Monday, January 8, 2018

UK: Sudanese found guilty of homemade bomb terror attack plot

(London) A couple have been found guilty of plotting a Christmas bomb or chemical attack in the UK.

Sudanese Asylum seeker Munir Mohammed and fellow Sudanese Rowaida El-Hassan, a pharmacist had plotted to carry out a large number of bomb attacks across the UK, unfortunately  for them, they were arrested before they could carry out their unholy jihad.

The pair had met through an Islamic dating website, she sent him happy pictures of her son and his birthday cake.He sent her five Islamic State videos. Instead of being  greeted by shock and horror regards those videos . She returned the favour and sent Mohammed similar links justifying war against non-believers. As their relationship developed, the videos went back and forth .
From sending each other bloody videos, they plotted to expand on that by making their own, he started building bombs, she as a pharmacist helped him acquire chemicals which aren’t readily available to the general public. He also looked into injecting readymade meals at the factory he worked at with ricin , however all their plans for romance in the afterlife were put on hold when the police arrested the pair of them on the 12th December 2016. In court whilst they pleaded their innocence, the Jury found them guilty and they will be sentenced later.