Friday, January 5, 2018

India: New Fatwa bans women from marrying bankers and wearing designer burkas

(Deoband) Darul Uloom Deoband is a school of religious thought based in India. Based on a highly modified version of the 17th century Indo-Islamic syllabus known as Dars-e-Nizami. However of late it has earned a reputation of been a finishing school for religious bigots.

It first earned a reputation for promoting violent protests against British rule which they followed up in case of do as I say and not as I do by setting up shop in the UK in 6 different locations.  

Of late they have made a name for themselves by issuing the most absurd fatwas such as :
Only the other-day they issued a fatwas against a Muslim teenage girl stating she wasn't a Muslim for reciting phrases from a Hindu holy book in a completion where she came second. The 15 year old child reply to the Fatwa showed she is much more mature than a so called leader of an Islamic school:
"When no one else has any problem, then why these ulemas are trying to stop me on the pretext of Islam. I have not forsaken my religion by learning and reciting Bhagwad Gita in any way. Gita is not merely a religious book. It imparts the knowledge of Karma. Knowledge can be sought from anywhere. This book teaches humanity,"
Well yesterday, they brought out a couple more:

  •  Muslims to not marry anyone with banking jobs, citing that the income from banking jobs is considered 'haram' (forbidden) earnings.
  • The wearing of designer and slim fit burqas is forbidden in Islam.
What a bunch of fruit loops, who really do have it in for woman, but then I am talking about a faith which whilst getting women to cover up and make it as hard as possible for men to mix with them, have men shaving their arses as a religious duty.