Friday, January 12, 2018

UK: Iman caught meeting a boy for sex, claims he could be killed by his fellow Muslims

(Blackburn) 45 year old Ashraf Sidat,is one of the leading Mullahs at the Masjide Noorul Islam mosque and as such he is trusted by the faithful to look after their children during their religious lessons.

However despite being trusted with young children, all he wanted to do was have sex with a minor, which is why  he was arrested on Thursday by the police after he was caught by a vigilante group  after going to meet a 15 year old for sex he had met on a gay chat line. However instead of meeting a beautiful young thing, he was met by a bunch of old hairy arsed blokes who confronted him and then called the police.  During their brief wait, the group asked him:
'So, you're a Muslim and it's against your religion. Is it against your religion to be a homosexual?'

He replies: 'Yes, it is. I could get killed.'
He was taken into custody for questioning and bailed until February 9, 2018, pending further enquiries. A statement released the mosque Masjide Noorul Islam, said:

“Regarding the recent incident involving Mr Ashraf Sidat we have suspended him from all duties at the Islamic Educational Society.”
I'll be honest and say that I have no time for these vigilante groups, however that said, they do what the British Police refuses to do and that is their job.