Thursday, January 11, 2018

Austria: ISIS terrorist shot and captured in Georgia, who the Austrians refused to treat, has now died.

(Wien)  19 year old Temirlan Machalikashvili,  found himself in a coma after getting shot in the head whilst trying to detonate a grenade during a security operation in the Pankisi Gorge region of Georgia on the 26 December 2017.

Whilst he was receiving medical treatment in the country of his birth. His family demanded that the Austriangovernment take him in and treat his wounds. You see the Machalikashvili family moved on mass to Austria to live a life on benefits from 2003 to 2011, then they left after Machalikashvili senior left the family to carry out jihad in Syria, they all returned home to Duisi a village in Northern Georgia which is just 30Km from the border with Chetneya .

In Nov 2016 the father Akhmed  blew himself up in Tbilisi after the worlds security forces chased him down for a terrorist attack on Istanbul Airport in June of the same year which saw 47 people killed and another 200 injured. So as you can see, Jihad and terrorism is ingrained through the family’s DNA.,

Well the Muslims of Northern Georgia, weren't  happy how one of their so called holy warriors was badly injured and demanded that he receive the best medical care paid for by the people they hate the most. The kufur . Unfortunately for them, the new right wing Austrian government put their foot down and said no, citing security reasons . Turkey stepped in, and said they would take him in, but before they could treat yet another ISIS terrorist in a Turkish hospital , Temirlan decided to leave this mortal plain 

As mentioned his family  felt this was a huge travesty, claiming that the grenade was planned and that this poor innocent  was murdered . His mother Aiza Margoshvili, opined to the media:
“We were going to transfer him to Turkey this morning and those fascists intentionally killed my son absolutely for no reason,”