Thursday, January 31, 2019

US: Video emerges of Russian Jet trying to crash into USAF fighter jet.

(Washington)  For years now, reports have come in of how Russian jets have carried out reckless and dangerous moves near ships and other jets. Nobody has taken much note . But the latest video released by the the Russians no less, show exactly how dangerous Putins little bullies have become. In the Video clip a F15C  from the US 493rd Fighter Squadron  patrolling over Baltic Sea as a part of NATO Baltic Air-policing mission, is made to take evasive action after a Russian Air Force Su-27P fighter jet (from 72nd Guards AvB) tries to park its arse where the F15 is.

Somalia: US air-strike takes out 24 Terrorists

(Mogadishu) U.S. Africa Command have issued a press statement today that they carried out an airstrike on an Al-Shahbab encampment in the vicinity of Shebeeley, Hiran Region, Somalia, on January 30, 2019 killing 24 terrorists.

Iran : Bans people walking their dogs.

(Tehran)  The one thing I have come to notice about the nature of Islam, is its penchant for banning things that upsets them. Be it Bras , Nike shoes or even toilet paper, once anybody amongst the faithful has his back up, there's a fatwa not far behind.

Which is why people have been banned from walking their dogs in public as apparently it causes panic and anxiety among the public,. Well so says 'Hossein Rahimi' Tehrans chief of police who speaking to the media summed up by stating:
"People who walk their dogs in public places shall be dealt with severely"
What I cannot understand is, if this measure is down  to the panic feel when bumping into a dog on a leash in public, then why have the Polcie also banned people from transporting their dogs inside their vehicles. With Tehrans version of Chief Wiggum stating that: 
"Dogs will also be banned from cars, police will seriously confront dog owners who let their dogs ride in their cars."
So much for targeting dogs in public then,

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Kurdistan: Jihadi Brides by the thousands with nowhere to go

With the collapse of ISIS, thousands of their non-Middle Eastern followers have been captured by the Kurds. Due to so many they are trying to get their former home countries to take them in, naturally they have been reticent to do so and so the brides of ISIS are left in limbo under the auspices of the Kurds. France 24  has knocked out a short video in one of the camps and what surprised me, is how all these women who claim they were duped , that their husbands were ISIS, but medics and that they didn't subscribe to the ISIS way of life, still cover up head to toe in a way they say isn't them. Really?

What I found really revealing was the reaction when the interviewer asks the French woman (with glasses and face mask) who her husband is , after she stated he sent her to Syria and remained inside France. Do they really think we are that stupid and gullible.

Turkey: Gang of 15 armed Afghan asylum seekers arrested looking for Pakistanis to beat up

(Istanbul)  Police in Turkey have picked up a gang of 15 armed Afghans who were walking the streets in which to find Pakistani people whom they claimed were robbers and whom intended to teach them a lesson for their thieving ways.

Well I suppose that's one excuse, that may work in Afghanistan or even London. But the Turks were having none of it and nicked the lot of them.

Somalia: Terrorists carry out suicide bomb attack on...a Petrol station.

(Mogadishu)  Got to love Al Shabab those non fun loving idiots in Somalia who having getting removed by the African union from ruling the country by their own interpretation of sharia law (One such edict was banning women from wearing bras) decided that they needed to make a huge bang in which to tell the world:

 "We're here, we're queer and get over it as we are going to kill you"
So they set off a huge car bomb inside a petrol station yesterday in the capital which was situated near the Ministry of Petroleum. killing 2 and injuring another 5.

Germany: 3 Iraqi refugees suspected of planning terror attack arrested.

(Schleswig-Holstein) After a month long investigation, German police have arrested 3 Iraqi asylum seekers who they say were plotting to carrying out a terrorist attack inside Germany. Apparently at the end of 2018 Two Iraqi refuges Shahin F. and Hersh F. decided to "carry out an Islamist motivated attack in Germany, which saw  Shahin F.  begin taking driving lessons at the beginning of January for the sole purpose of carrying out a vehicle ramming attack.

Investigators are stating that 23-year-olds, Shahin F. and Hersh F, downloaded bomb-making instructions from the internet and tried to purchase a detonation device from the United Kingdom. Thankfully British authorities were able to halt the shipment of the detonation device to Germany. They also considered buying a 9mm handgun with the help of 36-year-old Rauf S., who negotiated with a separately prosecuted man to procure the weapon. However, Shahin F. and Hersh F. found the handgun too expensive and started considering a vehicle attack instead.

Police press release translated via google (Click to enlarge)

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Philippines: Attack on Mosque kills 2, injures 4

(Zamboanga City.)  Days after a twin bomb attack on a catholic church on the Island of Jolo in the Philippines.  90 miles away on the Island of Mindanao somebody decided to lob a grenade into a mosque killing 2 people and injuring 4 others.

The authorities have stated they are currently unable to tell whether this was retaliation for the cathedral attack. Isn’t it typical that after allowing the minority Islamic population the region to vote in which to have their own sharia compliant region in which to try and curb the Islamic insurgence that has plague the region for over 50 years. For some idiots its simply business as usual.

Monday, January 28, 2019

US: Informing the so called intelligent class that actually they are all wrong about Trump

(US) The one thing I've noted of late is the rise in revisionist history by the ethical latte crowd in which to promote their polarized agenda. We've all heard the screams of foul play regards the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then there's the so called genocide carried out by Israel on a population which is not only one of the fast growing in the world, but also one of the most obese . Currently in the Uk, the idiots are trying to promote the view that Churchill was a white genocidal racist who started a war with Hitler which killed millions. Then the one that President Trump is a racist, which is strange as nobody referred to him as one until he got elected..funny that and its the same with the Government shut down that has afflicted the US. The left have been banging their tin drum that it is/was all the fault of President Trump. A lie which has taken root across US. Now watch this video when somebody goes out and tells them the truth:

UK: Muslims offended by Sports shoe which they claim has Allah written on the sole.

(London) Saiqa Noreen has started an online petition in which to attack ‘Nike’ for blasphemy after she claims she saw the word allah on a pair of their Air Max 270 training shoes, with the following message to NIke:
"It is outrageous and appalling of Nike to allow the name of God on a shoe. This is disrespectful and extremely offensive to Muslim’s and insulting to Islam. Islam teaches compassion, kindness and fairness towards all. We urge Nike to recall this blasphemous and offensive shoe and all products with the design logo resembling the word Allah from worldwide sales immediately.”
Yup mere days after another concerned follower of the faith was offended by how he felt how a roll of toilet paper had ‘Allah written all over it. We now have another who claims he’s found it on a pair of shoes. So in order to make up your mind regards this latest attack on Islam, here is the offending script:
And here is how that script on the Nike Air Max looks ,if we look at it the correct way up:

Rather than Allah, doesn't that look a lot like...AirMAX. But hey, to somebody it will appear as whatever they want, and for the faithful that usually comes with death threats or worse.

Isn't it great how Islamic intolerance has been allowed to take root in Non-Islamic countries.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Philippines: Attack on Church sees 27 murdered , 81 wounded.

(Jolo) Days after the minority Islamic population on the island of Mindanao voted for a self-administered area in which to try and put an end to the violence which has gripped the Island for over 50 years. 90 miles away on the much smaller Island of Jolo 2 bombs were detonated at a Roman catholic cathedral killing 21 people and injuring another 81 people.

The Island has also been plagued with Islamic terrorism and no doubt the attack is meant to push Manila into giving the minority Islamic population on the Island the same deal as their kin received a few days ago on Mindanao . The cathedral has been attacked 10 times this past 19 years.

Russia: Video emerges of TU22 plane crash

(Olenegorsk) On the 22nd January 2019, a Russian Tu-22M3 returning from a  training mission was approaching the runway at  Olenya Air Base in very bad visibility conditions.

The aircraft hit the runway so hard it broke the jets back separating the cockpit area from the rest of the body. 2 of the 4 crew members were killed

The Tupolev Tu-22M (also known as Backfire) is a long-range strategic and maritime strike bomber in service with the Soviet Air Force. In service since 1972, the plane first saw action in Afghanistan and of late has seen extensive action over Syria.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Iraq: Kurdish civilians burn down Turkish base in protest at air strikes.

(Dohuk) At least one protester has died, with another 10 people wounded on Saturday after protesters demonstrating over a recent Turkish air raid, and stormed a Turkish military base in the town in Iraq’s northern province of Duhok, burning two tanks and other vehicles in the process.

After launching military operations against the Kurds inside Syria, in 2018, Turkey extended its military presence inside northern Iraq with the construction of permanent outposts, Problem is, the local population are all Kurds and like all occupying forces, there is only so much before the plebs fight back. Naturally the Turks aren't happy . with the Defence Ministry condemning the attack by blaming the PKK (whom the Turks have decided to start a war with)
"An attack has occurred on one of bases located in northern Iraq as a result of provocation by the PKK terrorist organization. There was partial damage to vehicles and equipment during the attack,"
In support of their occupying army, the Turks have flown fighter jets over the base.

The thing is, its inside Iraq and I don't think Baghdad which has demanded that Turkey removes its bases will be too happy at the provocation. 

UK: Islamic parents protest about the teaching of Homosexuality during Sex Ed.

(Birmingham) In the UK, like most most western countries, the government subscribe to the UN bill of Human rights where  out of the 30 articles listed, article 2 reads:

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

The UK like many other western nations have seen over the past 60 years an influx of people seeking a better life from poorer nations. (For example my parents came from India during the 1950s) Yet and a big yet, whilst they are happy to seek the security of life found by the enforcement of the UN bill of rights here. It appears they are more than happy to cherry pick the parts that they like. For example the right for people to subscribe to whatever sexuality they wish and as part of that the UK Government as part of its educational remit, teaches children about Homosexuality in which to combat homophobia. Well for a gaggle of Islamic mothers that isn't on, so they decided to hold a protest outside the school , handing out leaflets objecting to the sex ed lessons.    Fatima Shah, who has taken her 10-year-old daughter out of the school, stated to the media:
"It's inappropriate, totally wrong. Children are being told it's OK to be gay yet 98 per cent of children at this school are Muslim. It's a Muslim community."I've taken my daughter out and other parents have too. Enough is enough."Sex relationship education is being taught without our consent. We've not been informed about what's being taught."
She then tried to explain her actions by stating:
 "Gay people should be treated with mutual respect". Speaking alongside other Muslim parents outside the school gates, the mum-of-three added: "We believe in fundamental British values and believe gay people should be treated with mutual respect and without prejudice or discrimination just like any other human being."
I'll accept that whilst some parents aren't happy with their children been taught sex ed . The fact remains in the UK, parents can remove their children from sex ed classes. Here is what the Government has to say on the matter on its Gov.UK Education website:
 Some parts of sex and relationship education are compulsory - these are part of the national curriculum for science. Parents can withdraw their children from all other parts of sex and relationship education if they want.

Which is a fact that the protesting students don't appear to know, which is strange as the same applies for Religious Education and I know for a fact that Islamic parents pull their kids from RE lessons. (But its only racist when Non-Muslims do so about Islamic lessons)  so lets go back to what she actually said:
It's inappropriate, totally wrong. Children are being told it's OK to be gay yet 98 per cent of children at this school are Muslim. It's a Muslim community."I've taken my daughter out and other parents have too. Enough is enough."Sex relationship education is being taught without our consent. We've not been informed about what's being taught"

Ah, its a Muslim thing, meaning an inability to accept other ways of thinking. Isn't the correct term for that....bigotry. Apparently not on the streets of the Uk. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

US: Forget China,Russia, and India, private US companies are leading the race into Space.

(US) Blue Origin-the space firm owned by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos- successfully launched eight NASA research and technology payloads into space on the 23rd January ,  The reusable new Shepard rocket's mission lasted just over 10 minutes and culminated in a successful touchdown at Blue Origin's west Texas facility.

What’s so exciting about Blue Origin is it is a direct competitor to Space X, which with their reusable space rockets have pushed the boundaries of space travel to the very edge. Whilst the media waxes lyrical about China, India and Russia regards their own space programs, the fact remains private US companies such as Space X , Blue Origin and even the likes of Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic
are leading the race into space, a race I should add where they are doing it a lot cheaper than the rest. Which is the direction we need to go in, if we are to leave this planet in search of a new life in space.

UK: 3 members of a Somali family jailed for promoting ISIS Propaganda

(London) Three members of the same family, have been jailed for possessing Islamic State (IS) propaganda in the UK . At the Old Bailey on Friday, 30 year old Asma Aweys, her husband 27 year old Abdulaziz Abu Munye,, and her 33 year old brother Ahmed Aweys, 33, were sentenced to 19 months, 15 months and 25 months imprisonment respectively.

Ahmed Aweys (left) Asma Aweys (centre) and Abdulaziz Abu Munye (right) 
The family's extremist views were revealed after a tip off that Ahmed Aweys and his two half-brothers were planning to break into a Muslim-run jewellery shop in Ilford Lane, east London. They were caught red-handed and during searches of their homes police also found £60,000 in cash and £10,000 in gold. However it was when the Police searched their phones that their gravitation towards ISIS became apparent. Messages found on their phones showed Ahmed Aweys discussing fraud with his brother-in-law Abdulaziz Abu Munye, a former street robber, and telling him he was entitled to take from the 'kuffr' [infidels].  Prosecutors said some other members of the family appeared to be of 'like mind-set' and either actively supported or were at least 'quiet in response' to extremist chat.

Two of Aweys brothers Wail and Suleyman, had travelled to Syria in early 2015 and are believed to have died in the fighting a few months later and tried to use that angle in which to claim that their penchant for  promulgating  ISIS material' was simply them trying to work out what had happened to their missing siblings. The thing is it doesn't explain statements such as:
  • 'We are embedded in their societies, we are the enemy within.’
  • 'The biggest advantage that we have is we are embedded in their societies, we are the enemy within and they know not.'
  • 'Bowling with kafir'.
The distribution of the ISIS online magazine Dabiq:
(Which featured guidance on how to conduct vehicle attacks, issue four had a step by step guide to knife attacks, and issue five had instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails and napalm and how to 'inflict misery and destruction upon the enemies of Allah' and with the 'objective of how to kill a large number of people or to disrupt financial stability of a country, both aimed at terrorising the enemies of Allah.')

and the video Flames of War 2:
(The 58-minute video, released by al-Hayat Media, the media wing of ISIS, on November 29, 2017 in Arabic and English and showed 'brutal executions of various kinds, battle footage, and made references to attacks in the West,')

When Asma Aweys was questioned by the Police regards her very polarised ISIS messages including  gloating how the Westminster terror attack was 'the decree of Allah' , she claimed she did not realise her messages could get her into trouble.

Two months after the attempted robbery, a sister, Hafsa Aweys, was stopped trying to leave the country with children from the family, including a child of Ahmed Aweys, using someone else's passport to get to Morocco. I wonder why she felt the need to relocate to an Islamic land.

Australia: Men who flew 'Its ok to be white' flag under investigation for racism

(Perth) So at a Cricket match down under on Thursday evening 3 men decided to unfurl and hoist a flag which read:

“It’s OK to be white”
Faster than a speeding bullet, the flag was taken down, the 3 men ejected , Cricket Australia said it took a “zero-tolerance approach” to racial vilification and the Polcie are looking into this as a racist hate crime.

Ok, I can live with that, now can somebody please explain why the following aren't treated as hate crimes:

Funny how all of the above are deemed acceptable , yet say its OK to be white and its a bloody hate crime.

Interlude:Adam & The Ants - Dog Eat Dog

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Iran: Carries out Military exercise using ancient kit in which to wan off any possible invader.

(Tehran) The Mad mullahs a little miffed at how the nasty Israelis swatted them the other day laid on a press conference in which to placate the home population that they are ready to defend the country from invasion. Funny enough all the equipment on show is stuff purchased during the 60 and 70s. Which may be great at oppressing the sick,lame and lazy, won't last minutes agaisnt somebody equipped with kit from the 1990s never mind the past few years

But hey I suppose if you keep on shouting out never mind the quality feel the width, some little school girl will believe you.

Kenya: HIgh courts rules that Hijab cannot be worn in non-Islamic schools.

(Nairobi) Kenya's top court has overturned a 2016 Court of Appeal ruling that allowed female Islamic students to wear hijab in Christian schools. The 2016 ruling came after a church-run school banned female students from wearing the hijab, saying that it sowed discord. In Thursday's ruling on the petition filed by the Methodist Church of Kenya, the Supreme Court said every school has a right to determine its own dress code. As you can gather this hasn’t gone down with a certain 10% of the Kenyan population: Mohamed Bamursal, a social activist, criticised the ruling, saying:

"Totally out of order! This is against the tenets of our constitution. Freedom of worship, Hijab is an act of Worship. It's a wakeup call! Take your daughters to schools owned by Muslims!"

Gaza: Hamas rejects $15 million from Qatar , claims it is tainted by the Israeli

(Gaza) After yesterdays shooting of Israeli soldiers by Hamas and the subsequent backlash by the IDF which including closing the borders and stopping the transfer of $15 million in cash which is part of $90 million Qatar has agreed to hand over to Hamas. The hierarchy of the terrorist group has stated that it not going to accept the $15 million as it has been tainted by Israel.Khalil Al Hayya, Hamas’s deputy head in Gaza, speaking to the media opined:

“We refuse to receive the third Qatari grant in response to the (Israeli) occupation’s behaviour and attempts to evade the agreement.”
Al Hayya did not name specific conditions that were changed, but said Israel was playing politics with the funds ahead of upcoming elections. yeah right who in their right mind (especially when you are as skint as Hamas is) refuses $15 million. Its a publicity stunt designed to wind up the plebs.  

Funny enough its Friday tomorrow, the Islamic holiday and in the ME a day to protest or even carry out a terrorist attack. Expect a lot of angry folks on the border with Israel.

Lebanon: Iran trying to change the constitution in its favour.

(Beirut) Lebanon used to be known as the Paris of the Middle East  where everybody lived in peace. That is until the PLO were kicked out of Jordan in 1971 after trying to take control there and relocated themselves in Lebanon. The first thing these peaceful victims did was start a war agaisnt the Lebanese Christians which blew up into the Lebanese civil war, until the Israelis invaded in 1982 in which to sort out the mess to the north which was resulting in numerous terrorist attacks being launched from Lebanon into Israel, this saw the PLO exiled to Tunisia and Iran moving in to take up the slack.

Anyway the politics of Lebanon which ensued a peaceful existence until the PLO sought asylum there, was a power sharing affair which afforded equality to all three faiths (Christian, Sunni and Shia Islam)
  • The President, is a Maronite Christian.
  • The Speaker of the Parliament, is a Shi'a Muslim.
  • The Prime Minister, is a Sunni Muslim.
Iran having invested heavily in Lebanon via its puppet Hezb-allah feels that it should be afforded more sway in the running of things and since 2006 it has used overt pressure, death threats and murder in which to gain a seat or two in parliament. But it has now been revealed that since 2006 Iran has been demanding for the creation of an additional  vice-presidential seat - like that of the prime minister and the speaker –but to be occupied by a Shiite figure. At a stroke shifting the equal power setting away from equality towards Hezb-allah which we known means Tehran.

UK: Named and shamed in European Convention on Human Rights Sharia warning

(Brussels) The European Convention on Human Rights has named the UK - along with Albania, Azerbaijan and Turkey - in a hard-hitting resolution highlighting conflicts between sharia law and universal human rights. A measure adopted last night by the 47-nation Council of Europe raises concerns about the role of sharia councils in family, inheritance and commercial law. The resolution was passed at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which meets four times a year to set the agenda of the Council of Europe. It notes with 'great concern' that three member states, Albania, Azerbaijan and Turkey, have endorsed explicitly or implicitly, the 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam.

The assembly is also 'greatly concerned' about the fact that sharia, including provisions that contravene the European Convention on Human Rights, is applied either officially or unofficially in member states. In the UK, 'sharia councils attempt to provide a form of alternative dispute resolution, whereby members of the Muslim community, sometimes voluntarily, often under considerable social pressure, accept their religious jurisdiction mainly in marital and Islamic divorce issues, but also in matters relating to inheritance and Islamic commercial contracts,' the resolution states.

Drip by drip the intolerance found in the Middle East has taken root in the UK, religious, minority , gender based hatred is on the rise, anybody who questions Islam is silenced by the use of Islamopboia in which to character assassinate people. Currently in the UK there is a huge bunfight regards how councils are feeding everyone with Halal meat .  Animal rights activists say quite rightly this is wrong and must be stopped, yet Islamic group’s state otherwise by playing the race card. Kirklees council leader Shabir Pandor questioned whether those campaigning to ban non-stun slaughter really have animal welfare at heart.

Elsewhere those who use the bullet and the bomb in which to terrorise others are now called Militants as the people who belong to the same faith as these militants deem it is offensive. In the UK, hundreds of child rapists instead of been correctly classed as paedophiles have been renamed as..groomers FGM which has been illegal in the UK for over 30  and which is found predominately in the followers of a certain faith has yet to see one person charged, despite hundreds of thousands of victims in the UK, the list is endless and yet whilst the stone-age mindset of the Middle-East has been allowed to take root and flourish in the Uk, the very same people continue to harp on about the power of the Jewish lobby in which to allow them to continue to play the victim card.

Meanwhile in Parliament the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on British Muslims is looking at making any criticism of Islam a crime. At present there is a legal defence of freedom of speechwhen criticising religions, but if APPG gets its way anybody can be deemed a racist if one Muslim feels offended by something.

Just goes to show when a certain minority which loves to play the victim card becomes the majority, they have no time for minority rights. 

Venezuela: Socialist experiment fails as hundreds of thousands take to the streets in which to protest

(Caracas) In over 100 years Socialism has failed in every country it has been implemented in, rather than making everybody equal, it has made more people unequal.  The latest country to have tried its hand at it, Venezuela has seen water, electricity, food, medicines shortages, free speech has been banned , the government has become dictatorial  and millions of people have left in search of a better life. Well after getting re-elected with an overall majority which nobody bar: Russia, Cuba, Iran, Turkey  , Mexico and Bolivia have recognised. The plebs in former strong Government redoubts have said enough is enough and taken to the streets in which to protest. 
Just as elsewhere in the world when dictators feel threatened, they turn the army into the protesters with 14 people killed overnight. 
The US has thrown its lot in with the rest of the world and fatty dictator for life Maduro, has had a hissy fit demanding that the entire US diplomatic mission leave, I wonder why he hasn’t asked similar for virtually all of the South American countries who did the exact same before the US did. Funny that.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Iran: Air Force Chief Threatens to Destroy Israel,

(Tehran) Not happy at how Israel wiped out yet another shipment of missiles just delivered into Syria by Mahan Air (a so called Iranian civil airline which has become the Iran's Revolutionary Guards private airline) along with a few other Iranian assets inside Syria. Iran’s air force chief  exclaimed to the world whilst foaming at the mouth:

“We’re ready for the decisive war that will bring about Israel’s disappearance from the earth. Our young airmen are prepared for the day when Israel will be destroyed,”
Right so he is saying that the Iranian air-force is more than a match for the IDF air-force lets see:
Iran has the following aircraft on its books:
Purchased 79 in 1974  with around 24 supposed to be in working order, but that depends on spare parts, which it is unable to get hold of.
Purchased 40 between 1991 and 1994, around 25 supposed to be in working order
Purchased 225 during the 1960s around 64 in a working condition
Purchased 181 during the 1960s, of which 25 are in a working condition
26 arrived from Iraq in 1991 with 6 more purchased from others of which around 23 are in a working condition.
Chinese clone of the Mig 21 of which Iran has 17 in a working condition
9 acquired from Iraq in 1991

That people is the total aircraft strike force of Iran. All the planes are over 49 years of age and are virtually held together with black masking tape. Now lets look at what the IDF have:

Israel has 58 of these which have been upgraded to Baz-2000 status
not to be confused with the F-15, Israel purchased 25, and looks set to purchase some more
Israel has purchased 224
Israel has received 14 out of an order for 50

All the above aircraft have been upgraded by Israel to a much higher standard than any other variant of said aircraft. Making them much more lethal 

So whilst the chief of the Iranian air force feels his boys can wipe out the IDF inthe air , the simple fact remains not only are the Israel aircraft newer, they are better looked after, they are more lethal  and flown by much better trained pilots. 

The last time the IDF met a similar armed air-force in the air was in 1982 over Lebanon , then as in 1973 the area was protected by large numbers of anti-aircraft missile batteries Not only did the IDF destroy 29 out of 30 Syrian anti-aircraft batteries , they also shot down 86 Syrian fighter jets for no loss. With how the IDF took out targets inside Syria the otherday including advanced Anti-aircraft systems, if I were the Iranians I'd think twice before sending outdated aircraft into the sky agaisnt the IDF

US: Barbasol -- Shave Like a Man

Brilliant advert says so much about the modern snowflake generation:

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Lebanon: UN Envoy moans that Hezb-allah won't let them inspect those tunnels they dug

(Beirut) For years Israel has complained that the UN buffer forces between Israel and Lebanon are just as effective as a chocolate fire-guard. Well not really, whilst happy to bemoan the Jews for anything the Lebanese find fault with:

It has failed to do its job inside Lebanon in keeping Hezballah away from the border. Well today 
Nikolay Mladenov The United Nations' Mideast envoy says peacekeepers in Lebanon have not been given access to tunnels stretching into Israel. Get that the UN itself admits it has failed to do the job it is meant to do and then the political elites complain about how the US and Israel have cut funding to the polarised and biased UN.

Gaza: Israel strikes back after soldier hit by gunfire.

(Gaza) The idiots in Hamas never learn. The other-day Israel struck Iranian assets inside Syria with overwhelming force, so how do you think Israel would respond when an Israeli officer on the border was shot in the head by a Hamas idiot hiding behind the so called peaceful protesters who believe that a new life awaits them in an Israel built by the jews after they have done squat in Gaza.

Whilst the soldier was lucky the round struck his helmet he was still wounded. In response the IDF retaliated by letting loose a tank on a Hamas observation position, killing the terrorist inside it. But in order to send the message not to take pot shots at people inside their own country this evening, Israel has carried out a number of air-strikes on Hamas positions and put on hold $15 million it was allowing in from Qatar

Mali: Harbin Z-9A Helicopter crashes whilst preparing for national celebration day

(Kati) It all went wrong on Saturday morning as the Malian military trained for their national celebration day which was scheduled for Sunday. When the pilot of a Chinese Harbin Z-9A operated by Mali misjudged his landing.

Thankfully nobody was killed, however the 2 man crew were injured.

US:4 charged with plotting attack on Islamic community

(Rochester)  Police have arrested 4 village idiots (three adults and a 16-year-old student)  who had plotted to attack an upstate New York Muslim community and who amassed 23 firearms and three homemade explosives at the time of their arrests. 

The three adults arrested were 20-year-old Brian Colaneri, 18-year-old Andrew Crysel and 19-year-old Vincent Vetromile. Each was charged with weapons possession and conspiracy. A 16-year-old student at Odyssey Academy in Greece also was charged as an adolescent offender. Phelan says it was a comment by the student during school Friday that launched the investigation. 

Brian Colaneri,  Andrew Crysel and Vincent Vetromile. 
Court papers say they intended to use several improvised explosive devices wrapped in duct tape that were shaped like cylinders and a mason jar. Why do so many rightwing bigots who love to scream out about racial purity, look like they have an extra chromosome.

Syria: First pictures of Israeli strike on Damascus airport

(Damascus)  Image sat has tweeted the first civilian pictures of the IDF strikes on Damascus airport yesterday:

EU: Half of all Europeans see anti-Semitism as a 'problem

(Strasbourg) A Eurobarometer Survey published on Tuesday by the European Commission reveals that fifty percent of Europeans interviewed about their perceptions on anti-Semitism view it as a "problem in our country," However as in the past the EU covers up the reasons for this rise with flowery speech. Here’s a direct quote from their actual press release:

What has the Commission done to tackle Antisemitism?In 2015, the first Fundamental Rights Colloquium was dedicated to combating Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim hatred and other forms of racism and intolerance. The Commission also appointed of the first European Commission Coordinator on combatting Antisemitism, as well as a Coordinator on Anti-Muslim Hatred.
Anti-Muslim hatred?. I’m sorry but even a blind man wearing sun glasses in a darkroom at midnight can see the reason for the rise in Anti-Semitism across the EU and yet in order to not be seen as racist (Like they have done in the past where they simply shelved the results) the EU paints the very people behind this rise in intolerance towards jews in Europe as…victims . Anyway back to the report:
In numbers:
  • In Germany, 66 percent of those surveyed believe anti-Semitism is a problem in their country, compared to 50 percent across the EU.
  • There are less people under the age of 40 who believe it is a problem compared to those over, whether in the EU or Germany.
  • Only 36 percent of those surveyed across the EU believe anti-Semitism has increased over the past five years, compared to 61 percent in Germany.
  • Only 53 percent of Europeans surveyed believe Holocaust denial is a problem in their country, compared to 71 percent in Germany..
In eight EU Member States, a majority of respondents think that anti-Semitism is a problem in their country: Sweden (81%), France (72%), Germany (66%), the Netherlands (65%), the United Kingdom(62%), Italy (58%), Belgium (50% vs 49% who say that it is not a problem) and Austria (47% vs 46%). In four of these countries, more than a fifth of respondents believe it is “a very important problem”: Sweden (37%), France (27%), the United Kingdom (24%) and Germany (23%).However, only a minority of respondents share this opinion in the remaining 20 countries, with the lowest proportions observed in Estonia (6% vs 86%), Bulgaria (10% vs 64%) and Portugal (10% vs 77%)

UK: Imam jailed for eight years for sexually abusing two young girls

(London)  Hafiz Azizur Rehman Pirzada, 76, of Laughton Road, Northolt was jailed for eight years at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday, 21 January for child abuse offences. He was found guilty of seven counts of sexual assault on a child, and two counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity after a trial at the same court in September 2017.Between 2007 and 2009 the two girls, aged between nine and 11 when the abuse took place, were taught the Quran by Pirzada when he was an Imam. Pirzada will also have to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life and a Sexual Harm Protection Order was issued.

Detective Sergeant Tony Killeen, from the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Team, said:
“This is a case which dates back more than 10 years, but despite the length of time since the incidents Pirzada has been convicted of his crimes. I would urge anyone who has been a victim of Pirzada to contact police; specially trained officers will be there to support you.”

Monday, January 21, 2019

Afghanistan: Suicide bomb attack on training centre kills 126

(Maidan Wardak)The Taliban carried out a suicide bomb attack on an Afghan military compound in central Afghanistan, with the death toll at 126 people. The attack took place on Monday morning, when a armoured Humvee vehicle was driven into the compound and blown up. Gunmen also opened fire, before being killed by security forces.

Defence ministry officials said the Taliban had used the Humvee, which had been captured from Afghan forces, as a bomb in order to breach the military fortifications. Hussein Ali Baligh, a member of the local provincial council, said:
“This morning, around 7am, a Humvee entered the NDS block in the city … about 150 NDS personnel were present at the time of the attack. The Humvee exploded right after entering the compound. The building has totally been collapsed.”
At least two gunmen followed up the attack before being killed themselves.He said the attack sparked concerns in the province over how a Humvee that had been in the hands of government forces could pass through checkpoints while packed with explosives. “It shows the weakness of our forces,” he said. “Our forces are brave, but their commanders have weaknesses.”

Venezuela : Puts down mini miltary revolt.

(Caracas) I appears that the pressure against the dictator for life in Venezuela has just gone up a notch after 27 national guardsmen decided to have a mini revolt in the early after a group of heavily armed national guardsmen published a series of videos on social media saying they wouldn’t recognize Maduro's government, that was quickly put down by forces loyal to President Nicolas Maduro. However the Guardsmen received a lot of support from the public who took to violent street protests in which to opine about the poor state of the country.
"Freedom! Freedom!" they chanted, "Maduro has to go!"
This was followed hours later when the Supreme Court said it was throwing out recent measures by the National Assembly that declared Maduro's presidency illegitimate, deepening a standoff with the opposition-controlled legislature. The justices ruled that the new leadership of congress itself is invalid, and urged the country's chief prosecutor to investigate whether congressional leaders had acted criminally in openly defying the nation's constitution. Oh dear it appears that even the socialists in Venezuela have had enough of socialism  

Philippines: Muslims vote for the right to have autonomy

(Mindanao) The second biggest Island in the Philippines archipelago is the southern Island of Mindanao which has a population of around 25 million people of which around 61% are Christian and Muslims comprise around 24%. 

The Philippines whilst predominately Christian is a secular nation which affords full rights to all faiths, but to the faithful that isn’t good enough and so since the late 1960s they have conducted a terror campaign in which to cede themselves away from Manila and either join with Islamic Malaysia to the south or form their own Islamic country this campaign has seen around 120,000 murdered by those who like to utter alis snack bar. The Government in Manila sick of the death toll which is also acting as a magnet for the idiots of this world have decided to allow 3 million  Muslims on the Island to vote for the right to have their own autonomous region known as the Bangsamoro, or "nation of Moros", by 2022. The area covers parts of Mindanao and a chain of dozens of small islands to the west notorious for piracy and banditry. About five million Muslims live in the region, which, although rich in mineral resources, is the poorest of the 16 regions in the vast archipelago. The Bangsamoro will replace an existing autonomous region with a larger, better-funded and more powerful entity. Three-fourths of tax takings in the region will go to this entity, which is expected to receive some US$1.3 billion (S$1.7 billion) in an annual grant to aid development.

The problem here, is this will do nothing but empower the faithful to up their violent campaign in which to see the entire Island (which is 60% Christian)  leave the Philippines and live under Sariah law. Isn't religious bigoty great and all we hear from the faithful is screams of Islamophobia.

UK: Mohammed and his 2 friends found guilty of child rape.

(Oxford) 44 year old Mohammed Karrar, 44, his 39-year-old brother Bassam and 37  Anjum Dogar, have today been guilty on 10 charges of grooming and sexually abusing a schoolgirl. The jury reached unanimous verdicts last year for further offences including indecent assault, conspiracy to rape, and rape, after a three-week trial

LtoR: Mohammed Karrar, Bassam,Karrar and Anjum Dogar 
The three paedophiles were also part of a violent sex grooming ring convicted in 2013 of abusing six girls from Oxford over an eight-year period, which came to light after a police operation codenamed Bullfinch, for which (and I quote) All three are already serving life sentences .

Israel : Reveals more information regards this morning strikes agaisnt Syria

(Jerusalem)  The IDF have revealed that they have struck numerous targets inside Syria pertaining to Iran and Hezb-allah.

Also revealed was the fact that Syrian air-defence assets which protected those sites were also taken out:
What is really interesting about the above video clip is it shows the IDF aggressively taking out Syrian Anti-Aircraft batteries, including (seen at the end of the clip) the so called all singing dancing Pantsir S1 missile system of which Iran purchased 50 for Syria on the basis that it is promoted as one of the most advanced and effective anti-aircraft systems in the world. In fact so good does the Russians see the Pantsir, they actually use it to defend their S300/400 missile batteries .

However it appears that the IDF didn't get that memo last May when they took one out and shared the video for all the world to see. The Russian excuse was it had :
a) Run out of ammo
b) It was turned off
With that in mind, I wonder what excuse they will come out with this time.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Belgium: Courts tells Government it must take back entire ISIS families from Syria/Iraq.

(Brussels)  The Belgian government decided last year that children of IS fighters from Belgium under the age of 10 would be allowed into Belgium, However there is a reluctance to accept the mothers too, however in late December a court ruled in favour of two Belgian women, Bouchra Abouallal and Tatiana Wielandt, who are being held in the Al-Hol refugee camp in Syria with their six children. The Court of First Instance in Brussels overturned a lower court's ruling and said the women, whose husbands both died fighting for IS, must be repatriated with their children. Failure to do so within 40 days, so by the end of January, would result in a fine of €5,000 ($5,700) per child, per day.

But this is where it gets interesting Bouchra Abouallal and her sister in law Wielandt first went to Syria in 2013 and when her husbands died both(pregnant) returned to Belgium with their children under pressure from their family. Back in Belgium both Wielandt and Abouallal enjoyed great prestige in circles of extremists Belgium, as widows of a Syrian warriors. They made little effort to deradicalise and they gave their newborn children names that referred to the jihad. The children of Wielandt are called Mujahid (warrior) and Shahid (martyr). However they both missed the thrill of oppressing non-Muslims and so in the summer of 2015, Wielandt and Abouallal returned Syria with their two toddlers. In a Facebook post from Syria Bouchra Abouallal mocked the Belgian deradicalisation policy
 “Your system has failed, oh Belgian state. You kept an eye on us 24/7, and you still have not managed to stop us. (...) We left for Syria because we believe this is a duty for every Muslim. You have given us that last nudge, "
Abouallal met the man of her dreams in Abebe Oboi Ferreira a  ISIS terrorist from Trinidad , he had kidnapped his two sons Mahmud (11) and Ayyub (7) and as Raqqa was falling, he sent her with his sons away. However she wanted nothing to do with these children and left them at the side of the road, and yet she pleaded with the Belgium courts to allow her to return to Belgium with her children as she wanted them to grow up in safety . Pity she didn’t feel the same way for her black stepsons she abandoned at the side of the road in the middle of a war zone and meanwhile the human rights lawyer who fought for the right for these unrepentant jihadists to return to Belgium are complaining that they are receiving hate mail. Gee I wonder why?

Syria: Israel admits to carrying out waves of attacks on Iranian targets inside Syria

(Damascus) Israel's ongoing bunfight with Iran and its proxies kicked off again tonight when the IDF reported it is carrying out overnight strikes on Iranian targets in Syria after it intercepted a rocket fired at the Golan Heights. In a rare admission, the army said it was "currently striking" the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force in Syria and warned Syria's military against "attempting to harm Israeli territory or forces".

Israel has drawn a line in the sand regards Iran and its attempts to build bases inside Syria in which to support its forces (and proxies) wage war agaisnt Israel. Things appeared to go Iran's way when the Syrian downed a Russian spy plane last year with Russia furnishing Syria with advanced S300 anti-Aircraft missiles. However, the IDF have swatted that threat to the side and continued striking Iranian assets inside Syria with the last attack taking place a week ago:

Sunday morning (20/01/19) it was reported by Syria that they had stopped an Israeli attempt to strike inside the country. But the interesting thing here was the so called strike was made in an area defended by the latest M2 iteration of the BUK missile system . Also 2 cargo aircraft on route to Syria from Iran (One an Iranian 747 and the other a Syrian military cargo plane) had to return.

In retaliation , the Syrians launched a surface to surface missile at the ski slopes, which at this time of year is packed with skiers. That was taken out by the Iron Dome anti-missile system.
Well this evening the IDF replied in full and with a reported 5 waves of missile attacks have struck targets belonging to Iran inside Syria. As stated in a very rare admission the Israelis have actually admitted to launching the attacks. As per usual the Syrians have stated that they have brought down all the missiles and as usual buildings have ceased to exist inside Syria.
The Russians are reporting that the strikes took place on an arms shipment made today from Iran via the use of those 2 cargo aircraft which turned around earlier today The thing is whilst the Russians are saying only 7 missiles were launched and they were all shot down, the Syrians are claiming they shot 18 missiles down and yet as per usual (as mentioned above) warehouses containing Iranian missiles have gone up in smoke. Funny that. I'll update this thread later as more information becomes available