Wednesday, January 17, 2018

German: Syrian teen (15) Kicked out of German town by mayor. told not to return.

(Cottbus) A German town council have informed a 15 year old Syrian refugee and his father to pack their bags and go find somewhere else to live after the young thug carried out his final strike regards unsociable behaviour.

Last Friday, the Syrian youth along with two of his other mates (14 and 17) went to the local Blechen-Carré shopping centre, in front of them was an elderly couple, who they demanded they be let in first by moving aside and that the woman should show respect to them. When the couple refused to be intimidated, the 14 old pulled out a knife and attacked the 51 year old male. Thankfully a passerby soon put a stop to the assault and the youths were nicked by the police. A quick check by the council found the 15 year old was already on their books for anti-social behaviour so the mayor today informed the youth and his father that they are no longer welcome. The other two have now been added to their anti-social list.

Personally I would deport them both back to Syria (No appeals) in which to send the message to the rest in the country to behave or else.