Wednesday, January 17, 2018

UK: Akshar Ali jailed for 22 years for murdering his wife for wearing western clothes.

(Leeds) 27 year old Akshar Ali wasn’t happy with how his wife , 26 year old Sinead Wooding, mother to his 4 children had decided to leave him and the Islamic gay death cult behind resulting in her casting aside the dark overbearing tent which Islamic males claim expresses a females devotion to Islam and to wear the clothes that women take for granted in Western countries.

Sinead Wooding 
When Sinead met Ali, she adopted the Islamic faith and gave up on the Western way of life for him, but after 4 children, she must have decided that enough was enough and left the embrace of Islam behind in which to regain her personality and get her life back. Naturally as a Muslim Akshar wasn't happy and as per the codex of Islam, he ensured that his wife paid the price for leaving him and behind

So he invited her round to the family home and got her blind streaming drunk and then when she was unable to defend herself, her stabbed 6 times In the neck, killing her ,then he bashed her around the head with a club hammer in which to make sure. He moved her body to his friends 27 year old Yasmin Ahmed home for a couple of days where when they decided the coast was clear they wrapped her body up in a duvet, doused it in petrol and set fire to it in the middle of some woods .

Unfortunately  for these so called pious Muslims, who are supposed to subscribe to a life of peace and harmony for all, Sineads body was found and today these two wankers were found guilty of murder and sentenced to a minimum period of 22 years behind bars.

And people keep on trying to tell me Islam is a religion of peace. The worse part of this story is that the victim had made a 999 call to the police on the 10th of May regards her husband, 2 days later she was dead. As per usual the pathetic British police have referred themselves  to the independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) where I can tell you the result will be 'Lessons will be learnt'