Thursday, March 31, 2022

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

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Monday, March 21, 2022

Russia: Pro Moscow newpaper lets slip 10000 Russian soldier have died in Ukraine , before pulling story.

(Moscow)  In a huge act of embarrassment for the Russian government the pro Putin newspaper   Komsomolskaya Pravda published a update from Moscow’s defence ministry that 10000 Russian troops have been killed inside the Ukraine with another 16000 injured, the story was quickly purged , with questions raised if it was aired by mistake ,was it put on air by an anti-war Russian or as the newspaper claims it was hacked. But if true, those figures explains a news article I read yesterday from the Institute for the Study of War, where they claimed that Moscow has lost the momentum of its invasion and is now, no longer in a position to effectively prosecute its war aims due to the huge troop and equipment losses  might explain the following;

  1. Russian troops around Kyiv have dug in behind minefields and intend to shell the city into submission
  2. Moscow has started recruiting troops from Libya and Syria to fight its war.
  3. Universities in the DNR and LNR are conscripting students above the age of 18 and that most units in the DNR’s 1st Army Corps are comprised of the “mobilized population,” rather than trained soldiers, and face low morale and equipment shortages.
  4. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu signed an order to prepare to admit Unarmiya (Russian Youth Army, a Kremlin-run military youth organization) personnel aged 17-18 to fight in Ukraine on March 15
All of which aren't the actions you would expect of a vastly superiour and numerious miltary which expected the Ukrainians to be a push over and the war to be over in a matetr of days. It appears that Putin shouldn’t have listened to the experts who told him that his new clothes suited him

Sweden: 18 year old student murders two women at school

(Malmo) So on Monday evening a 18 year old student at the Malmo Latin school arrived armed with a knife and axe, murdered two female members of staff aged in their 50s, then rang the Polcie explained what he had done, where he was and that he had put down his weapons. What the F is wrong with people., he murdered 2 innocent people and then stated he had put down the weapons he used to murder them which showed that he didnt want to die. Personally Id be happy for somebody to take him outside and out a round inbetween his eyes, but they wont and he will get to enjoy not only his time inside prison, but be released after a time, unlike the sentence he afforded his victims and their familes. 

Thursday, March 17, 2022

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Ukraine: Maps of the conflict for the past 9 days:

(Ukraine) A nbr of maps as pushed out by the British Ministry of  Defence regards the state of play across the Ukraine these past 9 days and as you can see the Russians still appear to be bogged down:

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Iraq: Iran launches Ballistic missiles strike on US base

(Erbil) In a totally unprovoked attack Iran last night targeting US assets (Consulate and Military base at the airport) in the Kurdish city of Erbil situated in the north of Iraq with at least 5 Fateh-110 ballistic missiles launched from inside Iran which have a range of around 500kms (310 miles) and sports a warhead of around 500kgs (1100lbs) 

As per the world of media double speak. this strike is been blamed on an Israel strike inside Syria the other day which killed 2 Iranian Revolutionary Guards, yet I'll put money on the table this was more to do with a call from Moscow in which to divert some attention away from the Ukraine which Russia invaded last month, make the price of crude rise again after it fell the other day when the UAE opened up the taps which in turns targets up the economic front Moscow has opened up in which to target Europe which is backing the Ukraine with the threat of closing downing the straits of Hormuz if the US should dare retaliate.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Ukraine: Maps of the conflict for the past 5 days:

(Ukraine) A nbr of maps as pushed out by the British Ministry of  Defence regards the state of play across the Ukraine these past 5 days and as you can see the Russians appear to have become bogged down:

Kind of sums it up

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Paksitan: ISIS suicide bomber targets President Arif Alvi

(Sibi) An ISIS suicide bomber targeted a convoy containing the Pakistani president today killing 5 members of the Pakistani security forces and injuring 30 others, it is not believed the president was injured.

Alvi was returning from an annual cultural festival in a nearby open area where he delivered a nationally televised speech in which he talked about a recent spike in terrorist attacks in Baluchistan and elsewhere in Pakistan. Islamic State have taken  responsibility for the attack in the town of Sibi, the second suicide bombing carried out by the terrorist group in less than a week , which took place on Friday when another suicide bomber decided to target a Shia mosque killing  63 and injuring another 200

Friday, March 4, 2022

Ukraine: Maps of the conflict for the past 2 days:

(Ukraine) A couple of maps as pushed out by the British Ministry of  Defence regards the state of play across the Ukraine:

BBC: Putin's War in Ukraine -

(UK) The BBC airs a current affairs program called Panorama and the other day they aired a 25 min program on Putin and why he has invaded the Ukraine. if you have the time, grab a drink , settle down and watch the video:

Ukraine: Are Russians inside the Ukraine waking up to the fact that what they are doing is wrong?

I can't help but notice that across the Ukraine, Russians soldiers are abandoning lots of their kit, I don't mean personal kit such as a rifle here, a water bottle there, I'm talking heavy armour which have nothing wrong with them. last night I came across a video of a load of farmers coming across 4 unattended 2K22 Tunguska anti aircraft systems 

The Tungustka is designed to shoot down aircraft, it sports two 30mm cannons and 4 missiles all of which can be used in the ground role if needed which would really spoil your day and yet 4 (which come in at $16 million each) were just left by their crews which the allowed the lcoal farmers to set fire to them and destroy them

There’s a another of a BM 21 Grad rocket launcher fully loaded - thats 40 missiles which each carry a 20kg warhead of high explosive - ready to be lauched abandoned 

Then there are numerous posts on social media which show abandoned top of the range tanks such at this T80.

Theres even videos of Farmers using their tractors to take away tracked vehicles that they can use on the farm: My point? what is going through the heads of the Russians soldiers for them to simply leave their vehicles behind in working order, in a country where they not only outnumber the defenders in everything, but are winning the war they started?

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Ukraine: Maps of the conflict for the past 2 days:

(Ukraine) A couple of of maps as pushed out by the British Ministry of  Defence regards the state of play across the Ukraine:

Russian Misinformation : NATO promised it would not expand east

(Moscow) This is one which ties in with my previous one. A lot of the pro Moscow trolls are screaming out that NATO is to blame as they promised not to expand East. But on checking we find nothing of the sort, How can I say that, because I can quote a certain Mikhail Gorbachev the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 1985 until 1991.

Russian Misinformation : NATO is encircing Russia with forces.

(Moscow) You may have heard how NATO has encircled Russia with forces, broken supposed promises not to enlarge, and threatened Russia’s security with the prospect of Ukrainian membership in the Alliance.  NATO does not encircle Russia – Russia’s land border is just over 20,000 kilometers long.  Of that, less than one-sixteenth (1,215 kilometers), is shared with NATO members.  Russia has land borders with 14 countries. Only five of them are NATO members.






Here is a map of central and Northen Europe. The places where countries which belong to NATO actually touch Russia are higlighted in red. Russias border with the rest is highlighted in blue:

As you can see, NATO is not surrounding Russia, far from it. yet its a lie Moscow is happy to promulgate in which to excuse its invasion of the Ukraine.

Exposing the Misinformation during the rounds regards the Ukraine/Russian conflict: Bio Labs

These last few days across the internet (social media, blogs etc) there has been a huge onslaught by people supporting and promoting Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. In which to try and colour the minds of those people who don’t know what the above bun fight is all about. Here are a few which I have taken the time to post the actual facts:

1) Moscow invaded because the US has bio labs in the Ukraine

The above is currently a fav, and gained much publicity when somebody tweet that the places the Russians bombed on the first day of the attack corresponded to the places where these so called US Bio labs were. On looking into the story, it transpires the stories have been going for years (since 2014 after Moscow annexed the Crimea.) but of late it gained much traction from the Chinese who promoted that COVID was designed by the US and that the labs in the Ukraine were but one example of what Washington was getting up to. So I looked into this and guess what lies. Its been debunked by many fact checking sites, its been debunked by the US and Ukraine Government and its also been debunked at the UN.

More debunks on this story can be found at the following links:

Fact check: Why Russian claims about US biolabs in Ukraine don't hold up

Fact check: False claim of US biolabs in Ukraine tied toRussian disinformation campaign

Ukraine, US Biolabs, and an Ongoing Russian DisinformationCampaign