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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Turkey: Turkish President tells New Zealand to restore the death penalty or they will make make the country pay.

(Ankara) President Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday called on New Zealand to restore the death penalty for the gunman who killed 50 people at two Christchurch mosques, warning that Turkey would make the attacker pay for his act if New Zealand did not. Speaking at a rally ahead of local election Erdogan sent his message to Welligton:

"You heinously killed 50 of our siblings. You will pay for this. If New Zealand doesn't make you, “
His threatening message has been accompanied by replaying the video of the attack that took place last Friday, in which to try and build support for his religious conservative AKP ahead of local elections which will take place on the 31st March. What with the economy in recession, soaring unemployment, and double-digit inflation, Erdogan appears to be using anti-Western rhetoric to galvanize Turkish opinion in the hope that nationalist emotions rather than economic concerns will prevail at the polls.

He has also targeted Australia warning anti-Muslim Australians would suffer the same fate as soldiers in the bloody battle of Gallipoli in World War One The commemoration of which will see thousands of Australians visit Turkey in just five weeks for Anzac Day. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is now advising thousands of Australians, planning to travel to Turkey, to 'exercise a high degree of caution'.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Holland: Gun attack by Turk sees 3 killed, several injured.

(Utrecht)  This morning at around 10.45 am Gokmen Tanis a 37 year old Turkish male suspect opened fire on tram in the centre of the Dutch city of Utrecht killing 3 people and injuring several others. 

After the shooting Gokmen fled the area in a red car which has since been found abandoned

Gokmen Tanis minutes before the shooting on the tram
Police are currently holding a siege outside an apartment block where the suspect is believed to holed up in.
The scene of the attack
Police lay siege to apartment block

Whilst the Dutch are referring to this incident as an act of terrorism, I do have to ask, has all the  promotion of a western malaise of white racial hated -aka Islamophobia-  over the attack in New Zealand resulted in this.  A political and religious agenda I should add which has whilst having no problem painting all white people as intolerant racist bigots does exactly the opposite when the culprit isn't. Then we are told it is the work of a lone wolf, that the person has mental health issues and that the killers actions in no way represent (quite correctly) the majority of Muslims who live peacefully.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Gaza: Hamas shoots into crowds of protesting Gazans

(Gaza) Yesterday thousands of people protested on the streets of Gaza agaisnt Hamas, yes you read that right Hamas. In response Hamas opened fire into the crowds of protesters and then for good measure launch two rockets at Tel Aviv, in which to ensure that Israel would strike back , in which to allow it to regain the Islamic moral high ground inside the tiny state. which might also explain why no protests were held agaisnt Israel today. Funny that.

I just want to know where is the UN, where is the Media and where are the ethical latte drinkers in which to condemn this act of violence. Oh that’s right there isn’t any as only Israel can be guilty of violence by the above. Oh look…squirrel. Here's how those attacks were reported on local social media.

Gaza: Israel carries out over 100 strikes on Hamas Targets

(Gaza) You can tell there's an election inside Israel next month after the IDF carried out over 100 strikes on Hamas targets inside the tiny state in response to the Terrorists groups penchant for lobbing missiles into Israel for no reason whatsoever.

Among the targets struck was an HQ responsible for guiding Hamas terror activities in Judea and Samaria, the underground main manufacturing site of standard-grade rockets in the Gaza Strip In addition, a post of the Hamas naval force, a military training site that served as the Hamas centre of unmanned aerial aircrafts. In addition, posts and a number of underground facilities were also targeted.

As mentioned above, there's an election inside Israel next month and it appears that the ruling party wants to remain in power by playing the we act hard on terrorists card. For some very strange reason the usual protests organised by Hamas by children on the border with Israel has been canceleld for today.

New Zealand: Mosque shootings kill 49

(ChristchurchForty-nine people have been killed and at least 48 wounded in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand after  far right  thug Brenton Tarrant walked into them both during Friday prayers with an automatic shotgun and get this uploaded his evil act live onto social media. A film clip idiots are actually posting onto twitter. How f-ing sick can you get.

Anyway as mentioned  28 year old Australian Brenton Tarrant, the man arrested for the above crime knocked out a 74 page manifesto where he describes himself as:
"Just a ordinary White man, 28 years old. Born in Australia to a working class, low income family. My parents are of Scottish, Irish and English stock. I had a regular childhood, without any great issues. I had little interest in education during my schooling, barely achieving a passing grade. I am just a regular White man, from a regular family. Who decided to take a stand to ensure a future for my people. A private and mostly introverted person" and admits he is racist, adding that he is an "Eco-fascist by nature".He said New Zealand was not the original choice for an attack, saying he only came to the country temporarily to plan and train. On his planning for the attack, he wrote: "I began planning an attack roughly two years in advance and an attack at the location in Christchurch three months in advance."
What a maroon 

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Friday, March 8, 2019

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

UK: Afghan jailed for arranging an acid attack on his 3 year old son.

(Worcester) A 40 year old Afghan asylum seeker (who can't be named) has been jailed for 16 years after paying to have a gang of Romanians carry out an acid attack on his 3 year old son, simply in which to make his wife look incapable of looking after their 3 children so as to win custody of them.

The couple who married in an Islamic ceremony in 2007 split in 2012 and she taking their 3 children sought shelter away from the abusive man in  a nearby town in a refuge for abused women. Unfortunately for her, he spotted her picture in the local paper at a school event and he set in motion a plan to regain his honour. He arranged with a friend for a gang of Romanians to attack the child with acid which they carried out in a store last July.

clockwise from top left, Jan Dudi, Jabar Paktia, Norbert Pulko, Adam Cech and Saied Hussini
Unfortunately for the Romanian gang they were caught on video, which resulted in them getting nicked. Whilst carrying out their investigations the police realised that the gang had tried to carry out the attack earlier in the month  outside the child’s school, but pulled out due to a last minute hitch. Once the gang were under arrest it soon transpired that the child’s father was the man behind the attack and whislt looking into him, the police found out he had actually asked permission from his mullah in the Uk if was permissible to murder his wife and children due to her divorcing him Instead of informing the police, the mullah told him to go away and pray. He also threatened to take the children outside the UK to a Muslim country to have them killed. He said he would do this because he would not get into trouble if he did it in a Muslim country.

Adam Cech, Jan Dudi, Norbert Pulko, Martina Badiova, Saied Hussini, and Jabar Paktia  all received sentences of 12 years for their part in the attack. Whilst the child suffered serious burns to his face and arms, his injuries were mitigated by the swift action carried out by a member of staff

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

UK: Police woman told she wasn't a true Muslim after she saved a mans life.

(London) Sunday evening at a fastfood joint in North London a man cut his own throat in public and his life was saved by a policewoman who happened to be a Muslim

As she was saving his life, the usual crowed of idiots stood to the side and started taking selfies, now if you think that was bad, some of them took to abusing the Police woman for not being a ......True Muslim.

France: Jailed terrorist carries out terrorist attack inside prison.

(Alençon) A prison in Normandy was in lock down after  27 year old jihadist inmate Michael Chiolo who was jailed in 2012 for his part in the kidnap, torture and murder of a 89-year-old Holocaust survivor carried out a terrorist knife attack on 2 prison guard.

It transpires that Micheal was given a ceramic knife by his wife who had smuggled it into prison during a weekend conijcal visit. As the visit came to an end he decided to attack 2 guards in the family room whilst uttering those immortal words:
"Allah Ackba"

After he slashed one guard  across the face and back and gave the other a serious chest wound. he and his trouble and strife  took shelter in the room they had just spent the weekend in, resulting in specialist riot police been flown in who went in guns blazing at 1930 hours this evening. He is wounded and she has since died.

Questions are now been raised about how Chiolo who despite having been identified as an extremist, Chiolo was not housed in a secure wing for radicalised inmates which was opened in September,

Monday, March 4, 2019

Holland: Extremely offensive banner placed outside mosque

(Hague) On Sunday morning, supporters from the far right anti-Muslim group Pegida placed an offensive banner outside the As-Soennah mosque in The Hague. The banner which read in dutch:

"Prophet Muhammad children f*****"
was accompanied by a mannequin wearing a beard, a robe, a turban, which was placed in a position alongside a baby doll in which to represent the man having sex with the doll. A spokes idiot for Pegida speaking to the media explained that the organization was responsible for the offensive display. He stated that Pegida is angry that requests to demonstrate outside  mosques in The Hague are always rejected. "We are only allowed kilometers away. We do not accept that. We have the basic right to demonstrate, just like others have the basic right to exercise their faith." He stressed that the banner and mannequin were placed in front of the mosque, not touching it. "Nothing was attached to the mosque. It is all on public road."
What is it with these idiots who are willing to ignite a race war, the last I looked people have been killed for less across Europe for less. People I should, who are innocents. I wonder of these wankers will be still laughing when the next atrocity in Holland blames the above as the reason why.

Sweden:Green Party Blames Swedes for rise in Migrant crime.

(Stockholm)  The Green party in Sweden have ignited a right heated conflab with how they point the finger of blame for the huge rise in Immigrant crime in the country at the Swedish people. 

Manuel Cortez Azero and Hedda Berkesand
Green Youth members Manuel Cortez Azero and Hedda Berkesand came to the conclusion in an opinion piece in the Expressen Newspaper that the reason why the capital city suffered over 100 shootings last year, wasn't down to an imported criminal element rather and I quote:
 "The beginning and the end of the problem lies in the Swedes' national chauvinism"
Yup these two bright sparks subscribe to the theory that the root of all the problems is down to how Swedes refuse to fully accept third-world immigrants and adapt to them, I quote from their article:
"The Swedes said they were willing to make cultural compromises and integrate with the newcomers. In practice, however, the new Swedes have to switch their cultural identity and expression almost entirely to be able to enter society. Therefore, we have assimilation, not integration"
As you may gather, the above whitewash of the facts hasn't gone down well inside Sweden and the liberals wonder why people are flocking to the far right.

France: Usual suspects riot after 2 thugs killed after they hit coach during chase.

(Grenoble) So on Saturday evening French police responded to a call about 2 thugs on a scooter hitting car wing-mirrors, driving without lights and riding on the pavement. On spotting the likely suspects they gave chase. The two young helmet less lads (Aged 17 and 19) must have presumed that getting away would be easy and led the police a merry chase until they attempted to pass a coach on a slip road. The driver seeing the chase pulled over to the right to allow the vehicles to pass, problem was the scooter also picked the right to undertake the coach and ended up getting crushed between a coach and a very hard place.

Naturally the usual suspects have played the race card regards the untimely deaths of two of their finest and so as is customary in France, these idiots have decided to riot in which to express their anger at not being able to Mug,steal or destroy things to their hearts content. Which is why last night saw a second night of rioting resulting in yet more mayhem with a tally of 15 cars burnt out, a building burned down, as well as a dozen vehicle fires which were contained.

Friday, March 1, 2019

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