Monday, January 15, 2018

Iraq: Suicide bombings kills 38

(Baghdad)  A double suicide bombing in the Iraqi capital this morning saw 38 people killed and injured another 95.

Monday’s bombers struck during rush hour in the city’s Tayran Square, which is usually crowded by labourers seeking work. Whilst no one has claimed the attacks, but they bore the hallmarks of ISIS, who are still pissed off at losing their self-proclaimed caliphate .

So let me get this right,  38 people murdered, nearly 100 injured by followers of the so called religion of peace (So the left keep telling me) on people who belong to the same faith, a faith which promotes the view that taking a single life is the worse thing that could ever happen. But the thing I can't understand, is so many people in the region will simply say. "It is the will of Allah" in which explain this senseless killing.

Is it bollocks.