Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sweden: Man Shot dead another seriously injured.

(Malmo) Well whilst the left wax lyrical regards President Trump and his exposing the intolerance found within the followers of Islam. A previous target of one of his tweets 'Sweden' is waking up to yet another murderous shooting in this so called peaceful country.

Last night at around 21.20 local time a 20 year old youth recently released from prison was shot dead in the Malmo suburb of  Eriksfältsgatan, another youth also in his 20s was seriously wounded. The area is one of the areas deemed vulnerable or especially vulnerable, which is the politically correct way to say High immigrant areas.

Syria: Is China about to deploy troops to fight ISIS?

(Damascus)  The Russian military has revealed that China is going to deploy its Special forces into Syria in which to combat around 2500 Chinese terrorists fighting in the region.

Two divisions of the Special Operations Forces, the “Tigers of Siberia” and the “Night Tigers”, will assist Syrian army forces in their military operations to combat the Chinese jihadist group that has committed hundreds of terrorist attacks within China. Whilst China has traditionally stayed out of the Syrian conflict directly, it has intervened to combat the spread of the Islamic East Turkestan terrorist network that has opportunistically found its way to not only Syria, but Pakistan and Afghanistan. The group has deep ties to the international al-Qaida network and fights under their regional affiliates.
In October 2012, Chinese Major general Jin Yinan stated that the Chinese-based jihadist group had established a presence in Syria to help its fighters gain experience and to gain an international following for its cause in China.

UK: The growth of the Muslim Lobby

Across the Western world the Liberals and Muslims love to claim that there is a huge Jewish Lobby in place You heard the accounts of the Jews control the banks, the Media, the US, The rise in Islamophobia etc. But the truth be told, the actual lobby which controls the West is the Islamic one. Yesterday it came out in the wash that a Muslim Labour MP had threatened a news team including a pregnant female if they didn't stop asking questions about her links to a right wing Islamic party in Bangladesh 

This was followed by the news that a Labour councillor in London has been suspended for her open anti-Semitism. This all came hot on the news that President Trump has been berated by the British PM for retweeting videos of Islamic intolerance .

In the UK not one Muslim found guilty of raping little girls has been deemed a paedophile by the media. Instead they are called groomers.

Not one Muslim has been found guilty of FGM since it was outlawed in 1985.

Currently there is a campaign in which to allow returning ISIS terrorists to be given council homes, jobs and no questions asked.

Any attempt by the UK which targets Islamic terrorism is deemed...Racist.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise, but according to the media, Muslims are the only victims.

Voting fraud is on the rise and the main culprits are?

Muslims have openly walked in front of parliament with the flag of ISIS

Muslims have protested outside embassies in London dressed as suicide bombers no questions asked

After any terrorist attack in the Uk, the first thing the police and the media worry about is a backlash

Across the Uk we see many examples of how the tail is wagging the dog, be it forcing Halal meat on everybody, not publishing images of somebody who died 1600 years ago, or even looking the otherway at bigamy when it comes to Muslims. The Political elites are scared shitless of enforcing the law when it comes to Islam. That people is the Muslim lobby at work and it is only going to get worse as their numbers grow.

North Korea: A little more info on that latest missile launch.

(Pyongyang) Last night  North Korea (NK)  launched a ICBM deep into space revealing that it has the capability to strike anywhere in the continental United State of America.

Whilst the left bemoan the US for not overlooking these launches, they omit the fact that North Korea has made it very clear that they intend to use them against the US.  Funny enough exactly how they bitch at how Israel reacts when its Islamic neighbours launch missiles into the Jewish state. So what exactly is all the fuss about:
  • The North said Wednesday's test was of a new ICBM -- called a Hwasong 15 -- that was capable of carrying a "super-large heavy warhead" to any target in the continental United States.
  • Its range is certainly capable of doing just that, however, I’d add a pinch of salt to the super-large warhead claim for now.

So what can the US do? Well it can enforce more sanctions onto the NK regime, however that depends on countries such as China and Russia getting involved. Seeing as China doesn't want the THAAD anti missile system anywhere near North Korea,

A little part of me suspects that Beijing is more than happy for NK to continue pissing off the US, in which to keep Washington off its back over its imperial designs on the neighbourhood. Likewise for Russia, but instead of imperial designs they are simply shit stirring, which may explain how NK got its hands on a Russian ICBM missile engine.

It can bolster the Anti-missile defences of the US and its allies however that will come at a cost and could be yet another reason why Russia could be involved. (The USSR became bankrupt during the Cold war trying to keep up with the US and NATO)

However, there is a third option, the US will back down. That would be loved by all the liberals across the world as a sign that the US is a coward, not willing to stand by its friends and that it can be bullied into submission. The thing is, the ethical latte crowd have been demanding the US do just that for years and until 2003 that is exactly what the US did with the Agreed Framework, until NK admitted it had been working on a bomb in secret for years and pulled out. In otherwords you can't trust NK and all they understand is strength. The question NK has to ask is, if they did launch an attack on the US, how long would North Korea glow for?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Europe: Islamic population projections

(EU) On the day that President Trump has been lambasted by European Liberals as some sort of hate monger for retweeting videos of Non-Christian intolerance primarily by Muslims . The Washington-based Pew Research Centre. Has released a report on how the Islamic populations in Europe will change due to the Political correctness mindset of the liberal EU leaders in not only importing Muslims by their millions into a Christian continent, but silencing any criticism of the ugliness ingrained within Islam which have no place in this day and age: (Paedophilia/Honour killings/Beheadings/Slavery/Racial and religious intolerance/Misogyny /FGM/Homophobia and criminality. The last is based on how Mohammed wrote into the Koran how the Mosque must receive a % of any ill-gotten gains (Usually by robbing Jewish caravans) as a form of charity.)

As Muslims can do virtually anything they want due to their penchant for playing the victim and if that doesn’t work murder, imagine what they can get up to when their population base across Europe expand. Think I’m kidding, nobody calls Terrorists terrorist  anymore as the left found it a loaded Noun, Nobody in the UK calls Islamic gangs paedophiles or rapists but rather  groomers, after each and every Islamic terrorist act, the authorities openly fear a backlash , FGM has been outlawed in the UK since 1985, 100,000 of young girls have had their bits chopped off and not one person has been prosecuted , Oh hang on there was one guy, but he was let off when he claimed he didn’t knowit was illegal in the UK and the left defended him.

I personally have nothing against Muslims, however as an Apostate from Islam, they do have a lot against me. Now If the Liberals are tip toeing around Muslims now, what will they be doing when their population has tripled and they really do start calling the shots.

Haque: Bosnian Croat war criminal kills himself in court.

(The Hague) Convicted War criminal Slobodan Praljak wasn’t happy with the 20 year prison sentence he received in 2013 for War crimes carried out by the Croatians during the Yugoslavian civil war, specifically inside Bosnia. So he appealed and whilst in the dock he decided to kill himself by drinking poison.  
As somebody who served in Bosnia during said civil war, I have no time for any of the combatants, they were all fucking evil to each other and with Praljak taking the easy way out, all I see is one less Oxygen thief. Have to laugh at how the judge came out with "stop please !" regards this dickhead ending his life.

Egypt: School teaching Children that Israel/Turkey/Iran and Qatar behind ISIS attack on Mosque

(Cairo) Days after ISIS murdered over 300 people at a mosque inside Egypt. A school in a neighbouring province has come under fire for making its pupils enact that attack, however for some very strange reason the children who emulated the ISIS terrorists lofted high the flags of Israel, Iran, Turkey and Qatar as the people behind this murderous attack:

In response the Egyptian government has removed the school’s director from her position. However this does highlight one of the main issues regards Muslims and how they continue to excuse terrorist acts carried out in their name

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Turkey: 3 Turks abuse Female shop-worker over...Black Friday

(Istanbul) Last Friday 3 very brave men entered an opticians and started throwing abuse at the female shop assistant because the store was running a Black Friday promotion.  First they asked her if she was a Muslim and on getting a positive answer used their pious adherence to Islam in which to berate her, not only that, but they filmed themselves abusing this poor woman and happily uploaded to the net for all to see them carrying out 'Allah's will: 
“You cannot call the Muslim holy day ‘Black’,why do you not organise ‘Black Sunday’ campaigns ? It’s immoral, it’s impertinent, You cannot sell snails in a Muslim neighbourhood.” (That expression, popular among pious Muslims refers to how they are forbidden to eat snails) 
This people is how Islam works, they use religion in which to keep people in their place and we all know what happens to people who get tagged as blasphemers?. But the worse part, is this religious intolerance has been allowed to creep into the West in the name of...Political correctness.

Politicians in Turkey have jumped onto the moral outrage bandwagon, with Hamza Yerlikaya a member of the ruling AK Party and adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Tweeting on Twitter:
 “What is this Black Friday? Why Friday? Friday is enlightenment, abundance, peace, the best day the sun shines on."

Somalia: US carry out another Air Strike on ISIS

(Mogadishu)  With the fall of the ISIS Islamic caliphate across Syria and Iraq . Followers of the gay death cult have spread to all 4 corners of the world inn which to continue the fight against the entire world. Whilst a few have decided to return to life of benefits in the west, a large number have relocate to volatile hotspots around the world in which to sate their blood lust. Which is why card carrying ISIS thugs have turned up in: Afghanistan/:Libya and Somalia and funny enough in all 3 of those countries the US has been going out of its way in which to wipe these scum off the face of the earth with air-strikes.

Which is why last night in Somalia, the US struck an ISIS camp  near the town of Qandala killing at least one thug. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Australia: New Year Eve terrorist attack thwarted

(Melbourne) Australian police have arrested a 20 year old man on charges of plotting to carry out an 'Allah-ackba ' terrorist attack with an automatic rifle  during the New Year's Eve celebrations in Melbourne.

The man born to Somali immigrants to Australia was known to the authorities as a person of interest. 

Greece: Greek football fans attack Mohammed's birthday parade

(Athens) For almost 400 years, Greece was occupied by the Ottomans who ruled with an iron-jackboot; all non-Muslims were forbidden to ride a horse, male children from Christian villages were stolen and forced into the Janissaries and the Christian population was so heavily taxed that the effects are still felt today. The Turks, unhappy at being kicked out of Greece in 1829, murdered hundreds of thousands and the Greeks have never forgot about living under Islam.

So, when Greek football fans came across approximately 800 Pakistani Muslims parading through Athens in which to celebrate the birthday of their founder, they didn't like what they saw, and when the Muslims decided to stand their ground and taunt the Greeks, they found out the hard way about the Greek adage "Go tell the Spartans".

Sweden: Politician forced to quit after stating that Muslims 'not completely human'

(Stockholm) Martin Strid has quit the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna, SD) after saying that Muslims were "not completely human" during a conference.

Strid, a local politician from the town of Borlänge, told the audience at the party's national conference in Norrköping that there is a "scale of 1 to 100".
"On one end of the scale you are 100 percent human, a person, everything that’s part of that concept. At the other end, you are 100 percent Mohammedan, all Muslims are somewhere on that scale" and of Isis are close to being 100 percent Mohammedan . if you are an ex-Muslim you have come quite far towards being fully human,"
The speech which was recorded by broadcaster SVT, reported Strid to police for the hate speech. He has since resigned, and the SD party is currently undergoing damage limitation SD party secretary Richard Jomshof called Strid’s statement "racist"
"Everyone has fundamental human worth, the same for everyone. If you think that someone has a worse value based on a certain skin colour or the community they are part of, that is racism for me. We will not accept that,"

Egypt: TV Host suspended after stating that its ok to attack Christians ,but not Muslims

(Cario)  Eyptian TV channel Sada al-Balad has suspended TV host Rasha Magdi  hours after the mosque attack last Friday which claimed over 300 lives when she stated that it is OK to attack ‘Christians’.
“We saw attacks by terrorists on the police and army, and we said this is mutual violence. These extremist groups have attacked churches and we said that they think it is a [different] religion, not Islam, and it is hostile to them, and then we said it is okay, but how [can these groups attack] Muslims?,”
She has since been suspended and is now awaiting an internal investigation on her conduct. Funny enough this isn’t the first time Magdi has been caught peddling hate speech towards non-Muslims when she worked for the state television network, several legal cases were filed against her for inciting hatred against Egypt’s Copic Christians, particularly regarding the killing by the Egyptian army of more than 25 Christians during what has become known as the Maspero massacre.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Belgium: Yet more rioting and looting

(Brussels)  Of late Belgium has suffered from a tranche of riots  by non- Europeans and yesterday was no different when a huge protest against slavery in Libya was used by the usual suspects in which to riot (How strange) and  to do a little Christmas shopping but without paying for the goods.

Point to note, Africa is a fucking shithole because lazy layabouts have no problem robbing those who work for a living and now we see the exact same happening in Europe,

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Iran: Threatens Europe with Missiles.

(Tehran)  It never fails to amaze me how many people will go out of their way in which to excuse the mad mullahs of Iran. Be it hanging people for being gay, torturing women to death or even constantly threatening Israel. The do-gooders have no problem ensuring that Iran is excused everything by blaming somebody else. Various members of the EU are more than happy to overlook the totalitarianism of the Iranian state in which to make a quick buck ,and since the dropping of sanctions , trade has really flourish between the EU and the Mad mullahs. However whilst European nations are more than happy to look the other-way regards trade deals with Iran. The Mad Mullahs who run the show there have no problem telling it how it is. Which is why the Brigadier General Hossein Salami the deputy head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards has warned Europe that it could increase the range of its missiles in response to the French called for tough talks with Iran about its ballistic missile programme.

“So far we have felt that Europe is not a threat, so we did not increase the range of our missiles. But if Europe wants to turn into a threat, we will increase the range of our missiles,”
A program that threatens everybody , however as this is the EU expect them to issue a statement blaming Israel.Well that is the way of a socialist

Friday, November 24, 2017

UK: BBC peddling fake new

(London)  The BBC is currently airing a story about how a little girl in a school was asked how she felt about living next door to a black person.

Apparently the mother was offended by this test paper on unconscious bias:

For some strange reason the mother doesn't include the top of the test paper in her happy snap. But hey faster than you can scream black lives matter, she's been given a soap box to stand on in which to play the race card, the school responded by saying:
"The lesson is about citizenship and diversity, and focuses particularly on homophobia. It aims to develop student's understanding of the advantages of a diverse and inclusive society, and the dangers of prejudiced or phobic attitudes and behaviour.
However she wasn't having any of this and the BBC is more than happy to allow her to air her grievance. Then I found out she works as a presenter for the...BBC   Funny that.

Mali: Attack on UN sees 4 killed

(Bamako) As mentioned in my previous post, there is always an upsurge in violence by Muslims on a Friday. (Their holy day)  Which is why a UN MINUSMA team on patrol near the Mali/Niger border saw 4 Soldiers killed (3 UN, 1 Malian and another 7 injured) when they were ambushed by unknown assailants 

Italy: Egyptian couple jailed for enforcing Islam onto their daughters.

(Turin)  A Egyptian couple have been jailed for 3 and a half years, fines 20,000 euros and seen their daughters taken into care after been found guilty of abuse. It appears that in order to keep their 2 girls (10 and 18) on a pure righteous religious path.  The parents took to whipping their offspring with electrical cord on their hands and under their feet, tied them to chairs, and forced them to frequent Arabic school and wear the veil.

When a teacher overheard one of the girls stating “I'd rather kill myself than go back home" and investigation was launched with the parents found guilty of abuse. To date, the parents have expressed no contrition on their behalf. 

Egypt: Terrorist attack on Mosque kills 235, injure another 130

(Cairo) I just don't know just what it is about Friday (The Muslim holy day) We do seem to witness a surge in attacks on it. Today is no exception ,where scum attacked a mosque in Eygpts North Sinai province by detonating a bomb in the midst of prayers ,and then opening fire with machine guns during the ensuring confusion killing 235 and injuring 130

Afghanistan: US used High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) to hit Taliban drug dens

(Kabul) On Sunday past the US took out 8 Taliban drug dens , the statement offered on Monday was US air-strikes took them out, and for the vast majority aircraft using small diameter bombs did just that. However it has now been revealed that on one site the US used the land based High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)  aka MLRS on wheels.

Whilst this isn't the first time HIMARS has been used in theatre, it shows that the US (In conjunction with the Afghan Government)  is willing to take the war back to the likes of the Taliban, who have grown somewhat bolder under the previous administrations of both countries.

Canada: Everybody else kills ISIS terrorists, Trudeau offers them therapy.

(Ottawa) Whilst all civilized nations are rightly concerned about the threat posed by their citizens who joined Islamic State, returning ,most are happy to see them killed the rest are locking them up and jailing them. However Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister has a very different plan in opening the doors of Canada wide open to welcome these naturally peaceful, but misguided followers of ISIS back home:
“We recognize the return of even one individual (who joined the ISIS group) may have serious national security implications, however are going to monitor them. We are also there to help them to let go of that terrorist ideology,”
Naturally Trudeaus words haven't gone down well in Parliament, with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer really letting rip:
“These are people who got on a plane to fight for ISIS and watched as our allied soldiers were burned to death in a cage. These are people who got on a plane to go to fight for an organization that sells women and girls into slavery. These are people who left Canada to fight for a group of people who push homosexuals off buildings just for being gay .Can the Prime Minister explain to the House exactly what a program or reintegration service would look like for the people who commit these kinds of atrocities?”

Interlude:Thompson Twins - We Are Detective

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Egypt: Police shoot dead three terrorists, arrest nine others

(Cairo) Egyptian Police have killed three Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated terrorists in a security raid, in Wadi al-Notroun, Beheira Governate, arresting nine others who were suspected of planning assaults against security forces, They also seized a large amount of ammunition and improvised explosive devices stored in a terrorist hideout, and confiscated two booby-trapped cars belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated wing, Lewaa al Sawra.

Afghanistan: ISIS beheads 15 of its own

(Kabul)  Not content with fighting the Government, the US and the Taliban, the nice fellows of ISIS are more than happy to fight within themselves, which is why after the latest bout of internal ISIS bitch fighting, the higher have decided to send a message, so they beheaded 15 of their own in Nangarhar province

Gee what nice club benefits

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

India: Army foils terrorist attempt to sneak into country:

(Kashmir) Due to Pakistan's inability to allow Non-Muslims  live in peace, they continue to foment trouble and strife for the Hindus next door in India. Which is why today the India army stopped a bunch of Pakistani terrorists sneaking into the country. In the insuring gun fight that followed 3 Pakistani terrorists and 1 Indian soldier were killed.

No doubt the Pakistani will soon be complaining to the UN over how their terrorists are getting shot.

Egypt: 5 Islamic terrorists taken out by MIlitary

(Cairo)  The tit for tat bunfight between the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood (Who still cant accept the people wanted them gone) and the Government continued when the Egyptian Army operating in the Northern Sinai came across a couple of terrorist groups (who just happened to be hanging around) and took out 5 of them and arrested another 3. No doubt in their bid to regain their honour they end up murdering a large number of innocent people.

UK: Two Racist bigots jailed in the UK

Two men have been jailed in the Uk over how they set out to murder and terrorise 'Muslims' after the London terrorists attacks earlier this year:

(Glasgow) In Scotland  James Palmer was jailed for 36 months after planting a fake bomb outside a mosque  On the evening of June 4, he left a blue plastic bag containing two gas canisters, taped together with wire and wood, on the steps of Paisley Central Mosque while people inside were praying. Palmer, 31, also threatened to bomb Muslims, including a hand-written message which read “Youse are next, defo” inside the bag containing the fake bomb.

(London) Mickey Sage was jailed for 27 months after he walked the streets of London armed with a knife looking for people to stab.  He was arrested after pulling a knife on two people and asking them if they were Muslim. In interview he said he was looking for Muslims to stab, saying he would be "a martyr for England and stab an imam in the neck".

What I can't understand is how a drunken idiot who left a fake bomb outside a mosque can receive a longer prison sentence than somebody walking the streets with a knife looking for Muslims to kill.

Somalia: US Air strike on Al Shabab terrorist camp kills over 100 terrorists

(Mogadishu)  The fight against Islam terrorism in Somalia, which has been ongoing for years and which the African Union (AU) has made very slow progress after 10 years of operations there, has these past few weeks received a huge shot in the arm with President Trump signing off the US Military to take out as many of these gun totting thugs as possible thus allowing the AU to take advantage of the situation. This month alone the US has killed over 50 terrorists from the air (15th/9th/3rd).

Well that figure of death from above was increased last night when a US attack drone knocked on the door of a terrorist camp in the village of Bur-Eylada, situated between the towns of Dinsor and Buur Hakaba in the Bay region of the country.

So far, US AFRICOM is reporting that over 100 terrorists were taken out in that airstrike. If the AU can capitalise on this early Christmas present from President Trump, then the future could look bright for the peoples of Somalia who have suffered for years at the hands of these religious bigots. Just goes to show that the after years of liberal thinking of worrying about the human rights of terrorists, that actually the only thing they understand is someone with a bigger stick.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

UK: BBC goes out of its way to whitewash Islamic terrorism

The BBC used to be known as a paragon of honest and unbiased news reporting. Unfortunately that went out of the window when they started referring to Terrorists as Militants or even misguided criminals . Yesterday they reported on how Sayfullo Saipov, who has been indicted on terrorism charges regards the Oct. 31 terror attack, which killed 8 people was an innocent man:

On this side of the water, the bBC coverage of a 17 year old arrested hours before he planned to carry out a lone wolf terror attack at Justin Bieber concert has them leading with an headline that he actually hated IS.

This is what the bBC pushes out on a daily basis , its as if its mission statement is to present Muslims in only a positive light or as victims. Which kind of explains this story:

With the bBC mandate in which to only promote positive Muslim stories, the otherside side of the coin to them is to only air negative Jewish ones. (If anybody can find a positive Jewish story at the bBC do be so kind as to email it in)

Iraq: Car bomb kills 23, injures another 60.

(Tuz Khurmatu) A car bomb was detonated at around noon near a crowded market in the Northern Iraqi town of Tuz Khurmatu, killing 23 people and injuring another 60 people. 

The town is situated just south of Mosul and is predominantly populated by Turkmen lending to the view that ISIS specifically targeted the town in which to accelerate the discord between the Turks Iraqis and the Kurds in which to sow as much confusion and destruction as possible. Tuz Khurmatu was one of the areas disputed by Iraq and Kurdistan Region. Iraqi forces recaptured the area mid October as part of a government push to impose control over disputed territories in response to Kurdistan’s independence referendum held in September.

Nigeria: Suicide attack on Mosque kills 50

{Mubi)  A suicide bomb attack on a Mosque on the Nigerian/Cameroon border has resulted in the deaths of 50 people.  

It appears the the attacker managed to enter the mosque along with other worshippers for the morning prayers before detonating his device . Adamawa state police spokesman Othman Abubakar on speaking to the media related:
"So far we have at least 50 dead from an attack at a mosque in Mubi,"
The attack bore all the hallmarks of Boko Haram, the Islamist militants whose insurgency has left at least 20,000 people dead and more than 2.6 million others homeless since 2009. For some strange reason their plans to install Sharia law across Nigeria involves blowing up mosques in the Northern part of the country which is not only Islamic but already lives under Sharia law.  

Germany:ISIS plan to attack Christmas Market broken up, 6 Syrians under arrest.

(Berlin) Acting on information provided by asylum seekers, 500 German Police  carried out raids in the towns of Kassel, Hannover, Essen and Leipzig arresting 6 men on charges of ISIS membership and preparing to carry out a mass terrorist attack on a Christmas market .The six suspects were identified as Syrian citizens aged between 20 and 28 who arrived in Germany as asylum-seekers between December 2014 and September 2015.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sweden: The rest of the news from Monday.

Here is the rest of the news for Monday the 21st of Nov 2017 from Sweden:

(Billesholm) Four people have been admitted to hospital after been attacked in Billesholm. Between eight and ten people were involved in the incident, but only the four injured were left when the police came to the scene on Monday night.
(Arlanda Airport) The suspect in the fatal shooting of a  man  at lunchtime Monday was arrested as he tried to board a plane out of the country at the main Swedish airport today.

(Bromma) Four men involved in the above shooting were arrested by Swedish police.

(Tunis) The most wanted man in Sweden was arrested today in Tunisa. The 44 year old man is wanted for the cold blooded murder of a witness the day before he was due to attend court.

(Stockholm)  A man has been arrested on charges of witness intimidation after a bomb was detonated outside his front door on Sunday evening.

Sweden: The Beirut of Europe experiences yet another bomb attack.

(Malmo)  All the ethical latte drinkers laughed when President Trump pointed at Sweden regards the issues of gun and bomb violence which is plaguing the country. Funny enough after almost a year of shootings, stabbings , rapes and bomb attacks those liberals have kept pretty quiet about all that is wrong with Sweden.

Well tonight another bomb was detonated inside a housing complex in the city of Malmo .
The bomb was detonated at around 23.30hrs local time in the stairwell of a block of flats which caused extensive damage to the building. Swedish Police, bomb disposal staff and the ambulance service are currently attending the scene. Thankfully no one has been reported injured, but one woman sis been treated for shock.

Funny enough Mollevangstorget square is where the local immigrant population likes to aim fireworks at the local police:

US: Years ago 19 year olds were dying for their country, now they complain when a woman grabs their ass.

(US) Andrew Fitzgibbon an Irish man was 16 when he won the Victoria Cross, Willie Johnston was 11 when he earned the Medal of Honour. Valentin Kotyk was 14 when he was posthumously awarded the Hero of Soviet Union. The list of children who have laid down their lives in the face of danger is endless and yet today we have a generation of snowflakes who shed tears at the slightest provocation. Once such example is 19 year old singer and song writer ‘Khalid’ who has gone public on how horrified he was at a concert when a female fan grabbed his ass.

Afghanistan: Eight drug labs targeted in first NATO-backed raids:

(Kabul)  Despite what the ethical latte drinkers claim, since before 2001 the Taliban have used drugs to fund their Islamic holy war. However what is strange that successive US administrations have deemed that drugs production off limits. Which is why Afghanistan is the world's top cultivator of the poppy, from which opium and heroin are produced.

However under President Trump, the US in conjunction with the Afghan Government have said enough is enough and last night targeted 8 Taliban drug labs using airstrikes. (Including using the F22 stealth fighter)
I suppose the media will soon be reporting on schools , hospitals and mosques that have been destroyed in which to express their hatred of the US under Trump

Germany: Talks to form German government collapse

(Berlin)  Talks on forming a coalition government in German have taken a huge setback when the when the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) walked out of talks. This inability to hash out an agreement has set the country on the path to new elections. Something that Mrs Merkel doesn't need and which may result in her removal from power.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

India: 6 Pakistani terrorists killed by Indian troops.

(Hajin)  Indian forces acting on a tip off today besieged  Chandergeer village in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bandipora district  resulting in 6 Pakistani funded Terrorists getting killed. 

Unfortunately one Indian airforce commando was killed also. Shesh Paul Vaid, state police chief, spoke to the media that security forces had killed six fighters linked to the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba group.
"The operation is over,all the six terrorists killed today were Pakistani,"
Among the six foreign terrorists killed was Owaid, the nephew of LeT operation commander Lakhvi, the mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. which saw a 10 Pakistani terrorists murder 157 people and injure another 600 people.

France: 2 Muslims arrested for entering Monastery during evening prayers and acting the goat.

(Verdun) 2 men with thick beards and wearing Islamic dress have been arrested after they entered the Monastery of Carmel in Verdun, carried out the Islamic prayer during vespers (Evening prayer)  informed the nuns present that if they didn’t convert to Islam  they would all go to hell and on their way out decided to write ‘Allah Ackba’ in the visitors book.

Both were arrested not long after in the town and have been locked away until their day in court which has been booked for the 28th April 2018 for aggravated voluntary violence . Violence, in this case, is psychological violence. Which can incur a sentence of three years imprisonment and 45,000 € fine.

Police have been quick to clamp down on these two idiots after the case last year were 84 year old Fr Jacques Hamel was murdered inside his church during morning mass by 2 Muslims.

Spain: Police shoot man at border checkpoint after he approached them screaming 'Allah Akba'

(La Jonquera) just after midnight on the border between Spain and France, customs carried out a check on a vehicle heading into France. 

Whilst the Female driver was compliant, the Customs staff became aware of the unease of the male passenger and asked him to set out.  This he did, however once outside they be became aware of something suspicious under his top, at this point, the man started shouting ‘Allah ackba’ and scuttled back into the car. Customs cleared the area and called the police. 30 mins later the suspect left the vehicle and approached the agents with a nervous attitude carrying an object in his hand which couldn’t be identified due to the darkness of the night. ignoring the policemen's requests to stop, they fired several shots into the air to stop advance  but, he took no notice and continued to close with . At this point the Police decided to shoot him. He was wounded and taken to the local hospital for treatment.

Spanish police have stated they are not treating this as a terrorist incident, but rather the French man of Moroccan origin, was suffering from  some type of mental disorder.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Germany: Fears of another election if coalition Government cannot come to an agreement.

(Berlin)  In September Germany held a federal election which Angela Merkel won but with a much reduced share of the vote for her conservative party which now requires two junior coalition partners to form a government, the Greens and the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) — the black, green and yellow of their colours forming a so-called "Jamaica" coalition.  (I suppose in the UK/US that would be deemed racist)

After a month of talks, nothing concrete has been laid down and with the deadline for talks fast approaching,  a lot of people are going to have to suck it up.
So what happens next:
  • Official coalition negotiations will now begin
  • The talks will focus on dividing up cabinet posts between the parties, with the Greens and FDP eyeing key ministries.
  • Negotiations could continue for several more weeks

  • Merkel's conservatives could form minority government, possibly with Greens
  • Talks could possibly begin with the Social Democrats (SPD) to form another so-called "grand coalition."
  • New national elections could be called.

  • The parties will try to hammer out a more concrete preliminary coalition agreement.
  • Talks could continue for several more weeks before official ones begin.

Venezuela: President Nicolas Maduro Is accused of been responsible for 8,000 murders

(Den Hague) Luisa Ortega Venezuela’s ousted chief prosecutor on Thursday asked the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into President Nicolas Maduro and four other senior officials for alleged crimes against humanity.
Ortega, who was fired after falling out with the Madurogovernment earlier this year, appeared at The Hague where she filed a complaint, based on the 8,290 deaths she says took place between 2015 and 2017 at the hands of officials who received instructions from the government.
“Nicolas Maduro and his government should pay for these crimes against humanity just as they must also pay for the hunger, misery and hardship they’ve inflicted on the Venezuelan people,”
Ortega said she was taking her complaint to the international tribunal because “it’s not possible to punish these people” in Venezuela, where she said the judiciary has been taken over by the ruling socialist party. Unfortunately for Maduro she managed to secrete damning evidence from her office before she left and handed it over to the International criminal court. 

It looks like the beginning of the end for yet another socialist experiment which has failed the people. George Orwell  got it so right when he wrote his children’s book  ‘Animal farm’  regards the ugliness of socialism in 1945.

UK: Fesal jailed for 6 years for raping a 14 year old.

(Birmingham) Fesal Aidarus befriended a 14 year old irl and offered to take her to a bonfire display in 2015.  On route he demanded oral sex off her, she refused, he then demanded sex, she refused again, not happy at how his honour had been offended, fesal raped her. He was arrested a couple of days later after being spotted near to where the attack took place.

Fesal the child rapist
In court this week he pleaded not guilty and after only 4 hours was found guilty of rape. He was sent down for 6 years. Meaning 3 years and he’ll be out. After he was jailed video emerged of this Islamic rapist expressing how he really feels about woman. Gee I wonder which unholy book that comes from? 

Belgium: More riots hit the capital.

(Brussels) Days after Moroccan football fans rioted across Belgium, the usual suspects rioted again simply because they could:

Rioters clashed with police after a Vargasss 92, a french You-Tube rapper tried to illegally shoot a video, His fans weren't happy with his arrest and so they rioted.

Nigeria: Suicide attacks on Mosque kill 18 injure 29

(Maiduguri) I simply cannot understand the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram and it campaign to install sharia law in Nigeria. You see Nigeria is a country split in two, the top half is Islamic and run under Sharia law and the bottom half is Christian and isn’t.

So where do these Nigeria Islamic warriors carry out their attacks in which to force Sharia law onto everyone. The North. Which is why on Wednesday 4 suicide bombers descended on a mosque in the Northern city of Maiduguri and uttered , “Allah ackba’ for the last time. Killing 18 people and injuring another 29.

If you want to get the people on your side, I suppose not killing them would help. 

Syria: Air strike on market kills 61

(Atareb) More than 60 people were killed in after Syrian/Russian air-force carried out airstrikes on a market in north Syria on Monday on a town inside rebel held terrority.

There were at least three airstrikes on the market at Atareb, a town in the Aleppo countryside which had become swollen by the arrival of refugees from nearby battles.

For some strange reason this hasn't received that much coverage in the Western Media, neither have the so called ethical latte crowd, who are always the first to scream foul play at the US/UK or Israel made a sound. Funny that.

UK: Naz Shah barred for saying: Teachers brainwashing our children into thinking Hitler was the bad guy"

(Bradford)  The Socialist Labour party in the UK is the official opposition to the Government and it has as its leader a terrorist sycophant who has publicly supported the enemies of the land, be it the IRA, Russia, Iran and of late Islamic terrorism. I mean here is a man who could be the next leader of the Uk and he publicly called the death of Osama bin Laden a 'tragedy'

With such an idiot as leader, it isn't surprising to find Anti-Semitism running deep within the party. Oh he says there isn't any (Here's a few examples: 1,2,3,4,5) and he had a former human rights champion lead an investigation into that subject. She found none and then within days found herself given a peerage in the House of Lords .

Well despite the all clear as afforded by a so called Human right lawyer. Anti Semitism is still rife within the party and it takes bloggers to expose the ugliness found with the ranks of a party which claims to support equality for all. One such example is Naz Shah who the labour party was going to parachute into a safe city of Bradford seat with a high Islamic population. The same Naz Shah who tweeted this about the victims of Islamic rape gangs in the UK:

The thing is in Aug 2016 she was forced to resign as the parliamentary private secretary to the shadow chancellor, after it was exposed that she didn't like Jews:

Well as is the way of racist Socialist bigots, having presumed that the above furore had quietened down, Labour decided to promote her for another another bash at entering Government. Problem for her, even more posts of her anti-Semitism have turned up such as:

Naturally she has expressed contrition:
 “I have travelled a long way since then and learned so much. I profoundly regret the comments I made in 2012 and any offence they caused.”

Well forced to act, Labour have barred the nasty piece of work from standing  in Little Horton. However the real question we should be asking is for how long.

Interlude:Dave Clark Five:Bits and Pieces

Pakistan: Mohammad burnt his wife to death after she refused to allow him a second wife.

(Tank District) Faiz Mohammad wasn’t happy with his wife when she expressed her displeasure of him acquiring a second wife. Feeling that he had lost his honour he doused her in petrol and set her afire last month.

She died last Saturday after spending the past 20 days in hospital with severe burns.  The hospital accepted his family’s excuse that she burnt herself whilst cooking; He said it was a failed suicide attempt. However before she died she informed her mother, who whilst scarred of reprisals informed the police and under questioning he admitted to setting the mother of his 2 month old daughter alight because he was angry at her refusal. 

Germany: Court rules that Kuwaiti airline within rights to refuse Israeli citizen a flight.

(Frankfurt) A  German court has ruled that Kuwaiti airlines was within its rights to cancel a flight made by a Jewish student living in Germany on a flight to Thailand. The cancellation came a few days before the students scheduled departure in August 2016 when he revealed he had an Israeli passport. The airline did offer to book him on a nonstop flight to Bangkok with another carrier. He refused the offer and filed the lawsuit, seeking compensation for alleged discrimination. He also insisted the airline should have to accept him as a passenger.

However the court rejected his discrimination claim ruling that German law covers discrimination based on race, ethnicity or religion, but not nationality.

Whilst the offer of booking another flight was generous, I have to admit it does smack of discrimination and if the shoe had been on the other foot, all hell would be playing loose. I cannot help but feel that the West is appeasing Islam more and more on a daily basis.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

China: Fitting its Recce vehicles with UAvs

(Beijing)  There is no doubt that China is making huge leaps and bounds with its military. What was once a third rate power which used pure numbers in which to get its way, is now rapidly updating its armed forces. One such example is how it has started to equip its Norinco Type 89 tracked Reconnaissance Vehicles with lightweight drones allowing them do their job that much better.