Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Ukraine: Maps of the conflict for the past 11 days:

(UkraineA nbr of map11 days. Having pulled completely out of the north of the country, Moscow has concentrated its actions into consolidating its position in the east, however as you can see despite having overall military superiority, in every field they are struggling to make much headway with the Ukrainians making them pay heavily for every inch of space they win.

Iran: Masses troops on Afghan border

(Tehran) So after gaining power across Afghanistan thanks to support from Iran and Pakistan, the Taliban have expressed their  gratitude by doing what they do best , stabbing its friends in the back, we saw that the other week with Pakistan where after carrying out of terrorism  saw Islamabad carry out airstrikes inside Afghanistan and issue the edict that all Afghans leave the country and so it is on the other side of the country with Iran where after numerous attacks on Iranians, Tehran  yesterday took the step of mobilising its military and send it on mass to the border as a show of force, in which to send the message “enough is enough” appears to have worked as the Taliban  

In responce the Taliban have deployed their crack troops as a counter to the Iranian deployment:

Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Monday, April 18, 2022

Afghanistan: Pakistan carries out air strikes on Afghanistan

(Kabul) Since the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan last year, relations between themselves and Pakistan which supported them this past 20 years have taken a turn for the worse. For a start Afghanistan has taken umbrage at how it’s so called Islamic brother nation to the south has decided to build a 1,640-mile border fence between the two countries which consists of two sets of chain-link fences, separated by a 2-metre (6-foot) space filled with concertina wire coils. The double-fence, which is 3.6 metres high (11 feet) on the Pakistani side and 4 metres high (13 feet) on the Afghan side, is fitted with surveillance cameras and infrared detectors. Moreover, nearly 1,000 forts are also being constructed along the border to increase security. Cross-border movement will only be allowed through 16 formally designated crossing points after the completion of the project, which is expected to cost more than $500m in total. To be fair work did commence in 2017, but despite the Taliban taking control of the country and its own problems at home , Pakistan has continued  and the Taliban aren’t happy.

Since the removal of the previous Afghan government last August, attacks inside Pakistan have steadily risen with the Pakistani government pointing the finger of blame north towards Kabul and sent a letter of complaint north the otherday:

“Pakistan has repeatedly requested the Afghan government in last few months to secure Pak-Afghan border region. Terrorists are using Afghan soil with impunity to carry out activities inside Pakistan. This is detrimental to our efforts of maintaining peace and stability along Pak-Afghan border. "We request the sovereign government of Afghanistan to secure the Pak-Afghan border region and take stern action against the individuals involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan, in the interest of peace and progress of the two brotherly countries”

Which they followed by sending its airforce to strike postions across Southern Afghanistan , naturally the Afghans are playing the victimcard and are stating that only civilian targets were struck killing 47 women and children. as this is ramadan, expect the issue to really kick off once it ends in a fortnights time.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Sweden: Mass Rioting hits numerious cities

(Stockholm) for the fourth day running mass violent rioting has taken place across several cities across Sweden. The idiots behind this are Islamic immigrants who after been taken in by the Swedes have refused to accept the freedom of speech found across Sweden and instead of not only refusing to subscribe to the Swedish way of life, go out of their way in which to enforce the very conditions they claim that their parents (and for a large number of rioters themselves) ran away from in search of a better life away from the mother country.

The reason why so many Muslims have decided to riot is down to a tour of Sweden by Far right Danish/Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan  who said he would burn a copy of the Islamic book the Koran ,naturally the recent citizens of Sweden have taken umbrage at how the Swedes will allow just anybody into the country and so as is their bent , have decided to take it out on the local infrastructure and naturally the police all to the chants of ‘Allah Ackba’ As of Sunday evening dozens of Police have been injured, with 3 rioters shot and subsequently arrested. I can understand how and why Muslims are easily offended , but that doesnt excuse violent intolerent behavour designed to intimidate others to do as they are told or else, and unfortunately across Europe we see far too many examples of where the freedoms we take for granted:

Free speech

Freedom from Religion

Equality for all

are been eroded by liberal do-gooders who are willing to offer cop outs to recent Migrants in which to keep them happy.

Black Sea: First pictures of stricken Russia Navy ship 'Moskva' emerge

(Black Sea) Pictures have emerged of the Moskva the Russian Slava class cruiser 

Which the Ukrainians claim to have struck with a couple of anti-ship missiles the other day and which in a counter claim Moscow says suffered a fire:

and just in case somebody thinks that isnt the Moskva, there were 4 ships of the Slava class built. Russia had 3 of which 1 was in the Black sea (Moskva) and 2 (Marshal Ustinov and Varyag) are currently in the Mediterranean Sea, the final one Ukrayina was never completed and is currenty situated in the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Ukraine: Maps of the conflict for the past 6 days:

(Ukraine)  A nbr of maps as pushed out by the British Ministry of Defence regards the state of play across the Ukraine these past 6 days. Having pulled completely out of the north of the country, Moscow has concentrated its actions into consolidating its position in the east before the yearly Red square Military parade held on the 9th of May where no doubt Putin would like to proclaim victory.

In the south the Ukrainians have taken to pushing the Russians back towards Kherson, no doubt with an aim to clear the left side of the Dnieper 

Israel: Successfully tests new laser missile defence system "Iron Beam"

(Jerusalem) Whilst the world and his dog watches events unfold across the Ukraine, Israel has been putting its finishing touches on new cutting edge weapons systems it will need in order to prevent what is happening to the Ukraine from its much bigger neighbour from happening to itself.  In the past it came up with the Iron Dome anti-missile system, designed to mitigate the many thousands of short range missiles beloved by the likes of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and of course Hezbollah, whilst iron dome has been extremely successful , it comes at a cost of $100000 a missile, and as we saw last year when Hamas decided to lob 4300 missiles into Israel (strange how a so called nation state which claims it is been starved to death due to a so called Israel siege has no problem acquiring tens of thousands of Iranian made Grad missiles)  Israel’s  interceptor missiles stocks were eaten into, which appears to be the new Iranian tactic in which to defeat Iron dome.

So the Israeli military went to its boffins to come up with a form of missile defence which was a lot cheaper to operate and they came back with Laser beams or more specifically ‘Iron Beam’ and whilst it has been in development for a number of years, the other day they successfully tested it against missiles, Mortar shells and Drones with the IDF hoping to deploy the system by the end of the year. Whilst this is a huge game changer simply due to the speed of the weapon and the cost (around $2000 all told per shot) the weapon is still relatively short ranged (around 7kms) and its effectiveness is degraded by the weather. So initially it will be paired up with an iron dome system, but no doubt as the system matures all of the above restrictive factors will be reduced.  

Black Sea: Russian Navy flag ship 'Moskva' sinks

(Black Sea) As you have may have heard the Russian Black Sea Navy flag ship “Moskva” A Slava class cruiser became a cropper yesterday (Russians claim it was a fire, Ukrainians claim it was a missile hit) whatever the reason it is now at the bottom of the sea.

Coming in at 12000 tonnes and designed to be a foil towards US Navy Carrier groups, The Moskva’s  main armament was 20x P-500 Bazalt (SS-N-12 Sandbox) Surface to Surface missile which sports a 1000kg warhead out to a range of 300 miles, a somewhat swarm missile which can communicate with its siblings in flight  sending them all data on what it can see. For air defence it comes with 8x S300 missile launchers and a couple of OSA-M(SA-N-4 Gecko) surface to air missiles and as a last ditch weapon 6 AK-630 Close in weapons systems (The Russian version of the Phalanx) so something of a potent weapon, however if the Ukrainians did hit it, then questions have to asked how such a formidable warship let its guard down.It appears the Russians were operating the ship on a predictable route off the coast of Odessa, 

Presumably in which to tie down Ukrainian forces in that region with the threat of a sea borne invasion, however the problem there lies that the Ukrainians knew where to fire their missiles and all they required was mid-course guidance from a UAV in the area, which funny enough they did with the Russians themselves posting to social media how they had shot down a Turkish made Baykar Bayraktar TB2 that morning. Its seems that nobody presumed to think that it might have been in the area looking for targets.

Despite Russia claiming that an accident befell the Moskva, they have since upped the ante with missile attacks across the Ukraine.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

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Monday, April 11, 2022

Portugal: Russian Sportsman upset after he was sacked for carrying out Nazis salute on Podium

(Portimão)  The first round of the FIA Karting European Championship was held over the weekend in Portugal and it was won by 15 year old Russian Artem Severiukhin who due to sanctions (note that point) now operates out of Italy for Ward racing as an Italian citizen.  However he isn’t a happy teddy after he was sacked and placed under investigation by FIA the governing body of Karting for carrying out a Nazis salute and bursting into a fit of giggles  which some believe was him showing his support for the invasion of the Ukraine by his native Russia.

After waking up to the fact that he has completely ruined his life he took to Russian social media in which to play the victimcard. You't think that somebody who had to drive under the flag of another country due to sanctions placed on his home coutnry over its invasion of the Ukraine would know better.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Syria: Israel carries out missile strikes on iranian and Hezballah scientific research sites

(Masyaf)  Last night the IDF carried out daytime air launched missile strikes on a number of Iranian/Hezbollah positions in the Masyaf region west of Hama. The 8th airstrike in Syria this year.

A site belonging to the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) is located in Masyaf . So I would presume that one of the targets struck was this site. As usual the Syrians claim to have intercepted the missiles. However videos and pictures uploaded onto social media from Masyaf state otherwise, apprantly the other sites contained warehouses, analysis centres for upgrading missiles and drones

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Ukraine: Maps of the conflict for the past 8 days:

(UkraineA nbr of maps as pushed out by the British Ministry of Defence regards the state of play across the Ukraine these past 8 days and as you can see the Russians have decided to call it a day in the north of the county and completely pulled back across the border, with a supposed aim of regrouping in which to finish off the job in the east of the Ukraine which will result in Moscow increasing its borders at the Ukrainian people:

Russian Misinformation : Ukraine has carried out a genocide in the east since 2014

(Donbas) One of the most common tropes used by the pro-Russian crowd in which to excuse the invasion of the Ukraine, is that the Ukraine has carried out a genocide of the Eastern Ukrainians who ceded from Kyiv in 2014. They allege that the Russians were warranted to jump in to protect the Russian speaking Ukrainians living in the breakaway regions of Donbas and Luhansk after suffering artillery attacks these past 8 years resulting in around 17000 deaths primarily of children. So I looked into the subject at hand and using data from the UN who culled it from the OSCE (who have been officially monitoring the region since 2014, I found that the genocide narrative at the hands of the Ukrainians  is nothing more than misinformation.Here is a document issued by the UN 27th January 2022 which reports on the deaths which took place in the contested east of the country between the months of Oct to Dec 2021 (page 1) followed by a synopsis of the death toll from 2014 to 2021:

Broken down that adds up to:

3404 Civilians from both sides (which includes the 298 deaths from MH17)

4400 Ukrainian soldiers

6500 Pro Russian Rebels


those stats can found on the last page as seen here:

As you can see, that so called genocide is non extistant , with the vast majority of deaths (from bothsides I should add) at 3039 (out of a total of 3292) taking place between 2014 and 2015.  As mentioned the UN grabbed their statistics from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe who have a dedicated web page where you can glean information regards any set day between 2014 to 2021. An example for the 11th of Feb 2020 can be found here, (PDF file) as you can see it goes into great deapth and detail, hence my use of the UN collective article.

Israel: Islamists roll out new tactic kill jews during Ramadan

(Jerusalem) Last year during Ramadan, the Islamists found out that attacking jews during the Islamic holy month of ‘Ramadam’ not only drew lots of support for their blood thirsty cause, but also resulted in widespread screams of ‘Victimhood’ when the Islamist attackers were brought to task. This year they have decided to up the ante so beginning in the week before Ramadan Israel has seen 4 terrorist attacks carried within its borders:

22 March         Where Mohammed Abu al-Kiyan carried out a mass stabbing killing 4 and injuring 2

27 March         Where 2 ISIS gunmen shot up a bus stop in Hadera, killing and injuring 12

29 March         Where a Palestinian man killed 5 people in a mass shooting on the streets of Bnei Brak

7 April              Where Raad Hazem killed 3 people and wounded 11 others in a mass shooting in central                              Tel Avi

In every atatck the Palestinians whilst taking great pleasure in the murder of innocents continue to play the victimcard, I get the impression they are waiting for Israel to do something in which to continue to promote the casue of murder death kill during their most holy month, which may be used as an excuse by the mad mullahs in iran (who no doubt have funded these killing sprees) to launch the attack on israel they have spent the last few years building up to. 

Thursday, April 7, 2022

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Monday, April 4, 2022

Ukraine: Mass Killings carried out by retreating Russian troops takes even a new low.

(Bucha) Russians troops who had besieged the Ukrainian capital city these past few weeks have started to pull out and retreat northwards towards the Belarus border. This can clearly be seen in the following two diagrams (Note blue represents the area vacated by Russia and now retaken by Ukraine)

Media sources imbedded with the advancing Ukrainian troops have revealed to the world how Russian troops have murdered people on mass (so far (04/04/22) 460 have been found) in the city of Bucha alone.

I'm not going to expand on the mass killings simply as the pictures coming out of the city are pure evil and the above video is more than enough to show the world how evil has shown its face inside Europe yet again, the sad irony here is Russia which claimed it was forced to invade the Ukraine in which to remove Nazis , have shown that actually they are the new Nazis and just to reinforce that message the evil Bs didn’t even spare dogs on the street or even inside a dog shelter:

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Ukraine: Video emerges of British Starstreak Anti-Aircraft missile taking out Russian Helicopter gunship

(Luhansk) Since Moscow decided to invade the Ukraine, weapons have been flowing into the country. The Uk which was the second to do so (after Lithuania) initially sent over its MBLLAW disposable anti-tank weapon which has won much praise from the Ukrainians,  well London followed that up by sending over its Starstreak anti-aircraft weapon which goes about killing its target in a very different (and unusual ) way from other anti-aircraft missiles.  Most use a cryogenic seeker which is frozen just before launch and thus becomes sensitive to a heat source usually the engines of the target, that is why we see so many aircraft dumping flares over a battlefield in which to seduce the incoming missile away, some aircraft uses lasers to blind incoming, other missiles use radar and so they are either jammed by electronic countermeasures or by the use of chaff. Starstreak is designed to ignore all such countermeasures and uses a twin laser based optical tracking system, (Semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS)) combined with 3 Mach 4 darts which gives no warning to the target it is being tracked, or the speed to get away. 

The first helicopter in the video below is a either a Kamov Ka-50 or Ka 52, which after carrying out an unguided lob attack, undertakes a 180 degree turn and returns in the direction it came from, it is then followd by a Russian Mil 28(Havoc) gunship, 

Its Moscow’s more modern version of the Apache gunship and has only been in service since 2009 it is designed to withstand up to 14.5 mm calibre rounds, the strike takes off completely the tail. As the missile gives no warning , a lot of Russian pilots are going to become very uncomfortable over the Ukraine 

Ukraine: Maps of the conflict for the past 15 days:

(Ukraine) A nbr of maps as pushed out by the British Ministry of  Defence regards the state of play across the Ukraine these past 15 days and as you can see the Russians still appear to be bogged down