Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Austria: Tougher action against rejected asylum seekers to become law

(Wien) Austria's coalition government has agreed on a draft law which would allow the authorities to stop providing accommodation and food to rejected asylum seekers who refuse to leave the country. The bill, which has still to be approved by parliament, is part of a wider reform of laws dealing with foreigners in Austria, which includes fines or prison sentences for migrants who lie about their identity. The Austrian government is preparing a package of policies aimed at countering the rise of the far-right Freedom Party whose candidate came close to winning the presidential election in December. Minister Wolfgang Sobotka stated:
"The first thing is basically that they don't get anything from the Austrian state if they don't have the right to stay here. Is that so hard to understand?"
In 2015, Austria took in around 90,000 asylum seekers, which comes in at around 1 percent of its population,Since then, Austria has tightened immigration restrictions and helped shut down the route through the Balkans by which almost all those people use in which to enter Europe. The measures will include the following:

Those who stay will lose their monthly social payments. Plans to introduce penalties between 5,000 and 15,000 euros (5,300 and 15,900 dollars) for migrants who remain in Austria. As a final measure, rejected migrants may be detained before they are forcibly flown back to their home countries. The maximum length of this detention will be expanded from 10 to 18 months. Some 4,000 persons who have been denied asylum live in Austria, half of them cannot leave for medical reasons or because they are underage.

The Austrian office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the bill was "highly questionable" and urged lawmakers to think hard about agreeing to it.

Belgium: Police threaten to strike over introduction of Tasers

(Brussels)  In an attempt to combat the rise in violent crimes but at a much lower risk than using a real gun The interior minister of Belgium Jan Jambon launched a trial of the Taser to see if it should become a standard tool for the police force, invoking a royal decree empowering the ministry to allow the use of "special weaponry". Well that hasn't gone down well with the the Belgian police union VSOA which has filed a strike notice to protest against the government's measure of trialling Tasers to some police districts.

VSOA claims that the law does not apply to the police forces that would be using the weapon. This would leave the officers who discharge the weapon without a mechanism for liability, putting them in the position of being held individually responsible for the use of the weapon.

I'm sure the Islamic thugs who have run riot over Belgium these past few years are laughing in their boots.

UN accuses Germany of ‘institutional racism against Black Africans

(Berlin)  A UN working group of experts on people of African descent consisting of two lawyers and a human rights expert (a Philippine jurisprudent, a French jurisprudence and a South African human rights expert.)- visited Berlin, Dessau, Dresden, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Hamburg from February 20th to 27th this year in which to check out claims of institutional racism and racist stereotyping against ethnic minorities and their conclusion, why yes Germany is a nasty place for minorities but especially for black Africans and Muslims. The UN experts were adamant that they saw systemic problems with racism throughout Germany, and an "incomplete understanding of history" that makes the situation largely invisible to the rest of the population. They concluded their visit by stating:

“Although the constitution guarantees equality, bans racial discrimination and enshrines the inviolability of human dignity, these principles are not put into practise,”

So exactly just what did the UN team find which counts as racism inside Germany? 

Well they expressed particular concern that African men are often too afraid to enter certain parts of the country, due to a fear of being attacked.

They found that many African Islamic pupils at German schools describe their experiences as traumatic, as they not only experience racism as black people but also as Muslims, stating:
“According to what we have heard from civil society, more and more children from African backgrounds have found that bad results during their school years negatively bars their paths into higher education."
They found that X-raying so called child refugees in which to ascertain their ages could be construed as…racist.

They found that German colonial rule in Africa isn’t been taught and that one way in which to make amends is for Germany to make reparations to the countries it used to rule over.  

They also pointed out that street names such as Mohrenstraße were insulting to Africans, Mohr is an outdated German word for a black person. (it means Moor)

The findings and recommendations will be formally presented to the UN Human Rights Council in September.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Germany: Today is Rosenmontag.

(Dusseldorf)  Carnival Monday (Rosenmontag) is held just before the beginning of Lent. Many people mark the occasion in some regions in Germany by holding street parades, parties and making fun of German stereotypes, politicians and other public figures. I spent 8 years in Dusseldorf and on Rosenmontag, we would travel down to the old part of the city (Altstadt) and enjoy the carnival atmosphere.  The Germans (especially in Duss) go to a lot of effort in which to mock popular political (in the news) people. This year saw Trump, Erdogan, ISIS and the UK made fun of.

As the floats travel through the Aldt Stad, people on them will throw sweets into the crowd. Which is why you see lots of children sporting plastic bags. Tell you what thou, getting hit a number of times in the head by boiled sweets is painful. Anyway here are a few pictures of the fun that was had in Düsseldorf:

Gaza: Israel hits Hamas after Rocket attack.

(Gaza City) it appears that the new hard-liner leader of Hamas  Yahya Sinwar fully subscribes to how the Koran dictates to the faithful on how to treat the jew.

Ignominy shall be their portion [the Jews'] where-so-ever they are found... They have incurred anger from their Lord, and wretchedness is laid upon them... because they disbelieve the revelations of Allah and slew the Prophets wrongfully... because they were rebellious and used to transgress. [Surah 111, v. 112]
Which may help explain , how since he took over the role of bigot in chief. Gaza has resumed lobbing rockets into its much larger neighbour in which to play the victim card for the rest of the worlds Islamic population. The latest act of Islamic kindness saw a missile launched from Gaza into Israel last night, In return the IDF struck 4 Hamas positions. I had to admit I uttered a laugh at the official Hamas news release over the incident:
The Hamas movement said in an official statement that they held Israel responsible for "this continuous dangerous escalation that targets the Palestinian resistance and the people of the Gaza Strip," adding that "the ongoing targeting of resistance sites and the escalating situation in Gaza would neither be allowed nor accepted."
Nothing like the tears of an Islamic terrorist in which to galvanise the worlds ethical latte drinkers..

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yemen: Suicide bomber kills 8 soldiers

(Yemen) The world is fed this diet that the current situation inside Yemen is simply one between Saudi Arabia on one side and Yemen on the other. The fact of the matter is it couldn't be further from the truth. In fact rather than 2 sides to the argument there are actually three, they are:
1) Yemeni Government , which is backed by a Saudi coalition.
2) Houthis rebels backed by Iran
3) Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)

 All 3 are fighting each other, yet the fact of the matter is, only the first 2 actors are generally reported by the Media, with the former pained as the nasty guys. The fact remains AQAP is deemed to be the most dangerous al-Qaeda branch due to its emphasis on attacking the far enemy and its reputation for plotting attacks on overseas targets. Which explains why the US decided to strike an AL Q HQ the rural Yakla district of al-Bayda last month. Anyway whilst the liberal world waxes lyrical about the Saudi backed campaign against the Houthis ,  AQAP holds a third of Yemen

Green= Houthis/Red=Yemeni Government/ White=AQAP
And from their little caliphate they have no problem training the future AL-Q terrorists of tomorrow and recruits they receive a plenty and they in turn have no problem expressing their hatred of anybody who doesn't subscribe to their bigoted ways.

 Which is why yesterday , a driver of a VIED drove up to the main gate of an Yemeni army camp in the eastern city of Zinjibar, uttered the immortal words "Ali's snack bar" and murdered 8 people and wounded another 10. Thankfully he was foiled from entering the camp, but the men who stopped him paid with their lives.

Germany :Three injured in car attack, driver shot by Police

(Heidelberg) A man decided to drive a car into pedestrians today outside the Galeria Kaufhof in Heidelberg injuring three pedestrians before running off,

 He was chased down by the police around the corner and after a short stand-off (due to him being armed with a knife) The Police put an end to all this malarkey by shooting him.

He’s currently under guard at a local hospital with the local authorities screaming out this wasn't a terrorist attack and the man may have had mental health issues.

Anybody else find it strange how all these attacks in the west are carried out by people with mental health problems. 

US: preschool teacher fired over ‘Kill some Jews’ tweet

(Texas) A Texas preschool teacher is out of a job after numerious anti-Semitic online posts, including a tweet encouraging a friend to “kill some Jews,” came to light.

Nancy Salem
Nancy Salem was fired from The Children's Courtyard in Arlington after administrators were alerted to her anti-Semitic behaviour online. Here are a few of them from her now deleted twitter account:

On September 29, 2013, Salem tweeted: “‘@DictatorHitler: How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough’ @PrincessLulllu @thearabgirl HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.”

On June 28, 2013, Salem tweeted: “‘@DictatorHitler: Gassed a Jew, I’m sweating #Heil’ OMG.”

On September 18, 2013, Salem tweeted: “‘How was the copper wire invented? They threw a penny between two Jews.’ LOLACHAUST.”

On October 6, 2013, Salem tweeted: “‘@hanansalemxo: I hate Makki more than I hate Israeli Jews and math combined.’ ”

On October 28, 2013, Salem tweeted: “‘@DictatorHitler: If Moday [Monday] was a person he’d be Jewish’ @thearabgirl @wowreallywow ”
On July 12, 2014, Salem tweeted: “Some of the signs I made for the protest .” The tweet featured photos of signs that read: “Israel Is Real Terrorism.” “Dear USA, your 9/11 is our 24/7,” and another sign that accused Israel of practising apartheid.

On July 21, 2014, Salem tweeted: “I can’t wait for the day America stops being Israel’s little lap dog and wakes up. #BigDreams #Inshallah.”

On May 21, 2013, Salem tweeted: “@Nihad909 anything is better than Israel. But nothing is better than Palestine. #PaliPride.”

On July 30, 2014, Salem tweeted: “Hamas is actually defending our people unlike the Israeli army who will kill anyone.”

On July 21, 2014, Salem tweeted a picture of a female Israeli soldier — who was conducting a course for trauma medics —  applying fake blood to another soldier. The image was originally published in a August 2012 article on women and the IDF. Salem’s tweet insinuated that Israelis feigned injury to garner public sympathy

I wonder what CAIR will have to say on the matter?

Austria: Radical Mosque presses charges against duo who reported imam for inciting murder

(Winterthur) Austrian Police arrested ten people on Tuesday morning suspected of attacking two others at the An’Nur mosque because they tipped off a journalist about a controversial sermon given by the mosque’s imam.

In his sermon last November the imam called for the murder of Muslims who do not participate in communal prayer, and for others to denounce such people.  This in turn leadto the arrest of the imam and three others. Well fingers started pointing and they aimed in the direction of 2 of the congregation and so talking the law into their own fists, feet and things they can hold in their hands, the two were set upon by 10 of the faithful who also issued death threats to the families of the men concerned  In turn these thugs were all picked up by the Police on Tuesday.

Well not happy with how religious thugs at the An’Nur mosque have been getting a bad press, the association that runs the An’Nour has lodged a complaint with police against said two members of the congregation and wants to press charges against the pair for allegedly secretly filming the controversial sermon, which theoretically could result in a  prison sentence if it is found that the pair’s secret filming violated rights to privacy.

The journalist who broke the story about the imam's sermon said he had been threatened by members of the mosque. He called for police protection for the two informants and other witnesses who report alleged criminal behaviour at the mosque.

Friday, February 24, 2017

US: White American screams "Get out of my country" Shoots dead 1 Indian and wounds another (As well as an American)

(Olathe) 51 Year old Adam W. Purinton, took umbrage at 2 Indian citizens enjoying some down time at Austin's Bar and Grill at 7:15 p.m this past Wednesday. Screaming "get out of my country" he pulled out a pistol and emptied it into Srinivas Kuchibhotla, a 32-year-old Garmin employee, who was killed. Alok Madasani, 32, who also worked for Garmin, and Ian Grillot, a 24-year-old Grandview resident who tried to stop the shooter, were injured.
From left: Srinivas Kuchibhotla, who died; Alok Madasani, who was injured; and Ian Grillot
Realizing what he had just done, dickhead then decided to do a runner to Clinton, Missouri, where he related to a barkeep at a Applebees just what he had done. The police picked him up not long after. According to witnesses at the bar, Purinton had been shouting racial slurs before being asked to leave. Witnesses said he shouted “get out of my country” before shooting at Kuchibhotla and Madasani. He had previously left the bar and returned with a weapon.

Adam W. Purinton
Purinton, of Olathe has been charged with first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder. Whilst Kansas  does have the death penalty , nobody has been executed there since 1976. Personally I feel now would be a good time to start again.  

Niger: Military patrol attacked, 15 soldiers killed, 19 injured.

(NIAMEY)  Fifteen soldiers were killed and 19 wounded in an attack, Wednesday by "Islamic terrorists" near the village of Interzawane in the Tillaberi region in western Niger near the border with Mali. Colonel Toure Seydou Albdoula Aziz, the Niger army spokesman stated:
"A Niger army patrol was attacked by terrorist elements at 1500 GMT north of Tilwa We have 15 dead and 19 wounded in our ranks," 
 The attack follows an agreement earlier this month among the presidents of five countries- Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Chad- in Africa's vast Sahel region, including Niger, to set up a joint counterterrorism force in which to combat numerous extremist groups, including Boko Haram and others that have been linked to al-Qaida.


(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a map which shows the situation inside Syria as of Thursday the 24th, February 2017:

Opposition groups backed by Turkey in Operation Euphrates Shield seized full control over Al-Bab in Northern Aleppo Province as well as two neighbouring towns, ending more than three months of heavy clashes. The fall of Al-Bab will enable Turkish President Recep Erdogan to pursue his next stated strategic priorities in Northern Syria – including an offensive to expel the Syrian Kurdish YPG from Manbij in Eastern Aleppo Province. Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik warned that Turkey will “re-evaluate” military operations against the town if the U.S. does not ensure the imminent withdrawal of the Syrian Kurdish YPG from Manbij. Meanwhile, UN Special Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura opened the Geneva IV Talks between regime and opposition delegations with the goal of reaching a political solution to the Syrian Civil War. The negotiations nonetheless appear primed to fail amidst deteriorating conditions on the ground - including an increasingly unstable nationwide ceasefire and a continued consolidation of power by Al-Qaeda in Syria. 

Iraq: ISIS using hobby Drones to deadly effect in Mosul.

(Iraq)  ISIS have taken to using new technology in which to support their rabid bigoted agenda to a new level. We saw that ,when they burst upon the scene with their use of the web in which to promote their so called pious religious caliphate  to those impressionable to the thought of living in a pure Islamic utopia. That resulted in thousands from the West leaving everything behind in which to relocate  to Syria/Iraq. The use of drones in which to film their military advances across Syria and Iraq and now that they are on the back foot, they have used those very same drones to drop military ordinance on their enemy. The only problem here is, the drones they use are what we would class as toys so are limited in how far they can fly and what they can carry. But every now and again  they get lucky.

Interlude: 2 Men A Drum Machine And A Trumpet :Tired Of Getting Pushed Around

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Israel: IDF shoot down Hamas UAV

(JERUSALEM)  The IDF today shot down over the Mediterranean a UAV controlled by the Gaza Strip's Islamist rulers Hamas. The drone fell into the sea without entering Israeli territory .
Hamas, like other Islamic terrorist groups loves to parrot the line they develop all their own equipment. The simple fact remains they procure the vast majority of their arms and armament from outside their borders. So it is with UAVs, in July 2014, Hamas  showed off a video of a so called indigenous UAV flying over Israel. The thing is, it looked very similar to the Iranian Ababil. Whilst the type of UAV hasn't been released yet, the odds are its a ababil.

India: Pakistani Terrorists kill 3 Indian soldiers in Kashmir

(Kashmir) Three soldiers and a woman were killed when Pakistani terrorists ambushed an army patrol in the Shopian area of south India's Kashmir, early Thursday morning. The attack took place around 60 kilometres (37 miles) from Srinagar.  When Islamic terrorists ambushed a group of Indian army soldiers as they were returning from a cordon and search operation in a nearby village.

Kashmir has been riven by a deadly Islamic insurgency funded by Pakistan which feels that as a sizeable majority of the Indian state is Islamic, then Kashmir should be handed over to Pakistan.
To that end Pakistan has spent a lot of time and money since 1947 (When India was split into Islamic Pakistan and multicultural India) in which to try and acquire the land next door. As is the practice of the Muslim, Pakistan plays the victim card for the so called oppressed, whilst remaining silent on the ethic cleansing of the Hindu (Pandits) from the region at the hands of the followers of the religion of peace. Yet to the liberal elites and their Islamic overlords, the terrorists and the supporters of those terrorists and not their victims are the ones we should be shedding tears over.

The irony here is, the biggest export from the Pakistani occupied half of Kashmir (which they stole in 1947) is its people who have left in search of a better life. Yet the very people who leave the so called motherland in search of a better life, are usually the most vocal in their new homelands when it comes to the remaining half of Kashmir remaining in Indian hands.

Pakistan: Bomb blast in shopping area kills 8, wounds 30.

(Lahore)  An explosive device was detonated in the affluent Z sector defence area shopping area of Lahore today resulting in the deaths of 8 people and another 30 being injured. Coming a day after, Pakistan’s military announced the launch of a new nationwide military offensive, codenamed Radd-ul-Fasaad (suppressing mischief), with an aim to eliminate remnants of terrorists, following a sharp spike in terrorist attacks this past month .The attack is believed to be the response from those this latest offensive is directed at. But as usual those people the left have no problem defending as victims, have no problem killing others due to their self proclaimed victim status.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


(ISW) Iraqi security forces (ISF) launched operations on February 19 to recapture western Mosul after a three week operational reset following the recapture of eastern Mosul on January 24.  ISF has not yet entered western Mosul, and is continuing shaping operations south and southwest of the city. Units from the Federal Police and the Emergency Response Division (ERD) consolidated control over villages south of Mosul on February 19 and 20. The units reached the outskirts of the Ghazlani military base and Mosul airport on February 20 and began artillery strikes on February 21 on the airport and base in preparation to storm. Meanwhile, the 9th Iraqi Army Armoured Division alongside a Hawza militia from the Popular Mobilization, Firqat al-Abbas al-Qitaliya (FAQ), began to close off western escape routes out of the city. The division will likely continue the current trajectory to isolate Mosul by heading north towards the Tigris River. The desert operations are also more suitable to the armoured division, which would have trouble navigating western Mosul’s narrow streets. The units may ultimately enter the city, but moving from the outside in rather than the inside out.

Humanitarian conditions inside the city remain a concern as operations advance. The 16th Iraqi Army Division alongside police and local tribal fighters assumed control of security in eastern Mosul. The area has already suffered a series of suicide attacks over the past few weeks, suggesting that areas were insufficiently cleared or that ISIS already re-infiltrated the city. The UN announced on February 15 that it would temporarily pause humanitarian aid to the eastern half of Mosul because of the attacks. Meanwhile, the UN has also announced that food, fuel, and supplies are unable to reach western Mosul, distressing the humanitarian crisis for an estimated 750,000 civilians. The ongoing military operations are compounding these issues by further closing off possible access points for aid into the city. ISF will need to prioritize efforts to secure the distribution of aid in both eastern and western Mosul and provide evacuation routes from western Mosul as the expected months-long operation will increase the severity of the humanitarian crisis.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

US: Students protest after Gay Professor says that Muslim immigration to the U.S. should be restricted in the name of gay rights.

(North Carolina) When Shannon Gilreath, a law professor North Carolina's Wake Forest University, wrote an op-ed for the Washington Blade — “America's Leading LGBT News Source” — arguing that Islamic immigration to the U.S. should be restricted in the name of gay rights.
“I come from the American Left. I am a feminist. I am a gay rights activist. Consequently, the argument I am about to make for tighter U.S. controls on immigration of Muslims may surprise some readers. It shouldn’t. Islam is endemically antithetical to the well-being of gay people. If anything approaching this kind of destruction had been unleashed under the banner of any political organization, the Nazis or Klan for examples, the Left would be quick to condemn..."
The local student population took umbrage . How dare somebody complain about the homophobia woven into the DNA of Islam. Why Rakin Nasar accused Gilreath of over-exaggerating Muslim homophobia, suggesting that non-Muslim countries, such as Russia, are homophobic, as well.
“Shannon Gilreath’s evidence over-exaggerates how homophobic Muslims are. We should not pretend that only Muslim majority countries are homophobic.”
Of course he is right, but the fact remains Professor Gilreath wasn't taking about Russia, he was talking about the Western world , where gays rights are protected. Yes there are bigots found in all colours and across all faiths, but the fact remains Muslims have no problem expressing their bigoted views towards the LGBT crowd. I mean look at how Omar Mateen murdered 49 people and wounded another 53 at the Pulse (gay) nightclub in Orlando last June. Across the Islamic world advertising yourself as Gay usually means a death sentence. Yet when a Gay man points out the homophobia within the Islamic community , the so called enlightened student population scream foul play: 

What is Gilreath’s “evidence” that Islam must be singled out from all other religions for special discriminatory treatment? He catalogues a list of recent terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists. Of course, Islamic extremist terrorism is a serious problem that must be condemned and fought. But we must also condemn Christian terrorist atrocities in the Central African Republic, India, Lebanon and Uganda, as well as the United States, where Christian terrorists have bombed abortion clinics and murdered doctors. Likewise, we must condemn Jewish terrorists who have murdered Muslims and a prime minister of Israel; Hindu pogroms against Muslims in India; and Buddhist pogroms in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. But we must not tar all religious people as terrorists, much less single out only Muslims for special discriminatory treatment.

For me this tweet of one such protester object to Professor Gilreath says all I need to know about the stupidity of students across the Western world:

Sweden: Days after Liberals lambaste Trump over his tweets regards Islamic crime, riots hit Stockholm.

(Stockholm) The media  have had a field day regards what President Trump had to say about Sweden over the weekend. Whilst he may have got the terror incident wrong, the fact remains Sweden is no longer a safe place to live for the locals.

Anyway whilst the liberals scream foul play, the followers of the peaceful religion objected to how one of their own was arrested by the police in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby which in 2007 (10 years ago) had 15,051 inhabitants of which 89% is of a first- or second-generation immigrant background

So the police picked up this wanted man at the local metro station at around 8pm local time and in response, those people who have been given a new life in Sweden decided to run riot burning and smashing their way around town in which to play the victim card.

Over four hours, the crowd burned about a half-dozen cars, vandalized several shopfronts and threw rocks at police. Police spokesman Lars Bystrom confirmed to Sweden's Dagens Nyheter newspaper that an officer had fired shots with intention to hit a rioter but did not strike his target. A photographer for the newspaper was attacked by more than a dozen men and his camera was stolen, but get this,no one was  arrested.

Yet if somebody tries to point out the belligerent  nature of Islamic males in Sweden , the left, liberals and Muslims, play the racist card .

Elsewhere, the Swedish Police have issued a nationwide alert for 28 year old Waleed Khalid Mahmood Mahmood over charges of attempted murder in December 2016. But get this, the Police actually picked up Waleed at the end of January on that attempted murder charge, but as he denied it, they let him go. Got to give the Swedes credit for destroying their own country, especially over how they character assassinate anybody who tries to tell the truth.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Israel comes under rocket fire again, whilst Syria says it would support Hezbollah in any attack on the Jew

(Israel) Whilst the entire liberal world moans about President Trump and his non-existent news tweets, Israel this morning came under rocket fire from inside Egypt, and very few news agencies bothered their arse to report it.

Meanwhile, Syria today threw its hat into the ring, saying that if Israel retaliated against any Hezbollah attack (as I reported the other day), they would fully support the Islamic terrorist group.

Why isn't the liberal word up in arms over this?

Somalia: Bomb attack murders 39

(Mogadishu) So whilst the entire world concentrates on President Trump, the pious followers of the peaceful religion he claims isn't, blew up a mini mart simply because the Al-Shabab suicide bomber couldn't hit the target he was tasked to due to security , so he drove instead to a market and blew himself up outside the Kawo-Goday mini-market, killing 39 and injuring another 50.

"U.S. is determined to stand up to the UN’s anti-Israel bias" - Nikki Haley

(The New York Sun) A star is born is our reaction to the first press briefing by President Trump’s new ambassador at the United Nations. The ex-governor of South Carolina was ridiculed by the Left when the president first sent her nomination up to the Hill, owing to her alleged lack of foreign policy chops. She certainly rang the wake up gong for that crowd this morning, after emerging from her first Security Council monthly meeting devoted to the Middle East. Tough as nails but with a smile and a layer of Southern charm.

The ambassador had just come from the regular monthly Security Council on Middle East issues. She said it was her first such meeting, and “it was a bit strange.” The Security Council, she said, is supposed to discuss how to maintain international peace and security. But the meeting, she said, was not about Hezbollah’s illegal buildup of rockets in Lebanon, it was not about the money and weapons Iran provides to terrorists, it was not how we defeat ISIS, it was not how we hold Beshar al-Assad accountable for the slaughter of thousands of civilians.

“No,” she said, “instead the meeting focused on criticizing Israel, the one true democracy in the Middle East. I am new around here, but I understand that’s how the Council has operated month after month for decades. I am here to say the United States will not turn a blind eye to this anymore. I am here to underscore to the ironclad support of the United States for Israel. I am here to emphasize that the United States is determined to stand up to the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias.”

The ambassador made clear that the Trump administration will not support the kind of resolution from which the Obama administration’s ambassador — Samantha Power — shamefully abstained, though Mrs. Haley was too polite to name the humiliated Ms. Power. “The outrageously biased resolutions from the Security Council and the General Assembly only make peace harder to attain by discouraging one of the parties from going to the negotiating table.”

“Incredibly,” Mrs. Haley said, “the U.N. department of political affairs has an entire division devoted entirely to Palestinian affairs. Imagine that. There is no division devoted to illegal missile launches form North Korea. There is no division devoted to the world’s number one state sponsor of terror, Iran. The prejudiced approach to Israeli-Palestinian issues does the peace process no favors, and it bears no relationship to the reality of the world around us. The double standards are breathtaking.”

The ambassador warned that it is “the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias that is long overdue for change,” and said America will not hesitate to speak out in defense of its friend in Israel. All this was going on while the press was questioning President Trump on what he was going to do about anti-Semitism. If his ambassador to the world body is any example, the answer is plenty. She has the principles of a Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the grit of a John Bolton, and the star power of a Jeane Kirkpatrick, and in her first press briefing she certainly made her point.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, mastermind behind 1993 World Trade Center attack, dies in prison

(Fox News) Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind firebrand Islamist cleric behind the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, has died in federal prison, Fox News has learned. He was 78.

Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian radical who maintained a global following even while imprisoned for more than two decades, died Saturday morning at Butner Federal Medical Center in North Carolina, where he was serving a life sentence.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed that Abdel-Rahman died at approximately 5:40 a.m. Saturday of natural causes after a long health battle with diabetes and coronary artery disease.

His son Ammar told Reuters that his family had received a phone call from a U.S. representative saying his father had died.

Abdel-Rahman was convicted in 1995 of plotting terror attacks throughout New York City, targeting the United Nations and other New York City landmarks. He was also linked to the 1993 World Trade Center attack in which six people died and more than 1,000 others were injured.

Known as “The Blind Sheikh,” Abdel-Rahman lost his eyesight when he was 10 months old. By the time he was 11 years old, he had memorized the Braille version of the Qur’an and was sent to an Islamic boarding school.

He went on to study at Cairo University’s School of Theology and later earned a doctorate in from Al-Azhar University in Cairo. Abdel-Rahman went on to become one of the country’s most prominent and outspoken Muslim clerics to denounce Egypt’s secularism.

In the mid-1980s, Abdel-Rahman made his way to Afghanistan, where he built a strong rapport with former Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Bin Laden once credited Abdel-Rahman as the inspiration and justification for the September 11 attacks which destroyed the World Trade Center.

Adbel-Rahman was the spiritual leader of Al-Gama Al-Islamiyya. The Islamic group was believed to have been behind other terror attacks such as the 1997 killing of tourists in Luxor, Egypt.

He remains revered in his native Egypt, and his supporters had demonstrated throughout Cairo for his freedom in the past.

Hundreds Of African Migrants With Weapons Storm And Break Through The Border Wall Of The Spanish Enclave of Ceuta

(DW) Spanish authorities said 11 guards in a territory in North Africa were injured when some 500 people forced their way through a border fence. The rush came as Morocco threatened it could let more migrants through.

Almost 500 migrants broke through the border of Spain's Ceuta enclave from Morocco on Friday.

A group of 700 people simultaneously rushed a gate in the 6-meter (20-foot) fence, with 498 making it into Spanish territory, the Spanish Civil Guard said. The mass entry was one of the largest since the fence was erected in 2005. Over 1,000 people stormed the border fence in January. For many, an attempt to reach a Spanish territory is safer than trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, a route to Europe that saw a record number of deaths in 2016.

A Ceuta government official told The Associated Press two migrants were hospitalized due to injuries they sustained in the assault and 11 Spanish police were also hurt. A Civil Guard spokesman said at least 10 members of Morocco's armed forces were also injured.

Ceuta's Red Cross emergency response team reported more than 30 migrants were treated at a migrant center for bone fractures and other injuries.


Germany: Police intimidated by over 100 Africans after they make arrest

(Hamburg) The other day, police in the German city of Hamburg were called to a betting shop in the St.Georg, Steintorweg area of the city after staff there were threatened by an 18-year-old Somali man. It transpires that the man was already banned from the shop, and when staff pointed this out to him, he threatened to cut their throats, complete with an example he gave by drawing his finger across his throat in a drawing motion.

Well, the police arrived and on arresting him, he played the victim card, protesting to the crowd, and within minutes, faster than you can utter “Allahu Akbar”, the 3 policemen found themselves surrounded by a gang of around 100 Africans who made sure the police were made aware they objected to one of their own being arrested. The police in turn had to call for reinforcements, which resulted in riot police being drafted in and the whole Steintorweg area of Hamburg was locked down.

The Somalian was taken away, but later released due to a lack of evidence.

Nice to see multiculturalism at its best.

WTF is this geezer up to?

Ok, anybody know just what the hell this nutter is up to? (That's the Kurdistan flag on the right)

Gaza: Hamas Rejects Israeli Offer to Invest in Gaza

(Gaza) Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman offered Hamas a solution to the current standoff between Israel and Gaza. He offered to turn the Gaza Strip “into the Singapore of the Middle East” by building a seaport and an airport in Gaza, as well as creating industrial zones that would help create 40,000 jobs in the strip, if Hamas agreed to demilitarization and to dismantling the tunnel and rocket systems it has built up.
“There is no reason for the residents of Gaza to live in the 21st century under lesser conditions than in Judea and Samaria or in the Arab world. The Gazans must understand that Israel, which withdrew from the Gaza Strip to the last millimetre, is not the source of their suffering — it is the Hamas leadership, which doesn't take their needs into consideration. The moment Hamas gives up its tunnels and rockets, we’ll be the first to invest.”
What a fantastic idea — Israel offering to make Gaza into an industrial partner which would better the lot of the poor Gazans who for the past 12 years have lived off aid from the outside world.

Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar on Friday rejected the offer, demanding that Israel hands over all the Palestinian prisoners it holds in return for the remains of 2 Israeli soldiers it claims to hold.
“This is a prisoner exchange. If we wanted to turn Gaza into Singapore, we would have done it ourselves. We do not need favours from anyone.”
I wonder why the world's media (and the ethical latte crowd) haven't picked up on this story?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Pakistan: In response to Taliban attacks,100 Terrorists killed in raids

(Islamabad)  After a number of bomb attacks across the country these past few days,

Pakistan has gone into action against the miscreants who feel that murdering others in the name of Allah is the thing to do. So hours after the latest bombing which saw 81 people murdered, the Pakistani army went knocking and in the process just happened to kill 100 idiots who feel that the bullet and the bomb is much better than the ballot box. The only issue is, a large number of these Pakistani terrorist groups started off being funded (And still are)  by the Pakistani government.

Migrants seek asylum in Canada to escape Donald Trump

(Canada) It appears that due to the election of President Trump, migrants in the US have decided that now is the time to relocate to Canada. In recent months, hundreds of refugees have trickled across the US border into Manitoba, which lies above North Dakota and Montana. Normally, only 40 to 60 cross each year.  The Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council (MIIC), a non-profit organisation in Winnipeg that provides food, shelter, paralegal services and helps refugees file their asylum claims, has seen an unprecedented spike in refugees seeking their help. Rita Chahal, the executive director of MIIC stated:
"There were 21 people who crossed the border since last weekend, in January alone, we had 40 refugees]and since October to the end of January, we had 118 refugees. Those are huge numbers because in an average year we would normally see generally between 50 and 60."


(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a map which shows the situation inside Syria as of Thursday the 16th, February 2017:

Turkish President Recep Erdogan reiterated that the “ultimate goal” of Turkey in Operation Euphrates Shield is the establishment of a five-thousand square kilometer ‘safe zone’ that includes Al-Bab, Manbij, and Ar-Raqqa City in Northern Syria during a speech on February 12. Erdogan stated that the proposed “terrorist-free zone” would require the implementation of a no-fly zone, noting that he had discussed the issue with both the U.S. and Russia. The statement came after pro-regime forces supported by Russia and Lebanese Hezbollah effectively completed the encirclement of ISIS in Al-Bab in line with a predetermined agreement between Russia and Turkey. Meanwhile, preparations continued for the next round of Geneva Talks on the Syrian Civil War scheduled to begin on February 23. The High Negotiations Committee (HNC) approved a watered-down delegation to the talks that replaced several key armed opposition representatives with civilian members of the exiled political opposition as well as delegates from domestic opposition factions backed by Russia that lack legitimacy on the ground. The potential for successful talks also remains muted amidst continued calls by armed opposition groups for the full implementation of a nationwide ceasefire, humanitarian access, and prisoner releases agreed upon at the Astana Talks on January 23 – 24.

These graphics mark the latest installment of our Syria SITREP Map made possible through a partnership between the Institute for the Study of War and Syria Direct. The graphic depicts significant recent developments in the Syrian Civil War. The control of terrain represented on the graphic is accurate as of February 16, 2017.

UK: Muslim voters are warned they will go to HELL unless they vote Labour

(Stoke) On the 23rd of February 2017 the city of Stoke-on-Trent will have a by-election. There are numerous candidates of which the socialist Labour party will be fielding Gareth Snell. There will also be a couple of Islamic candidates - Zulfiqar Ali for the liberals and Mohammad Akram as an independent. However, to numerous so called pious Muslims that is 2 Muslims too many, which will result in the 7% Islamic population in Stoke not fully supporting Gareth Snell.

So just like the followers of ISIS and radical Islam they have decided to play the 'Pious Muslim' card in which to galvanise the masses and sent out text messages to the city's Muslims in which to condemn them to eternal hell-fire if they don't vote Labour;

There lies the reason why so many political parties bend over backwards in which to garner the Islamic vote. They will vote on mass on who they are told to vote for. The problem here is, this method is open to abuse, just look at Tower Hamlets and the removal of its first Muslim Mayor to see what I mean.


(ISW) The nice people at the Institute for the Study of War have brought out a map which shows the situation inside Iraq as of Thursday the 16th, February 2017:

Baghdad witnessed serious breaches of security from February 11 to 16 due to both escalating protest movements and ISIS attacks. A large Sadrist-led protest, demanding electoral reforms, tried to move from Tahrir Square into the Green Zone on February 11, but security forces repelled the protesters with force, resulting in casualties. Soon after the protesters withdrew, unidentified attackers (Now believed to be pro-Iranian proxies) launched three rockets at the Green Zone from eastern Baghdad, resulting in no casualties. The Sadrist-affiliated militia denied responsibility for the rockets, however the attack may have been the act of Iranian proxy militias which have carried out rocket attacks against U.S. infrastructure before. ISIS, meanwhile, continued carrying out spectacular attacks in the capital, including a bombing on February 16 that killed upwards of fifty people, the deadliest of 2017 so far. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi called an emergency meeting on February 16 in order to issue procedures to ensure security.

The increased intensity of the Sadrist demonstrations could escalate ongoing intra-Shi’a competition in Baghdad and southern Iraq. Sadrist Trend leader Muqtada al-Sadr retains the momentum to continue mass protests, busing in and mobilizing thousands on February 11, then again on February 14, and calling for another protest on February 17. Sadr had similar momentum in early 2016, when protests spread from Baghdad to the southern provinces. Sadrist protesters are historically undisciplined, however, and in 2016 they attacked political offices in southern Iraq, including Dawa Party and other pro-Iran party headquarters. Similar attacks now as political parties gear up for both provincial and national elections could inflame a greater intra-Shi’a conflict in the southern provinces. Basra will likely be a significant flash point as there have already been attacks related to election violence in the past month. Baghdad will need to move quickly to quell Sadr’s protests before they instigate a greater conflict between armed political groups in the capital and southern provinces.