Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Belgium: Police shoot knife-man at train station.

(Ghent) The security experts in Brussels yesterday advised the Government to reduce its security rating from a threat level of  3 (a serious and credible threat) to 2 (average and unlikely).

Less than 24 hours later police operating at the main train station in the city of Ghent were forced to shoot a knifeman who attacked them, the man was seriously injured and has been operated on at a local hospital.
Whilst the authorities have declined to offer any information regards the man who was shot an eye witness interviewed by the state broadcaster VRT quoted a witness who stated:
 "A man walked into the station and passed by barely a meter from me, he babbled a foreign language and was waving a knife, the police in the station hall signaled that he had to stop, but he did not listen. Then I heard three shots, the man also had a package with him, I thought it was a bomb,"