Monday, January 15, 2018

Sweden: The shithole of Scandinavia sees 2 more senseless killings overnight.

(Stockholm)  Whilst President Trump is getting a lot of flak over the allegation of referring to a number of third world countries as shit holes. In Sweden which also gave the US president a load of grief over how he pointed out the increase of crime in the country last year, has borne witness to yet another 2 senseless killings overnight.

In the first a 21 year old youth was shot dead in the multicultural city of Malmo at around 9pm, but get this one of his older brothers was shot dead in March 2017 and their older brother was shot – but survived thanks to his bullet proof vest – a month later. So their mother has seen 3 of her sons shot, with 2 of them murdered. Funny enough the police have admitted the shot man was known to them for his criminal activities.

Across the country in the so called vulnerable area (In 2011, 73% of the population of this area was foreign born)  of Rissne in the north of Stockholm, another man was injured in a shooting in the early hours of Monday. He was taken to hospital by ambulance but died from his injuries.

Sweden, not known for senseless murders is currently seeing around 1 murder a day funny enough all in so called vulnerable areas, aka areas of high immigration, the murder rate in Sweden is running around 4 times higher than in Germany or Norway and with a low resolution rate (25%) for gun homicides compared to Germany and Finland at 90%.

And people say that Trump doesn't know what he is on about...Really!