nigerian army where in an ambush they took out over 50+ Nigerian soldiers.

Speaking to the media ,defence ministry spokesman John Enenche told journalists in the capital, Abuja, on Tuesday.
"The Nigerian military suffered some casualties in the unfortunate attack,
Really, smacks of complacency on both sides of the border.

CHAD: 92 Chad soldiers killed in ' Boko Haram attack

(N'Djamena) So whilst the world hankers down regards the latest virus to have come out of China , resulting in as much as 20% of the world’s population told to stay indoors. The islamist idiots in Africa have decided that as everybody has been told not to go out, they will go to them and so in Chad , Boko Haram the so called peaceful bunch of Islamist jihadists who preach on a platform of no western education  but for some very strange reason tend to attack Mosques and the homes of Muslims struck a CHAD army base situated on an Island on Lake CHAD, before doing so they secured all points of ingress and so when reinforcements arrived they too were taken out.

Whilst the military,where trying to sort their act out, the jihadists decided to leave by speedboat. Gee who would have thought to have used boats in which to attack an Island.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Denmark: Freedom of expression and Islam

(Copenhagen)  Across the free world, Muslims and their liberal sycophants love to opine about the right to the freedom of movement. expression and speech regards subjects they find dear, you know the rights of migrants to relocate to the so called nasty racist west, the right to complain about Israel , the US and UK and the right to carry out barbaric practices which are rightly banned in civilised countries (Sharia law, FGM, Child marriages etc) But they have no problem denying those very rights to those on the other side of the political religious fence they like to place between themselves and the rest of the world,

So when worshippers saw they were being filmed regards congregation nbrs in Denmark over the current COVID 19 crisis lockdown they took umbridge and decided to express themselves as only Muslims can , problem there was, the Police were on hand.

UK: 3 lads spit, cough and assault old people, man steps in. Police and media remain silent on the guilty 'B's

(Hitchen) So with the world currently under a lockdown over COVID 19, the media is reporting a story from last Friday just north of London where an old couple were approached in the middle of the street by 3 youths , who proceeded to cough and spit in their faces , when the couple complained they decided to beat up the old woman giving her a black eye.

A man who was driving past saw this, got out and decided to sort the thugs out. and because the UK is now full of political correctness, the Police berated the man and asked the public not to publish videos of the event.

Anybody else find it strange that the Police are asking the public not to air videos of the event as it may hamper their investigations. Gee I wonder why?

Saturday, March 21, 2020

UK: Mrs Miggins enjoying Cataday

Talk about pampered:

Mali: Whilst the world shuts down over COVID 19. Islamist's murder 29 soldiers.

(Tarkint) So whilst everybody and his dog across the world shut down and self-isolate over the latest bug to come out of China.  Jihadists in Mali decided to defy common sense logic and decided to launch an attack on an army base on Thursday killing 29 soldiers in the process.

Spain:Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of the terrorist world ram car into empty airport terminal

(Barcelona) Friday morning saw 2 Albanian men ram their car into the main entrance of Barcelona's El Prat airport, which taking into account it was very early on during a time when most of the world is shut makes the name of the airport most relevant

No one was injured in the incident, and police have said there were no explosives in the Albanians’ car and despite the two idiots screaming islamist slogans during their arrest, police are stating it wasn’t a terrorist incident.

Italy: Did Political correctness play a part in the huge death toll there.

(Rome) Italy has the highest official death toll to COVID 19 across the world. (I say official as I wouldn't trust anything that comes out of Iran or China) part of the reason why may be because over the last decade Italy sold off the vast majority of its leather making industry to Chinese companies, who filled those factories with Chinese migrants by the thousands  resulting in sweatshop conditions for poorly paid workers who lived packed like sardines in which to save costs.  In 2013 the BBC was reporting that the Prato region alone had over 4000 Chinese run clothing companies and accounted for 30% of Italy's textile imports from China. In 2016, Italy earned the wrath of the Chinese government when it started clamping down on shoddy working practices after a fire saw several Chinese migrants killed in a fire at one of these sweatshops.

So when news of a new virus started to air in January ,the mayor of Florence on the the 4th of Feb 2020 decided to promote a hug a Chinese person agenda in which to fight off any racism directed against the Chinese in Italy. The thing is at the time only 3 people had been identified as having caught the virus and the first death to it was still 17 days away. in light of the huge death toll, I have to ask, was the following video a good idea seeing as the Chinese already knew that it was (and still is) highly contagious.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Interlude:Mink DeVille - Spanish Stroll

Thursday, March 19, 2020

World: How to know if you have caught Cronavirus:

The above is a question a lot of people will be asking and to be honest, not many people know what symptoms to look for. The BBC have knocked out a wee video which should help:

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

UK: COVID 19 breakdown for March 18th

(UK)  The number of coronavirus cases in the Uk has risen by 676, bringing the total here to 2,626 The UK death toll has risen to 104, and the number of patients who have recovered now stands at 65.The 4 constituent parts of the UK regards infection is broken down as follows:

Of the 104 people who have died in the UK most have been in their 70s and 80s - but the youngest is just 45. Most had underlying health problems. London has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus outbreak - with 953 of the UK's 2,626 confirmed cases and at least 35 of its 104 deaths.
Find as below the breakdown of where the infected people are in the country: Correct as of 9am on March 18: (London places in red)
Confirmed: Above 70
Hampshire: 77
Southwark: 70

Confirmed: Above 60
Westminster: 68
Lambeth: 61

Confirmed: Above 50
Wandsworth: 59
Kensington and Chelsea: 55
Hertfordshire: 50

Confirmed: Above 40
Brent: 45
Ealing: 42
Harrow: 40

Confirmed: Above 30
Surrey: 39
Sheffield: 36
Merton: 34
Cumbria: 34
Oxfordshire: 34
Bromley: 32
Croydon: 32
Camden: 30

Confirmed: Above 20
Hackney and City of London: 29
Haringey: 29
Islington: 29
Nottinghamshire: 28
Barnet: 27
Enfield: 27
Buckinghamshire: 27
Derbyshire: 27
Essex: 27
Birmingham: 25
Hammersmith and Fulham: 25
Tower Hamlets: 25
Devon: 25
Hounslow: 24
Newham: 23
Wolverhampton: 22
Lewisham: 22
Hillingdon: 21
Kent: 21

Confirmed: Above 10
Greenwich: 19
Manchester: 18
Bexley: 17
Lancashire: 15
Northamptonshire: 15
Nottingham: 14
Trafford: 14
Walsall: 14
Barking and Dagenham: 14
Waltham Forest: 14
Cambridgeshire: 14
Leicestershire: 14
Staffordshire: 14
Slough: 13
Newcastle upon Tyne: 13
Bristol, City of: 12
Oldham: 12
Tameside: 12
Liverpool: 12
Leeds: 12
Sutton: 12
Gloucestershire: 12
Derby: 11
Brighton and Hove: 11
North Yorkshire: 11
East Riding of Yorkshire: 10
Windsor and Maidenhead: 10
Wokingham: 10
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly: 10
Stockport: 10
Dudley: 10
 Suffolk: 10
Warwickshire: 10
West Sussex: 10

Confirmed: Above five
South Gloucestershire: 9
Wiltshire: 9
Cheshire East: 8
Wirral: 8
Bradford: 8
East Sussex: 8
Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole: 7
Bolton: 7
Bury: 7
North Tyneside: 7
Havering: 7
Kingston upon Thames: 7
Redbridge: 7
Richmond upon Thames: 7
Lincolnshire: 7
Somerset: 7
Stockton-on-Tees: 6
Torbay: 6
Central Bedfordshire: 6
Rochdale: 6
Barnsley: 6
Sandwell: 6
Plymouth: 5
Southend-on-Sea: 5
Reading: 5
Cheshire West and Chester: 5
Dorset: 5
Wakefield: 5
Worcestershire: 5

Confirmed: Four
Halton: 4
Warrington: 4
Blackpool: 4
York: 4
North Somerset: 4
Medway: 4
Milton Keynes: 4
Portsmouth: 4
Southampton: 4
Northumberland: 4
Salford: 4
Wigan: 4
Sefton: 4
Rotherham: 4
Coventry: 4
Norfolk: 4

Confirmed: Three
Leicester: 3
Herefordshire, County of: 3
Bath and North East Somerset: 3
Swindon: 3
Luton: 3
Bracknell Forest: 3
West Berkshire: 3
County Durham: 3
Shropshire: 3
Doncaster: 3
Sunderland: 3
Calderdale: 3

Confirmed: Two
Darlington: 2
Peterborough: 2
Thurrock: 2
Isle of Wight: 2
St. Helens: 2
South Tyneside: 2
Kirklees: 2

Confirmed: One
Hartlepool: 1
Redcar and Cleveland: 1
Blackburn with Darwen: 1
Kingston upon Hull, City of: 1
North Lincolnshire: 1
Stoke-on-Trent: 1
Bedford: 1
Knowsley: 1
Solihull: 1
Gateshead: 1

Sunday, March 15, 2020

ISIS: Terror group who follower are happy to die for the cause are told to keep away from Europe due to threat of COVID 19

(Middle East) The so called brave warriors of Islamic state who have show an extraordinary  willingness to go out with a bang in which to further the cause , in the belief that doing so opens the gates of heaven in which to rewarded with 40 virgins , have been given instructions through their chain of command to keep well away from Europe due to the threat that the Coronavirus (COVID 19) presents to these so called warriors of vengeance. Communicating through the ISIS al-Naba newsletter an instruction has been given that the "healthy should not enter the land of the epidemic and the afflicted should not exit from it."  it then goes on to describe Covid-19 as a "plague" and a "torment sent by God on whomsoever He wills".

Friday, March 13, 2020

US: releases update after 2 nights of air-strikes against Iranian assets inside Iraq

(Washington) The US defence department has released a press statement regards the airstrikes carried out by the USAF in Iraq against Iranian sponsored Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) whom Tehran has been using to strike US assets in a silly little game that Islamic actors love to play in which to express their victimhood status. 

In the press release the US made it quite clear it would go out of its way in which to defend its citizens from attack, which from the photos released show that they weren't messing about, regards sending a message:

Interlude:Queen - Under Pressure 1981 Live

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in the Uk, there appears to be something of a black hole regards what to expect, regards Coronavirus , yes we are told if you become ill, you have to self isolate, but what should we all be looking for and what should we expect: The Australian Academy of Science have knocked out a couple of fantastic short videos which inform you  quite clearly what to expect and hopefully answer all the questions you may have:

Iran: Satellite pictures show Mullahs are digging mass graves over their COVID 19 outbreak

(Tehran) Satellite images have emerged of mass graves in the Iranian city of Qom suggesting Iran’s coronavirus epidemic is a lot more more serious than the mullahs have been  admitting.

The pictures, published by the New York Times, show the excavation of a new section in a cemetery on the northern fringe of Iran’s holy city in late February, and two long trenches dug, of a total length of 100 yards, by the end of the month.

They confirm the worst fears about the extent of the epidemic and the government’s subsequent cover-up. On 24 February, at the time the trenches were being dug, a legislator from Qom, 75 miles (120 km) south of Tehran, accused the health ministry of lying about the scale of the outbreak, saying there had already been 50 deaths in the city, at a time when the ministry was claiming only 12 people had died from the virus nationwide.

The deputy health minister, Iraj Harirchi, held a press conference to “categorically deny” the allegations, but he was clearly sweating and coughing as he did so. The next day, Harirchi confirmed that he had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Since then, members of Iranian parliament, the Majlis, a former diplomat and a senior adviser to the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, have died. Another Khamenei adviser and one of the most powerful voices in Iranian foreign policy, Ali Akbar Velayati, was reported on Thursday to have been infected. The top ranks of Iran’s clerical leadership are particularly vulnerable because of their advanced age.

Iraq: Rocket attack by Iranian proxies, see's second night of US airstrikes

(Baghdad)  Since the US took out Iranian general Soleimani the other month, the Mullahs have been using their Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMU) proxies inside Iraq in which to carry out hit and run strikes against bases where the US has troops in which to send the message, yup we all know who is actually carrying out these attacks, but according to your rule of law (As opposed to our Sharia law) , you have to prove that it is us carrying out these strikes.

Until last night these missile strikes had been nothing but nuisance attacks, resulting in material damage and deaths amongst Iraqis. However last night strike killed 2 Americans and 1 British female soldier as well as injuring 14 others and last night the US took its gloves off, carrying out numerous strikes on PMU locations across Iraq using F22 ,F35 and F15E. Tonight more of the same with an expanded list of targets, primarily ammunition stores and from the videos and pictures released , it seems that the US has been hitting the right targets..

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

World: Map of Coronavirus spread

Here is the current map of the Coronavirus situation around the world and as you can see it is getting worse : (Click on the box in the top right corner of the map in which to get a much better picture)

As of the 10th of March the situation report for the World from the World Health Organisation is as follows:

Monday, March 9, 2020

US: Sikorsky /Boeing's SB-1 Defiant shown off to Army brass.

(US) In 2004, the US Military realised that their helicopter fleet then in use in Afghanistan and Iraq were no different from the craft that had flown during the Vietnam war and that due to the high tempo of operations with less aircraft, they were wearing out. They decided that the Helicopter fleet had to move into the present day utilising new technologies and materials . So they instigated the Future Vertical Lift in 2004 and 16 years later we are down to two contenders:

The tilt rotor Bell V-280 Valor and Sikorsky /Boeing's Coaxial rotors. SB-1 Defiant . Now I previously knocked out a few posts on the subject and  and the former and they can be found here

This post is about the SB-1 Defiant which was shown off last month to the US top brass in West Palm Beach Florida.

Its good to see how the US is moving forward revolutionary rather than evolutionary regards its vertical aircraft fleet  for example one of the remits for the aircraft was it has to be able to cruise at 260 MPH, the Blackhawk flies at around 180 MPH meaning that these when taken into service will be around 80 MPH faster than the rest of the worlds helicopters But hey why listen to me, here's the promotion video which tells it a lot better than I:

US: Apparently Black lives don't matter to black males.

(Brooklyn)  On Thursday last a young 15 year old girl was attacked by around 20 teenage black youths in broad day light in the centre of Brooklyn . Here is a news report complete with video of this truly evil and horrendous incident

As of today 12 Teens who handed themselves in after the video went viral have been charged, with several more been chased down by the police.  For a group which loves to play the victim card 24/7 . the black community really does have a huge problem regards violence onto others. Just for the record Black lives Matter haven't bothered reporting this story on their Twitter page. Funny enough they have a tweet of a black youth getting arrested by the police in Brooklyn later on the same evening.

Age, Sex, Existing Conditions of Coronavirus Cases and Deaths

(WHO)  So unless you've been living in a coalmine these past few weeks, you will have heard the news that a new Corona virus has hit the streets and is doing its best in which to imitate the Spanish flu from around 100 years ago. Currently the media is on a mission to scare the bejeus out of everybody and anybody, what with China, Italy , Israel and parts of Iran on a lockdown. The thing is it is very hard to find information about the new virus in town and that lack of information is what is scaring people. so here are a few facts culled from a World Health organisation paper (link top left corner) which was extant as of the 24th Feb 2020 from information gleaned from the Chinese outbreak.

Friday, March 6, 2020

Afghanistan: Terror attack on gathering sees 32 killed and 58 injured.

(Kabul) A commemorative event on the anniversary of the death of Abdul Ali Mazari, an ethnic Hazara leader who was killed in 1995 after being taken prisoner by the Taliban was itself targeted yesterday by gunmen resulting in the deaths of 32 people with another 58 people injured.

In a statement, ISIS have claimed the attack stating that said two brothers had targeted a “gathering of apostates” with machine guns and grenades. “ The sue of the term apostate is how Islamic terrorists get around the killing of fellow Muslim, which they are forbidden to do

Tunisia: Suicide bombers blow themselves up outside US embassy

(Tunis)  At midday near the US embassy in the Tunisian capital two men riding a moped, detonated an explosives vest after they failed to gain access to the embassy killing one policeman and injuring 4 others in the process..

Initial reports from the local media state that the attackers had recently left prison, where they had served time for joining a terrorist group, Both were banned from travelling abroad.

Interlude: MIKA - Grace Kelly

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Somalia: U.S. strike kills one terrorist, injures two

(Mogadishu) U.S. Africa Command have issued a press statement that they carried out a couple of   airstrikes on Al-Shahbab terrorists based inside Somalia killing 1 terrorist and injuring another 2.

The airstrikes were conducted in the vicinity of Qunyo Barrow.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Syria: IDF carries out missile attack on Hezb-allah and Syrian Base

(Daabah) It has been reported that the IDF carried out a missile attack on a Hezb-allah base near the city of Homs this evening, and a small airport to the south of the city of Homs as is always the case, the Syrian nation media is reporting that all the incoming missiles were shot down.

However it has been reported that the Hezb-allah camp Al-Qusayr Military Airport  was preparing to launch a load of missiles into Israel, presumably in retaliation for the IDF taking out a car full of their trigger happy idiots the other day in the Golan. It has been reported that 10s of Hezh-allah thugs have been killed.

UK: Another paedophile gang found guilty in the Uk

(Sheffield) After a nine week trail in Yorkshire, 5 men out of a gang of 9 have been found guilty of abusing and raping a child of 15 between 2010 and 2012. It transpires that the child was initially groomed by an older women (not named) and then abused by the following who today were found guilty at Sheffield crown court of being paedophiles (Problem here the British media and authorities refused to refer to Muslims as such and instead prefer the less damning charge of groomer)

  • 36 year old Jasim Mohammed, guilty of three counts of rape
  • 29 year old Kawan Omar Ahmed, guilty of two counts of rape
  • 40 year old Nzar Anwar, guilty of one count of rape and one count of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice
  • 30 year old Shangar Ibrahimi, guilty of one count of rape
  • 41 year old Saba Mohammed guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice
Clockwise from top left: Jasim Mohammed, Kawan Omar Ahmed, Nzar Anwar, Saba Mohammed and Shangar Ibrahimi

What makes this story even more damning is that the girl reported her predicament to the police in 2011, but they didn't bother looking into the case for another 5 years , which only transpired because Rotherham kicked off regards the paedophile rape gangs there. The thing is the Rotherham Islamic rape scandal hit the headlines in Sept 2012 and is just under 6 miles from Sheffield. South Yorkshire police eh.

After the verdict Det Insp Rob Platts said "five very dangerous offenders" had been convicted for serious sexual offences."While the jury found some of the defendants not guilty of the charges faced, their decision has to be respected."The victim had recounted "incredibly traumatic incidents" in person in front of the jury over several days, Mr Platts said.
He added: "I am so pleased her voice has been heard."

Shame it took the old bill so long to hear her cries for help.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

UK: The duplicity of the media when it comes to attacks by Muslims.

(Morley)  In 2018, a 15 year old Syrian asylum seeker was attacked by a white pupil at school, this was caught on film and the incident was all over the media . A go fund me page was set up for the victim and the attacker a racist forcing him to leave the country for his own safety.


That incident transpired in Huddersfield. Last week another incident transpired 11 miles away from the first in Morley with another child asylum seeker also 15 years of age, but a Sikh from Afghanistan, this too was caught on film and it has garnered much less publicity from the main stream media, gee I wonder why? if that isn't bad enough the little bastards try again few days later
Now, I'm from this area, I learnt Martial arts at Morley Sport centre , My Islamic nephew goes to this school and yet the usual suspects who love to play the race card are silent.

What is it about Muslims and such that the authorities and media are far too scared to treat them like they treat everybody else. I mean currently the media is full of stories about how Chinese looking people are getting attacked over the Corona virus.  There was one over the weekend in a club in Birmingham where an Asian woman (In the Uk Asian means somebody from the sub continent) was knocked unconscious by a gang of blokes after she defended her Chinese friend from abuse . The attackers were Asian, which in Birmingham will mean they were Islamic and yet where is the widespread media outrage? can you image the outcry if the attackers had been white. (And I'm not white saying this)  Its a disgrace how the left, the media and the authorities refuse to treat acts of violence from people my own ethnicity as they would a white person.Instead they love to play the race card over acts which are anything but.  Then they wonder why people are gravitating to the far right.

Syria; Turks use their technological advantage to take out Syrian Pantsir S1

(Idlib) I mentioned the other day how the Turks are using their technological advantage to wreak havoc amongst the Syrian armed forces . Well it appears they used their KORAL Electronic Warfare System to silence the radar on the Pantsir S1 Anti aircraft platform allowing one of their drones to target it with a missile.

In a nutshell, when deployed the Pantsir has 12 surface to air missiles ready to launch which are backed up by two 30mm cannon , these are fed data from two radar systems, one on top and one between the guns. The Russians swear by it and actually use it  to defend their much larger S400 missile sites , but like the Israelis the Turks have figured out how to bypass the system and they have aired a film of the destruction of one of them:

Syria: About that Turkish militia

(Idlib)  For a while now, I've been banging my little tin drum about how Turkey has been surreptitiously backing ISIS inside Syria. Plenty of evidence, from the Turkish media reporting how ISIS thugs were being treated inside Turkish military hospitals,  How ISIS managed to attack the Kurdish border town of Kobane from Turkey and then there was the first of Turkeys military adventures inside Syria which they claimed was to remove ISIS away from their border, yet for some very strange reason they targeted the Kurds who at the time were fighting...ISIS.

In all of its recent adventures inside Syria (And in Libya) Turkey has used Syrian rebels it has armed, clothed and fed as its shock troops, I mean they as jihadis are happy to go out fighting and if they die, nobody in Turkey is going to protest their deaths as they would Turkish troops. So why am I not surprised to see evidence that the Turks are using ISIS thugs as its so called shock troops. here is a video of a film clip as aired by Turkish state TV Anadolu Agency regards the so called moderate rebels it is using to fight the good fight against Assad , Have a butchers at their Tactical Recognition Flashes (TRF)  its the badge that soldiers wear on their arms in which to allow people to know who you are.
If that wasn't clear enough here is a much clearer video from a fortnight ago:
Here is another, but as it contains dead bodies, I'll simply link it in, Then there are the war crimes being carried out by these so called moderate Muslims , which Turkey wants the Eu and NATO to support it, inside Syria. These idiots actually film themselves carrying out such evil acts , Here's a film clip I am willing to show:
So the question I have to ask, is why are the Western Media silent on all this evidence? Instead all we are been told is that civilians are dying at the hands of the Syrians and that nasty Greece is stopping them from seeking shelter there.

Uk: Egyptian found guilty of antisemitism

(St Albans) Last August , 20 year old  , Adam Cassidy saw red when he saw a Jewish family enjoying a coffee and decided to go on a anti Semitic rant  , throwing vile abuse resulting in him kicking the pram containing a baby.

Problem for Adam he was filmed and the otherday he was found guilty in court of being a racist thug. In his defence Cassidy claimed they called him a “dirty Arab” but as you can see he looks nothing like an like an arab, His brief Ali Hussain,  claimed that the slur was not motivated by racial hatred but was used as an equivalent to what his client had been called before recording started.

Cassidy, who grew up in Egypt and is the son of an English mother and a Turkish father, tried pleading not guilty to racially aggravated assault and to using the slur when he appeared at St Albans Magistrates’ Court. Unfortunately the courts were having none of his religious mandated Taqiya and he was found guilty of being a racist thug and has been ordered to return next month for sentencing , hopefully he will do a runner back to the mother country and save the tax man some cash.