Monday, January 8, 2018

UK: 6 Far right wankers charged with belonging to Nazis group 'National Action'

(London)  This evening 6 inbred members of the banned Neo-Nazis far right group 'National action' have been charged with belonging to the proscribed terror group.

The six village idiots who all possess an extra chromosome are  24 year old Joel Wilmore, 28 year old Darren Fletcher, 26 year old Nathan Pryke , 26 year old Daniel Bogunovic,  21 year old Adam Thomas, and 28 year old Claudia Patatas.

No doubt these window licking genetically pure-examples of  humanity (Wilmore failed his 2 week basic training in which to join the British army reserves in 2012) will play the victim card when they  appear in court tomorrow. If I had my way, I'd  place all the jihadists and these idiots on an Island miles from anywhere and tell them all to get on with it.