Friday, December 31, 2021

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Monday, December 6, 2021

Iran: Sees yet another Moudge-class frigate capsize , this time whilst in its dry dock.

(Iran:) In 2001, Iran set about a new ship building program based on the design of the 1971 Vosper Mk V class of which Iran purchased 4. The new class of frigate is known as the Moudge-class  of which by 2021, the following had been built:





There are 2 more of the class under construction in the port of Bandar Abbas and another one in the port of Bandar Anzali situated on the Caspian Sea. Now this is where it gets interesting, the ship under construction in Bandar Anzali is a direct replacement for the Damavand which capsized in 2018 when it hit the breakwater as it tried to enter port.

 Well its just come out in the wash that one of the two ships under construction in Bandar Abbas has also capsized, but what makes this tale even ignominious is the Talayieh was in dry dock at the time.

UK: How the left excuses Anti-Semitism

(London) Last week was Hanukkah and in the Uk, a trip was organised for a bus load of Jewish teenagers to visit central London. Whilst on Oxford Street, the children were recognised as Jewish by a number of Islamic males, who decided to express their displeasure towards the Jews as only they can. Quickly the Children were returned to the Bus and the doors locked, unfortunately for them the bus was caught in traffic and thus because the target for violence from said Islamic males.

For some strange reason, it took time for the media across the UK to report this story, which is strange as they appear to have no problems reporting within minutes from darkest Afghanistan when the Taliban claim that NATO bombed their Granny. So the incident took place on Monday, the BBC reported it 3 days later on Thursday  and for some strange reason the BBC inserted this statement into the article:

A slur about Muslims can also be heard from inside the bus. The Met Police has said the incident will be looked at "in its entirety".

Get, that, during a verbal and physical attack on children in the center of London, the BBC excuses the attack by claiming that the poor attackers were reacting to abuse. Well it just gets better, somebody took the time to listen into waht was been said insdie the bus, whislt it was getting attacked, and instead of abuse, it was actually a frightened child exclaiming:

"Call somebody, its urgent"

The BBC has become a proganda arm for Islamic intolerence. 

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