Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Turkey: 311 people arrested for criticizing military offensive in Syria,

(Ankara) Turkey has stated it has arrested more than 300 people for social media posts criticizing its military offensive in Syria. This comes a day after President Tayyip Erdogan accused the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) of being "terrorist lovers" after they had warned that Turkey's military operation could turn into a humanitarian tragedy. He also added that such comments were a "betrayal", and referred to members of the association as "agents of imperialism". 

Since launching its air and ground offensive against the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria’s northwestern region of Afrin, Turkish authorities have warned they would prosecute those opposing, criticizing or misrepresenting the incursion. The Interior Ministry said on Monday a total of 311 people had been held for “spreading terrorist propaganda” on social media in the last 10 days. Detainees have included politicians, journalists and activists.

Strange how those who defend Islam as a religion of peace remain silent on the curbing of free speech in a country they regularly tout as a fine example of how moderate Islam can work.