Thursday, April 30, 2020

Germany: 2 Syrians arrested after several people stabbed

(Hanau) German police in a town near the city of Frankfurt have arrested 2 Syrians after several males went on the rampage with knives stabbing innocent people on the street

Four men between the ages of 17 and 26 are said to have been injured in the attacks. The victims come from Iraq , Syria and Albania. No information is yet available on the background of the crime, the spokesman for the prosecutor said. "At the moment we have no evidence that the attacks have a political or xenophobic background. Apparently all the attacker had beards

Germany: Hezbollah proscribed

(Berlin) Iran's Lebanese arm Hezb-allah took another hit in Europe when Germany became the latest European country to ban the Terrorist group in its entirety . This they followed up with police raiding four mosques and associations seen as part of the organisation early on Thursday: 

Berlin's al-Irschad mosque, 
two centres in Bremen and Münster, 
and a Lebanese community group in Dortmund.
The ban will enable authorities to put a stop to anti-Israel marches and the use of anti-Semitic slogans, observers say. Hezbollah flags and anti-Israel banners often appear at the annual al-Quds march in Berlin.

Israel: IDF carries out strike on Hezbollah

(Qunaitra) This morning the IDF carried out missile strikes on a number of Lebanese Hezballah positions situated in the Syrian part of the Golan heights  after suspicious behaviour was spotted in the Qunaitra neighbourhood  

The strike comes just 4 days after the previous IDF strike inside Syria, when on Monday evening the IDF carried out an attack on an Iranian military warehouse near the eastern city of Palmyra which duty rumour has it contained a number of Iranian loitering drones destined to be used by the mullahs against Israel.
The uptick in IDF strikes is directly in response to an increase of Iranian and friends activity on or near the Israeli border, hints at a plan by the mad mullahs to set aside their boy toys for a few days in which to have their puppets have a go at Israel. Naturally as they are peaceful law abiding terrorists and thugs, they will target civilians because that is all they can do..

France: Youssef drives car into 2 Police bikes, says he did it for ISIS

(Paris) On Monday evening  a couple of police bikes chasing a motorbike found themselves targeted when 29 year old Youssef T a native of Colombes a Paris suburb saw red and decided to ram his BME into both riders, resulting in both officers suffering terrible injuries and rushed to hospital

Youssef whilst known to the police, was not on the books of the France's security services, he was arrested at the scene and a search of his home found a letter where he declared himself to be a soldier of ISIS and carried out the attack due to the so called plight of Palestinians in Israel

Friday, April 24, 2020

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Iran: Launches military satellite into low level orbit.

(Tehran) Iran yesterday used the turmoil across the world over COVID 19 in which to avoid overt criticism over how it took another step in refining its long range ballistic missile technology when it used a mobile launcher as the base plate to launch into a low level earth orbit a picosatellite from the grounds of an IRGC base near the city of Shahroud about 100 miles away from the Imam Khomeini Spaceport, presumably to allow them to avoid the attention they received last August when their last attempt to launch a missile into space blew up on the pad and the same thing transpired

Well thankfully for the Mullahs, their pocket rocket didn't blew up in their face this time and they claim to have inserted a military satellite into a low earth orbit (250 miles)
The problem we have here is whilst Iran is happy to inform the world that it is only developing technologies in which to allow it to benefit its people, the fact remains it is but a cover for it to develop its ballistic missile program which has surreptitious excused by looking at the US and Israel ,which the liberals in Europe and the Islamic street are happy with, but in all reality it is simply a means for the Mullahs to achieve hegemony of the region allowing it do as it pleases. As I mentioned the liberal EU is happy as long as Iran claims it is looking at the US and Israel, in the hope that Iran will open up for business once Trump is gone but when Iran does get that bomb expect it to start dictating to the rest of the world how things will be in future.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

CHAD: Accidents will happen, and a very lucky escape

(N'Djamena)  On Friday at the main airport in CHAD  a SU 25Frogfoot  ground attack aircraft had a little mishap when a missile was launched whilst it was parked up on the runway in front of a French C130 Hercules aircraft, by two strokes of luck the missile was diverted from hitting the Herc after it passed through an empty fuel truck, unfortunately the  diverted missile ended up hitting a house killing 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) as well as injuring 2 others.

Friday, April 17, 2020

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Friday, April 10, 2020

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

France: Sudanese asylum seeker goes on knife rampage kills 2, injures several more

(Romans-sur-Isere) As if the world doesn’t have enough on its plate regards the lock down over COVID 19. A 33 year old Sudanese asylum seeker  went on a knife rampage in France today killing 2 and injuring several more, 4 of whom are seriously injured whilst uttering those immortal words:
"Ali ackba"

Friday, April 3, 2020

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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Israel: Palestinians in Jaffa riot over COVID 19 lockdown

(Jaffa)  It appears the Israelis can't win regards COVID 19, I mentioned earlier how the Haredi (Ultra-orthodox jews) haven't taken too kindly to the lockdown in place across most of the world and around 30 miles away in Jaffa, Palestinians are doing likewise. However unlike the Haredi window lickers, the Palestinians are doing what the Palestinians do best...rioting.

It appears the Israeli Police clamped down hard on a Palestinian who was outside and that offended the faithful and unlike the rest of the world where a complaint would ahve been submitted, they instead decided now would be a good time to riot :

Syria: Did Israel try to take out Iranian General Soleimani's replacement

(Homs) On Tuesday morning (31/03/20) the IDF carried out an airstrike on  al-Shayrat air base. It’s situated right at the top end of the Bekaa valley and is used as a forward operating base by Hezb-allah for the movements of terrorists into Syria and the movement of Iranian weapons into Lebanon.

Now on Tuesday evening an aircraft had just delivered its latest shipment of what was presumed to be weapons when 2 flights of  Israel F16s (3 to each flight) decided to target the airbase with cruise missiles. Whilst the Syrians reported (as usual) that they shot down all the incoming missiles, videos on social media have shown explosions on the ground.
As mentioned the Syrians usually love to parrot to the world that their wonderful  air defence system worked far better than expected and then bleat to the UN about the nasty jew next door, But this time they have been somewhat reticent .

Now news is coming out of Syria, that the plane which landed didn’t just drop off weapons, it also unloaded  Iranian General Ismail Qaani. -who replaced  Iranian General Soleimani after he had a very unfortunate mishap with a American Hellfire missile- who was in town to host a meeting with senior Syrian, Hezb-allah and Iranian officers . Until the Iranian terrorist enabler turns up for a photo shoot we will never know.

Israel: Ultra-Orthodox Jews object to COVID 19 social distancing protocols cough at and call police Nazis

(Bet Shemesh)  So as you may have noticed the entire world and his dog (But not the ones in China as they have been eaten) have had something of a melt down over COVID 19 (Linked somewhat to that nasty Chinese habit of eating anything that moves) resulting in mass panic and people being quarantined inside their own homes in which to and mitigate the spread of the virus.

Most of the world have no problem with this, as they can see, people are dying all over the world, and normal people don’t want to be next and then we come to the Haredi an extreme band of groups within the orthodox Jewish community , who subscribe to this view that they really are the chosen few and go well out of their way in which to let others know of their superior status and that they will do as they please (usually on the backs of the Israeli taxpayer) so why am I not surprised to see this band of window lickers objecting to the lockdown in place across most of the world ,never mind Israel and then when Israel police were sent to get them to abide by the law of the land (A jewish land at that) they played the 'Nazis' card and used brainwashed rugrats infused with the  bigotry that only religion breeds in which to cough at the police in which to force them to keep their distance . idiots.

Venezuela : Navy ship rams ice-strengthened passenger liner , comes off worse , ends up sinking.

(Isla La Tortuga)  In the early hours of March 30th, the German passenger liner RCGS Resolute built to cruise Antarctic waters, found itself holding position on one engine 13 miles off the coast of Tortuga  Island a Venezuelan island situated some 60 miles off the country's northern coast whilst repairs were effected on its other engine.

It was approached by the Venezuelan Navy ship  ANBV Naiguatá,  (a 1700 tonne Spanish built offshore patrol vessel (OPV) designed for patrolling the coasts of a nation)  which demanded to know what they were doing and ordered the cruise ship to follow it to Puerto Moreno on Isla De Margarita, located to the east, accusing it of violating the country's territorial waters, whilst the Captain was on the phone to his head office a number of shots were fired across the bows of the liner, it then rammed the liner at the bow in which to force it to do as they demanded.

And here is where the captain of the Naiguatá made his first and only huge mistake, You see the Resolute was built in Germany with a reinforced hull in which to allow it to cruise in Arctic and Antarctic waters  and when the Navy ship rammed it, it only succeeded  in scraping the paint off the front of the Resoluteso , on the other-side of the coin the navy ship  ripped a huge hole in its bow so much so, that it took on water, lots of water and capsized and sank.

The Liner remained until it was sure the crew of the navy were alright and then after informing the authorities legged it out of the area to the safety of Curaçao which belongs to Holland and part of the EU. Naturally the Venezuelans  aren’t impressed., but hey its not everyday you hear of a passenger liner sinking an armed naval ship. The company have issued the following statement regards the incident:

Which appears to be substantiated by the condition of the liner in Port: