Friday, October 28, 2022

Interlude: The Dandy Warhols - We Used To Be Friends

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Interlude: Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

UK: How British Police forces have found a new woke cause to Champion

(Leicester) Over the weekend Leicestershire Police tweeted a link where members of the public could report hate crimes. Below that link was a photograph of a 57-year-old trans woman named “Jane” with the following quote appended: “I get called by my previous male name on purpose.

After a lot of negative feedback from the general public and the Home Secretary, who stated that it undermines the publics confidence with the Police. That tweet was deleted

But the thing is, this isn’t a one off regards the British Police and its craven submission and supplication to the woke cause for example:

1)                         In July British Police arrested a man for posting the Trans flag which when added to 3 other similar flags makes up a Nazis swastika.  When asked why? He was informed that someone had been caused anxiety based on his social media post. And that is why you’re being arrested,”. Yet the irony here was , that picture had already been aired across the national media. After a huge public backlash, Hampshire police released the man (As well as a bystander who was filming the arrest ) and dropped all charges

2)                         At the start of the month Vicars wife Caroline Farrow was arrested (without an arrest warrant) by Surrey police because she had got into an online spat with a Man who ids as a woman and he was offended and reported her. She has since started legal proceedings against the man who ids as a woman.

3)                         In 2019 Harry Miller (an ex policeman) was interviewed by the police at his place of work because (and I kid you not) he liked this limerick on twitter.

You're a man.

 "You're breasts are made of silicone

 "Your vagina goes nowhere

 "And we can tell the difference

 "Even when you are not there

 "Your hormones are synthetic

 "And lets just cross this bridge

 "What you have you stupid man

 "Is male privilege."

4)                  As I mentioned the other month , Welsh police removed a lesbian marching group during Cardiff pride last month because a trans-woman objected to their poster which stated :

Orwellian behaviour like this is becoming much more commonplace across the Uk where the left abuse the law in which to silence their critics and force their agenda onto others. and in each and every incident the charges are always dropped, yet what it is does do is send the message that thought crime will be policed and the old bill will silence you as they prostate themselves before the altar of woke.

US: French company pleads guilty to paying off ISIS to protect its factories inside Syria.

(Washington) French cement company Lafarge has been found guilty in a US federal court of paying off Jihadi groups (including ISIS) inside Syria to protect its operations from 2011 to 2015. The company pleaded guilty in a New York federal court to providing support to ISIS in Syria, marking the first time a company has admitted in the US to supporting a terrorist organisation. As part of its guilty plea, Lafarge agreed to forfeit $687m and pay a $90m fine.

In court,the French cement maker previously admitted that its Syrian subsidiary had paid armed groups to protect staff at the plant and keep the facility running, though it denied charges that it was complicit in crimes against humanity. Lafarge chairman Magali Anderson said in court that, from August 2013 until November 2014, former executives at the company “knowingly and wilfully agreed to participate in a conspiracy to make and authorise payments intended for the benefit of various armed groups in Syria”. Adding:

“The individuals responsible for this conduct have been separated from the company since at least 2017,”

Lafarge is also facing charges in Paris of complicity in crimes against humanity for operating a factory in Syria after the country's civil war broke out in 2011.

Monday, October 17, 2022

UK: Staff at Chinese consulate drag protester into ground and attack him protected by British Polcie.

(Manchester) Yesterday (Sunday) staff at the Chinese consulate in Manchester took umbrage at one protester and so ventured out into the street, grabbed the man and his poster , dragged him and the poster into the consulate ground and gave him a good kicking, Others on seeing this rushed to try and rescue him, but they were beaten back by the British police . whislt over their shoulders the Chinese consulate staff continued to give the Hong Kong Chiense protester a good kicking.

And heres the same incident from another angle:

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Afghanistan: Woman commits suicide before getting stoned to death

(Ghor)  A woman who was arrested in Ghor province by the Taliban after they claimed she ran away from home with another man, committed suicide before the Taliban had the chance to bury her up to her chest and then stone her to death, the man she ran away with was executed on Wednesday. 

Iran: Eyeing Russia's $20bn lucrative pharmaceutical market

(Tehran) So for years the mad Mullahs in Iran have shed copious amounts of tears regards how US sanctions is denying them the ability to treat their sick, lame and lazy with drugs. This is a line regurgitated by the media, Human right groups and others.

All of this has been denied by the US, who have stated that their sanctions against Tehran does not target medicines, meanwhile the left of the political centre, are more than happy to swallow the misinformation that comes out of Iran.

Well one of consequences of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, is that the West has cut all links with Moscow, and that includes a pharmaceutical trade worth over $20 billion a year. Well what do you know, Iran that country which openly states its people are suffering a lack of medicines due to US sanctions, has stated on its state media that it is looking to supply Moscow with the pharmaceuticals it used to receive from the West.

Makes you wonder about the veracity of this claims that US sanctions is denying Tehran access to life giving drugs.

West Bank: Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas tells Putin he doesnt trust the US

(Ramallah) In 2018 President Trump frustrated that after 70 years, of the US throwing aid at the Palestinian cause with nothing concrete to show for it, gave the Palestinian National Authority an ultimatum. Work for peace with Israel and receive billions in Aid, refuse and see all Aid cut. They replied that nobody tells them what to do and that the US can stuff it Aid. That saw the US cut all Aid to the Palestinians and a couple of years of faux tears from the Palestinians about how they couldn’t feed their children due to the nasty US.

Well Trump was replaced in 2020 by Biden and when he came to power in January 2021, one of the first things he did was resume assistance to the Palestinians, with $235 million in Aid.

Well you’d think the Palestinians would be grateful wouldn’t you, but no, they showed their true colours last week when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a international summit in Kazakhstan which saw Abbas inform Putin he didn't trust the United States which is strange as out of Washington and Moscow, only the former has handed over billions in Aid.

It never fails to amaze me how the left of the political centre who only ever champion the Palestinian cause over anybody else act all suprised when they are stabbed in the back time, and time and time again by their eternal victims

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Interlude: Racey - Some Girls

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