Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cameroon: Early morning female suicide bomber blows up inside a cafe killing 2

(Bia)  A female suicide bomber walked into a cafe serving breakfast this morning at 7am and blew herself up , murdering 1 person and injuring another 30.  The blast occurred in the village of Bia just 3 kilometres of the town of Kolofata, which is situated on the Nigerian/Cameroon border. 2 other female suicide bombers  who were accompanying the dead terrorists, ran away from the scene and are currently been hunted by the security forces.

Cameroon began its fight against terrorist group Boko Haram in 2014 since then, the group has killed at least 2,000 civilians and military personnel and kidnapped a thousand more in the country’s far north where it borders the restive region of Nigeria which has been plagued by Islamic terrorism.

US: Family of BLM activist requests only black reporters contact family after her death

(New York) Black Live Matter is a so called Civil rights movement which protests about racial profiling, police brutality, and racial inequality in the United States criminal justice system.  Last night one of its activists 27 year old Erica Garner (Daughter of Eric Garner whose death in 2014 helped push BLM into the limelight) died in hospital due to complications she suffered after the birth of her son in August. After her death, her family issued this tweet:

Let me get this right, a so called Human rights group who protests about the inequity of blacks in the US, subscribes to division and separation of races based on skin colour rather than integration.  Isn't that..RACIST!

Can you imagine the outcry from the left (Never mind BLM) if a white person posted a tweet which stated 'Whites only'.

SYRIA SITUATION REPORT: December 1 - 14, 2017

(ISW) The nice people over at the Institute for the study of war have knocked out their latest situation map on Syria:

Iran: Protest time-line.

(Tehran)  The timeline and spread of protests across Iran these past 3 days 

India: Pakistani Terrorists storms Army camp: 4 killed.

(Kashmir) Two gunmen belonging to the belonging to Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorist group sneaked into an army camp last night, killing four Indian soldiers in an encounter lasted almost 14 hours. Both attackers were killed in retaliatory action.

The Pakistani 'fidayeens' carrying UBGL (under barrel grenade launcher) and other automatic weapons entered the camp in the dead of night, taking the unit by surprise. They threw grenades and opened fire on the sleeping men, before being challenged.

Afghanistan: Suicide bomber strikes funeral, killing 15

(Jalalabad) A funeral been held in Afghanistan was the target for a suicide bomber this morning killing 15 and injuring another 14.  

The attacker blew himself up up as people gathered for the funeral of a former district governor at a cemetery in the city.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Germany: Rise of Anti-Semitism means Jewish life in Germany is 'under threat'

(Berlin)  The former president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, In an interview with the German newspaper Heilbronner Stimme has voiced grave concerns  over  the growing anti-Semitic sentiment in the country. She states that public life for Jewish people is under threat and that they can only publically move around under police protection and under the most serious security precautions."  She pointed out the fact that Hanukah celebrations in Berlin and Munich, as well as the large menorahs installed in both cities, were, by necessity, accompanied by massive, around-the-clock police protection. A large menorah installed in the city of Heilbronn, for instance, was attacked and damaged by vandals. This she encapsulated by saying:

"Anti-Semitism, has grown on the right and the left, in the Muslim community and also in the heart of German society… Anti-Semitism is widespread online and on social media but also in the analog world. Jewish students, for instance, suffer greatly from this phenomenon—'Jew' has once again become an insult in German schoolyards."
In April, Germany's parliament, the Bundestag, received an expert report it had commissioned on the problem. The report found that Jews in Germany were facing increasing anti-Semitism in their everyday lives, leading them to fear for their safety.

Funny how the people behind the vast majority of the above, not only refuse to acknowledge their racist bigotry, but try to promote the view that actually they are the victims here. A POV supported by the left , the media and increasingly by European governments who refuse to acknowledge the problem by appeasing those who use the term 'Zionist' to mean...'Jew'.

Egypt: 3 terrorists killed in shoot out with security forces.

(Cairo)  A day after gunmen opened up on a church killing 10 people, the Egyptian have followed up on their fight against terrorism by raiding  a farm  near the village of Atfih  killing three leading members of a group that supervise the manufacturing of explosives and the carrying out of terrorist operations in a shoot-out after they refused to come quietly.


Egypt's interior ministry has issued a statement on the raid:
"The farm was used as a base for plotting and committing terrorist actions and for manufacturing explosives. A cache of weapons and ammunition was seized,"

Why are people protesting in Iran?

Third day of protests across Iran, the mad Mullahs are clamping down and here is a video which gives a short glimpse into why?

The protests in Iran’s second largest city, Mashhad, on Thursday, was initially led by hard-liners who wanted to publicly opine about the reformist policies of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. However things didn't go as planned when that anti-Rouhani protest morphed into an anti-regime one, decrying rising prices, corruption, and Iran’s foreign policy expenditures in places like Syria and Lebanon.
The protests, then quickly spread to other major cities on Friday, including Tehran and even to the holy city of Qom. Whilst peaceful at the beginning, things have turned violent with protesters and security forces been attacked, buildings been burnt down and reports are now coming in that people have been shot dead.

Sweden: 2 Men arrested after Police car blown up outside copshop.

(Malmo) Police in Sweden have arrested  2 men after a patrol car parked outside a police station was targeted with a explosive device resulting in severe damage to the entire right side of the vehicle.

Apparently the precinct targeted is tasked with the Södra Sofielund  district of Malmö, which just happened to be one of those vulnerable areas (PC term for crime ridden) of Sweden.

Unfortunately for the idiots behind this act, not only were they seen running away from the scene but they were caught on security cameras, which kind of explains why the police picked them up straight away.

Sweden has seen a huge increase  of criminal acts targeting police in recent months. In November, a hand grenade was detonated outside a police station in Uppsala. In October, shots were fired at a policeman’s house in Västerås and the entrance to the police station in Helsingborg was damaged by an explosion.

Funny how they all laughed at President Trump when he pointed this out the other month.

Pakistan: Barbers threatened with 'consequences' if they trim beards

(Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)  The International Khatm-i-Nabuwat Movement(IKNM) has issued a threat to all the barbers in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district of Mansehra . It appears that trimming beards is not the done thing and so they have dropped off leaflets across the region, informing the plebs that anybody caught trimming beards will be dealt with.

Khatme Nabuwwat is an violent bigoted and racist Islamic religious movement based in Pakistan which promotes the superiority of Islam over everything else. Their POV promotes and encourages violent attacks on other religious communities both within Islam (such as against theAhmadis) and without (Christians and the Bahá'í Faith) and they are building a power-base in the UK

Friday, December 29, 2017

Iran sends out urgent SMS to all state security forces: "Emergency - Code Red - All forces in military uniform report in to their respective areas."

Israel: Hits back after Rocket fire from Gaza.

(Jerusalem)  As I have mentioned before, its friday, the do called Islamic holy day where trying to kill somebody guarantees you a spot in Heaven. Which kind of explains why the so called peaceful little state of Gaza decided to launch 3 missiles into Israel this afternoon.

2 of the Missiles were intercepted by the Israel Anti-Missile system 'Iron dome', with the third been allowed to impact due to the fact it was computed to land in a non populated area. Israel carried out a series of strikes against two Hamas sites in the northern Gaza Strip.

Usually missiles from Gaza are launched under the cover of darkness, however this time they were launched in broad daylight exactly at the same time as a ceremony marking what would have been the 24th birthday of Staff Sergeant Oron Shaul who was killed in the 2014 Gaza war and whose remains are held by Hamas. The time and location of the event were publicized ahead of time and it was in this area where the missiles were aimed.

Egypt: Attacks on Christian church and shop kills 12

(Cairo)  You can always tell when its Friday, because as the Islamic holy day, some religious bigot somewhere, will be told that if he dies whilst carrying out a terrorist attack he will go to heaven and so it was this morning in Egypt when 2 'Allah ackba' screaming idiots on a motorcycle decided to open up on the Mar Mina church in the Helwan district of Cairo killing 9 people and injuring another 5 people.

Included in that death toll were 3 policemen guarding the church. On the otherside of the coin, 1 terrorist was shot dead, the suicide vest he was wearing has been defused, along with 2 other explosive devices,  The other terrorist, did a runner and is currently been sought by the police.

About an hour later, a Coptic-owned shop in the same area was attacked, leaving two dead.

Venezuela: Protests on streets due to pork shortage: Maduro blames Portugal

(Caracas)  If you hadn't noticed, it was Christmas day on Monday and Christians around the world settled down to a festive Christmas dinner.  However in Venezuela the locals typically eat pork legs, known locally as pernil de cerdo, during the Christmas holidays instead of the European and American custom of eating a Turkey.

Unfortunately, like virtually everything else in the Oil rich socialist state, Pork legs were in short supply and so a lot of people went without, resulting in protests on the streets on Wednesday.
This is despite the promise made by  Porky President Nicolas Maduro to supply and distribute the pork as part of the monthly subsidized food ration for low-income families at the start of the month.
However instead of blaming the US (As he has a habit of doing) this time he blamed….Portugal. Speaking on his weekly televised address to the country:
"What happened to the pork? They sabotaged us. It was all set, because we had bought all the pork there was in Venezuela, we bought it all. So we had to import, and so I gave the order and I signed the payments. But they went after the bank accounts, they went after the two giant ships that were coming. They have sabotaged us, I can name a country: Portugal."
Funny enough, it transpires that Portugal hasn't supplied Venezuela with pork since 2016 and the reason why?  Portuguese food company Raporal, which supplied pork hind legs to Venezuela in 2016, issued a statement saying that Venezuela still owed it, and its parent company Agrovarius, close to 40 million euros stemming from last year's order of 14,000 tons of pork hind legs.

France: Police report 2 Jihadists arrested last week

(Paris) French authorities have revealed that they arrested 2 wannabe terrorists last week prior to them carrying out acts of Jihad on the French public over the festive period.
Both were in contact with members of the Islamic State terror group regards their desire to carry out acts of violence. The man, aged 21, was detained by the French counter-terror DGSI forces in Lyon on the 22nd December. He was planning to carry out an attack using a firearm or a knife, primarily against soldiers or police.

The woman, aged 19, was arrested on the outskirts of Paris on the 18th December .She has confessed to planning an attack in the suburbs and tried to obtain a weapon. She is also on record of praising the 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, in which terrorists murdered 130 people.

France: Three ISIS children repatriated from Iraq

(Paris) Three French-born children belonging to Islamic State terrorists who were being held by Iraqi authorities have been flown back to Paris. French media reported that the family the children belong to left France for Iraq in 2015. The father was killed during the battle for Mosul and Iraqi forces later detained the mother and her four children in July. A foreign ministry spokesman stated:

"Their return was organized in coordination with the authorities in Iraq,"
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it was the first such repatriation of French children from Iraq.

France: Migrant Children found sleeping inside laundry drying machines.

(Paris) Currently there is a huge social outcry over how migrant children (In this case from Morocco) have been found to be sleeping inside laundromat drying machines in which to keep warm during the winter months.

The children, have lived rough on the streets since they first tipped up a couple of years ago, most are addicted to drugs and get by from stealing in the 18th arrondissement of Paris where they have set up shop. City authorities have tried to house and care for around 80 of these children but they have reportedly refused all help.

However the owner of the laundry has no sympathy:
"They sniff glue and attack our employees. Some customers do not dare to come, the turnover of this laundry was divided by four,the police have been called countless times, but they say they can not do anything against them. "
Not only that, but they have started using the machines as toilets, resulting in customers laundry becoming soiled. Which kind of explains why he now has employed 3 security guards

Interlude: Boney M: Rasputin

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Israel: Israeli Arabs have higher life expectancy than entire Muslim World

(Jerusalem)  The Islamic world and their non-Islamic sycophants have no problem screaming out to anybody who will listen (And to those who don't) that life for Muslims living inside the Jewish state is intolerable, that they have no equality, no human rights and so on. Because of this Jewish intolerance towards Muslims, the entire Islamic world and their camel  are resigned to ensure on the states destruction.

However a new survey spins that POV on its head by revealing that Israeli Arabs have the highest life expectancy among 21 Islamic or Arab countries, even higher than that of wealthy Gulf States. The study also showed that infant mortality among Israeli Arabs was lower than most of the same Islamic and Arab countries surveyed.
The relative status of Arab Israelis in terms of life expectancy at birth is good when compared with that of all other Arab or Muslim populations, and is equal to that of the general United States population, however it is lower than that of Israel’s Jewish population. The reasons for this disparity are down to: congenital disorders, road accidents, chronic lower ,respiratory disease, and diabetes:

Somalia: US Airstrike takes out 4 terrorists

(Mogadishu)  US Africa Command have released a statement that they have carried out another targeted airstrike on Islamic terrorists , this time taking out a vehicle carrying 4 idiots and an explosive charge last night.

No doubt the ethical brigade will be crying in their sleep tonight. 

Italy: Migrant arrested after climbing Christmas tree in which to remove cross which he found offensive.

(Milan)  At this time of year, people put up Christmas trees in which to celebrate Christmas. Which is why so many cities across the world do likewise .

Milan is no different and this year has put up a number of trees is which to share the Christmas spirit with the locals. One such example is the Bulgari tree set up in Piazza della Scala in the city centre.

As Christmas trees go, that one is quite stunning, and yet one 21 year old migrant from Gambia (Gambia is 90% Islamic)  wasn't impressed, in fact not only was he offended by the tree, he found the  cross at the top of the tree far too much to bear and set about regaining his honour and dignity by removing it from the eyes of the public which is how he came to be arrested on the evening of the 23rd  as he tried to climb up it in which to remove said cross.

Police took him into custody and took him to the immigration office in which to get him deported. This was where they found out that the 21-year-old had already been granted permanent resident status under the refugee protection scheme. 

Ah the joys of Multiculturalism 

Germany: 15 year old Afghan boy arrested for stabbing Girl to death inside a store.

(Kandel)  A 15 year old girl was stabbed to death by her former 15 year old Afghan boyfriend in a small town on the German/French border.

Apparently the girl had recently broken off her relationship with the boy earlier this month, however as is the case with Islamic males, he felt his honour had been offended and had taken to abusing her, in which (As is always the case) to try and win her back. Her parents had filed a complaint against him on the 15th December alleging slander and threats. However he wasn't  going to allow the rule of law in Germany in which to prevent him from getting his revenge. Which he did yesterday when the the girl and her friend walked into the local dm (drogerie markt) store at around 1600hrs local time. He just happened to be passing by with a knife in his pocket and proceeded to stab his former inamorata for dropping him for the wanker he is. He was arrested at the scene and is currently in custody.

And the ethical latte drinkers and their ilk keep on telling me, that the UK should open its doors to thousands of these so called poor orphans, who for some strange reason are virtually always male and look around 30 years of age.

Iran: Thousands protest in Mashhad and other cities, chanting “death to Rouhani”, “death to dictator”, “forget about Syria, think about us”

Afghanistan: 41 killed in bombing of Shiite Muslim cultural center

(Kabul)  A series of bomb blasts in the Shia Muslim area of the Afghan capital has resulted in at least 41 people killed and over 80 people wounded.

The attack began when a suicide bomber walked into the Tabian Social and Cultural Centre, (which also houses the Afghan Voice news agency) shortly after 10 a.m. and detonated a vest packed with explosives. This was followed by two more explosions caused by "sticky bombs" that had been planted on the walls of the compound. Unfortunately the bombing happened during a morning panel discussion with journalists and so the building was packed with students, resulting in the very high death count.

ISIS have admitted to the attack.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pakistan:Woman gang raped by village council for marrying a man she loved.

(Faisalabad)  The local council in a small village weren’t happy when they found out to their horror that a local woman had married a man out of love rather than somebody they had picked. So putting aside all other issues they held an urgent meeting and decreed that such abandonment of the holy way of life as decreed by the Islamic codex must be punished, so with heavy trepidation they decided that the woman had to be gang raped by themselves in which to show her the error of her ways.

As this is a so called pious country, the attempts by the victim in which to report this case have fallen on deaf ears. How strange.

Somalia: US Air strike takes out 13 terrorists

(Mogadishu)  U.S. Africa Command hasn't relented on the pressure it is keeping on the Somali terrorist outfit al-Shabab over the festive period. Which is why on Christmas Eve as Santa was dropping presents around the world, the USAF dropped a couple of examples of Christmas cheer on a terrorist camp in the middle of Somalia killing 13 Islamic thugs.

This latest UAV strike makes 34 such targeted attacks from the air against al-Shabab this year alone.

Austria: Muslims Say Religious Intolerance Is Growing

(Wien)   After the far-right Freedom Party got elected this month as the ruling party of Austria, Muslims across the country have expressed fears of a growth of intolerance against them. Councilman Omar al-Rawi has stated that it has got so bad that Islamic asylum seekers are now far too scared to even visit the mosque in which to pray:

"They say, 'We won't go to pray because maybe they will think we are radicals so it's better not to pray'"
But then adds, until their refugee status is approved, that is. It appears that Muslims feel that their rights have been trampled on and point to how Austria banned the face-veil and,  how a couple of years before, banned Islamic institutions from raising funds abroad, but love to point out that no such ban exists on Christian or Jewish institutions doing likewise.
Farid Hafez, a researcher at the University of Salzburg, predicted that life will be worse for Muslims now than the last time this governing coalition was in power in Austria from 2000-2005 and the reason for that according to him is:
That's because the Freedom Party has changed its "scapegoat from the Jew to the Muslim,"
One such example of this growing intolerance is how Herwig Mahr, a regional lawmaker for the Freedom Party in Upper Austria, is pushing for a German-language-only rule for students while they are at school, even during recess. He said if students don't learn German, they can't function well in Austrian society or at work. Wow , it really does seem like a totalitarian state where they insist you speak the language

I have to laugh at how the followers of the most intolerant religion going , plays the victim card when it doesn't get its own way.

Germany: 2 Asylum seekers arrested for flashing to Children, third sought.

(Augsberg) The police in Southern Germany have arrested 2 Asylum seekers for travelling on public transport and exposing themselves to children, particularly, children under the age of 10. The men, a Syrian and an Afghan asylum seeker, have been in custody since the weekend. Another exhibitionist is still being sought.

The 20-year-old Syrian, was arrested by chance on Friday when an off duty policeman recognised him on a Tram and duly nicked him, he has confessed to his habit of unzipping his pants and promoting his small penis size to little girls.

The 32 year old Afghan was picked up on Saturday after two of his previous victims recognised him and called the police. At this moment in time he hasn't admitted to not only getting his dick out in front of little 10 year old boys and girls, but to also touching them.

Police are still searching for a 30 year old African who has also been exposing himself on the Public transport system. He has been exposing himself since Nov, however his intentions have been primarily at females in their 20s.

Sweden: Building getting converted to house Asylum seekers, gets torched for third time. Police don't know why?

(Lerkil) A school that is being converted into a refugee asylum has been hit by a fire in Sweden for the third time in 18 months.

For some strange reason the powers that be are unable to ascertain how these fires started with the Swedish version of Chief Wigam relating to the press:
"There is simply no reason for it to catch fire by itself in view of the weather,"
The fire in a very small town of 500 souls, should be sending signals to the political elite that maybe,just maybe the people are saying enough is enough with the liberal agenda which is destroying Europe.

A guard is now been employed in which to protect this building from further attacks until it is put into use, I wonder if the guard will be redeployed afterwards in which to protect the peoples of Lerkils?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Scandinavia: Leads way in making Palestinians accountable for aid

After years of handing money over to the Middle East no questions asked, Denmark and Norway have decided to say enough is enough and have decided to cut their funding to those Middle Eastern orgs  who not only feel that it is their right to be handed money from the kufir, but to spend it as they wish. 

Denmark is going limit the number of Palestinian NGOs (from 24 to 10) that it supports and increase oversight of the ones that it does fund following an investigation which  came about after the opening of a women’s centre in the West Bank village of Buraq named for Dalal Mughrabi, who led the 1978 massacre on a highway near Tel Aviv that killed 37 civilians, many of them children, and injured dozens. The town refused to change the name saying it was chosen by the villagers “to commemorate a Palestinian hero who sacrificed herself for her country and therefore they have no intention to change its name regardless of the price. Big mistake.

Following hot on Copenhagen’s heels is Norway which has just announced limits on funding for NGOs supporting boycotts of Israel: A statement from the Norwegian government reads:
“Boycott creates distance, while the Norwegian government believes in dialogue and cooperation to create mutual trust as part of the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” 
With the US doing likewise, the so called freedom fighters of Palestine , are going to have to start tightening their belts, because its a fact that their so called Islamic brothers aren't going to make up the shortfall.

Egypt: 15 Terrorists executed.

(Cairo)  In a move destined to infuriate the ethical latte drinkers out there, Egypt gave 15 lucky jihadists a somewhat belated Christmas present by stretching their necks for carrying out crimes against the state.. 

The men arrested after carrying out attacks on Egyptian security forces in the Sinai Peninsula in 2013, were found guilty by a military court which issued the sentences and carried out the executions simultaneously at Borj al-Arab and Wadi al-Natroun prisons. Sorry I have no time in trying to rehabilitate thugs like this.

Netherlands: Four men arrested on terrorism charges

(Den Haag)  Over the Christmas weekend, Dutch police arrested 4 men suspected of being involved in terror-related activities after a tip from Swedish police.,  One of the men, aged 29, had just arrived on a flight from Stockholm on Sunday while the other three aged 21, 23 and 30 come from the cities of Vlaardingen, Delft and Gouda in southwest Netherlands.

Canada: Venezuelan ambassador expelled

(Ottawa)  In a diplomatic tit for tat, Canada has responded to the expulsion of it charge d'affaires Craig Kowalik by expelling the  Venezuelan charge d’affaires and also bar the country’s ambassador from returning.

Like all socialist states , Venezuela subscribes to this notion that everybody is equal, however also like all socialist states , it also subscribe to the notion that those in power are more equal than everybody else., which means whilst the political elites have become filthy rich , the rest have become church mice poor. Kind of explains why the plebs have protested and why the socialists in power have clamped down on everybody they deem below them with the jackboot of totalitarianism.

Whilst the likes of China, Iran and Russia have defended the ruling body, the vast majority of the world hasn't, placing sanctions on Venezuelan, countries such as Canada and Brazil. Well that didn't go down well for the dictator in Caracas, who decided to take action against those smaller countries he felt , he could push about in which to regain his honour. Unfortunately for him, both those liberal countries, have played him at his own game and in doing so have further isolated him from the rest of the world.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Boney M: Mary's Boy Child

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas everyone.

EU addresses its Libyan migrant problem by flying them in

(Italy) The EU having shown how it is unable to address the issue regards the hundreds of thousands of economic migrants who are swarming across the Mediterranean in seek of a better life paid for by the European taxpayer, has come up with the perfect solution in which to reduce the death toll of these people out at sea.. Fly them across the sea. Which is exactly what happened yesterday when 162 migrants were flown from Libya to Italy yesterday under the remit of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

The refugees from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and Yemen will be transferred to several reception centres and looked after by church charity Caritas.

Egypt: Nine terrorists killed during security raid

(Cairo)  Egyptian security forces raided an isolated farm in the province of Sharqiya after receiving information that terrorists were using the farm as a hideout.  On arriving at the location, they were met by gunfire and no doubts lots of exclamations of ‘ali’s snack bar.

In reply the police and friends returned fire with heavier weapons resulting in the deaths of 9 idiots and the arrest of 9 more.

On other news gunmen decided to open fire on a café in Giza yesterday killing 3 people and injuring another 6.

Denmark: Syrian asylum seeker arrested on terrorism charges.

(Copenhagen) A 30-year-old Syrian who claimed asylum in Sweden, has been charged by Danish police with attempting to commit a “terrorist act” in Copenhagen last year.. The man was arrested on Thursday  on reasonable suspicion he had planned to commit a “terrorist attack” in Copenhagen sometime during  November 2016 together with another who was convicted in Germany in July of planning an attack in Copenhagen. The men had aimed at killing or wounding several random people by attacking them with knives and afterwards detonate one or several explosive charges.

Pakistan: Transgender community holds protest against.... President Trump

(Multan)  The Transgender community inside Islamic Pakistan appears to be very confused. Not over their perceived sexuality, which they have no problem addressing, but rather in a country where they face intolerance, rape and even murder, they decided to hold a protest against....President Trump.Talk about Turkeys voting for Christmas.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sweden: Mass protest after police tell women to ‘stay inside or walk in pairs’ after violent gang rapes

(Malmo) Women in Southern Sweden weren't happy with the advice handed out by Police after a number of teenage girls were gang raped in the city of Malmo , where rather than knocking on the door of political correctness and actually targeting the bleeding obvious culprits , they told  local women not to go outside alone at night, and to walk in pairs or use taxis.

However when a court in Stockholm acquitted 5 men on charges of gang rape due to  a lack of evidence, that was the straw that broke the camels back, and thus 700 people took to the streets in which to protest against police inaction, and political correctness which allows a certain demographic to rape with impunity. The protest organised by medical student Camilla Lundgren. Who reiterated the protesters' demands that the Swedish government take responsibility as the "feminist government it claims to be" and introduce "substantial changes" in Sweden's judicial system and raise conviction rates as well as lengthening jail times.

Egypt: Hundreds of Muslims storm church and demand it is demolished

(Giza)  Despite the Egyptian Government setting aside ¼ Million security forces in which to defend and protect Christians over the Christmas period.  Hundreds of Muslim still managed to storm the Church of al-Amir Tadros in the village of Kafr al-Waselin calling for it to be demolished.

The extremely angry mob wreaked havoc inside the church by smashing sacred objects and attacking worshippers after gathering outside during Friday prayers.  During their bigoted siege the demonstrators chanted offensive slogans, attacked the congregation and called for the church's demolition, the wounded were transferred to a nearby hospital after security guards dispersed the mob. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

UK: British Humour at its best

In the UK, there is a chain of shops called Poundland were everything sells for 1£. Well over the Christmas period they have been airing a number of Naughty Elf tweets, cheeky, infantile and puerile, but you what? They are needed in this day and age of faux outrage, which funny enough these tweets have resulted in. Enjoy:

UK: Report shows British City is terribly polarized along racial lines

(Bradford)  The liberal mindset that Muslims are a religion of peace, that actually they are victims of widespread 'Islamopobia' and that more money should be spent in which to try and integrate them into British society was given a heavy dose of smelling salts the other day at a council meeting in the Northern British city of Bradford where a good 30% of the population is....Islamic.

Councillor Arshad Hussain, who chairs Bradford Council’s corporate overview and scrutiny committee, said there were” many areas in this city” where people were afraid to go, depending on their ethnicity. The irony in that double sided statement is, only one side of the argument is going out of its way in which to cause trouble and strife. In the city and for some strange reason it isn’t the 70% which is white and non-Islamic. Which explains why these examples of community relations were revealed at the meeting:
Last month on Bonfire Night three pubs were stoned by Asian youths. The Red Lion and Round Thorn pubs, in Thornton Road, were among those targeted on the 5th of November . These are the only white businesses in the area. No Asian (read that as Muslim) businesses were attacked. They were targeted because they are white.”
“At a recent event at the synagogue there were armed police posted outside. Is that an example of community cohesion that a Jewish event needed police protection? I think we are kidding ourselves. I represent thousands of people who never come into Bradford and I am only five miles up the road. They say they don’t feel safe."

“There is a real problem of people’s perception of Bradford. My daughter is 23 and she and her friends say they will not come into Bradford for a drink or night out because they say there are gangs of Asian males hanging around. They say they do not feel safe and instead go to Leeds."
I keep on hearing the word 'Islamophobia' been banded around in which to silence any criticism of Islamic intolerance. and yet nobody is prepared to call a spade a spade and actually say,
"You know what, there really is a problem within the Islamic community"
Actually there is, but they are quickly branded as 'racists' for daring to speak the truth. Here is Tommy Robinson speaking to the bBC in 2011 regards intolerant Islam, listen to the disdain in the presenters voice when he hears what  Robinson has to say. Yet everything he stated has been proved to be..correct.

But the powers that be still refuse to accept the facts, I mean in the report above gangs of youths who attack pubs, fire-fighters are deemed to be Asian, rather than belonging to the large Muslim population  found in Bradford. At a stroke they deflect away from the real culprits. Its as if they are scared of admitting the truth and that the problem should be covered up or handed to somebody else to sort out.. Which kind of explains why Cllr Hussain had this to say:
"The work being done by the team was not enough and said too many people were scared to speak up in case they caused offence”.

Egypt:¼ Million troops mobilised to protect Christians over Christmas.

(Cairo)  Its Christmas and Egypt's Interior Ministry has announced that all leave have been cancelled for security personnel and officers across the country and that  230,000 security personnel are  being mobilised to stand guard in which to protect the country's Christmas celebrations, which begins on Sunday.

The security in place will include  CCTV and metal detector systems at houses of worship. Whilst Coptic Egyptians, make up 90% of all Christians in the country, and celebrate Christmas on 7th  January. A minority of non-orthodox Christian Egyptians observe Christmas on 25th December. 

Over the past two years, terrorist attacks on churches during religious holiday seasons have left tens of Christians killed and many injured. That said the worse attack in years was carried out last month where a bomb attack on a Sufi mosque saw over 311 people murdered.

Germany: Police arrest ISIS terrorist plotting truck attack on an Ice-rink

(Karlsruhe)  German Police have foiled a truck attack by a member of ISIS on an Ice skating rink over the Christmas period.

The man 29 years of age and who travelled to Iraq in which to fight for ISIS in 2015 was picked up after he was spotted  casing the area around Karlsruhe castle where the annual Christmas market is held, but particularly on the Ice skating rink.

The police have issued a statement regards Dasbar W, the arrested man:
“To that end he was assessing areas around Karlsruhe Castle and, from September 2017, had begun seeking employment as a delivery driver - without success,”

It appears the Germans dodged that bullet.

Interlude:Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Germany: School cancels Christmas party because a Muslim student complained last year.

(Luneberg) The headmaster of the Johanneum Gymnasium has cancelled the schools Christmas party after a female whose religion comes from Saudi Arabia complained last year that such festivities clashed with her own beliefs. This act of flagellantism amongst Non-Muslims in the west has become increasingly commonplace where liberals have no problem in bending over backwards in which to allow the tail to wag the dog when it comes to intolerant Islam.

That decision was reinforced earlier this year when another Islamic student left a classroom when a song with a religious background was sung there. The headmaster had previously refused to answer questions from the media that a mandatory Christmas party had been cancelled out of consideration for a Muslim student. A decision which has been publically criticized.  Not to be outdone the students held their own  Christmas party, where students offered home-made poinsettias, waffles and biscuits. Where it has been reported a girl wearing a headscarf sold cookies with Christmas motives.

I actually know that area of Germany very well and whilst only 20Kms from Hamburg it is very rural area  and these areas are very religious as in Christian religious. Yet as we have seen elsewhere, those people who refuse to afford minority faiths equality in their homelands (Usually by  the use of the Bullet and the Bomb) demand equality in the West in which to continue to oppress other faiths.

If you happen to ever visit the area, the German army tank museum is just down the road. 

World: Liberals mock Trump for his claims of fake news

Have you noticed how the Liberals mock President Trump over his claims of Fake News. Here are a couple of Headlines over that car been driven through crowds of shoppers in Melbourne today:

Here's one from the other day:

Here's one from six months ago:

Anybody else notice anything?

Australia: Afghan who drove into 19 people not a terrorist says Police..

(Melbourne) Police in Australia have stated that the 32 year old Afghan male who drove his car into people through the centre of Melbourne  injuring 19 people is not a terrorist, but simply somebody with mental health issues.  They have also stated that a 24 year old man caught filming the incident whilst having a bag of knives on him had no connection to terrorism either.

The incident which transpire at 1630 hours yesterday saw the man drive his White SUV through crowds of shoppers, which only came to an end when he hit a tram stop, people quickly apprehended the driver. Police have arrested the driver who is now under guard at the hospital.

The scene from above. 

Police arrest the driver

The second arrested man

The Afghan Driver.