Saturday, January 13, 2018

France: Islamic convert who left her children behind to live in a pure Islamic land , now wants to return to France.

(Paris) The story of  33 year old Emilie König has transfixed france. The daughter of a policeman from  Brittany, she converted to Islam as ateenager. In 2010 after the French banned the Niqab , she took to wearing it simply to wind non-Muslims up. She married, had 2 children, yet in 2012, she left everything behind, including her children to live in a pure Islamic under the remit of ISIS carved out of Syria.

She was going to marry one of the fighters out there, but he died before she arrived, yet she still  had 3 more children and took to working for ISIS with gusto, she adopted the combat name of Ummu Tawwab and regularly posted images of herself online, where she  was armed and entirely covered.  Not only did she promote ISIS propaganda she  became involved in helping to recruit jihadists from France which got the World to add her onto the list of ISIS terrorists wanted for questioning and so she lived a happy of life of jihad hating the West, Non-Muslims and even Muslims she deemed not pious enough until her whole world caved in when the 1000 year caliphate ISIS was building didn’t last more than a couple of years. She was captured in full combat gear by the Kurds (with her 3 children) and now instead of facing Islamic justice in an Islamic land, she wants to return back to France in which to pick up her old life. As mentioned her story has divided France, her mother who has looked after her 2 children she left behind for the past 5 years has spoken to her on the phone and related to the media:
“She would like to come back; she has asked for pardon from her family, her friends, her country,”
However, the government is keeping pretty tight lipped about what to do with the approximately  690 French foreign fighters in Syria and of which about 43 percent — 295 — are women. Whilst President Macron has said that decisions on allowing women and children to return from Iraq and Syria would be made on a case-by-case basis. Benjamin Griveaux, the government spokesman said:
France favours having its citizens tried where they are caught, but only “if there are judiciary institutions today that are able to grant a fair trial.”

A quandary which is been repeated all across Europe and which will garner a lot more attention these coming months. Naturally the do-gooders will be screaming ‘Think of the children’ But that is an issue which can be easily resolved, the question the world should be asking is, what do we do with the parents. I know my answer.