Saturday, March 31, 2018

Syria: ISIS thugs complain about their so called lack of human rights

(Qamishli) Two former British citizens who buggered off for a life of Sharia law with ISIS and then formed half of the group known as the Beatles, infamous for how they loved to publically behead people for show (27 known so far) have complained to the media about their lack of human rights.

Alexanda Kotey  and El Shafee Elsheikh 
Alexanda Kotey  and El Shafee Elsheikh have both complained about how the British Government stripped them of their British Citizenships when both immigrants to the Uk, decided to pack their bags and relocate to Syria in which to live in a pure Islamic state, this they (and the rest of them) took to with gusto by murdering their way across the land, and just to ensure that those folks they left behind knew what they were up to they filmed themselves beheading their victims.  In order to show some form of contrition for the cameras (And for the fact they are now under lock and key by the Kurds) they expressed some remorse for beheading so many people.

Kotey stated that the killing of western hostages in Syria was "regrettable" and could have been avoided, adding that many people within IS would have disagreed with the killings. there was "probably more benefit" in those captured being used as political prisoners. "I didn't see the benefit in executing them," he said, before blaming Western governments for failing to negotiate and noting that some hostages were released for ransoms. The pair also said that the removal of their citizenship by the British government was "illegal" and could expose them to "rendition and torture" - "being taken to any foreign land and treated in any way and having nobody to vouch for you,"

So why are these two playing the victimcard and demanding to be returned to the UK?  Because the duty rumour is the British Government is in talks with the US to send these two to Guantanamo bay , personally I'd take them both around the back with a loaded pistol and a shovel.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Gaza: Pals swarm border 'leaves 16 Palestinians dead and hundreds injured'

(Gaza) I mentioned the otherday that Hamas was gong to organise a so called peaceful protest for 6 weeks along the Israeli border. Apparently due to their penchant to breed like rabbits (10+ to a family) all funded by foreign aid, they have run out of living space and so  like Islamic nations everywhere they have decided to look at greener pastures elsewhere and in this instant its Israel.

For Hamas, Israel is a triple bonus,due to their piss poor management , their popularity has fallen that much they have had to allow their main rival FATAH back into Gaza to run things.other than the sycophants in Europe, their only source of funding is Iran, by organising a mass invasion of Israel  which they hope will lead to many deaths, will not only galvanise the masses, polarise the Islamic world and open the wallets of the easily offended in which to replenish their bank account. But it darkens the name of Israel, which is what all Muslims do anyway.

Well day 1 of the protest has begun and up to 17000 rioters have decided to ignore the no riot clause. (Which we all knew they would) and try to remove the barrier which forms the border, the Israelis have naturally taken action and shot dead 16 people and injured 100s more and as I said this is only day 1. I'm guessing that Hamas is looking at 100s of deaths, which has been designed to bring Iran into the picture. Expect this to become multifaceted very soon.

Russia : Retaliates for the mass expulsions of its diplomats

(Moscow)  On the diplomatic front Russia hasn't been having a good week or so. After the poisoning of a former Russian citizen in the UK using a very rare nerve agent only used by the Russians, over 130 of its diplomats have been sent packing back home. Oh Moscow has protested its innocence , claiming that the Uk was behind the use of the nerve agent, yet its past behaviour regards the assassination of former Russian citizens abroad, its belligerent nature towards western nations and of course the annexation of the Crimea was more than enough for so many western nations to say enough is enough. 

Well Russia has decided to react and today they expelled 60 Americans from Russia and closed down the American consulate in St Petersburg. The irony here is Moscow and its western based sycophants appear to have forgotten that actually all of this started with Moscow, even if the Skripal poisoning hadn't had taken place, the fact remains the belligerent nature of Russia these past few years was lacking a response. As we saw in 1939 with Adolph Hitler, appeasing a rouge nation only leads to greater pain in the future, funny enough its supporters continue to play the line that Russia defeated the Nazis and we own them big-style. What they leave out of that statement is, if it wasn't for Russia  Hitler wouldn't have started WW2 in the first place. Kind of explains how Moscow invaded Poland 2 weeks after Hitler did and then carved it in two. Hitler knowing Stalin had his back invaded France and the low countries in 1940.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

UK: Racist bigot jailed for attacking Muslims with his car.

(Leicester) Last September 21 year old Paul Moore for some very strange reason felt that Muslims had to die and on spotting  47 year old  Zaynab Hussein walking home he drove into her, he then stopped and reversed and ran over her again.  2 men who were in the car with him, wanted nothing to do with this and jumped out of the car.  Moore then drove off until he saw a 12 year old girl wearing a Hijab, he then mounted the pavement in his car and tried to hit her also. Thankfully he only clipped her side.
Window licker Moore
Moore then turned up severely drunk at the home of his half-brother, (Why do these ingrates always have half-brothers and sisters) , and told him in offensive, racist terms, why he had attacked the woman. Apparently it was due to the terrorist attack in London in 2005, when Moore was 8 and the failed terrorist attack in London a few days before. Personally I'm surprised that with a single braincell he can hold a grudge for so long.

Anyway in court Moore was found guilty and sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in jail. Which really shouldn’t be a problem for this misogynist window licker as now he can spend all his time in the prison showers getting fucked up the arse by a 26 stone weakling called Shirley.  Put it this way, he’ll never be constipated again. 

Germany: Mass brawl between Kurds,Turks and Lebanese

(Duisburg)  So after leaving their homelands in search of safety, what is the first thing that these immigrants do in Germany, why recreate the  very intolerance that forced them to leave in the first place.

Which is why on Tuesday evening up to 80 members of rival Turkish, Kurdish and Lebanese gangs descended upon the centre of the German city of Duisburg to fight one another with machetes, metal pipes, and other makeshift weapons, in which to settle their differences.

Thankfully the police reacted quickly to this huge bunfight. (But then it was in the city centre) and deployed over 50 officers in which to bring things to a halt.

Australia: Jihadist who murdered his wife so as to join ISIS, jailed for 30 years.

(Melbourne) A Lebanese man who murdered his wife in front of their three children has been jailed for 30 years.

The man who cannot be named so as to protect the identity of the children, murdered his wife in July 2016, because she didn’t want him to bugger off and go and fight for ISIS in Syria. After cutting off two of her fingers and gouging out her right eye, he mutilated her genital area . He then bagged her body and taking the children along (As he had to observe the law about leaving children on their own) he dumped the body at the back of a tennis court, then in order to celebrate, he took the children out to a bakery for treats.

For murdering one of his wives (Yes he had 2) he was sentenced to 30 years in prison . Passing comment  Supreme Court Justice Les Lasry said he did not accept Islamic extremism was the sole reason for the killing.

France: Vegan arrested for praising the murder of a butcher by ISIS terrorist last week.

(Saint Gaudens)  A vegan has been arrested after commenting on the murder last week of a butcher by Moroccan Radouane Lakdim who killed four people during his Jihad fuelled rampage. The female Vegan took to social media in which to praise the murder of the butcher:
"Well, are you shocked by the death of an assassin who was killed by the terrorist? I am personally not. In my opinion, justice has been imposed this way,"
What makes this case even more disturbing is how this is the second case regards somebody from the left of the political centre who has celebrated the death of the victims last week. Yes these self-designated moralists who demand safe spaces everywhere due to being unable to accept anybody who thinks different to them, are actually the biggest (And vilest) bigots out there.

She is due to go before a judge on a charge of condoning terrorism later today. Condoning terrorism carries a maximum jail sentence of five years and a fine of 75,000 euros ($92,000).

Venezuela: Failed prison break sees 68 prisoner burn to death

(Valencia)  68 prisoners are said to have died when an attempt to break out of prison failed.
The prisoners were at the Police station in the city of Valencia started their attempt for freedom by shooting a police officer in the leg, then in an attempt to solidify their position they started setting fire to mattresses , problem is,  the flames took hold and people starting dying,  those that the flames didn’t get, the fumes did, the death toll stands at 68 people all of whom are inmates bar from 2 visiting female relatives. 

As you can guess this hasn't gone down well with the relatives of the dead, who proceeded to riot outside the Police station.

France: Police arrest driver who tried to run down soldiers

(Varces-Allieres-et-Risset) Police in France have arrested a man who tried to ram his vehicle into soldiers jogging outside their base in the French Alps.

The man first threatened a group of soldiers with death threats in arabic as they were out jogging at about 8am in Varces-Allieres-et-Risset, and later tried to run down another group of soldiers returning from a jog, Police sealed off the area and started  a search for the driver, whilst the army stepped up security around the barracks. He was arrested not long after in the nearby city of Grenoble.

Gaza: Thousands to camp out on Israeli border from Friday demanding the right to live in Israel.

(Gaza) As of friday Hamas has planned for thousands of people living in their own state to protest for 6 weeks for the right to be allowed to live in Israel.  The protect is expected to take place alongside the entire 45 km border with Israel, with a huge march to the border on the 15th of May,

Hamas official Abu Ratima speaking to the media stated that members of the Hamas-dominated security forces will be present “to maintain stability.” He also added that the protesters on Friday will be some 700 meters away from the security fence and will not attempt to breach it. However, he said the protest’s leadership, which is comprised of civil society, independents and political factions, could decide at a later date to approach the border fence.

The strange thing is virtually the same number of jews were expelled from Islamic countries as were Palestinians, where the Jews were accepted into Israel and given citizenship, not one Islamic country has done likewise with the Pals, , yet not only does the Islamic world bitch about the expelled Palestinians , they remain silent on the equal number of Jews that were deported after the birth of Israel in 1948.
So going back to the above protect, expect hoards of Pals try to invade Israel on mass. Expect Israel to stop them and expect the Islamic world and their leftwing acolytes play the Nazis card for the deaths (which I suspect Hamas is counting on)  which will take place. So much for the religion of peace then.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pakistan: China to upgrade radar of Pakistan’s JF-17 fighter aircraft

(Islamabad)  The above headline doesn't sound like much, but actually it something of a huge story. Pakistan is the puppet for the China in its cold war against India. Which kind of explains why it fields so much Chinese military equipment in its armoury. (Tanks, Ships, Subs, Missiles and of course jets)

The JF-17 is the fighter aircraft which Pakistan has decided will replace the F16 as its main fighter aircraft.  Funny enough The JF-17 is nothing more than the Mig 21 in new clothing. (well actually the Chengdu J-7 which is the chinese clone of the Mig 21) which the F16 was designed to beat in a dog fight. Anyway, rather than spend lots of money,time and effort in designing a brand new aircraft, Beijing simply upgraded what they already had with modern avionics. The result a modern day lightweight multi-role fighter jet which is on par with earlier F16 variants. As it stands the JF-17 can cause problems for India and they have reacted accordingly , however with the news that China is going to fit the KLJ-7A active electronically scanned-array (AESA) radar to the JF-17s, they will improve the capability of the aircraft immensely, increasing the pressure on India to spend more money and divert more resources to the west of the country, all at little cost to China to the east.
(In a nutshell an AESA radar users solid state electronics to scan rather than a rotating dish. It is quicker, more effective and can target more hostiles)

My gripe is Pakistan spends money it can't afford on its military, currently it is the biggest recipient of British foreign aid, whilst the British tax payer feeds the Pakistani people ,funds Pakistani schools, hospitals , the Pakistanis spend their money on weapons of war. Personally I would like the Uk to cut all funding to Pakistan (Like the US has done) and get them to look after their own people. I mean the UKs main fighter jet the Typhoon doesn't have an AESA radar, so why should we fund others to do so.

India: 4 Pakistani terrorists killed sneaking into India.

(Sunderbani) Four Pakistanis terrorists have been killed by Indian security forces in the Sunderbani area of Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district.

The terrorists had infiltrated into India from across the Line of Control (LoC) about four-five days ago, prompting security forces to launch a search operation in the area.

Libya: US Airstrike kills high-ranking al Qaeda commander

(Ubari)  US Africa Command have revealed this evening that they took out Musa Abu Dawud, a high-ranking commander for al-Qa’ida 5 days ago.

The strike which took place on the 24th March which was in conjunction with the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), near the town of  Ubari, Libya, on March 24, killed two al-Qa’ida terrorists, including Musa Abu Dawud, a high ranking al-Qa’ida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) official.
Dawud trained AQIM recruits in Libya for attack operations in the region. He provided critical logistics support, funding and weapons to AQIM, enabling the terrorist group to threaten and attack U.S. and Western interests in the region.

Germany: Woman stabbed by 17 year old Syrian

(Burgwedel) A woman is fighting for her life after being surrounded by a group of Syrian child asylum seekers and stabbed as she walked home.

On Saturday evening  in the small town of Burgwedel near Hanover, Germany, a 24 year old woman and her boyfriend got into an argument with 2 Syrian children aged 13 and 14. The couple left, but unfortunately 30 minutes later bumped into the 2 children who had brought a 17 year old friend along as muscle.  They confronted the woman again and whilst the woman was trying to calm things down the 17 year old stabbed her, then as only Muslims can they did a runner. The boyfriend called the police, describing the attackers and they were picked up not long after. The 17-year-old and the 14-year-old have been charged with attempted murder, the youngest of the three was released without charge.
The victim is seriously injured and has been put into a medically induced coma.

UK: 25 year old Osman Ali, jailed for 19 years for raping 13 year old.

(Rochdale)  Today 25 year old Osman Ali has been jailed for how he how groomed and repeatedly raped a 13 year old girl over a period of several months. Ali befriended the girl over Facebook in September 2016 before arranging to meet her a month later. He was aware of the girl's age and had pictures of her in her school uniform on his phone.

His paedophilia was revealed when his victim was found walking through the streets in a distressed state last May, saying her "boyfriend" had broken up with her. But get this he had previously served four years of an eight-year prison sentence after being convicted in August 2012 alongside two other men of raping a 19-year-old woman. Which means as soon as he was released in 2016, he was looking for his next victim.

Osman Ali

Ali, was sentenced to 19 years and six months in prison after pleading guilty to seven counts of raping a child under 13. Just what is it about Muslim males and little girls.

Italy: Mass police raids target Islamic extremists.

(Rome) The Italian police have carried raids across the country targeting Islamic extremists.  Currently that have under arrest 23 year old Moroccan  Elmahdi Halili who was arrested in the northern city of Turin.

Yesterday in the southern city of Foggia, police arrested an Egyptian-born man suspected of being a member of Islamic State and of indoctrinating young children in a cultural centre he ran. They said the man encouraged the children to kill non-Muslims.

On March 15, police acting on a tip from the U.S. FBI arrested a man of Latvian origin who they said had been preparing pipe bombs. A judge’s detention order said the man had been considering an attack on a kindergarten.

Holland: Radical Iman who preaches that the Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam is an apostate and an enemy of Islam isn't breaking the law.

(Rotterdam) Haatimam Fawaz Jneid is a radical Mullah who has of late been preaching that the Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam is an apostate something that in the mind-set of pious Muslims can be regarded as a kind of death sentence.

Haatimam Fawaz Jneid 
Despite knowing full well what Jneid is doing, the Dutch Government claims it can’t do anything bar ban Jneid from a district of the Hague as, he hasn’t done anything wrong. This hasn’t gone down well with a raft of Dutch MPs who feel that the Dutch prosecutor should wake up and smell the coffee about how radical Islam works.  Which is why the Justice Minister has promised to investigate whether the law can be tightened so that this kind of preaching can be dealt with under criminal law.

UK: Islamic Jihadi Fagan jailed for 25 years.

(London) Islamic teacher Umar Haque was found guilty the other week of trying to build a children’s army on the QT in which to carry out terrorist attacks in the Uk. Instead of getting children to pick a pocket or two, he instead wanted them to kill the kuffer or a jew.

His plans entailed hitting 30 targets across London , thankfully this so called holy man instead of sending children to murder for his warped beliefs , was sentenced for the crime of corrupting the innocent and will now be spending a minimum of 25 years being shown the correct way to bend over in the prisons showers. which according to his mind set is a corruption of Sharia law.  Lets hope he does the right thing.

Umar Haque, 

China: Satellite photo shows 40+ Navy ships escorting Carrier

(Hainan)  The Chinese Navy is currently exercising in the disputed South China Sea (Beijing claims it all for itself) and a satellite photo appears to have been leaked to the media which allows the Chinese Dragon to strut its stuff:

The above picture shows the Chinese Aircraft carrier Liaoning (Just off the centre to the right) being escorted by at least 40 Ships and submarines. 

With one aircraft carrier in service, with another currently being fitted out and another getting built, it appears that China is sending the message early to the neighbours not to mess. Strangely enough this coincides with how a lot of Chinese films over the past few years have centred on patriotism, where the bad guys are always non-Chinese. If this was Western Cinema, the liberals would be playing the xenophobe card.  So whilst the Chinese arms itself to the teeth and brainwashes its people that they are the best, the do-gooders complain about the US, UK and Israel. Funny that.

Denmark: New Citizens to start paying for translation services after 3 years

(Copenhagen) Danish Foreign Minister Ingr Støjberg writing an article in the media has stated she will make immigrants who have lived in Denmark for more than three years pay for translation services when visiting doctors or consulting authorities.  She was responding to the provision of free language services for migrants in Denmark - which strains the public purse and disincentives language-learning. She said:

 “In our naivety, we have willingly provided a lifelong publicly paid interpreter. And in doing so, we keep wondering why it is that people don’t learn the language.”
Her message was aimed at Danes, who she argues have been too accommodating to new arrivals in the country stating that the lack of expectation on new arrivals to learn the language had even caused parallel societies to form in some Danish cities. She pointed out that the prospect of parallel societies in Denmark  
“ as one of the consequences of decades of failed integration policies .Unless we dare to make demands on foreigners, we will fail to address the serious problem of parallel societies in Denmark, where people neither work, nor speak the language, nor share Danish values.”
This issue is also a bone of contention in the UK, where it was revealed that the Health service alone spends £100 million over the past 5 years on translation services.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Israel: Racist jew to black Israeli "You are black and your heart is black, I do not want to see you, I have to puke."

(Tel Aviv) Adamo Tagenia, aged 30, was shopping in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv, when a woman who identified herself only as Varda began to yell at him, the woman started by asking if he was from Sudan or Eritrea. When he said it was not relevant, Varda broke out into a racist monologue.

“Go and live in south Tel Aviv. We’ll see what you’ll do there, they’re trash, aren’t they?” she continued and, on noticing that Tagenia was filming the outburst, said, “Go on, you son of a bitch, film me until tomorrow.” Tagenia can be heard asking those around him, “Did you hear, did you hear?” but nobody else replies. The woman also called Tagenia a kushi, a derogatory term for black people. “You’re black and your soul is black,”

What makes this story even worse, is nobody jumped in to silence the racist cow.

UK: Muslim explains why Islamic Males can have sex with 9 year old girls

Austria: 2 Migrants accused of raping a 15 year old walk free.

(Tulln)  A court case regards the gang rape of a 15 year old girl last year has resulted in 2 of the accused walking free, the third man has still to be identified.

The case was based on how the 15 year old girl claimed to police she was raped by 3 men in a park. (An Afghan , a Somali and the third man) The 15-year-old was grabbed from behind, punched in the mouth, and was then taken to a nearby sports field, where she was raped, the teenager managed to escape. But she was caught and raped again. Knowing they would get into trouble, they started ringing and texting themselves from their captives phone in which to claim the sex was consensual .
The thing is the police soon disabled that angle of defence, due to the numerous phones calls all at the same time also the injuries on the girl gave credence to her story. However on Tuesday a court was having none of that and concluded that it could not be ruled out that the whole thing was done voluntarily. Also they questioned the girls inability to answer id it was 2 or 3 men who raped her.  In the men’s favour they claimed they had been smoking and talking dope with the 15-year-old before it came to "consensual intercourse." On that note, the men were allowed to walk free from court.

France:Left-wing French politician arrested for celebrating policeman's death on social media.

(Dives-sur-Mer) Last week’s terrorist attack in France saw the murder of Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame who swapped places with a female hostage. A true hero indeed. Well for leftwing politician Stephane Poussier that was a case for celebration and he took to social media in which to express his pleasure tweeting:
"And this time it was a colonel, great! Additionally, it means one less Macron voter,"
Well , thankfully unlike the Uk, where such expressions are common amongst our political elites, the French were having none of the above and today Stephane Poussier was arrested by the very police he mocked. He is looking at up to seven years in prison and a fine of 100,000 euros ($124,000).

Germany: Stockpile of home-made bombs found at homeless shelter

(Schweinfurt)  German police have arrested a 35 year old man after a huge stockpile bombs and the chemicals needed to produce them were found in a homeless shelter in the southern state of Baveria.

The cache was discovered in the basement of an apartment complex for homeless people on Monday, prompting the evacuation of a number of neighbouring buildings. Officials called to the scene then discovered explosives. Officials destroyed the chemicals and detonated the bombs in a nearby field
The Bavarian State Criminal Police Office is now looking into whether the materials were destined to be used in some kind of terrorist act.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Egypt: Government hits back at terrorists behind failed assassination attempt.

(Alexandria)  The Egyptian government hit back at the Islamic terrorists behind yesterdays failed attempt to assassinate Mostafa El-Nemr the  military security chief for the city of Alexandria which saw two soldiers killed as a car bomb was detonated as his convoy passed by.

Which is why this morning at dawn security forces raided a residential apartment in Beheira governorate, around 89 kilometres from the Mediterranean city which witnessed Saturday's attack. In the ensuring shoot out 6 Hasm terrorists were killed. It appears the Egyptians had prepared themselves for a surge in violence before the country goes to the vote in 2 days time. 

Somalia: Suicide bomb attack kills 4

(Mogadishu) At least four people were killed Sunday in a suicide car bomb attack in central Mogadishu.  Abdulahi Mohamed, a police officer in the capital speaking to the press:
"There was a blast at a checkpoint close to the interior ministry. Four people were killed including two members of the security force, We don´t have the details yet but the indications show that a bomber was involved trying to pass by the security checkpoint,"
According to the official and witnesses, the car blew up before the security forces were able to inspect it.

UK: Yet another Islamic rape gang convicted.

(Oxford)  In yet another example of the intolerance Islamic males exhibit towards little white girls, seven men have been found guilty of grooming and sexually abusing teenage girls "on a massive scale" in Oxford.

(Top L-R) Khalid Hussain, Alladitta Yousaf, Kameer Iqbal, Assad Hussain (Bottom L-R) Raheem Ahmed, Moinul Islam, Kamran Khan
The men were convicted of more than 20 offences including rape and indecent assault on 5 girls aged between 13 and 15 between 1998 and 2005. The seven are:
  • 27 year old Assad Hussain, 37,  was found guilty of five counts of rape and two counts of indecent assault, not guilty of one count of indecent assault.
  • 39 year old Kameer Iqbal,  was found guilty of three counts of rape.
  • 38 year old Khalid Hussain, was found guilty of rape and indecent assault, not guilty of one count of rape.
  • 36 year old Kamran Khan was found guilty of indecent assault and false imprisonment
  • 41 year old Moinul Islam, was found guilty of rape, two counts of indecent assault and supplying cannabis.
  • 40 year old Raheem Ahmed,  was found guilty of two counts of indecent assault and false imprisonment.
  • 48 Year old Alladitta Yousaf, found  guilty of indecent assault.
What is it about Muslims and little girls?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Afghanistan: Suicide bomber targets wrestling match kills 13.

(Lashkar Gah)  A wrestling match today at the Ghazi Muhammad Ayub Khan stadium in Helmand, Afghanistan drew the wrath of those who are easily offended when a suicide bomber targeted the event. Thankfully the Police identified the bomber before he entered the stadium, who then decided to utter ‘Allah Ackba and set off the car bomb he was sat in. however 13 people were still killed and another 50 odd injured.

It appears the religious thought police don’t allow for anybody to enjoy themselves in any manner bar reading the Koran, and I am pretty sure, somebody somewhere would find offence with even that.

France: Islamic gunman shot dead after hostage crisis

(Trèbes) Armed police have shot dead 26 year old Radouane Lakdim who took hostages at a supermarket in the southern France town of Trèbes. The gunman, who is reported to have killed at least two people, is now dead, sources say.

The morning started off in the area when the Lakdim, hijacked a car and then killed the owner , he then tried to run over 4 policemen out for a run near Carcassonne when that endeavour failed, he opened fire, injuring one officer in the shoulder.

Radouane Lakdim, 
He then drove to a supermarket in Trèbes, entered the store and took eight people hostage at around 11am. He then demanded the release of Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving terrorist from the jihadi group that carried out the November 2015 Paris attacks. In order to make his point he shot 5 people killing 2 injuring 3. In reply the French security forces assaulted the supermarket shooting the gunman dead.

Greece: Turkish F16 Fighter jets buzz Helicopter carrying Greek army chief

(Athens)  The infantile behaviour of Turkey towards others continued today when two Turkish F-16s harassed a Chinook helicopter carrying the head of the Hellenic Army, Lieutenant General Alkiviadis Stefanis, along with other senior military officials on Thursday.

The Chinook was carrying the officers back from the small island of Ro to Rhodes when the incident took place. Like true Turks, they did a runner when Greek F16s responded to a call of help and which then escorted the helicopter back to Rhodes.

European Attack Sub fleets

(Naval Analyses)  Find as below the state of play for the Submarine attack fleets for Europe as for 2018:

Interlude: Martha and the Muffins - Echo Beach

Thursday, March 22, 2018

UK: 3 Asians put 49 year old innocent man in hospital.

(Manchester)  Police in the UK are asking for information on 3 Asian  males who carried out a shocking, brutal and sustained attack" on an "innocent and defenceless" man at a tram stop in Oldham. Now whilst the Police are saying 'Asian' in that area Asian accounted in 2011 for a 25% Islamic population and a 1% Hindu one. We know it wasn't Hindu males the Police are looking for.

Meanwhile Muslims not only account for a disproportionate percentage of people in prison, they continue to play the Islamophobia card. 

Somalia: Car bomb outside Hotel kills 14

(Mogadishu) A Car bomb detonated on Thursday near the Weheliye hotel in the Somali capital has resulted in 14 deaths and another 10 people injured.

The Islamic terrorist militant group ‘Al-Shabab’ have laid claim to the explosion citing that they targeted the Hotel claiming it had targeted a gathering of government officials, army and intelligence officers. Problem is, the bomb was set off outside a teashop and not the actual hotel.

Austria: Parents of patient kicked out of Hospital, because a Nigab wearing woman objected to having a male in the room.

(Wien) 56 year old Robert Salfenauer and his wife have a 23 year old daughter Chiara and she has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She has been taken onto a research program at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH). Every six months she is admitted overnight.  Where she is been tested with a course of treatment over a period of 24 hours. Since the side effects can be life-threatening the parents  always accompany their  daughter for  this treatment.

Last Monday, the family went back to the AKH  for the latest treatment.  However, before Chiara could move into her room, the hospital staff took the family aside.They were told there would be a fully-veiled lady by the window-sill, and that it would be a problem if male escorts entered. Mr Salfenauer pleaded for them to let him enter. A little later, he was told that although he was allowed to enter the room, he could not go further than the bed closest to the door  and not to his daughters bed which was further away. He complied with these instructions In fact, he had no visual contact with the other patient because she was behind a partition. But she heard his voice straightened up, looked around the screen, and immediately began to complain about what he was doing here and that he should leave immediately. She made it quite clear that she did not want a man to be here.

Robert and Mara Salfenauer 
The family then left the room and retired to a waiting area, where they talked about the incident. Shortly thereafter, a doctor accompanied by security approached the couple and asked them to leave the hospital immediately as their presence would disturb the peaceful nature of the hospital.  They were then escorted off the hospital premises by security.

The hospital has stated that the incident was unpredictable and that they regret what happened to the Salfenauer family. However they do state that there was no unequal treatment or even preference for one of the two patients. Regards the situation of a patient wearing the Isamic body covering in a Hospital when it is banned in the country, they replied that the Anti-Facial Disguise Act does not apply to patient rooms, as these are not public places within the meaning of the law."

Unfortunately for the hospital the Salfenauer family doesn't see it that way:
“We really have no problem with other religions. Everyone should keep it as he wants. But we have a problem if a clear violation of the law is not punished on the one hand, but on the other hand we, as ordinary Austrian citizens, must submit to such radical minorities in anticipatory obedience and have to tolerate everything. That just cannot go on. "

UK: Man cleared of carrying out FGM on his own daughter.

(London)  Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a barbaric disgusting practice carried out on little girls primarily by Muslims (Liberals keep on screaming it is carried out by all faiths, yet leave out that the vast majority are Muslims) which has no place on this planet.  Despite been banned in the Uk since 1985, not one person has been prosecuted in the 33 years since. Yet there is supposed to be over 137,000 females who have been affected by FGM living in the Uk. It is a known  fact that over 100 girls had their bits chopped off between 2015-16 in the Uk and for some very strange reason the authorities can't be bothered to chase down the evil bastards who carry out such evil deeds.

The other year we had a case where 2 Muslim doctors carried out FGM on a patient in the Uk and they were cleared of abuse. It wasn't helped by how the entire National Health service jumped to their defence, claiming they didn't know about FGM been illegal in the Uk and that until the court case, they had never even heard of FGM. The doctors union claimed that in prosecuting these men , it would simply drive FGM underground and that information is needed in which to gauge the situation in the UK.

Well another man was in court these past few weeks on carrying out FGM on his daughter The 50-year-old man, originally from West Africa, has been cleared of twice arranging for someone to cut the child with a razor as she lay on a mat in the hallway. The prosecution said it did not happen for cultural or family reasons, but as a punishment. (Get that, even the f-ing CPS in the Uk is in on the act) The allegations came to light after the girl told a friend, whose mother contacted Childline.

As this is the UK, the man was also acquitted of five other charges at the Old Bailey, including child cruelty and wounding with intent.

You couldn't make it up if you tried.

Poland: Israeli youth arrested and fined for urinating on memorial at Auschwitz

(AuschwitzA 19-year-old Israeli was detained at the Auschwitz-Birkenau state museum after he was caught urinating on a memorial commemorating the victims of the camp. He was questioned for several hours and released on Wednesday after voluntarily accepting a fine as punishment, according to local reports. The fine reportedly was $1,500.

According to Polish law those who desecrate a monument or other public place commemorating a historical event or a person can be punished with a fine or imprisonment. The young Israeli was detained on Wednesday at about 1 p.m. According to witnesses, he urinated on a monument located near the ruins of the crematoria in the former Birkenau camp. The action was noticed by the museum’s guide who notified museum guards, who in turn called the police.

Sometimes I feel that the biggest enemies the Jews have is themselves.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

UK: Today's news from Bedford

21-year-old barber Abdulrahim Omar, was arrested on December 18 after he decided to humiliate a 10 year old child by shaving off his hair. During his arrest Omar, accepted what had happened saying he had done it to teach the boy a lesson. He said the boy had been using a razor himself and he wanted to teach him that they are dangerous which doesn't explain why Omar had laughed at him afterwards. He has been found guilty of actual bodily harm and will be sentenced next month.

Police are searching for 2 Asian men after they robbed a bike at knife point. (In the UK, Asian is the politically correct way of saying... Muslims.)

25-year-old Mustafa Ali, has been sentenced to a minimum of 16 years imprisonment after pleading guilty to stealing jewellery and watches worth more than £15,000 from a jewellers in Bedford, leaving a member of staff with facial injuries after hitting her with a gun. His partner in crime, Michael Adiat, received a 12-year sentence.

UK: Islamic teacher spared jail for touching up kids, because his wife can't speak English

(Preston) 40 year Suleman Maknojioa as a hafiz (somebody who has memorised the Koran) was seen by the Islamic community as somebody to be respected and so they had no problem allowing him to teach their children the Koran.  

 Suleman Maknojioa paedophile.

Unfortunately for one family, that was a huge mistake , as it allowed this nonce to sate his paedophilic urges. The poor 11 year old victim was too terrified to say anything about how his hands liked to wander, however the mother overheard her 13 year old and 7 year old sons talking about what was happening and called the police. In court Suleman claimed he believed the touching was “appropriate” to reassure her, but the court was having none of that and he was sentenced to 40 weeks in prison. However that was suspended as it transpired his wife can’t speak English, that she requires help to look after their 6 children and he is a sick man living on benefits.

And people wonder why so many Muslims want to come to the UK, when not only are they given a home and funding for as many children they can push out, but are allowed to rape as many little girls as they want and be allowed to get away with it.

Sweden: 24 year old migrant fined for masturbating on a Bus.

(Malmo) In June 2016 a 24 year old migrant moved from the front of the bus he was sat on, to sit next to a 28 year old woman. Once there, he decided to get his penis out and start to jerk off next to the woman. She was having none of this pushed him away and reported him to the driver, who in turn called the Police, who arrested him.

In court last friday, the migrant explained his embarrassing predicament down to the fact he was wearing tight underwear and thus when he sat down it just happened to pop out, he did try to push it back, but it kept on popping out  and thus gave the impression he was masturbating. The thing is, he couldn't explain how he was watching porn on his phone at the time. He was fined as a sex pest. 

Somalia: 2 terrorists taken out by US airstrike

(Mogadishu) The United States military  has reported that its special forces conducted an airstrike against Al-Shabaab terrorists in southern Somalia on Monday, killing two terrorists and wounding three others.

The U.S. Africa Command (Africom) said the airstrike which was conducted in cooperation with Somali government near Mubaarak region also destroyed a vehicle

India: Gun battle between Indian Army and Pakistani terrorists sees 8 killed.

(Kashmir)  Pakistan like every Islamic country in the world is unable to live in peace with its neighbours and today a bunch of its so called holy warriors (Aka Islamic terrorists) decided to target an Indian security patrol in the Indian district of Kashmir, which Pakistan claims as its own due to the fact it contains Muslims (Watch out London,Bradford and Paris) killing 4 Indians at the cost of 4 of their own.

The security forces were carrying out a search operation in forests around Kupwara, 95 km (60 miles) north of Srinagar

Austria: Diplomat sent home from Israel for posing in 'Nazi' shirt

(Wien) The Austrian Government has had to recall one of its diplomats back home from Israel after he decided to air pictures of himself wearing Nazis Uniforms on Social Media weeks after taking office in Israel . If that wasnt bad enough it transpires that Juergen-Michael Kleppich had not only posted pictures of his grandfather in Nazis uniforms, he had also supported somebody who had to resign over his Nazis links.

What is really troubling above the above, is how rightwing bigots feel confident enough to air their dirty washing in Public, something that is been seen more and more across Europe. 

Afghanistan: Idiots see in Iranian New Year by killing 29 and injuring another 52.

(Kabul) It appears those followers of the religion of peace and understanding didn’t like the idea that a load of Shia Muslims would get together in which to see in the Iranian New Year.  Which is why an ‘Allah ackba’ uttering idiot popped along to spoil the revellers day, which he did by murdering at least 29 people and wounding another 52  near a shrine in the Afghan capital Kabul.

And Muslims around the world complain about ‘Islamophobia’ (Which in the UK means somebody writing on the Net) meanwhile they remain silent on the ugliness  found within their ethnically pure homelands, which funny enough they can’t leave fast enough, in which to find sanctuary in the West, where the first thing they do is recreate the exact conditions which forced them to leave in the first place.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

UK: Algerian Couple in court for murdering French nanny whom they accused of witchcraft.

(London) There's a very strange court case currently under way in the UK.Algerians Sabrina Kouider and her partner Ouissem Medouni are in the dock over the torture, murder and burning of their 21 year old French nanny Sophie Lionnet last September.

Algerians Sabrina Kouider and  Ouissem Medouni 
It transpires that the couple accused the nanny of stealing a ring, of practicing in witchcraft and having sex. For these outlandish allegations, they proceeded to starve her, tortured her, made her make confessions on film that she had sex and then murdered her. Which naturally as they are Algerians, they deny.

Sophie Lionnet
The couple were caught after neighbours complained to the Police of a strange smell coming from a bonfire from a neighbours garden. When they investigated they found the body of Sophie, which was so badly disfigured, they couldn’t tell if it was male or female. Both suspects appeared in court via video feeds from their respective prisons, where they claimed their innocence via the use of an interpreter (Strange how both could live so well running businesses in the Uk, without the use of one) However the court heard  heard how Ms Kouider accused her nanny of being in cahoots with an ex boyfriend and said he controlled her through black magic. She even falsely labelled that ex boyfriend a paedophile in a fake Facebook account, the court heard. Jurors were told the allegations against Miss Lionnet and the ex boyfriend were "quite untrue".

It also emerged Miss Lionnet confided in a local chip shop owner that she was being beaten by Ms Kouider. She regularly visited the takeaway, often dressed in the same clothes, and ate chips at speed as if she was hungry. Yet nobody thought of informing the police. 

They also recorded Sophies torture, on one of the recordings of the murdered girl  Algerian Sabrina Kouider  is heard to scream :
"You destroy everything. I was trying to find myself again. I pray to god not to make me touch you. I don't want to make my hands dirty."

Witchcraft, prays to god, and from Algeria, sounds a lot like the followers of the peaceful religion have struck again. Despite all the evidence this ugly couple are currently playing the victim card.

Gaza: French consulate worker smuggled weapons for Hamas

(Jerusalem) Romain Franck from  the French Consulate in Jerusalem has been arrested for smuggling weapons from Gaza into East Jerusalem and the West Bank using his diplomatic immunity Apparently Franck smuggled weapons through the crossing on five separate occasions over the last two months, including over 70 guns and two assault rifles through the Erez Border Crossing between Gaza and Israel using a consular vehicle, which goes through reduced security checks because of its diplomatic status. Apparently he  received the weapons from a Palestinian employed at the French Cultural Centre in Gaza and transferred them to a third person in the West Bank.

Always said you can’t trust the French.

Germany: Court rejects Niqab driver's complaint

(Karlsruhe)  A Muslim woman banned from driving in Germany due to her wearing the full Islamic face veil, wasn’t happy, so took the government to court in which to try and get the ban lifted.
 Unfortunately for her the court ruled that the law did not violate her religious freedom. She didn’t help her own case by failing to explain how she faced harm by driving unveiled. German traffic laws, insist that drivers must have "unhindered all-around visibility" in order to protect other drivers and may "not cover up or obscure their face so that it is no longer recognizable. The law, which was approved in September last year, also aims to help police identify and prosecute drivers for traffic violations.

UK: Mohammed in court after driving a car into a packed nightclub

(Chatham)  21 year old Mohammed Abdul was refused entry into Blake's nightclub in Gravesend last Saturday evening . Angry about how his honour had been offended on being refused entry into a place where scantly dressed women mix with unrelated males whilst partaking in alcohol. Mohammed went back to his car and decided to teach the kuffer a lesson.

Which is why he was in court yesterday charged with driving his car into the nightclub just before midnight on Saturday evening injuring over 13 people. Thankfully nobody was killed.  

The British Police have ensured that this story has been quickly covered up. (See if you can find it on the bBC news website without using Mohammed's name) and have issued a nothing to worry about disclaimer.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Russia: Putin wins election with 75% of vote.

(Moscow) Russian President Vladimir Putin has secured an expected victory in the presidential election. With more than half of ballots counted, he had received 75% of the vote, that said the main opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, was barred from the race. Addressing a rally in Moscow after the early results were declared, Mr Putin said voters had "recognised the achievements of the last few years".  Personally I feel this episode of Blackadder sums up the Russian election.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

How the Chinese see Europe

(Foreign Policy)   has complied via the use of internet search queries on Chinese search engines  on how the Chinese see Europe, or more precisely Europeans. Yes its half in jest, but what 1.4 billion people think must count for something: