Wednesday, January 10, 2018

France: Teachers hold protest regards student intimidation.

(Toulouse) Joseph-Gallieni college  in Toulouse is a ‘lycée’, which, in France, is an establishment providing secondary education for children between 15 and 18 years old.

However teachers at the French college staged a protest against aggressive and violent behaviour by these so called students. It transpires that one sixth of the students at the school have served a prison sentence primarily drug trafficking or Islamic radicalization and in their spare time, they take to abusing the teaching staff.

Which is why around sixty teachers gathered in front of the college on Tuesday, saying that they are sick of being terrorized by around 200 students out of 1,200 at the faculty. Holding banners that read "Stop Violence" the demonstrators said they found it nearly impossible to work.

The protesters, demanded  reinforced supervision at the faculty, speaking to the media stating  that violence against them has increased over the past ten years.
“Verbal and physical aggression, as well as fighting in class, gender-based violence against girls and drug trafficking have become “commonplace” in the college. “A minority of offenders promotes its own law inside the institution, there is a zone of lawlessness inside the college…”
Not only that but some students are on the police’s notorious ‘Fiche S’ list, an indicator used in France to flag people considered to be a threat to national security. Those on that list are supposed to be constantly monitored by the authorities. Among those flagged with the ‘Fiche S’ are people who consult jihadist websites or who meet radicals. Virginie, a professor of literature and history stated:
“Once, we had students who left [college] to join jihad. When they came back, the college authorities told us to use our common sense to manage the problem,”
The government has said it is looking into the issue.