Thursday, January 4, 2018

Germany: German MP in hot water for referring to somebody as a half Negro

(Berlin) Jens Maier,- A judge no less-the parliamentary deputy of the right-wing party AfD,is in a bit of bother, actually make that a lot of bother.  It seems that he took umbridge to how Noah Becker the son of German tennis star Boris Becker gave an interview to a German Newspaper the other day where he stated:

“Berlin as a "white city" compared to London or Paris, and said he had been "attacked because of his brown skin tone."
Boris and Noah Becker

Well that didn’t go down well with Maier who tweeted:
"It looks like the little half-negro didn't get enough attention – his behaviour cannot be explained otherwise,"
Judge Jens Maier,
 Well, I'm all for a laugh and a joke, but for somebody to publicly say that about somebody’s skin colour and a former judge at that. Naturally the Beckers weren't impressed either and filed a lawsuit two days after the tweet posted from Maier's account.

Now this is where it gets pathetic,  Maier the parliamentary deputy of a right-wing party, instead of apologising,  remaining silent or even standing by his own bigoted words, instead publicly denied authorship of the tweet and attributed it to an unnamed "employee" of his. What a bloody lightweight, that excuse lost all credence with Bart Simpson around 30 years ago..

So much for the fucking master race being true to their cause.