Wednesday, January 31, 2018

UK: Ahmed jailed for raping a woman at gunpoint

(Sheffield) 18 year old dirty Aquib Ahmed felt his sexual urges needed satisfying last April. 

So he knocked on the window of a 25 year old woman and when she answered he pulled a gun on her and entered her home, threatening her father with said gun, he raped the woman, he then took her to the local mosque where his mate raped her, on telling the girl to return home, imagine her shock on find Ahmed waiting for her, where he raped her again on leaving , he informed her:
"“Don’t tell the police, because if you do, we will be back to blow your heads off.”
In court Ahmed was jailed for 15 years regards his inability to chat up a female like a normal human  with an extended license period of five years, due to the risk of danger he is deemed to pose to the public. His 16 year old mate was sent down for 6 years but due to European human rights laws, his name has been withheld from public discloser.

What is it about Muslims and rape?