Saturday, October 31, 2020

France: Another attempted killing of a priest

(Lyon) After President Macron of France defended the murdered teacher Samuel Paty, the Islamic nations of the world instead of berating the murderer , instead took to defending him by blaming free speech as...'Islamophobic. with calls for secular France to take the knee to the Islamic world and apologise or face the consequences. As we have seen, this has emboldened  Islamic migrants to carry out murderous attacks on primarily Christians inside churches across France which saw 3 people murdered in Nice the other day.

Which was followed up today in the city of Lyon a Greek orthodox priest was shot with a sawn- off- shotgun and seriously injured. The priest survived but is seriously injured the gunman has been arrested. In response, President Macron has gone public in stating he understands how offended Muslims are. 
It appears the french haven't learnt the lesson of appeasement from 82 years.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

UK: Former leader of British Socialist party suspended for anti-antisemitism

(London)  Its a known fact that antisemitism is on the rise across Europe. whilst the UK hasn't seen a big a rise as witnessed across Europe, it still exists and one of the biggest standard bearers for antisemitism has been the Socialist Labour party which after it saw Jeremy Corbyn  elected as leader in Sept 2015 saw the ugly spectre of racial hatred towards the jew creep out from amongst the shadows of the British way of life and take to the stage, A lot of this hate arose due to the fact that Corbyn was a bed fellow with the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah (whom he called his friends) his paid trips to Iran and of course owning a mindset which allowed him to claim that it was a tragedy when Osma Bin Laden was killed by US special forces.

With such a leader at the helm , Anti-antisemitism thrived, so much so, that Jewish labour members had to employ guards to escort them to Labour party meetings. Because of this Corbyn brought in Shami Chakrabarti a former leader of Liberty the human rights group to vet the labour party and after she found no sign of religious hatred inside the party she was given a peerage into the lords. But the hate towards Jews continued and the suspension of Labour party members became a weekly event.  well after the 2019 elections and the trouncing of the labour party , it was out with the old and in with new at the Labour party and one of the first things the new leader was purge his party of bigots. However in 2017 the Equality and Human Rights Commission was brought in to look at antisemitism  within the labour party and yesterday they published their findings and found the labour party under Corbyn became a petri dish for religious hatred. Naturally the party faithful aren't happy with the Islamic members (The largest group of religious bigots)  playing the Islamophobia card in which to try and divert attention away from themselves. But the biggest shock was how Jeremy corbyn the former leader of the labour party was suspended for ...Anti-antisemitism. Naturally as he is a hate filled terrorist apologist he is playing the victmcard

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France: Church beheading mark battle for European free speech

(NICE)  Europe has become the nbr 1 destination for the worlds Muslims who faced with over crowding, a lack of work, poverty and religious oppression play the asylum card in which to seek a better life,   You'd think that seeking shelter in the liberal west would be thankful of a safer, liberal environment. Alas no, the very people seeking shelter from oppressive ways go out of their way to recreate the very conditions they claim they sought asylum from. 

Yesterday in the city of Nice a Tunisian asylum seeker who only entered Europe last month entered the Notre-Dame Basilica and proceeded to attack several people at morning mass, murdering 3 (of which he beheaded one) and injured several more before getting stopped by 14 police rounds after he decided to bring a knife to a gunfight .

In the city of french city of Avignon, an Afghan was shot dead by the polcie when he started threatening people with a hand gun whilst uttering 'Allah ackba' in the City of Lyon a man was arrested with a knife after he told his father he was going to kill somebody. In Saudi Arabia a guard at the French embassy was stabbed.

All of these attacks have taken place just weeks after 14 men faced trial over the Charlie Hebdo massacre of 2015 which saw 17 people murdered.  This in turn was followed by the gruesome murder of a history teacher by a Chechen asylum seeker . The Islamic world instead of condemning the above murders, instead concentrated on blaming free speech in the west, with  the leaders of a number of Islamic countries demanding that the West do as Islam demands or else. Such as Malaysia's ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad who publicly declared that Muslims have the right to murder  millions of french people

I'd like to think that the West will take a stiff line with these religious rabble rousers, just as they would (and do) with far right trouble makers. But they won't, terrified of been seen as racist they will enact laws which will superimpose sharia law on the Kuffer in the West. Think I'm kidding the Scottish are already doing just that with their new Hate Bill. 


Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Turkey: After Syrian debacle, Army Leopard 2 Tanks get armour upgrade.

(Ankara) In 2016 Turkey decided to launch Operation Euphrates Shield supposedly to take on ISIS next door in Syria, but to be honest it was actually used to wage war on the Kurds and put an end to any dreams they had of forming their own home land. Anyway after suffering heavy losses to their much more numerous but older M60 tanks, the Turks decided to reinforce the area with their Leopard 2 tanks seen as one of the best in the world and during the Battle for Al Bab they lost 10 of them

The Turks when they purchased the tanks off of Germany had plans to upgrade the A4 standard they had purchased  to the Turkish NG (next generation) standard.

 Leopard 2 NG  and  Leopard 2 A4

However as a cost cutting measure, the Turks decided to not go down that route and instead concentrate on their new Atlay Main Battle Tank  However the civil war next door in Syria caught everyone unawares and the Turks found out the hardway that Anti-tank weapons are rewriting the battlefield. The Turks caught with their pants down decided to look into uparmouring their leopard 2 tanks and so gave the thumbs up to the NG package and as of last month, the armour package is ready for production and retrofitting to the tanks:

Not much has been revealed about the upgrade other than it weights 7 tonnes and that it can protect against all known missile attacks

US: C130 Tanker and F35B clip wings

(California) On Tuesday near Thermal airport a U.S. Marine Corps F-35B and a KC-130J clipped wings during Air-to-Air Refueling operations. Resulting in both aircraft losing flight capabilities with the F-35B crashing into the ground after the pilot ejected whist the KC-130J managed to perform a safe crash landing on a field near Thermal Airport, California.


All crew members are accounted for and safe.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

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