Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ireland: Egyptian carries out first Islamic stabbing attack on the Emerald Isle

(Dublin) This morning at 0900hrs an 18 year old Egyptian male, who only arrived in the country on New Years day and claimed asylum, went on the rampage in the border town of Dundalk.

First of all he stabbed a 24 yer old Japanese man who was on his way to work to death, Half an hour later he attacked 2 other people,  he was arrested 15 mins later and the Garda (Irish Police)  are looking into the fact that this may have been a terrorist attack.

As this is Europe, the police are also looking into the mental health of the Egyptian murderer, which I suppose will allow him to receive a lesser sentence, an education inside prison and no doubt a free home when he gets released.  Ah the things so called Asylum seekers have to endure in which to find sanctuary in the west.