Friday, January 12, 2018

Syria: Israel strikes Iranian arms supply line. again

(Damascus) It is currently been reported that the IDF struck a target in the city of Al-Qutayfah hitting an Iranian arms dump .According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Israeli air strikes targeted early Tuesday positions for regime forces in Al-Qutayfah area and Lebanon’s “Hezbollah” weapons depot, igniting "successive explosions and fires, and causing material damage.”

The Syrian Army later said in a statement broadcast on state television that "at approximately 2:40 am, the Israeli Air Force fired a number of missiles over Syrian territory at Al Qutayfah, in the suburbs of the capital, Damascus. Our air defence systems responded and hit one of the planes."

Israel has pledged to prevent the use of Syrian territories for the building of  Iranian bases or the transfer advanced arms to “Hezbollah.”,  an act they have been carrying out on a regular basis, also on a regular basis is how the  Syrians report that they not only prevented the attack, but they also shot down an Israeli plane. Which doesn't explain the numerous areas of Syria which suddenly go bang in the night.