Sunday, January 28, 2018

Afghanistan: Terrorist attack on Military academy

(Kabul) Days after a vehicle bomb inside an ambulance murdered 100 people, the pious followers of the religion of peace who insist on killing their way to power are at it again by launching an attack on the Afghan Military academy  which is situated in the capital city.

The attack kicked off at around 0530hrs local time when 5 terrorists (Terrorists terrorise, the media tries to tell me there wankers are militants, but militants preach their ideology not kill)  decided to send a couple of the mates to blow themselves up before the other 3 went in guns blazing. 2 idiots were killed and the last one was captured alive. No doubt his refugee claim was accepted by a stupid European country, who will move heaven and earth in which to ensure that their new citizen is given as much help as possible in which to get him off terrorism charges in his own country.

The attack by so called peaceful Muslims resulted in 11 people murdered for allah.