Friday, June 26, 2020

Scotland: Asylum seeker shot dead after Knife rampage

(Glasgow) So today inside the Park inn in Glasgow city city a Man went on a knife rampage injuring several others including a policeman, before he was stopped by getting shot dead by the Police. Information is still a little vague , but it is known that around 100 asylum seekers are housed inside the hotel 


Police are already stating this isn't a terrorist incident (which is funny enough what they state after similar attacks , and then days later they will surreptitiously upgrade it to a terrorist attack) The BBC is alrady on form by playing the victim game:

They did similar damage limitation with the Libyan Asylum seeker who stabbed 3 gay men to death last Saturday 

What is it with the authorities and the media who whilst happy to scream far right activist over idiots on twitter or even flying a Banner which states "White lives matter" yet when somebody from the relgion of peace goes walkabout with a knife, hes deemed either as mentally diminished , a victim of racism, or simply misunderstood. 

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

UK: Rebecca Long-Bailey, kicked out of the shadow cabinet for anti-semtism

(London)  The new leader of the Labour party kicked out of the Shadow Cabinet Rebecca Long-Bailey, the shadow education secretary for approving on social media an interview in which the actress Maxine Peake who stated the US police tactic of kneeling on someone’s neck was taught by the Israeli secret service. when asked to remove her post, Long-Baily refused and she was dropped ,

Ironically whilst Long-Bailey was adamant to stand by her guns for what she felt was true, the actress Maxine Peake has admitted she was wrong for stating a falsehood , but as usual blamed racism
Peake along with Long-Daily is known for her far left mindset and is currently campaigning for the overthrow of 'capitalist, fascist dictators' and 'systemic racism' by violent revolution. something tells me she will be on the dog and bone to the old bill as soon as an angry mob starts walking towards her home. 

For those from abroad who don't know the background behind this story. At the last general election held 6 months ago Labour the traditional party for the working class man saw its biggest losses since 1935. An internal labour report into why was published last week and it stated that the lovies who have never worked a day in their life and who all come from middle class families decided to divert their attention away from their traditional voting block to niche groups known for voting on mass , groups such as Muslims. which also explains why the labour party for the past 5 years became known as a hotbed for antisemitism, things weren't  helped when the then leader himself openly declared his support for Hamas, Hezballah, tried to cover up his paid trips to Iran, to Tunisia to attend a wreath-laying for individuals behind the group that carried out the Munich Olympic massacre,. Then there were the gaffs closer to home
1) Shedding tears over the killing of Osma bin laden
2) Complaining about how an ISIS mass murderer was taken out by a UAV missile
3) stating that he didn't believe in shoot to kill even during a terrorist attack in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attack which saw 130 people murdered in 2015

All of the above was added up by the British populace who came to the conclusion that Labour no longer represented them , rather they openly supported the very people who want to kill them or wish them harm, So they voted with their feet

So a new labour PM, trying his hardest to make Labour electable in 4 years time, has to clamp down hard on anybody who continues to give a voice to those within its ranks who still subscribe to the polices which saw the voter walk away.

As a footnote there's a very good reason why Rebecca Long-Bailey, is known inside Parliament and amongst the media as Rebecca Wrong-Daily

Iran: Large explosions reported in 2 different cities

(Tehran) It has been reported that large explosions have been reported in Tehran and in the city of Shriaz . Whilst  it is acceptable to expect an accident resulting in an explosion, 2 similar detonations 400 miles apart in separate cities in Iran will have people asking questions and as it is the Middle East expect a lot of rumour and rife.

Its early days and hopefully this is nothing more than an accident (and I don't mean that in a nasty way)

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

UK: The duplicity of the left when it comes to protesting.

(UK) For the past few weeks  the entire world has been held hostage by the so called "Black Lives Matter' protesters, who feel that only they can be victims and that only they face racism. So across the Uk we've had mass protests, we've seem statues knocked down, removed  and covered up. Oxford university has decided that any black student who feels affected by the death of man who set this all off, can apply for time off and special consideration for their exams (A lower bar to pass)

The BBC has decided to spend 100 million in which to make its output

The irony here is, these past few years, it has been noticed by everyman and his dog that the BBC has become a joke and that actually it no longer caters for the 80% white British population. In fact there's a huge movement for the BBC to be defunded of its licence fee and I honesty feel that if the government pushes for the decriminalisation of not paying  the TV licence fee , it is going to see a huge fall in its annual £3.6 billion it receives from the licence fee, 

Yet despite this so called outrage which is being excused for violent and intolerant acts of violence by a very small percentage of the Uk population (Blacks and mixed blacks account for around 2 million out of the Uk population of around 65 million) over the death of 1 man thousands of miles away in the US. These people remain silent on the hundreds of black deaths, primarily at the hands of blacks in the Uk. Last year 149 people were stabbed to death in London the vast majority were black males murdered by black males, During the height of the recent BLM protests in London 4 people were shot in north London including a 2 year old child, last week 2 black women were stabbed to death in a park in North London in an area which only has a 5% white British population 

Where are the protests? I keep hearing about racism, that is oppressing blacks in the Uk and that black people fear for their lives at the hands of British Police. which is strange as at the half way mark in the Uk, the police have killed 2 people, both who just happened to be Islamic terrorists in the midst of trying to kill people in London.
Last year the police in the Uk shot dead 3 people, one was an Islamic terrorist who killed 2 people, one was a white man and the only black guy killed was somebody with an illegal gun. But instead of asking why he had a gun, the black community bumped its gums demanding questions need to be asked over his death. Apparently he was nice bloke, wouldn't harm a flea . Its the same regards knife crime, the reason it has gone through the roof is because the human right lawyer who became mayor of London stood on a platform of getting rid of stop and search as the black community feel it is racist. Get that trying to stop people from killing black people in london is deemed by the black community as racist. here is a video I received yesterday about a black woman complaining about 3 policeman searching a young black lad outside a tube station in London. Listen to her rabbiting on and then..she still complains 

And yet these are the very people who are currently protesting they are hard-done due to white racism in the Uk., yet whilst the facts state otherwise, people in the Uk can't bend over fast enough in which to not be seen as....racist.

Syria: IDF 'apparently' strikes the Iranians yet again for the second time in the same evening.

(Salamiyah) In the second airstrike within hours inside Syria , an Iranian base in the north of the country outside the city of Salamiyah decided to go up spectacularly in smoke this evening. As the strike has been shared across social media, the Syrians have for once decided not to report that their air defence network repulsed the attack.

As stated, this was the second airstrike inside Syria attributed to Israel , earlier on in the evening 2117hrs local time Syrian media reported  a couple of airstrikes on Kababej", near Deir Az Zor, and in the al-Sukhna region resulting in a number of deaths, As the region is close to the Iraqi border, the Iranians have taken to building warehouses and such  for itself and its proxy forces and thus become a huge dartboard for the IDF, who keep on hitting 180

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Libya: Turkish involvement reverses LNA gains, resulting in Egypt issuing warning , continue and we enter the fray.

(Tripoli)  At the start of the year things didn't look too good for the Government of National Accord (GNA)  the so called UN sanctioned band of jihadi groups which after refusing to acknowledge the result of elections in June 2014 which they lost, took Tripoli and Misrata by force resulting in the elected Government  the House of representatives to seek shelter first Tobruk and then Benghazi where they tasked  Khalifa Haftar to take back the country with the Libyan National Army (LNA)

This he almost achieved when the lay of the land 6 months ago looked like this: (Blue being the GNA, brown being the LNA)

Today, with a little help from the Turks and at least 20000 imported Syrian jihadists, the lay of the land looks a lot healthier for the GNA . (Just for the info the maps show approx 1/6th of the total area of Libya)

The GNA with the support of the Turks are currently retaking lost ground, however they may have bitten off more than they can chew. As the Egyptians who have been massing  their military on the Libyan border for the past few weeks , have stated that if the GNA advance onto Sirte.(they are currently on the outskirts, they will enter Libya on the side of the LNA. 

UK: How the left lies in which to claim that BAME people are dying in droves due to COVID 19

(London)  As you may have noticed these past few months the entire world has fallen under the spell of the COVID 19 virus . The Uk initially comes across as having done badly , bit the fact remains the UK has one of the most effective recording systems in the world  and have including deaths which in other countries haven't even been looked at, never mind recorded. Now I'm not trying to excuse the death toll in the Uk, but using that statement about how in depth the Uk is able to report on the total number of COVID 19 deaths in which expose a huge misinformation tactic being used by the left and political agitators in which to score brownie points over the Government.

Of late you may have heard of a huge social media campaign led by the media regards the so called inordinate amount of  Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) people who have died due to COVID 19. Here are a few examples from the Media:

The message being promoted is that BAME people are dying unnecessary due to the British Governments incompetence . yet whilst the media is happen to quote stats , they never offer actual figures. Now back to to my initial statement about how good the UK is at collating statistics . The National Health service publishes daily and weekly statistics on the COVID 10  death toll. it can be found here . The excel spreadsheet is broken down into
  • Deaths by ethnicity
  • Deaths by gender
  • Deaths by preexisting condition 
Here is the book for deaths by Ethnicity:
Now lets go back to some of those claims made by pressure groups and the media such as the fact that the BLAME community has been hit harder than the White community by C19. In 2011 the BAME population for the UK was recorded as 11%  and now it is deemed to be around the 18% mark. So looking at the NHS chart above (note it is for England meaning the BAME population will actually be higher due to the less ethnic populations in Northern Ireland (98% white)  Scotland (96% white) and Wales   (93% white)  we find that actually 13% of the total deaths due to C19 are from the BAME population. yet 9 years ago the BAME population stood at 11%, if anything the number of BAME deaths is smaller and not larger than that for the white population.

Then there is this claim that people with a Bangladeshi heritage are dying at twice the rate of white people: 
The Uk Bangladeshi population in 2015 was 600000.  that was 5 years ago, so it could have only have gone up. So with a promotion by the media that Bangladeshi people are dying at twice the rate of white people in the UK want to guess how many have died as of last Thursday in England 

165. yes that rights right One Hundred and sixty five. 

How about Black people who in 2011 accounted for just under 2 million people . The media tells me they are 3 times the risk of white people of dying from C19. So want to guess how many have died from that 2 million population
1037, One thousand and thirty seven. 

There lies the reason why the media quote statics and not actual figures simply in order to denigrate the Government into dancing to its tune.

Uk: Terror attacks sees 3 dead and at least 15 injured.

(Reading)  This evening hours after a huge unofficial Black Lives matter protest in the UK, a Libyan male decided to go on the rampage with a knife in the park where the protest had been held resulting (so far) in 3 people stabbed to death and with at least 15 more seriously injured.

The knifeman was apprehended by a lone unarmed policeman who rugby tackled him. The irony here, is Black Lives Matter in the Uk has as one of its aims , the defunding  of the British Police.

British Lives Matter

Friday, June 19, 2020

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