Thursday, October 31, 2019

Sweden: To clamp down on imported religious intolerance , begins by deporting 6 Imams

(Stockholm) For years Sweden (like the rest of Scandinavia) prided itself on its human rights,  freedom of speech, expression and of course religion. Which is why it promotes itself as something of a standard bearer regards taking in refugees and asylum seekers, this it has been doing for quite a few years where its new citizens have been afforded the best that Swedish hospitality can offer. Education, accommodation, health care , employment and of course the freedom to practice their faith. The problem is that kindness has been abused by a lot of their new citizens who have decided to recreate the very conditions that forced them to leave their homelands and used their new found human rights in which to silence any critics.

In this vacuum of political and religious freedom, criminality has gone through the roof. assaults, robbery, rape and murder are daily occurrences across the western world , but what aren't are shootings and grenade attacks  yet in Sweden they have become the norm. Between Jan and July 2019 there were 100 explosions across across the country, in fact the state broadcaster SVT no longer reports them on the news.. yet when president Trump happened to mention this he was laughed out of the park For years the liberals have defended the above by playing the race card and continued doing as they please, we've seen this after mass rapes (Even Amnesty international has questioned the lack of convictions), we've seen this during thousands of arson attacks on cars where the political correct police despite video evidence will openly state, they don't know who are carrying out these attacks
 The fires have centred on Stockholm and Malmo - Sweden’s third biggest city, and 2,027 vehicles have been set on fire in total between January and July  according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention during 2016 “We can’t say if it is youngsters or criminals or whatever. We assume little things but we don’t know,” Stockholm police spokesperson KjellLindgren said.
We've seen this in political corruption and increasingly  political religious intolerance . The other day an independent report revealed that government funds paid into Islamic charities has seen that money been used to build parallel societies which have no allegiance to Sweden or even western democratic values , this has resulted in the Swedish government demanding that the student union Ibn Rushd which gets an annual $2.3 million grant from the Adult Education Council to pay back some of the monies it has received due to its penchant of inviting racist and anti-Semitic speakers, something no other organisation would have gotten away with.

Well today the Swedes have taken a further step by ordering the deportation of 6 Islamic extremists who all happen to be imams whom the government claims  “contribute to Islamist radicalisation and pose threats to the security of the kingdom”. The problem here is the government isn't sure if it can deport them as some are already claiming that their lives will be at risk if they are deported. Isn't it great how human rights which are supposed to afford rights to the weak, are used to defend the intolerant from abusing the rest of society.

UK: How the liberal world refuses to see ISIS for the murderous thugs they are

(London) Currently in the Uk there is a court case ongoing regards ISIS Bride Shamima Begum who like many others packed her bags and buggered off to Syria in which to join ISIS. Whilst the going was good for the Islamic headchoppers, they had no problem informing the rest of the world what they would do to us after they cleaned up in country. This they had no problem substantiating by posting onto social media and the internet the most horrific murders going, just to make sure that we got the message, they had their pack rats carry out acts of terrorism across the world.

Unfortunately for these racist bigots their plans for a new world order failed and now those dreams of there can be only one are on hold and the former citizens of ISIS are living it large in camps in far better conditions than any of the people they captured. The thing is since news came out that some of these inmates are woman with children , the ethical latte brigade have gone well out of their way in which to demand these poor innocent girls be brought home as they can only be victims. Well here is a video clip of said victims inside Syria on hearing the news that their leader got the wrong blow job when he decided to take 2 children into a dark tunnel the other day.
Just like Shamima Begum did when she was first interviewed, they express no contrition or remorse and still subscribe to a notion of holy jihad and yet I am informed these people pose no threat to the Uk and simply just want to live a quiet life. Have to admit , i did chuckle when the ISIS woman bursts into tears on hearing about the death of al-Baghdadi

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

US: Pentagon releases video of IS leader raid

(Washington) The US Defence Department has today released the first images and videos of the special forces raid that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,the leader of the ISIS terror group, in Syria.

The death of Baghdadi was announced on Sunday by President Donald Trump, who claimed the ISIS leader whimpered like a dog, before taking his own life with an explosion in a tunnel dug within the compound. Special forces then picked through the rubble left behind by the collapsed tunnel to identify the terrorist's body.

In the videos, around a half dozen American troops can be seen approaching the compound, which is protected on the outside by walls that are blasted open. American officials say that six enemy fighters were killed during the special forces raid, while 11 children were safely removed from the house. Two children were reportedly killed during the operation.
No dogs were killed during the making of this video.

UK: Days after ISIS leaders death, police make terror arrests in city centre.

(Manchester)  Has made something of name for itself as the target of choice for Islamic terrorists, be it an idiot blowing himself up at a childrens concert, nutters deciding to go on a knife rampage in a shopping centre or even the arrest of a bunch of Al-Qaeda fanatics looking to carry out a suicide attack, it appears that the huge Islamic population around the city serves as a petri dish for idiots who wish to go out with a bang.

Well, the otherday the leader of ISIS was killed by the yanks and today, police made two terror arrests on a couple of people scoping Manchester city centre for a possible terror attack. Get that, the police arrest 2 lads, whom they must have been keeping tabs on.
Meanwhile the liberal chattering classes are demanding the Uk takes in not only the hundreds of ISIS terrorists whose lives are at risk in Syria due to the Turkish invasion, but they have now stated that the UK should open its doors to anybody and everybody as its the right thing to so.


Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Norway: Russia has sent 10 submarines towards the US, to send the message it can.

(Oslo) The Norwegian state broadcaster has reported that the Russian northern fleet has dispatched 10 submarines of which 8 are nuclear powered towards the US East Coast in which to send the message to Washington that they can reach the US, in the largest Russian submarine operation since the early 1990s and the Cold War days.

The goal for some of these submarines is to get as far out into the Atlantic as possible without being discovered.  Which is why the submarines since departing their Northern Fleet bases in the Murmansk region has been submerged.This kind of explains the recent heightened activities at Andøya airforce base in Norway with the Norwegians able to state with some confidence that they currently know of the locations of at least 7 of the submarines

  • Two nuclear submarines are located west of Bear Island, which lies between Svalbard and the Finnmark (Northern Norwegian)  coast. 
  • Two Submarines are located south and east of Bear Island, and are positioned there to guard the entrance to the eastern Barents Sea. 
  • Two Sierra-class nuclear submarines are also participating in the northern Norwegian Sea, primarily to test how suitable they are to operate in deep water, and to test new weapons in the Norwegian Sea region.
Norwegian intelligence has informed the media that Russia's goal is to show that they are able to threaten the US east coast - by getting as far out into the Atlantic as possible. This means that they must pass the so-called GIUK gap, which is the line between the UK, Iceland and Greenland. 

The ultimate goal for parts of the operation is to come west of Greenland. With the Norwegians stating:
Russia wants to say that "this is our sea", we can do this. We are able to reach the United States. They are what Russia wants to tell us. They want to test the West's ability to detect and handle this.
Norwegian Defence Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen speaking to the press stated:
 The submarine operation to Russia is no surprise. This fits in with the trend we have seen with increased Russian activity. We see a Russia that has modernised its military forces and is increasingly practising and operating near Norway
The submarine operation that is now taking place is probably politically determined at the highest level, this is not a decision made by the Navy,

France: 84 year old man arrested over gun attack on mosque

(Bayonne) So yesterday in the city of Bayonne a few miles from the Spanish border, 84 year old Claude Sinké, who subscribed to the view that Muslims burnt down Notre Dame Cathedral” in revenge for the New Zealand mosque shootings decided to gain revenge at the local mosque. However he was interrupted by a couple of worshippers, as he was splashing petrol over the front door, so he shot them with a gun he was carrying. He then poured petrol over the car they were sitting in and set fire to that. Thankfully the two victims whilst seriously injured managed to escape and are now recovering in hospital.

Sinké was arrested hours later at home. Where it was revealed Police had discovered grenades, an automatic pistol, several cartridges and a shotgun .It was also reported that he been an unsuccessful candidate for Marine Le Pen’s far-Right National Rally in regional elections in 2015 and that he  attended a military academy in his youth. Police have stated that Sinké didn't have a record and wasn't on their radar. Questions regarding his mental health are been asked and a psych evaluation of the is underway,”
Claude Sinké, 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Syria: al-Baghdadi the head of ISIS is dead

(Barisha)  Yes I know its been reported all over the world. so I shall keep this short and sweet. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS decided to pull the cord attached to his own suicide vest when US forces popped in last night for a chat in his so called secure hiding place in the town of Barisha

a few hundreds of metres from the Turkish border

It appears on hearing that a load of Gis were looking for him He scuttled into a dark hole with three of his children and whilst whimpering for the coward he really was he decided to utter the words of his favorite bar for the very last time;
"Alis snackba"
At this moment in time every man and his dog in the region is claiming to have had something to do with his take down. So rather than look into those claims from the Turks, Kurds and Iraqis, I'll leave you with a record by the Dave Clark Five in which to remember this murderous bastard who was some sort of pop star to a lot of rabid people.

UK: Mohamed and Mohamed jailed for over 20 years for acid attack.

(London) Last February on Burges Rd, East London. 3 men jumped out of a car, ran across the street, hit a bloke in the face with a brick and as he lay stunned proceeded to pour acid all over his face, leaving him suffering from burn injuries to his face, arms and torso. resulting in him needing a variety of procedures, including skin grafts and the reconstruction of his eyelids.

The three men were quickly identified via CCT TV and on friday  24 year old Muhammed Al-Ali, was was found guilty of throwing a noxious substance with intent to maim, disfigure or cause grievous bodily harm and grievous bodily harm with intent.and sentenced to 20 years with a minimum of 15 years behind bars. 28 year old Sahme Mohammed, will be sentenced in January 2020. A third man who was also arrested along with the 2 above, died before his time in court arose.

Muhammed Al-Ali and Sahme Mohammed

UK: What the word SCRAN means

So as somebody who spent a lot of years in uniform, I got used to a load of bespoke words which only the military used. One such word was SCRAN which is used to describe going for a meal :

"I'm off to scarn?"
Well today I found out, that actually it isn't a verb, but rather an acronym:

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Japan: England beat New Zealand to stake a place in final

(Tokyo) So its the Rugby World cup and England took on the World Champions (since 2011) New Zealand , who in the rugby world are a Superpower have won 455 of their 588 test matches. well today was the semi final and England defeated New Zealand  19-7 and what a match, with England taking the game to the All Blacks from kick off scoring a trie in the first 98 seconds..Very few teams score against New Zealand never mind int he first minute and a half, yet England did it.

Germany: Tunisian knocks wife down with car, gets out, and murders her with an Axe.

(Limburg) Yesterday  in Germany a 34 year old Tunisian male decided to ram his car into his 31 year old wife in the middle of the street.whilst she lays trapped on the floor, he open the boot of his car, takes out an axe and proceeds to butcher her to death, whilst screaming:

"You never listen do you"


A bystander who tried to intervene, was stopped in his tracks when the murderer, pulled out a gun, in which to ward him off.  He was arrested at the scene and is now in police custody.

Now here's a question. How many people not in Germany have heard of this story. In the Uk, the BBC can report on a NATO bombing in darkest Afghanistan of a so called wedding, Market, Hospital, School or even a mosque within minutes, yet a story of murder most foul a few hundred miles away in Germany...In a city where only the other week a Syrian asylum seeker stole a truck and rammed it into a  number of cars. Nothing. Makes you wonder what the liberal authorities in the West don't want you know.

Malawi: Muslims riot and target liquor shops because they objected to alcohol being sold.

(Mangochi)  Gangs of Muslims in Malawi felt so offended over the selling of alcohol in the their town where they live ,that they decided to take matters into their own hands and proceeded to smash up a number of bars. Not only that but they demanded that those who sell alcohol do so from their own area, obviously referring to areas where non-Muslims live and work. Not only that but the town is something of a tourist destination due to the views over the lake, So the bars are there for a good reason a place for visitors to spend money.

But here’s the catch Malawi is predominantly Christian with around 87% of the population being so, Muslims on the otherhand represent around 11% of the population.  Police have arrested 15 bigots and them charged them with malicious damage and inciting violence.

Canada: Muslims told to vote according to MPs views on Israel.

(Ottawa) Last week the Canadians went to the polls , with the ruling party retaining power, but with a reduced majority.  However it has now come out in the wash, that Laurier University’s Canadian Islamophobia Industry Research Project. (Part funded by the Canadian taxpayer) Issued a document out to all Muslims which instructed Muslims how to vote with regards to the different parties and their stance on 6 core issues pertaining to Canadian Muslims , these being:
  1. Alt Right Groups and Islamophobia,
  2. M-103 (a nonbinding motion condemning Islamophobia,in Canada passed by the House of Commons in 2017),
  3. Religious Freedom,
  4. Immigration/Refugees,
  5. Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Movement,
  6. Canadian Foreign Policy
Yup nothing on the economy, defence of the country or on even on the environment. Rather it was all about hurt feelings . But get  this they graded Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer with a fail on immigration and alt-right groups despite there being no evidence he supports extremists groups (he’s actually condemned them). Not only that but they actually posted this statement in their wee information booklet:

In the case of Islamophobia, groups based in far right Christian and Zionist ideologies also play a prominent role.
I’m not saying that hatred towards Muslims is none existence , but the fact remains there have been more incidents of Islamic terrorism in Canada these past few years than incidents of far right acts of terrorism against Muslims . I'm not saying that excuses far right idiots, but the way pressure groups and NGOS promote their message , you’d think it was only a one-way street regards ‘Islamophobia’.

So in a nutshell we have a bunch of people who having relocated to Canada from mainly failed states informing their own to vote for policies which not only ruined their so called home countries, but forced them to leave in which secure a better life. However in the democratic west, that is their right, what isn’t their right is using Government money in which to spread that message.

Friday, October 25, 2019

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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Iran: Judo team receives indefinite ban for refusing to play Israel

(Tehran) Iran has a bad habit of pulling its competitors in any sport if they get drawn to fight an Israeli. Time and time again the world has looked the otherway, well no more in one field, Tehran  has been banned indefinitely from international Judo competitions until it can give strong guarantees that its athletes will be allowed to face Israelis, the International Judo Federation (IJF) has said.

The decision follows a suspension imposed on the Iran Judo Federation on Sept. 18 for putting pressure on one of its fighters to withdraw from the world judo championships to avoid having to face an Israeli opponent. The ban extends to all competitions, administrative and social activities organised or authorised by the IJF and its unions. Iran has 21 days to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the IJF said in a statement here. Naturally the mad mullahs are currently the victim card. with the Iranian federation’s chief Arash Miresmaeili denouncing the decision as “a cruel and a blatant betrayal,” 
“The international federation shouldn’t have taken such a measure against judo in Iran merely based on a false claim by an athlete,”
 So much for Iran being favourite to win gold in Japan next year.

Algeria: Clamps down on Christianity

(Algiers)  Despite the cries of victim-hood from the Islamic world regards followers of their faith at the hands of non-Muslims. The intolerance expressed towards non-Muslim in Islamic lands continues.  The latest been Algeria where the authorities have closed down 3 Protestant churches and took to using violence against Christians who had taken to holding a sit-in protest against the government closing down their church.

The protestant church had 46 churches in Algeria , losing a 1/4 to governmental religious bigotry is a huge loss in anybodies book.

Bangladesh: 16 sentenced to death for the immolation murder of a female student

(Dakar In May I wrote about the sad tale of 18 year old Nusrat Jahan Rafi who was murdered on the orders of her teacher whom she had accused of sexual harassment. He not wanting to have the shame of being a sex pest on his record decided to do away with Nusrat by faking her suicide, problem was she survived long enough to name the people who murdered her.

Well cut forward to today and a court has found all 16 of the murdering bastards behind her death guilty and guess what they have all received the death sentence. Expect some dogooder to play the human rights angle. 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Bangladesh: Riots after fake facebook posts sees 4 killed and 50 injured

(Borhanuddin)  At least four people have been killed and scores injured yesterday in Bangladesh as police were forced to open fire in which to disperse a mob, which had gathered to demand punishment for a Hindu man who they claim was behind a number of blasphemous posts against Islam on Facebook.

In an attempt to defuse the situation village elders were holding a meeting with local authorities on Sunday. But the crowd decided to vent their anger by attacking the polcie, prompting them to retaliate.

The Hindu man (Now in police's protective custody) has denied making the comment, saying his Facebook account had been hacked. following a complaint by him, police have detained three people for allegedly

Saturday, October 19, 2019

US: Mini AOC talks more sense than the original bobble head

Mini AOC is a spoof on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and boy does she take the piss out of the congresswomen. In fact so much so the little girl has become the target for supporters of AOC who decided she was fair game to receive death threats . Watch the clip below and see why AOCs supporters hate this child so much.
PS the punch line at the end is a killer

Friday, October 18, 2019

Afghanistan: Friday death kill sees 69 people murdered after bomb detonated inside mosque

(Haska Mina) it never fails to amaze me how Friday the Islamic holy day is used by idiots in which to express their devotion to the faith by carrying out acts of murder. (I do believe that there is a frame of mind that states that carrying out such acts or even getting killed carrying out such acts guarantees you a spot in Heaven.)

Anyway this morning to the east of the capital ‘Kabul’ heading towards the Pakistani border some idiot decided to set off a bomb inside a mosque during Friday prayers. So far around  28 people have been reported killed with as many injured. If that wasn’t bad enough the blast also brought down the roof. 

What kind of subscription must you have to a faith which whilst promoting itself as a religion of peace, oks the setting off of a bomb inside a mosque during prayers on your holiest day of the week. As is always the case, nobody has put their hand up to carrying out this vile act.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Kitty assault course

Don't ask me how, but this film clip simply amazed the pants off me:

UN: Venezuela wins a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council,

(UN)  Following on from electing Iraq in 2003 to chair the UN Conference on Disarmament.  Libya to chair the UN human rights commission and this year Iran to judge women’s rights violations, The UN has elected Venezuela  to one of 14 new seats on the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Yes that Venezuela where 4.5 million Venezuelans have fled their nation’s economic and social collapse, where the fat president for life , Nicolás Maduro, has deployed the military to snuff out dissent. where opposition activists, journalists and human rights defenders are jailed, whilst security forces loyal to Maduro commit abuses with impunity in which to allow the government to hold on to power amid a collapsing economy. The very same Venezuela I should add which is currently being investigated by the UN Human Rights Council over alleged humanrights violations including executions, disappearances and torture.. The irony here is when Trump pulled the US out of the UN human rights council last year referring to the council as a "hypocritical and self-serving organisation". The left and liberal world had a melt down. well it seems that POTUS was right all along.

Couldn't make it up if you tried.

Iran: Questions raised about that Missile attack on Iranian tanker.

(Tehran)   Since the US pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, (Aka Iranian Nuke deal) where Iran was rewarded for curbing its belligerent nature for a few years , they have simply gone semi public with their bad boy of the neighbour hood antics. So we've had attacks on tankers, the hijacking of tankers, missile attacks on oil facilities , the kidnapping of dual citizens and the world instead of treating the mad mullahs for the infantile children they are, they have simply looked the other-way (Aka appeasement)  whilst blaming the US, as that is the easy thing to do.

Well the latest engineered event where Iran gets to play the victim was the mysterious explosions on board an oil tanker surreptitiously on route to Syria via the Red sea and Suez canal. According to the mad Mullahs the tanker Sabiti was struck at 5am local time by an anti-ship missile and then again 20 minutes later by another leading to oil leaks 60 miles off the coast of Jeddah Saudi Arabia. The Iranians as usual have blamed the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel for this latest provocation. The strange thing is whilst the media has been happy to swallow the line that Saudi Arabia was behind this. They kind of left out that along that coastline Saudi Arabia has 21 desalination plants in fact Jeddah has 3, with another 4 in close proximity

You see Jeddah is the gate way for the millions of pilgrims who visit Mecca as part of their religious observation  and as Saudi is a dry country (as in a lack of natural water) it has to use desalination plants to fill its need.  so attacking a huge oil tanker just off the coast would be a very bad idea and something of a huge own goal. Well The Iranians are still adamant that they are the victims here and have released pictures of the stricken taker which has now turned around and is making its way back to Iran.

The thing about those pictures is that they are simply too clinical .  The missiles struck just above the water line. No Anti-ship missile does that , sea skimmers operate between 4 to 5 metres above sea level. Why do they do that? Because the sea has waves and there would be nothing worse than having a low flying missile impacting into the sea. But it gets better. Pictures of oil poring out of the ship show that the explosions happened on the waterline

As the ship has lost oil , it has risen out of the water as can be seen from the top picture. Then there's the damage to the ship. Here is a picture of HMS Sheffield after it was struck by an anti ship missile in 1982

and here is one of the USS Stark after it was hit by a couple of anti-ship missiles :

And here the damage the Iranian tanker incurred after getting hit twice by anti-ship missiles.

But it gets better. The ship was struck 20 minutes apart by 2 different missiles , yet both managed to impact within feet of each other on a moving ship, out at sea where we have waves and a swell. How could that be. Well some people out there think they know how. But that would mean the Iranians blow up their own ship. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

France: 5 women jailed over failed attempt to blow up Notre-Dame cathedral in 2016.

(Paris) Five French women have been sentenced to between 5 and 30 years in jail for trying to detonate a car bomb near Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris in 2016. On the 4th September 2016, police were alerted to an abandoned grey Peugeot 607 vehicle parked near the cathedral. Inside, officers found half a dozen gas canisters, three jerry cans of diesel and a half-smoked cigarette utilised

as a timer detonator. The contents of the vehicle had been doused in diesel, but the cigarette had failed to ignite it.  Investigators said the bomb attempt would probably have been successful had it not been for "the  choice of diesel as the accelerant which is extremely difficult to lignite with a naked flame

The two main defendants, 22 year old Inès Madani, and 32 year old Ornella Gilligmann, had parked the car near Notre Dame in the middle of the night which if it had exploded it would have caused a devastating firebomb which would have killed or injured at least 60 people in a nearby bar. They were sentenced to 30 years and 25 years in prison respectively.Two other defendants, Sarah Hervouet and Amel Sakaou, who acted in concert with Madani and Gilligmann, were each sentenced to 20 years. A fifth woman, Samia Chalel, was also tried for allegedly helping hide Madani. She was sentenced to five years in prison.

The case is said to be the first to involve a group of women attempting to stage an Islamist attack in France.

UK: 36 year old women charged over plot to bomb St Paul's Cathedral

(London) 36 year old Safiyya Amira Shaikh, found herself in court yesterday charged with the preparation of terrorist acts and dissemination of terrorist publications.  Prosecutors also claim that, between August 19 and October 10 this year, she prepared the words of a pledge of allegiance to ISIS.

While carrying out her reconnaissance mission, it is alleged she stayed at a central London hotel, which she also identified as a potential target.  Prosecutors claim Ms Shaikh intended to leave one of the devices in the hotel and then carry the other into St Paul’s, where she would detonate it, killing herself and as many other innocent people as possible. But she was arrested when it turned out that her bomb making contact was an undercover officer.

She was remanded in custody , with her next date in court being the 1st of Nov.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Somalia: Video of VBIED attack on Italian convoy reveals how just how good Modern MRAP vehicles are.

(Mogadishu)  The weapon of choice for Islamic terrorists the world over is the vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED), aka the Car bomb. In response the West has spent a lot of time, effort and money in designing vehicles designed to survive such attacks known as Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) . The other week an Italian convoy was struck by a VIED and it was caught on video.

The Italians use the Iveco LMV , which has sold well around the world including over 1000 to Russia. As you see from the above video and following pictures, the Russian knew what exactly what they were buying.

Somalia: AN 74 lands without wheels.

(Mogadishu)  An Armenian  Antonov An-74  was caught coming into land at Mogadishu after its undercarriage failed to deploy.

The plane a derivative of the An 72 a Soviet/Ukrainian transport aircraft, developed by Antonov. It was designed as an STOL transport able to operate from rough landing strips, with a total of 195 built. Strangely enough a AN 72 crashed in Sudan  killing 7 people today as well. But thankfully nobody was injured with the belly-landing in Somalia.

Uk: Terrorist Knife rampage in shopping centre

(Manchester) I have to admit it never fails to amaze me the lengths the authorities go to in covering up acts of terrorism by the faithful in the UK. For the past few weeks all we have been hearing is that the far right present a much bigger threat to the public than anything else in the Uk and yet time and time again we find it isn't white bigots going around murdering people on mass, rather it is followers of the religion of peace.


Anyway this morning a 41 year old non white person (The reason I point out the colour is the media love to scream out the colour when the guilty bastard is white, but kind of refrain when the shoe is on the other foot) decided to walk into a shopping centre (What we in the UK call a Mall) and start stabbing people with a knife. He was quickly apprehended, but not before he had stabbed 4 people. The picture the BBC have aired of this man is this one:

Dispite  the incident being classed as a terrorist incident, the police have stated that the knifeman has been detained under the Mental Health Act. Get that nothing at all that points to why? Here is a picture which shows what the BBC and the police don't want to point out.

What will it take for the ethical latte brigade to wake up to the fact, that the religion they love to promote as one of peace and only a victim in the west is anything but.

UK: Mohammed who travelled to Syria in which to fight with Al Qaida jailed after he was recognised by his voice print on a propaganda video.

(London) 26 year old Mohammed Yamin travelled to Syria to fight with al Qaida  in 2013, there he gave an interview to VICE news where he expressed his hatred for the Uk.

After doing his bit for radical Islam and violent terrorism , he returned to the Uk and picked up where he had left off and presumed he had got away scot free. However in 2017 police were called to central London alerted to a man acting suspiciously behind the 'Women at War' memorial on Whitehall. Which just happens to be directly opposite 10 Downing st, the home of the British PM

Mohammed, who had been filming the landmark on his mobile phone, was recorded by the body-worn cameras of the responding officers, telling them his name and address, but initially provided incorrect answers to other simple questions. This during a period of heightened security in the Uk after a number of Islamist terrorist attacks had killed 34 people, injured 100s more and just days after the London bridge terror attacks   Unfortunately for bugger lugs, the police managed to trace his voice to the idiot in the mask above and today in court he received a 10 year prison sentence for his  membership of a proscribed organisation and preparing acts of terrorism,

Mohammed Yamin,
But get this his lawyer tried to play the victim-card for this Islamic terrorist who was certainly planning to carry out a terrorist attack:
Defence lawyer Hossein Zahir said in mitigation that his client was deaf in one ear, effectively blind in one eye, and "completely rejected his previous mindset". He said Yamin was "deeply remorseful and struggling with what he did".
Yeah right, doesn't explain what the twat was doing carrying out a reconnaissance mission and what makes this even worse is the Al Q operative was actually supported in court by his family. Really?  and all we hear from the left and Islamic pressure groups is..Islamophobia.

Germany: Far right racist Bigot goes on Gun and grenade rampage kills 2

On Wednesday 29 year old German citizen Stephan Balliet,decided to take his homemade gun and whilst live steaming himself decided to attack a synagogue in Halle during a Yom Kippur service Fortunately for everybody inside, the explosives he placed against the door failed to go off and the flammable liquid he sprayed failed to ignite. In frustration he decided to shoot an innocent woman walking past, before going around the corner and attacking a Turkish food store where he murdered another. He then hijacked a Taxis, injuring another before he was captured by the police a few miles away. Where he apparently gave himself up without a struggle.

Apparently this nutter was loner who spent all his time playing computer games. Who had decided that all the ills of the world are caused by the Jew and immigrants and so he decided to do something about it.

Which does make me ask, do these idiots who shoot up places whilst filming themselves think they are in computer game? Also why do all these advocates of white racial purity look like they have an extra chromosome and get great pleasure from licking windows:

Window Licker Stephan Balliet
Personally I would simply take him around the corner and save the taxpayer a load of time and effort. But hey these people have their human rights

Germany: Syrian Asylum seeks goes on rampage in stolen truck

(Limburg) A 32 year old Syrian asylum seeker stole a truck on Monday and ploughed it into nine cars and left seven people injured in hospital in a suspected terror attack in Germany

The lorry slammed into cars waiting at a traffic light opposite the main railway station in Limburg and crushed them together.

Some 60 riot police officers stormed into an apartment that is believed to belong to the man at 1am today.

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

France: Police worker who murdered 4 inside Police station was a rabid Islamist.

(Paris)  Last week saw 45 year old Mickael Harpon, a civilian IT worker for the French police walk into Paris police headquarters with a ceramic knife and murder 4 people simply because he didn't like working alongside women and having a female as a boss. As is always the case when the person in the spotlight is a Muslim (in this case a convert for only 18 months) The media and authorities tried to pass off the violent incident as a simply a work problem. However it has now transpired that Harpon had been in contact with members of Salafism, an ultra-conservative branch of Sunni Islam, and defended "atrocities committed in the name of that religion”. That he had supported the Charlie Hebdo attacks in 2015 and had changed his attire in recent months, shunning "all Western clothes in favour of traditional garments to visit the mosque. yet and a big yet he worked in a section of the police service dedicated to collecting information on jihadist radicalisation. Harpon held a high-level "defence secrets" security clearance, which authorised him to handle sensitive information of national defence importance and would have subjected him to regular, stringent security checks.

 Mickael Harpon
Questions are now been asked how the Anti-terrorist branch he worked for, missed all these signs for somebody who worked for them. It seems that the constant cries of victimhood, of racism and Islamophobia are nothing more than a ploy by those who want to wage a religious war in which to allow them to carry out their murderous agenda

UK: Postmen go on strike in support of Muslim worker who was offended by being asked: "Do you like women?"

(Liverpool)  So last week a female manager at the Royal Mail Bootle and Seaforth Delivery office asked a male member of staff if he liked women. As he was a Muslim he took offence and played the race card and as Liverpool is a hotbed for socialism 100s of staff walked out on strike in support of his hurt feelings.

Workers picketing outside the Bootle office repeatedly told the local paper they had a "zero tolerance" stance to racism. A spokesman for the Communication Workers Union said: "We are representing our member as we do in any situation like this." Royal Mail bosses have slammed the strike, describing it as "unballoted."

Friday, October 4, 2019

Interlude: The Ronettes - Be My Baby

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Somalia: Al Shahbab terrorists fail in attack on Americans

(Mogadishu)  Yesterday the Somalian terrorist group 'Al Shahbab' tried to score a propaganda coup by trying to take out Wanlawayn Air Strip around  60 miles west of the capital Mogadishu, where US special forces, Somali special forces and Ugandan peacekeepers are based. It is also used as a launch site for US drones, the use of which has become a very painful thorn in the side of Al Shahbad, thus in their eyes a prime target.

The typical plan of action for all attacks in Somalia (and most of the Arab world) is to detonate a car bomb in the midst of the target area and then during the confusion rush in and scream 'Allah ackba' whilst murdering as many people as possible, The problem yesterday was, the US knew the base would be a prime target and were ready and so when the vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED),rushed towards the base, it was met with death from above and the attack faulted and failed before it even started.
Here is a picture taken from the main camp after the VBIEB was detonated. As you can see that small truck contained some clout.

The follow up operation resulted in a clean sweep of the attacking force with 10 terrorists taken out for no casualties:
Naturally for the leftwing BBC the attack could only be a success for the terrorists and a huge failure for the US.