Sunday, August 30, 2015

Report: ISIS beheads 39 of its own members

(JPost) ISIS has allegedly executed at least 39 people from within its own ranks, according to a report published by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
 Money quote:
The ISIS warriors stood accused of various crimes including "sorcery, insulting God, sodomy, adultery, banditry, joining and cooperating with the awakening movements, cooperating with crusader coalition, mischief on earth and cooperating with the Nusayri regime forces," according to the report.
The ISIS members were killed mostly by beheading between July 29 and August 29.

According to the report, ISIS has killed at least 91 people in the last month alone, including 32 civilians, 2 women, 11 fighters from rival rebel groups, and a journalist.

Over 1,800 civilians have been killed by ISIS over the course of the last year, including 181 of its own warriors who were captured while attempting to return to their home countries after standing accused of spying for foreign nations.

Hillary’s support in a key,early state is suddenly crumbling

(Business Insider) Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton is losing major ground in the key early state of Iowa.

A new Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll released on Saturday shows Clinton's support among likely Iowa caucus-goers at just 37%, only 7% higher than liberal insurgent challenger [clearly, the writer meant socialist - ed.] Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).

That's down dramatically from the 50% support the former secretary of state enjoyed in the same poll conducted in June and a 20% drop from her standing in May.

"It looks like what people call the era of inevitability is over," pollster J. Ann Selzer said in a press release. "[Clinton] has lost a third of the support that she had in May, so anytime you lose that much that quickly it’s a wake-up call."

Clinton's image also continue to sink.

The percentage of Democratic Iowa caucus-goers who said that they had a mostly favorable view of Clinton dropped 11% from July, while her unfavorable numbers rose 9 points.

The drop coincides with Sanders' rise in popularity. Thirty percent of likely Iowa Democratic caucus-goers now say they back him as their first choice, up 6 points from June.


Houthi rebels fight back. (Part 3)

Well, with the huge amount of modern weaponry pitted against them, you would have thought that the Houthi rebels wouldn't stand a chance. Yet they are managing to surprise their Sunni neighbours:

Saudi coalition forces inside Yemen (Part 2)

(Sanaa) In order to combat the Iranian backed forces next door in Yemen, Saudi Arabia and its coalition of Sunni Islamic states have sent in a huge armoured force of some of the most modern military equipment going. These include the UAV Main Battle Tank, the Leclerc, which is also the current French MBT.

Here pictured in combat in Yemen:

The HIMARS artillery rocket system (details here) which is basically a mini MLRS.

The Pantsir SI Air defence system. (Why? I just don't know, as the rebels have no air force).

The Otokar APC

 The BMP-3 IFV

The forces pitted against the Houhti are not only much more modern than anything they have, but in terms of weapon systems much more numerous.

Saudi Arabia sends in ground forces into Yemen rebels fight back. (Part 1)

(Sanaa) A little concerned about how Shia Houthi rebels next door in Yemen, with a little military help from Shia Iran, decided to remove the legitimate government by the bullet and the bomb and not the ballot box, Saudi Arabia decided to remove the spectre of Iran from their front door by removing them by force. This kicked off with an air campaign against the Houthi rebels on the 26th March 2015. This was backed up by a naval presence off the coast designed to stop Iran from resupplying their proxies by sea. The next phase (land) kicked off on the 3rd of August when 3000 troops (with armour), who had been deployed to the port of Aden to reinforce it from the Houthi advance, pushed out and advanced and took the Al Anad Air Base approx 40 kms north of the city.

Whilst the rebels were licking their wounds from this, the Saudis launched a huge invasion force from the al-Wadiya border crossing and took the city of Marib.

A logical move, as the terrain is flat as a pancake from A to B. Unfortunately, from Marib to San'a (the capital) life becomes a little more mountainous (actually, the entire eastern side is so) and the rebels are finding it relatively easy to ambush the Saudis and their friends. I aired a video the other day of 2 M1A2 tanks being taken out by anti-tank missiles.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Virginia Muslim teen Ali Amin, 17, gets 11 years for supporting Islamic State

This should be followed by a mandatory deportation.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Virginia teenager who used social media to support the militant group Islamic State was sentenced to just over 11 years in federal prison on Friday, the U.S. Justice Department said.

Ali Amin, 17, of Manassas, was the first minor prosecuted by the United States in such a case. U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton handed down a 136-month sentence in a hearing in Alexandria, Virginia, the department said in a statement.

"Today’s sentencing demonstrates that those who use social media as a tool to provide support and resources to ISIL will be identified and prosecuted with no less vigilance than those who travel to take up arms with ISIL,” U.S. Attorney Dana Boente said, using an acronym for the militant group.

Amin, who used the Twitter handle @Amreekiwitness, pleaded guilty in June to using Twitter and his blog to show how to use the virtual currency Bitcoin to send funds to the militants.

Prosecutors said Amin also helped Reza Niknejad, 19, of Prince William County, Virginia, to travel to Syria in January to join the Islamic State. Niknejad faces federal terrorism and conspiracy charges in Virginia.

Islamic State has taken control of large areas of Iraq and Syria in a campaign marked by mass killings and beheadings.

The SITE monitoring service, which follows social media postings by jihadist militants, has said Amin had some 4,000 Twitter followers and was in communication with well-known Islamic State fighters and recruiters.

Federal prosecutors have charged several people across the United States in recent months with supporting the Islamic State as the extremist group has sought to build support through social media.

An Arizona man was indicted on Thursday for supporting the Islamic State by helping a New York college student travel to Syria for military-style training.

Saudi Arabia is using cluster munitions in Yemen

(Beirut) – Saudi Arabia-led coalition forces appear to have used cluster munition rockets in at least seven attacks in Yemen’s northwestern Hajja governorate, killing and wounding dozens of civilians, Human Rights Watch said today. The attacks were carried out between late April and mid-July 2015.

Cluster munitions caused civilian casualties both during the attacks, which may have been targeting Houthi fighters, and afterward, when civilians picked up unexploded submunitions that detonated. Coalition forces should immediately stop using cluster munitions due to the inevitable harm they cause to civilians, Human Rights Watch said. The United Nations Human Rights Council should create a commission of inquiry to investigate alleged serious laws-of-war violations by all parties to the armed conflict in Yemen since September 2014.


Spanish broadcaster apologizes for ‘Jewish Satanism’ show

(JTA) A Spanish state-owned radio station apologized for airing a late-night program that featured an anti-Semitic trope alleging Jews were promoting the worship of Satan.

The assertion was part of a 30-minute show aired last month by the RTVE broadcaster and placed on its website.

On Monday, the Anti-Defamation League called on Spain’s government to condemn what the ADL termed “more than a half-hour of unadulterated anti-Jewish conspiracy theories” aired by the A La Carta program.

Titled “From the Inferno — The Jewish People: Propagator of the Satan Cult,” the text was lifted chapter and verse from “Plot Against the Church” — a 1962 book rife with anti-Semitic rhetoric written by a group of Mexican priests under the pseudonym Maurice Pinay.

RTVE removed the item from its website sometime after Aug. 20, amid a public outcry initiated by Yigal Palmor, a senior spokesperson of the Jewish Agency for Israel. On Thursday, an RTVE official sent Palmor a letter of apology. [...]

The outcry over RTVE coincided with an international controversy over the dis-invitation of the American Jewish singer Matisyahu from a music festival in Spain over his refusal to comply with organizers’ demand that he endorse a Palestinian state. Matisyahu, who alone was asked to make such a statement, was re-invited and performed last week at the festival after major Jewish groups decried his exclusion as discriminatory. [...]

Ukraine Crisis Update: August 26, 2015

(Ukraine) Those nice people at Understanding War have released their latest Sitrep on the situation inside the Ukraine:

Iraq Situation Report: August 25 - 27, 2015

(Iraq) Those nice people at Understanding War have released their latest Sitrep on the situation inside Iraq:

US air strikes against ISIS for the past 24Hrs as of 25th August 15.

(WashingtonU.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported the following:
Airstrikes in Syria
Fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted five airstrikes in Syria:
-- Near Hasakah, two airstrikes destroyed an ISIL bunker, an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL structure.
-- Near Hawl, an airstrike destroyed nine ISIL fighting positions.
-- Near Raqqah, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit.
-- Near Washiyah, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL vehicle.
Airstrikes in Iraq
Attack, bomber, fighter, fighter-attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 31 airstrikes in Iraq, coordinated with the Iraqi government:
-- Near Baghdadi, three airstrikes struck an ISIL large tactical unit and destroyed six ISIL rocket rails, an ISIL artillery piece, an ISIL building, an ISIL heavy machine gun, an ISIL mortar system, an ISIL rocket system, an ISIL weapons cache and an ISIL vehicle.
-- Near Beiji, two airstrikes struck one large and one small ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL excavator, an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL vehicle.
-- Near Fallujah, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed four ISIL rocket systems.
-- Near Kisik, two airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and an ISIL sniper firing position and destroyed an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL heavy machine gun.
-- Near Mosul, five airstrikes struck five ISIL tactical units and destroyed an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL vehicle.
-- Near Sinjar, four airstrikes struck three ISIL tactical units and destroyed two ISIL fighting positions and an ISIL armored vehicle.
-- Near Sultan Abdallah, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position.
-- Near Tal Afar, an airstrike struck and suppressed an ISIL heavy machine gun firing position.
-- Near Tuz, 12 airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and six ISIL staging areas and destroyed 57 ISIL fighting positions and three ISIL vehicles.

Guardian newspaper does photo spread on how the people of Gaza relax

(Gaza) The left in the West, who believe in equal rights for all, have no problem getting into bed with extreme Islamic organisations which are misogynistic, racist, homophobic and bigoted, in which to express their hatred of the Jew. The irony here is that the Jewish state has laws which forbid all of these Islamic attributes.

Anyway, today the Guardian is running with a photo spread of how those poor people of Gaza relax. I'll be honest, I had a right laugh at the first picture, just don't tell PETA.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

71 dead migrants found in abandoned truck near Austrian capital

Vienna (AFP) - Austrian police found the decomposing bodies of 71 migrants in an abandoned truck on Thursday, sparking a cross-border hunt for the people-smugglers responsible for the latest tragedy in Europe's migrant crisis.

The grisly discovery near the Slovakia and Hungary borders came as at least 30 more migrants drowned in the Mediterranean and European leaders again met to try to find ways to handle the tide of people seeking refuge in the European Union.

Austrian police said the vehicle found Thursday on a motorway -- which had the markings of a Slovakian poultry company and Hungarian number plates -- contained 71 bodies.


Russia rearms Syrian government

(Latakia) The civil war, come rebellion, come religious take over, come bun fight inside Syria has been going on for a few years. The Syrian government, like most Arabic nations, had a huge stockpile of weapons when this all kicked off, but attrition has seen those stocks drop down. However, the Assad regime doesn't have to worry about replenishing its armoury, as the Russians, just like they did in 1973, have no problem in rearming their only client state in the Middle East. Which is why the other day the Russian landing ship Nikolay Filchenkov was seen loaded for bear traversing the Bosphorus.

Unlike its previous sojourns, where the top deck has been clear, this time, the Russians had parked a number of vehicles, primarily trucks, but also under canvas a number of BTR-82As. Now, as the Alligator-class landing ship can carry 20 tanks or 40 APCs below decks, it makes you wonder just what the ship was carrying. Anyway, it appears that previous weapons shipments to Syria have been put to immediate use as the rebels decided to launch an attack on the government (and Russian) stronghold of Latakia (the home area of the Assad dynasty).

Well, film clips have been released of the Government fightback, including coverage of the BTR-82A, a further development of the BTR-80 but sporting additional protection from landmines and small arms fire. But while its ability to withstand anti-armour missiles will no doubt be very weak, its 30mm cannon, which has been mated with a TKN-4GA day/night fire control system, will come in very handy for suppressive fire, as the video shows.

Young Jewish philanthropist saves 128 girls from ISIS

Interview With Moroccan Jew Who Rescued 128 Girls Enslaved by ISIS.
(Morocco World News) Steve Maman has rescued more than 100 children from danger in Iraq in the past few months with the support of Canon Andrew White, a world-renowned humanitarian figure. In order to grow support for his mission, he registered on June 26, in Canada “The liberation of Christian and Yazidi children of Iraq (CYCI)” organization. “We can act now or we can remain spectators,” announced its President, Steven Mamn, a Moroccan-Canadian. “Take part in this humanitarian cause: Donate & Share!” he asks.

Could you tell us about your foundation in few words and the choice of Yazidis and Christians?

Steve Maman: On June 26, 2015 I created a nonprofit organization called “The liberation of Christian and Yazidi children of Iraq (CYCI)” to support my mission.  Its goal is to negotiate the liberation of children held hostage and used a sex slaves in Mosul. We chose Christians and Yazidi because they are the ones held hostage after a fatwa authorized them to be used and sold as sex slaves for the benefit of ISIS (Daesh) combatants. I would have definitely added the Muslim children to my mission if they were part of this horror.

Does your foundation have other objectives?

Steve Maman: Our unique objective is to liberate as many children as possible. The project has been going on for 8 months now, and the role of this organization is to provide us, in our work, with donations. Until now, I had carried the project on my own and have moved multiple families out of harm’s way.

What made you come up with the idea for this project?

Steve Maman: Well, I as a Moroccan Jew, I found this cause to engage in a true world responsibility. The Torah talks about two things: “Tikkun Olam,” repairing the world, and “Kiddouch Hashem,” to make God’s presence respected.  As a Jew, it was a way to make this world better through actions of goodness and kindness. The goal here is for children to come out alive from this horrible war.

There is no question of religion, race, or nationality being discussed here. There are innocent children that are powerless, caught in the crossfire. But worse, they are being exploited in the crossfire, as if that alone were not enough pain to endure. The exploitations are beyond understanding.  Children beheaded, raped, beat, underfed, left to live in cages!  Why? Because they are Christian or Yazidi, and therefore this does not constitute a sin in the eyes of Islamic law in the way ISIS interprets it.  This is not Islam. I refuse to accept, as a Jew, that this is Islam. This is a deformation, a distortion of Islam. This has to be decried and it has to be fixed. The fixing starts with giving them a chance at life.

I need support. One year has gone by and it has been long enough for world leaders to react and plan a solution, yet we see little being done for those left behind at the mercy of ISIS.

The heroic Government of Canada, with its Prime Minister Stephen Harper,who has gone to Iraq and pledged nearly 140 million dollars in aid to the humanitarian cause, as well as sending Canadian troops, is sending a message to the world. I wish to see more world leaders unite forces in order to find a solution to end this.

May god bless my mission with world leaders being aware of what I do and of what can be done. My mission is centered on the ones who are held hostage. I refer tothe ones kept in cages being hurt, abused molested and raped. The ones I truly wish to help are praying to God after every rape that he ends their pain and humiliation. It is reported they wish they be killed rather than live with such a fate.

God give them the strength to hold on to life for a bit longer until I get to them, God willing.

How much is the amount you have collected until now?

Steve Maman: This is a question that I cannot answer and won’t disclose. But things are moving very well. Jews have been incredibly supportive of the mission, the majority being Moroccan Jews.

How long do you expect this project to last?

Steve Maman: One year maximum is my estimate. I figured that Mosul will be taken back and carnage will befall these children if they are not freed prior.

Does it have supporters and other funders? If so, who are they?

Steve Maman: Yes, until now, I have been funding the project myself. I founded CYCI in order to raise funds.  Jews can relate to this cause,since they lived a similar fate during the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis. They can relate to what it is to be saved and liberated, therefore granted freedom. I cite Oskar Schindler or Sir Winton as examples. They inspired me to act and do what I am currently doing, but I am definitely a long way from attaining their results.

Which means of communication did you use to approach donors?

Steve Maman: We use Facebook to create awareness.

Are there well known personalities (in Morocco, perhaps) who support this project?

Steve Maman: From Morocco, nothing yet, but God willing my country shall surprise me.

The most important aid I currently have is Canon Andrew White. He is a world-respected humanitarian figure, with many world leaders openly supporting his foundation that assists refugees and the persecuted.

How did you get in touch with him?

Steve Maman: I met Canon Andrew White through Facebook. We became very close. He actually travelled to Montreal and stayed with us. We planned this mission. I was already involved with him 8 months ago when I saved two complete families and moved them to Ankara,amongst numerous other missions. I am currently renting them a house and providingfor all their needs in Ankara. Canon White admired my actions, as he knew the family well. This strengthened our bond.

How did Canon Andrew White help in your work?

Steve Maman: He is instrumental to my success. He has a platform in Kurdistan and in Jordan with camps for handling the children I liberate.

Have you made concrete achievements together?

Steve Maman: Together we have saved more than 102 children so far, and it increases every day. Canon Andrew White has nothing to do with the liberation aspect. He handles and provides support after they are liberated.

Do you have any facilities for rescuing children? Do you make any negotiations there?

Steve Maman: I will explain it this way: I have, on the ground in Iraq, someone I call a brother. He is an Iraqi Christian. He is my hero. He is a young soldier, decorated by the US army and by the Iraqi Government. He is connected to every possible figure inIraq (Sunni, Shiite and Kurd, as well as all factions).

There are some people that seek means to make money around this war. I exploit that to my advantage. Tribal leaders are very helpful.

We never meet ISIS. We never negotiate with ISIS.

For the first time a Canadian Sephardic delegation was formed to be given, as Radio Shalom journalist Charles Lugassy says, its “title of nobility”. In what context was your meeting with the government and its leader organized? For what reason did you meet the Prime Minister? Do you have concrete political support?

Steve Maman: Well, the agenda of the day was specifically to honor Sephardic Jews that are influential.

The delegation was made up of people that make a difference in our world, by Sephardic Jews of all origins. I was chosen for my involvement in this project and mission. It was part of a group of 27 people from Canada.

I met the politicians in a context where the first delegation of Sephardic Jews was invited to Ottawa in a historical context (Purim day). We were greeted witha lunch, a tour, and exchanges with ministers while the Prime Minister was reserved for a select 7 people.

Has the constitution of this delegation been helpful for example in the fight you lead to rescue child victims of ISIS?

Steve Maman: Not at all. There was no relation with the agenda of that day.

You give in your video on YouTube the example of the Jordanian pilot. What was its impact on your project?

Steve Maman: Yes, this moved me very deeply. I wanted to act and not remain a spectator. I basically looked at my watch, and noticed how many lives I could save if I were to sell what was on my wrist. The next morning, I decided I would help children out, using my contacts in Iraq.

What message do you want to send to the world?

Steve Maman: This project is directed by a Moroccan Jew that was born in a country where there is tolerance for all religions that permits them to express themselves openly.

Morocco should serve as an example to the world. I could be more proud to be born to such country. My Moroccan identity is what makes me who I am, someone who cares, who loves and gives to strangers. This character is typical of Moroccans. We are definitely givers. The land inspired us with love for others. The land made us who we are: in my case, a Moroccan Jew with an attachment to my land that is irreproachable. This is proven again through the generosity of Moroccan Jews who are clearly standing with me in my fight to save and liberate these innocent girls and women.

Thank you for sharing our mission.

We encourage you view our video and to LIKE us on Facebook under “The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq.”

ISIS Turns 100-Ton Dump Truck Into IED

(Boldride) When dealing with terrorists, it seems that anything and everything that could be used as an instrument of war, will be. For instance, earlier this month, ISIS turned a massive Belaz dump truck, something designed to construct dams and other massive projects, into a one hundred ton IED.

According to Jalopnik, the dump truck was modified to become a platform for a suicide attack against forces loyal to President Assad of Syria. The dump truck was modified to repel gunfire, smash through obstacles and barriers, and small explosions as it made its way to a key air base.

The base itself is one that Syria and the rest of the Middle East should be worried about falling into the hands of these terrorists. Inside, Syria not only keeps combat ready aircraft, but it is also full of fuel, other military vehicles, weapons, and a stockpile of bombs. Something that definitely shouldn’t end up in their hands.

While the gargantuan dump truck wasn’t able to plow its way all the way into the base, it goes to show that ISIS is willing to use whatever means necessary to get what the group wants.

What’s more frightening is that these tactics of using large, industrial machinery essentially as battering rams is becoming more common each day. And what’s worse is that ISIS has been using waves of these vehicles to borough deeper and deeper into the strongholds of Syria.

Russia accidentally reveals casualty figures from Ukraine

(Moscow) For the past few years Russia has categorically stated that it has nothing to do with the conflict inside its next door neighbour Ukraine. Besides the troops, tanks, artillery (and the odd jet liner getting shot down), Russia has no problem telling the world that "it wasn't me".

Well, it appears that the Russian military may have tripped up by publishing its finances. Russian news site Business Life (Delovaya Zhizn) has revealed what seem to be official figures detailing the number of Russian troops killed and injured in "Eastern Ukraine." The site posted a piece titled “Increases in Pay for Military in 2015,” and that as of 1 February 2015, monetary compensation had been paid to more than 2,000 families of fallen soldiers and to 3,200 military personnel suffering heavy wounds and recognized as invalids.” The content was hastily removed, but it was webcached by the Ukrainian journal Novy Region (New Region).

Kind of explains why Putin decreed in May of this year that all military deaths are to remain state secrets.

Saudi M1A2 Abrams tanks destroyed by Houthi rebels

(Yemen) Saudi Arabia is currently involved in a proxy war, of sorts, against Iran next door in Yemen. Shia Iran supports the Shia Houthi rebels and Sunni Saudi Arabia supports the Sunni Government.

Anyway, after the Houthi took control of the west of the country and forced the president to do a runner, the Saudis decided enough was enough and went in. First by air and later by ground. With the latter, the SA need to control the ground, and for that they use armour, more specifically tanks, of which they have over 400 M1A2SEP (the latest iteration). However, whilst this is the same tank as used by the US, there is one major difference. The US version uses depleted uranium panels as additional armour which explains why video footage has emerged of the Iranian backed Houthi taking out a couple of SA M1 tanks with basic Iranian made anti-tank missiles. The missiles used are Iranian clones of the Russian AT-5 Spandrel, a missile that first saw the light of day in 1974, but as old as it is (OK, the Iranian version has been upgraded), they have no problem lighting up the M1A2 Abrams tanks. Now, if only the Saudis didn't hate Israel so much, they could have fitted their armour with the Israeli Trophy APS system.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Colorado movie gunman sentenced to 12 lifetimes and 3,318 years

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (Reuters) - Condemning movie massacre gunman James Holmes to 12 life sentences and the maximum 3,318 years in prison for his rampage in a midnight screening of a Batman film, a Colorado judge said on Wednesday that evil and mental illness are not mutually exclusive.

"It is the court's intention that the defendant never set foot in free society again ... If there was ever a case that warranted the maximum sentences, this is the case," Arapahoe County District Court Judge Carlos Samour said.

"The defendant does not deserve any sympathy."

Survivors and relatives of those killed clapped and cheered as Samour then ordered deputies to remove Holmes from his courtroom, and the gunman was led away in shackles.


Democrats to Spend 9/11 Partying with CAIR and ISNA Terror Supporters

It's the last place any patriotic American should be on 9/11.
(FPM) This is like spending Victory in Europe Day dressing up in Nazi uniforms or Pearl Harbor Day playing kamikaze. But it's business as usual for the Democratic Party, which does treason like it's going out of style.

First up is a very special 9/11 party with ISNA over in Lansing as the Islamic Society of Greater Lansing throws its 9th Annual Mayor’s Ramadan Unity Dinner hosted by two Dems, Mayor Virg Bernero and Nathan Triplett, as Creeping Sharia reports.

Come for the 9/11 ambiance, stay for the party at an Islamic center affiliated with ISNA. As a bonus, you can meet its imam, Sohail Chaudhry, who became infamous for his run-in with Asra Nomani. She claimed that his former mosque had extremist elements.

ISNA was set up by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the same organization that spawned Al Qaeda. It has extensive ties to terrorism. It's the last place any patriotic American should be on 9/11.

Meanwhile over in Washington, the anniversary of the murder of thousands of Americans by Muslim terrorists means it's time for some quality CAIR time.

A meeting aimed in part at helping Tri-City elected officials become better acquainted with the local Muslim community was planned Friday in West Richland.

The session also was meant to help Tri-City area Muslims become more engaged in government. Similar meetings will be held in the Tri-Cities in the future, with the next one planned for September.
When in September exactly? Funny you should ask.

The next meeting is Sept. 11 in Kennewick
And by "Muslim community", they mean another Muslim Brotherhood terror-linked group.
They’re part of a initiative by the state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, a civil liberties and advocacy organization.
Here's the kind of civil liberties and advocacy CAIR is best known for...
CAIR was co-founded in 1994 by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and Rafeeq Jaber, all of whom had close ties to the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), which was established by senior Hamas operative Mousa Abu Marzook and functioned as Hamas’ public relations and recruitment arm in the United States.

On February 2, 1995, U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White named CAIR Advisory Board member and New York imam Siraj Wahhaj as one of the "unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators" in Islamic Group leader Omar Abdel Rahman's foiled plot to blow up numerous New York City monuments.
CAIR itself was named an unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror finance trial.
In October 1998, CAIR demanded the removal of a Los Angeles billboard describing Osama bin Laden as "the sworn enemy." According to CAIR, this depiction was "offensive to Muslims."

In 1998, CAIR denied bin Laden's responsibility for the two al Qaeda bombings of American embassies in Africa. According to Ibrahim Hooper, the bombings resulted from "misunderstandings of both sides."

This is the sort of folks that some politicians seem to think are appropriate company for 9/11.

Muslim “refugee” colonizers flooding Europe, shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

Israel's New Police Commissioner: 'Terrorists Should Be Shot!'

(INN) The incoming police commissioner, Brig. Gen. (res.) Gal Hirsch, appears to have a well-formed opinion regarding Arab rock attacks and the proper way to deal with them.

Two months ago, when Binyamin Regiment Commander Israel Shomer aimed lethal fire at an Arab who had thrown rocks at his vehicle, Hirsch wrote: “Following the incident this morning with the Binyamin Regiment Commander – I am including several photographs as a reminder – rocks and boulders are weapons like any other weapon, and they kill. In the photographs, you can see my rescue after the terrorist ambush against me in the Binyamin Regiment [sector]. This was followed by a year of intensive care, a long rehabilitation, permanent disability and suffering that has no end!

Hirsch added photos showing his car after it had been crushed by a boulder that was dropped on it, and Hirsch himself receiving initial medical treatment.

"Col. Israel Shomer fought under my command,” he added. “He is a calm and collected, responsible and experienced officer. This morning, we spoke, and I expressed my support for him. He operated correctly. The words 'rioters' and 'rock throwers' are words that launder the correct definition – terrorists! And one should shoot terrorists!”

Hirsch was injured in his shoulder and arm in the boulder attack, which took place 18 years ago, when he was Operations Department Officer for the Judea and Samaria brigade. He underwent a year of rehabilitation and was later appointed to command the Binyamin Regiment, and was among the planners of Operation Defensive Shield. Later on in his service, he became commander of the Galilee Division. When the IDF was found to have functioned poorly in the Second Lebanon War, he came under criticism for allegedly unclear and "post-modern" instructions he had given the Division's commanders.

Reporter Alison Parker and Photographer Adam Ward Killed in Moneta on Live Broadcast; UPDATE: The shooter is station's ex-employee

MONETA, Va. (Aug. 26, 2015) – A reporter and photographer from a TV news station in Roanoke, Va., were shot and killed during a live news interview on Wednesday morning.

The shooting occurred at Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, Virginia. WDBJ confirmed the deaths on Wednesday.

During a live interview at Bridgewater Plaza, approximately eight gunshots are heard as a reporter is seen interviewing someone on-screen. The camera then drops to the ground and the broadcast cuts back to the anchor desk.

The video captures an image of the what’s believed to be the suspected shooter before it cuts away. WDBJ tweeted out that they are trying to figure out what happened and that law enforcement is on scene.

Authorities from Bedford County, Franklin County and Virginia State Police have responded.

This situation is currently ongoing and we will post updates as soon as they become available.

UPDATE: Shooter is station's ex-employee.
(Reuters) Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said the suspected shooter of two television journalists on air Wednesday morning has been identified and appears to be a disgruntled former employee from the station, local media reported.

The suspect is being pursued, a CBS News affiliate in Richmond, Virginia, and Washington-based WTOP radio said. WTVR, the CBS station, said the suspect was in a vehicle being chased by police.

The suspect is Vester Lee Flanagan, a light-skinned black man who is 6-feet-3-inches tall and weighs about 250 pounds, according to the Augusta County Sheriff's Office.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Terror toddler filmed sawing off teddy bear’s head with ISIS backdrop

(NYDN) ISIS recruitment begins young.

Disturbing video has surfaced showing a toddler knifing off a teddy bear's head as ISIS flags hang in the background.

The terror tot, identified as the son of a jihadi, is first seen enthusiastically running into the room with the six-inch blade raised in his hand.

He goes straight for a white and red plush doll and begins sawing away at its throat as music plays in the background.

When he briefly pauses, a man off camera emits a cry which is echoed by the little boy who then resumes his attack after smiling and raising his knife.

"Allah Akbar!" the unseen man cries as the barefoot boy waddles away with a smile, leaving the doll behind him.

The 51-second video, titled “The son of one of the Mujahideen Part II” in Arabic, was posted on YouTube Friday and tweeted out by a self-described "Islamic Supremacist, Radical and Fundamentalist."

"Oh my.." @jihadi56 tweeted with emojis expressing tears and laughter. "Khilafah cub showing off his skills!"

Israel Foils Terror Attack on Joseph's Tomb

( Israel’s Shin Bet security agency revealed that it has foiled a plot to attack Jewish worshipers at Joseph’s Tomb.

According to the Shin Bet, four Palestinians were arrested in connection to a plot to launch a bombing and shooting attack at the site. The four named suspects were Nassim Damiri, 30, who has been jailed a number of times by Israel; Muhammad Damiri, 23, who serves as a Palestinian Authority police officer; Yasser Tsarawi, 25, also a former prisoner and a known Hamas terrorist operative; and Adwan Nazzal, 24, an Islamic Jihad terrorist operative.

The Shin Bet said the plot was armed and directed by Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip.

“During the interrogation, Nassim Damiri admitted his intention to carry out a terror attack at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus, and his cousin, Muhammad Damiri, admitted to conducting surveillance and collecting information on the movements of the worshipers there, in order to facilitate the attack,” the Shin Bet said.

Joseph’s Tomb is the final resting place of the biblical patriarch Joseph as well as his sons Ephraim and Manasseh, and is located near the biblical city of Shechem. Today, the site sits on the outskirts of Nablus and is under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. The tomb is normally closed to Jewish worshippers, with the exception of monthly planned visits under the protection of the Israel Defense Forces. The terrorists plotted to attack Jewish worshippers who frequently sneak into the tomb to pray.

“In this investigation we have seen again very clearly that there is high motivation of operatives in Gaza to push and direct terror in the West Bank,” a Shin Bet source said, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Mass Immigration and the Undoing of Europe

From Gatestone Institute:
  • In Germany, where traffickers are now dropping off illegal immigrants on Autobahns, authorities have reacted -- not by trying to intercept or discourage traffickers, but by putting up new road signs alerting drivers of potential pedestrians on the highway.
  • Last month alone, more migrants landed on the shores of Greece than in the whole of 2014.
  • If the mainstream media keep reminding everyone how the rioting immigrant youths in France or Britain are driven by economic inequality now, imagine the scale of unrest once European welfare states cannot finance "half the planet" anymore and are forced to cut welfare benefits.
  • No one, however, especially the media, blames migrants for their own actions.
  • This is the real tragedy of the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe: apart from those fleeing combat zones, most migrants swarming European borders and coastlines do not appear to be in any real or dire need.
With the European Union surrendering its immigration policy to people smugglers, the immigration crisis in Europe keeps reaching staggering new heights. The word has gone out that Fortress Europe is scalable. From Morocco to Turkey, people smuggling has turned into an irresistibly big business.

From small-time thugs to the terror outfit Hamas -- for $2500-$3000 per person smuggled -- many evidently want to seize a slice of this lucrative business that was created by the EU's collective inaction.

In Germany, where traffickers are now dropping off illegal immigrants on Autobahns, authorities have reacted -- not by trying to intercept or discourage the traffickers, but by putting new road-signs alerting drivers of potential pedestrians on the highway.

Even before this year's mass immigration began, Germany was struggling to deal with roughly a quarter of a million asylum applicants -- without even accounting for the illegal immigrants already in the country. The recent wave of migration would push those figures to record heights.

The trend in Germany merely reflects the overall scale of the European immigrant crisis. In July 2015, an estimated 50,000 refugees entered Greece, a surge of 750 percent. Last month alone more migrants landed than in the whole of 2014.

In Germany, the head of Lower Saxony's Municipal Federation, Marco Trips, told local reporters that the "system has already collapsed." This sentiment is apparently shared by municipalities across Germany. In a historic move, the German federal government has now called in the military to assist in setting up new tent cities and providing basic amenities for ever-rising number of refugees.

The majority of those entering Europe illegally seem not to be fleeing armed conflicts, but seeking a better life in a welfare paradise. Europe's answer is to throw money at the problem -- money Europe does not have. Britain's Defence Secretary proposed spending £12 billion ($19 million USD) on programs to "discourage" mass migration.

The European welfare system, funded increasingly by governments' debt in recent decades, is showing signs of an impending collapse. There is no end in sight for Greece's debt crisis, despite repeated bailout packages to the tune of €326 billion ($375 billion USD). Slow economic growth, high youth unemployment and an aging population makes the European welfare model increasingly untenable.

If the mainstream media keep reminding everyone how rioting immigrant youths in France or Britain are driven by economic inequality now, imagine the scale of unrest once European welfare states cannot finance "half the planet" anymore and are forced to cut welfare benefits.

Europe's answer to this imminent financial doom is to create still more welfare dependents or, even better, "invite" them by failing to secure the borders.

EU bureaucrats not only refuse to implement basic border controls but rebuke any EU member state moving to secure its borders. European politicians and the mainstream media are up in arms against Hungary's move to erect a border fence along its southern border. American public broadcaster PBS ran a report telling its viewers about Hungary's "new Iron Curtain." The Associated Press quoted unnamed "critics" who compared the Hungarian fence to "Communist-era barriers like the Berlin Wall."

The EU bureaucrats in Brussels want to force a single asylum policy on all 28 member states, asking that they take in more migrants. According to this common asylum policy proposed by Brussels, asylum seekers entering EU would be divided among EU members.

Hungary, with 60,000 migrant arrivals so far just this year, entering mainly from Serbia, remains the most vocal opponent of the EU's proposed policy.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been virtually ostracized by European politicians and media, for not complying with EU's immigration policy. Contrary to the EU's position, he has called for a "distinction" between EU member-state citizens moving within Europe and non-EU foreigners. "There are economic immigrants who are just in search of a better life... Unfortunately in Hungary we can't give jobs to all of these immigrants," Orbán said, and called the EU's proposal for member states to take in more refugees "absurd, bordering on insanity."

Europe, itself reeling under a financial crisis, cannot provide housing, employment and social benefits to the thousands who each day land on European shores and cross over borders. German newspapers are full of countless reports of immigrants disappointed after arriving in Europe, almost always followed by a reporter's plea for urgent action to address the said grievance. These "disappointments" often turn into violent clashes. Police across Germany have their hands full just to keeping rival migrant gangs from turning on each other or on officials.

No one, however, especially the media, blames migrants for their own actions. The mainstream media in Germany apparently refuse to connect the dots, so as not to "feed into negative stereotypes." A columnist for Germany's Tageszeitung even wrote of an elaborate government conspiracy that drives immigrants to turn violent -- allegedly just to give them a bad name.

Tageszeitung also ran a story lamenting the "alarming conditions" of refugees landing on Greek islands. The article was accompanied by a photograph of smiling, well-fed, sturdy young men, posing for "selfies" on their smartphones while holding cigarettes in their hands. One of them was thoughtful enough to bring along a selfie-stick for his smartphone, to capture the moment he fled a "war zone" or acute "economic misery."

This, however, is the real tragedy of the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe: apart from those fleeing combat zones, most migrants swarming European borders and coastlines do not appear to be in any real or dire need. Economic disparity on other continents should not oblige Europeans to open its own floodgates for mass migration.

This crisis seems to be one of Europe's own making -- that seems to be the logical conclusion of Europe's debt-driven welfare system and the EU's contempt for national boundaries.

Team Obama wins mercy for a sponsor of terrorism

Worst. President. Ever.
(NYT) Back in February, a Manhattan federal jury sent a critical message about holding the perpetrators of terror responsible: It found the Palestinian Authority liable for six attacks and assessed $218.5 million in damages.

But on Monday, thanks to Team Obama, that message was all but obliterated.

After an unusual intercession by the State and Justice departments, the judge hearing the case ordered the PA to post $10 million cash plus another $1 million a month as a bond while the case is appealed.

That’s a far cry from the $30 million a month the victorious plaintiffs had sought. And it’s a pittance next to what most other defendants would have to post.

The jurors held the PA responsible for attacks from 2002 to 2004 that killed 33 and wounded 400 others. The plaintiffs — 10 US families directly affected by the terrorism — showed that the PA employed the perps and made payments to suicide bombers’ families.

The usual appeals bond is 111 percent of the verdict — which in this case would be $655 million, since the amount is tripled under the 1992 US Anti-Terrorism Act.

But the administration pushed Judge George Daniels not to hit the PA too hard for fear it might collapse and endanger “a two-state solution” to the Middle East conflict.

So Daniels wound up assessing exactly what the PA said it could pay. That token amount probably won’t even cut into the PA’s subsidy of convicted terrorists — payments one official likened to “Social Security.”

Will the administration now try to overturn the whole verdict by saying the PA can’t afford to pay the damages?

Actually, the larger question is: How did US policy sink to the absurdity of relying on the terror-sponsoring Palestinian Authority as a vehicle for peace?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Egyptian Tel Aviv University Student Praises Israel in Viral Speech

(INN) Haisam Hassanein, an Egyptian student who this week completed his master's degree studies at Tel Aviv University, said at a graduation ceremony for foreign students that he almost didn't come to Israel – after nearly everyone he knew told him that traveling to Tel Aviv would be a bad idea.

Hassanein, who grew up in a rural area of Egypt, was fed a non-stop diet of anti-Israel stereotypes and propaganda, he said in his valedictorian speech at the graduation ceremony at Tel Aviv University last week, which has since gone viral. “Despite the fact that we have a peace treaty, I was always taught that Israel was the enemy,” he said.

Despite his fears, Hassanein decided he could not pass up the opportunity for an all-expenses paid master's degree program offered by Tel Aviv University – and decided to make the best of this “sentence” at an Israeli university. If you think you heard a million reasons why not to come to Israel, I heard a million and a half. Growing up in Egypt, the entire country had opinions about Israel, and none of them were positive. All we knew was that we had fought bloody wars, and that they were not like us," he said.

“I expected people to be hostile, and not to want to associate with an Egyptian. But I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that just the opposite was true. I was invited to all sorts of events, to Shabbat dinners and end of Ramadan fast 'iftar' dinners. I went to plays, events, and many other venues.”

Israel, he said, was a surprisingly free society. “Where else will you find the apartment of a Christian Arab that is decorated with posters of Mao and Lenin? Where else will you find an IDF soldier reading the Koran during Ramadan? On my very first day here at the university, I saw men in kippas, women in hijabs. I saw soldiers walking peacefully among crowds of lively students. I learned there were people of every kind in the university, and the university had a place for all of them—Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Bedouins, and even international students.

"“We must always question our assumptions,” Hassanein added. “Being here in Israel has taught me that life is full of paradoxes and complexities—that nothing is straightforward, and that things are often not as they are made to seem.”

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The British Left and Anti-Semitism

(London) The left of the political spectrum always try to tell anybody who will listen (as well as themselves) that they actually care for people/environment/feelings and that they have no truck for intimidation/intolerance/hatred of any sort. Which is why they have no problem supporting Islamic groups who are against the state of Israel. You know, that Israel which, when it was born in 1948, was invaded by 6 Arab armies (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and the Arab Liberation Army), that Israel which has made peace agreements with its neighbours, which affords all faiths, all genders and races more equality than any Islamic land. You know, that Israel which has given the world so much, and yet for all that, the left feel that Israel is a stain on the land and must be removed.

Which brings me to the British (socialist) Labour Party and its in-house contest for a new Leader. In the lead by a long way is Trotskyite Jeremy Corbyn who feels that the only way for the UK to go forward is to shed its current allies (US/Europe and Israel) and realign with Hamas, Hezbollah,Russia, Venezuela.

Anyway, as is the way of any political campaign, magnifying glasses look into the past of anybody seeking office, and they in turn are asked to explain themselves. Well, it appears that Corbyn has something for Islamic terrorist groups and has hosted terrorists from both groups at the Parliament on a number of occasions. He also hangs around with a large number of Holocaust deniers which resulted in Corbyn issuing a public statement that he would never have knowingly associated with Holocaust deniers. This came days after he denied sharing a platform with one, where the very next day he stated that he did, but he simply forgot about that meeting (or the rest).

So the new champion of the left claims he isn’t an anti-Semite. Really? But if we do a search of this Labour MP's webpage for Israel and Islington (his constituency) we find he has made 149 references about Israel and 140 for Islington. Now, why would a left-wing British MP mention a country thousands of miles away more times than the area he is meant to represent?

Answers on the back of a postage stamp to Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington, Londonistan. England.