Friday, September 28, 2018

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Denmark: 2 arrested for supplying ISIS with Drones.

(Copenhagen) Danish police arrested 2 people on suspicion of assisting terrorist groups, including the supplying of drones to ISIS

The detention and subsequent arrest of the suspects is connected with an investigation regards the purchase of drones in Denmark and their transfer to ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq for combat use. The two men are said to belong to radical Islamist groups in Denmark and are known to police. They are set to appear in court tomorrow.

Kenya; 2 Christians murdered after Muslims became upset over the arrest of 3 terrorists.

(Elwak) Angry at how the police had picked up 3 people apparently linked to the Islamic terrorist group 'Al Shabab who the police believed were behind an IED attack on a police vehicle. A crowd of angry Muslims descended on the local police station on the border of Kenya and Somalia demanding that it be closed down.

As is always, the peaceful protest was anything but and after they found the police were staying they decided to light fires and throw stones at the police. As this is Africa, the Police retaliated with gun fire, forcing the crowd to find a much easier target in which to vent their anger. So rushing through the town they came across a builder and a hospital worker, who were quickly pointed out as non-Muslims, so they were stoned to death.

Police have reinforced the town and have arrested 4 people and are on the serch for others.

UK: Women poster taken down as it was deemed.....offensive.

(Liverpool) It never fails to amaze me regards how the the snowflake generation find offence everywhere they look. Currently in the US the left of the political spectrum are outraged over Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of grinding his hips as a 17 year old into a 15 year old girl at a drunken party in 1982. The so called victim only decided to report this to the police, media after Kavanaugh came into the public eye. To the left this is an outrage, he must be punished as should any of his friends who are game for attack. such as Senator Sen. Ted Cruz who along with his wife was hounded out of a restaurant by the so called 'smash racism' crowd for being friends with Kavanaugh for over 20 years.(The irony of a white anti-racist group targeting a Hispanic appears to be lost on them) . Meanwhile the political mindset which has no problem tarring a man as a 'rapist'  based on no evidence whatsoever but on his political links to President Trump have no problem defending Roman Polanski over how he anally raped a 13 year old girl when he was aged 43. How about how they defend the peccadilloes of a certain former President  and today we have a leading British actor defending kevin Spacey. The left of the political spectrum only find offence where they wish to find it, which bring me to this. In Liverpool a bill board has been taken down as it was deemed offensive to Transgender people.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

EU: European parliament states that members’ €4,416-a-month expenses must remain secret in which to protect their privacy

(Strasbourg)  You may have noticed that currently there is a huge bunfight across Europe regards the UK leaving the European Union. The British voted leave due to the belief that the EU is undemocratic, that it wastes money and that it has no clear direction in anything it does. The pro European crowd state otherwise and are currently demanding that the largest attended vote in British history which they lost should be retaken as they claim people didn't know what they were voting for, plus the fact that the racist old people who voted to leave are dying off and so the will of the voting public has changed. Which is strange as poll after poll still shows the British want to leave.

The EU haven't helped by dragging things out in which to ensure that other countries don't follow the UK and also in allowing the remain in Europe crowd to capitalise on their stall tactics in which to have another vote in which to keep the UK inside the European union. So the question has to be asked exactly why do the political elites inside Europe want the UK to remain. You see the EU is a club and everybody chips in, to fund the dream of a better Europe. The problem is the Western European countries chip in much more than the poorer Eastern and Southern ones, whilst that is ok when you have equal numbers, the EU like a ponzi scheme keeps on growing and accepting poorer nations. That growth of the EU is displayed below:

From 1981 onwards the vast number of new member's have been recipients and not contributors of the EU kitty. Currently there are a number of applicants waiting to join, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia Macedonia and possibly Turkey which has been trying to join for a few years now. All these countries will require huge amounts of investment, money which will have to come from the richer Western countries. and that is where one of the problem lies. Financial accountability. Before Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece joined they were meant to sort out their act, get rid of corruption and basically balance their books, they were given a set time to do so and they didn't. This has resulted in the likes of Romania and Bulgaria being allowed to join the EU whilst failing to meet the criteria set for them. We saw what happened with Greece when they were allowed to join without meeting those same standards, which allowed them to bankrupt the country by allowing their citizens to retire on full pensions from the age of 45 onwards and yet in order to fund this pozi scheme the EU has to continue to milk its richer members dry.

Any attempt of financial accountability at the EU is shunned, which kind of explains why their accounts have never really been balanced. Oh the mandarins in their ivory towers say they have in which to silence their detractors but the fact remains they still haven't managed to balance their books

Which brings me to the latest example of how the EU goes well out of its way in which to refuse to allow the people who fund it, see how they are spending their money. The EU parliament is made up of second rate politicians who having failed to make the grade in their own countries settle for second best at Strasbourg. They are paid a starting wage of €8,611.31 (£7,705) a month in gross salary, plus pension. On leaving they receive a transition allowance worth up to €206,664, depending on their length of service. Those payments are there for all to see. However it has come out in the wash that MEPs have been supplementing their wages with a €4,416 monthly “general expenditure allowance” awarded to MEPs to fund their constituency offices, which costs the public purse €40m a year. MEPs are also refunded first-class travel expenses and get a €313 daily allowance for hotel and living costs when working in Brussels and Strasbourg. Most MEPs claim the maximum office allowance, with only a handful reimbursing the parliament for unspent funds. There is no requirement to provide invoices, receipts or any details on how the funds are spent. Since 2009 MEPs have been obliged to provide receipts for travel expenses, but the €313 tax-free “subsistence” allowance is paid in full, without questions or documents.

A group of journalists who investigate MEPs expense accounts found 249 “ghost offices”, where MEPs had no office, or who refused to divulge the address. In fact out of 748 MEPs only 133 have revealed what they pay in office fees.This led for a call for tighter rules to be put in place in which to stop any abuse of the system. In July the MEPs themselves voted to reject this request. the journalists appealed and took them to court. Today the EU court rejected those calls for greater transparency regards MEPs’ expenses, as it upheld a decision that politicians are not required to reveal how they spend public money intended for their offices citing that an obligation to publish spending records would undermine MEPs’ privacy.

In otherwords the ponzi scheme continues to milk the plebs dry.

France: Refuses to accept Migrants whilst berating Italy for doing the same thing

(Paris) The Italian government earned the scorn of the rest of Europe when in June this year they banned the charity ship 'Aquarius' from dropping off migrants which it (and quite a few other charity ships) had been doing for years, which has resulted in acting as a huge pull factor for hundreds of thousands of economic migrants whom they pick up off the coast of Africa and then transport them hundreds of miles north to Europe for the Italian tax payer to sort out.

One of the loudest detractors was France with President Macron berating the Italian government for its "cynicism and irresponsibility" in refusing to allow this so called  rescue ship packed with migrants to dock in Italy.

Well a couple of months down the line and the very same ship has just been refused permission to dock in France  carrying just 58 Economic migrants . Apparently the reason being given for this refusal is that under the law, a ship which has picked up people at sea must drop them off at the nearest port. Funny enough that would rule out all of Europe in favour of the North African coast.

But get this even whilst closing its doors to these so called people in need, the French government continues to berate the Italians for doing likewise with French Minister Nathalie Loiseau when asked about the case of the Aquarius NGO-run migrant-rescue ship opining:
"That is why we say again to Italy that the idea of closing its ports to people in danger is against the law, it is against humanity".

Monday, September 24, 2018

Switzerland: 42 year Eritrean refugee jailed for anal raping his 12 year old niece.

(Solothurn-Lebern) In Switzerland 42 year old Eritrean refugee Haile H has been jailed for 7 years for abusing 2 children.

Haile arrived in the country in 2008 and claimed asylum. 4 years later he returned to Eritrea on holiday and returned with 2 small children his 12 year old son and his 9 year old niece whom he claimed was his daughter.

He mistreated them from the word go , beating them if they failed to clean the house etc. Then in 2015 he started sexually abusing his niece.  This he would do only once his 15 year old son had fallen asleep , whereupon he would force his 12 year old niece into his bedroom and get her to play with his penis  off, suck him off , finger her and then he would turn her around and anally rape her. That is until he was found out. In court his lawyer tried to get the case thrown out due to the state of his clients mental health, but the judge was having none of this and sent down child rapist Haile for 7 and ½ years.

Maldives: Marine artwork destroyed for being un-Islamic

(Sirru Fen Fushi)   A 5 star resort in the Maldives decided to commission a bespoke piece of marine art and brought in artist and environmentalist Jason deCaires Taylor to do his stuff.

Nine months later he revealed a marine sculptural work of art called Coralarium made from pH-neutral marine steel, it is punctuated with cutouts mimicking the organic forms found in the water, making it a solid yet transparent structure.  Allowing marine life to explore the new environment.

Well despite 9 months in the making nobody from the Maldives bothered complaining until it was finished and the government issued a court order that it had to be destroyed as it was offensive to...Muslims who deemed it a threat to Islamic unity.

Strange how the faithful demand we respect their ways in their homelands, yet in the secular west , if we don't allow them to import their backward ways, it is deemed racist or even Islamophobic.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Libya: Internecine fighting sees 11 people killed

(Tripoli)   Libya’s Ministry of Health has reported that clashes which broke out in the capital Tripoli this past Friday saw 11 people killed and another 59 injured

This brings the death toll of the fighting between warring parties this past month in the capital to 96 deaths and 365 injuries since the beginning of the fighting in Aug. 26 which has seen forces allied with the UN-backed government fighting the "7th Brigade" militia from the city of Tarhuna, some 80 km southeast of Tripoli.

Somalia: US air-strike takes out 18 Terrorists

(Mogadishu) U.S. Africa Command have issued a press statement that on Friday a joint US –Somali patrol 30 miles northwest of the port city of Kismayo came under attack by Al-Shabab terrorists, an airstrike was called in which resulted in the deaths of 18 of the attackers.

 A further 2 terrorists killed by Somalian troops during the engagement.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Philippines: President Rodrigo Duterte expresses anger with Miltary

(Manila) President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines likes to play the play the part of a hard talking, hard walking man who will get his way. This we have seen in how he has addressed the drug problem in the country by instigating a shoot to kill policy on drug users.  (As of last month around 20,000 people have been presumed to have been killed by the security forces since July 2016) THis has naturally caught the eye of the world including the ICC whom he has just called “a bunch of criminals” for wanting to investigate his war on illegal drugs. He's fallen out with the US (His biggest sponsor) and has had no problem getting into bed with China and Russia.

A natural bully he has no problem attacking anybody who stands in his way be it legally or illegally. For example  Senator Leila de Lima, is Duterte's chief government critic. He in turn has no problem playing dirty in which to silence her, she was arrested and charged for being linked to the drug trade during her stint as justice secretary. Funny enough all her accusers are prisoners who have been granted freedom if they are willing to accuse her. She is still locked up in jail, but continues to carry out her work as a appointed senator fighting corruption found within the current administration.

Which brings me to Duterte and the Military. You see he has publicly expressed his displeasure with them in a national address over how they refused to do as they were told by him, which was to arrest his chief opposition critic, Senator Antonio Trillanes. on a warrant-less arrest order and launch court martial proceedings agaisnt him . He lashed out at the military in his televised address for disrespecting his democratic mandate and being ungrateful for the significant boost he has administered to armed forces’ salaries and benefits.
 “I’m not trying to win you over. It’s because I was elected president. Now you have the mandate to protect the people and preserve the nation. You want to destroy that? That’s okay,” he complained in the address referring to the armed forces.
Strange how a dictator in making plays the 'democratic' card when he doesn't get his own way.

Afghanistan: 8 children killed by Taliban bomb.

(Faryab province) 8 children were killed when a bomb planted outside a police station in the north of the country was detonated by the Taliban on Friday afternoon.

The blast in the Shirin Tagab district also injured another 6 children. No security forces were injured.

Iran: Attack on Military parade kills 29

(Ahvaz)  4 Gunmen opened fire on a military parade marking the anniversary of the Iraq-Iran warin 1980.

The attack which took place at around 9am local time in the country's oil-rich southwest, resulted in  the deaths of at least 29 (mainly members of the Iranian republican guard) people , and the wounding 53 others,  when the main stand containing dignitaries was targeted with gunfire from the 4 assailants. 3 of whom were killed at the scene , with the last dying of his injuries in hospital.
Confusion persists regards the terrorists behind this attack, with ISIS and a local Sunni Muslim group claiming to be behind  the attack But with no supporting evidence) Iran meanwhile has already blamed foreign countries , but that is only to be expected.

Israel: About those peaceful Hamas protests

How many times have you read about how the Israelis have shot innocent peaceful protesters in Gaza who were simply minding their own business. Have a butchers at this video which was filmed by Palestinians which show that actually these protests are anything but peaceful.

Friday, September 21, 2018

UK: BAE Challenger tank concept to be fitted with Israeli Iron Fist APS

(London)  Last January the British government handed 24-month Assessment Phase (AP) contracts to BAE and Rhinemetal for them to come up with Life Extension Programmes for the  British Challenger 2 Main Battle tank in which to address mission system obsolescence and ensure that the vehicle remains supportable until 2035.

Well this week BAE  revealed their Black Night, Challenger 2 Life Extension Project (LEP) technology demonstrator.

In a nutshell, they have kept the main gun , armour and engine, but replaced everything else , with the internal electronics being ported over from the the new Ajax armoured vehicle which has a 20 Gbit/s Ethernet intelligent open architecture, which enables it to capture, process and store six TBs of information gathered by the sensors. It can then share this data, be it images or other information with other vehicles. The enhancements are designed to provide a 24-hour hunter-killer capability with the provision of thermal imagers for the gunner, commander, and driver.

For defence they have fitted the Challenger with the Israeli Iron fist active protection system, (as a costed option) which funny enough BAE has been contracted to fit to the Dutch armys APCs.

My opinion:
This is an upgrade on the cheap by the British government which would rather hand over £14 billion a year to third world countries which hate us, rather than spend that money on our own. Yes the Challenger 2 is still an effective tank, but to keep it in service until 2035 is a pound foolish, penny shy attempt to say, look we are spending money on the military. Don't even get me started on the standard infantry weapon the British army uses (A weapon I have been familiar with since the early 90s)

And liberals wonder why Islamic wedding parties get hit by air strikes

Watch for the woman on her phone:

India: 3 Policemen kidnapped and murdered by Islamic terrorists

(Jammu and Kashmir)  Islamic terrorists in India have kidnapped 3 policemen from their homes and then aired video of them shooting them dead. 

Special Police Officers Firdous Ahmad Kuchey, Kulwant Singh and Nisar Ahmad Dhobi were abducted from their homes at Batgund and Kapran villages in Shopian district on Thursday night They were then taken to nearby Lamni-Wangam village where they were shot dead. Their bullet riddled bodies were recovered by locals on Friday morning.

Israel: Responds to PA's payments to Ari Fuld's killer pledge.

(Jerusalem)  Over the weekend American Ari Fuld was fatally wounded by 17 year old Youssef Ali Jabarin, Fuld managed to shoot his attacker before succumbing to his wounds. <

Within hours the Palestinian authority made a pledge that they would pay his attacker a stipend. Today Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon responded by saying Israel will act to counter the Palestinian Authority's planned payments to the family of a terrorist who murdered an Israeli citizen last Sunday by cutting the same amount from the tax dividends Israel transfers to Ramallah.
"Every shekel the Palestinian Authority transfers to the depraved terrorist's family will be deducted immediately,"
The liberal world is up in arms over how the US has cut funding to UNRWA , despite the fact that the US has been handing over much more than anybody else for years. One of the charges that the US has made regards cutting that funding is how Aid money is being used to fund terrorists who have been locked up. Here we have a perfect example of that. Yet to the liberals the US is simply being mean. Really?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

C.A.R: Up to 42 Christians murdered by Islamic rebels

(Bria) Reports are coming in that Islamist rebels who used to belong to the now-disbanded Séléka rebel group the Popular Front for the Central African Renaissance (FPRC) murdered up to 42 people at the start of this month in the Central African Republic town of Bria.

The victims were mainly women, who were hacked to death while returning from their farms to the predominantly Christian quarter of Bria, in the centre of the country.

The Central African Republic which is 90% Christian and around 10% Islamic started suffering from an Islamic rebel problem from around 2001.In 2012 the rebels signed a peace agreement with the government, however within days the rebels (all Islamic) decided that control of the country was within their grasp and they achieved this aim a year later with the rebel leader proclaiming himself leader on the 28th March 2013. He disbanded the rebels on the 13th September 2013 and they not happy with being out of a job have been running riot ever since. However in taking control of the country by the use of the bullet and the bomb, the Islamic rebels woke up the 90% Christian majority and they formed anti-rebel groups and have been using sheer weight of numbers to address the balance. For example the Islamic population of Bangui which numbered 138,000 in 2013 had fallen to 900 a year later.

Into the fray entered the French and the UN, however by using so called human rights in which to communicate with the rebels and the anti-rebel groups they have allowed the fires of distrust to continue to burn resulting in many deaths the latest being 42 Christian women.

Turkey: Whilst his country starves, Venezuelan president enjoys eating out at an upscale steak restaurant

(Istanbul)  As a child one of the books we had to read at school was 'Animal farm' by George Orwell . Its a story about how the animals on a farm rebel and kick out out the Human farmer and decide to run it themselves. The pigs take charge under the matra "All animals are equal"  and "4 legs good , 2 legs bad" however by the end off the book that matra is amended to read: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." and the pigs start to walk around on 2 legs.

Which brings me to Venezuela, which under the good intentions of socialism where everybody is equal, the country has seen a huge drop in living standards. The current president Nicolás Maduro who has no problem blaming everybody else for the sorry state of the country (primarily the US and Columbia) is currently in Turkey trying to secure cash loans based on oil security (Of which Venezuela is supposed to have the worlds largest holdings) anyway whilst the people of Venezuela are leaving in their millions due to a lack of food (90% of the population have reported to have lost weight due to hunger)  El Presidento and his wife had no problem living it large at a celebrity Turkish restaurant and it hasn't gone down well with the people back home:
It appears Maduro has no problem subscribing to the mantra:
""All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." 

Syria shoots down jet during Israeli attack. problem is, Its Russian.

(Damascus)  Last night at around 2300hrs hours somebody decided to launch a missile attack on the Syrian city of Latakia.

Whilst the Syrian defence force issued their usual proclamation, that the attack had been muted by their air defence system, places in the city did spontaneously combust.
Also the Syrians never got round to mentioning that they also managed to shoot down a plane. something they do every-time there is a missile attack. The problem here is, the plane they shot down was a Russian Il-20 (Nato code name: Coot) a strategic electronic intelligence and radar reconnaissance aircraft.

Initially the Russians blamed the French:

But this has been denied by the French , and now the Russians have blamed the Israelis for the loss of their plane.
The thing I can't understand is how a Russian Jet flying over Syria was taken down by a Syrian S200 missile, I mean what is Identification friend or foe (IFF) for?

Monday, September 17, 2018

IOS 12 update out today.

So IOS 12 gets rolled out today, if you wish to be an early updater, here is a list of local times around the world when the update should become available:

Here a video of what to expect:

And here's what Ipad users should expect:

UK: Mass Brawl in Luton, 21 men injured,

(Luton) On Sunday just to the north of London a huge mass brawl took place in public at around 5pm.

For some very strange reason groups of men armed with knives, baseball bats, iron bars , hammers and cleavers decided to have a very uncivilised conversation , resulting in 21 men sustaining injuries requiring hospital admission with several of them in a serious condition. Video coverage of the mass brawl reveals that all the idiots concerned belong to the same demographic, who it appears don't subscribe to civilised discourse and are only too happy to recreate the very conditions in the Uk which they claim forced them to leave their home lands in search of sanctuary.
As per usual the  Police, media and authorities who are so quick to play the race card on anybody who speaks out about the ingrained intolerance found within a certain imported ideology (A certain Tommy Robinson is from Luton)  have not only remained tight-lipped on the above it appears they don't have a clue about who participated in the above bunfight, which is strange as the above video clip not only shows where the brawl took place, it very clearly shows the faces of local people watching, including a local taxis driver stopping and getting out of his taxis.

Belgium: Police shoot knife attacker.

(Brussels) Early this morning two policemen on patrol in the centre of Brussels came across a migrant sleeping in a public park. Telling him to move on, the migrant instead pulled out a knife and attacked them injuring one policeman. Unfortunately for the assailant the policemen were armed with hand guns and for his troubles he was shot twice leaving him in a serious condition.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Syria: Damascus Airport targeted by missile strikes.

(Damascus) This evening Damascus International Airport was targeted by a missile strike with, Syrian state media stating (as they always do) that their air defence system shot down some of them. A media group which monitors Syria said the attack targeted an arms depot near the airport where new weapons had recently arrived for the Iranians or Lebanon's Hezbollah group. The monitoring group had no immediate word on casualties, saying the strike did cause material damage.

As this is the age of the mobile phone, numerous clips have been uploaded onto social media showing the Syria air defence system at work. Something the Assad regime loves to promote in which to big up its air defence capability. However that said as always the Syrians still got hit.

There is some speculation that the target was an Iranian cargo plane which landed at 8pm (local time)
This attack comes less than a fortnight after a missile attack targeted Iranian positions in the city of Masyaf

Venezuela: President Maduro to sue his neighbours over their refusal to accept millions of Venezuelans trying to escape..Venezuela.

(Caracas)  Of late Venezuela has found itself in something of a pickle. You see after years of Socialism, the country is falling apart at the seams. Crime is up, prices are up, jobs are down as is the supply of food, water and electricity.  Not only that but because people are suffering, they have started to complain we had the mass protests on the streets last year, which saw over 165 people killed, over 16000 injured and nearly 5000 arrested. In order to remain in power , people who complain are arrested and charged with treason , which is what happened to fireman Ricardo Prieto

who knocked out a skit on social media where he referred to President Nicolas Maduro, faster than the rise of the nations currency Ricardo found himself arrested for dissent.
So acute is the cash flow in Venezuela, this past week El Presidento jetted off to China in which to secure a $5 billion loan off of China which the canny Chinese have tied to the supply of oil at very favourable rates. This is on top of the $50 billion China has already loaned Caracas and yet there is nothing to show for it.

Anyway former bus driver Maduro has been looking at other ways in which to fund his socialist economic policy and he has decided that he is going to sue the neighbours. First of all he is going to sue Columbia for how Colombians fleeing the violence  that plagued the country for years settled in Venezuela. However it appears he hasn't thought this one out, as it was proven the other year that Venezuela under Hugo Chavez not only funded and gave sanctuary to the FARC rebels  and supplied them with weapons , he got them to murder his political opponents 

Then there is the issue of all the countries which border Venezuela who have been holding back and vetting the entry of people out of the country into theirs.. (Also includes Columbia)  which is why this week, Venezuelan Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez said “elites” in Colombia, Ecuador and Perú were luring Venezuelans there with false promises and then paying them slave wages.
 “If we have to ask for compensation from the governments of Colombia, Ecuador and Perú, we’re going to demand it"

The irony here is, after failure after failure, the socialists in the West refuse to accept that socialism doesn't work.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Belgium: Government cuts support for Palestinian schools due to support for terrorism.

(Brussels) In a further financial blow to Palestinians, Belgium has cut its funding for supporting Palestinian schools after they objected to the naming of a school they funded to that of Dalal Mughrabi a female terrorist who led a raid into Israel in 1978 which saw 38 people murdered and another 72 injured.

Not impressed with the name change Brussels told the Palestinians to change the name back, they didn't and in reply they changed the names of another 2 schools. Realizing that the Palestinians were acting like petulant children, Brussels decided to treat them as such, and cut their entire Palestinian educational funding to the PA.

US: Questions raised how on 9/11, teacher has class read: "My Name is Osama," about a bullied Iraqi in America.

(Vernon) In New Jersey parents of children enrolled at Vernon Township High School are demanding answers to how on the morning of September the 11th. A teacher decided to have her students read a shirt story tilted  "My Name is Osama," it tells  a made-up account of an Iraqi immigrant boy named Osama who faces taunts of "terrorist" in school by several students who tell him his mother, who wears a hijab, has "a bag on her head." After pushing back against his tormentors, the boy is suspended from school for fighting.

Exactly what is it about liberals and their penchant to rewrite history in which to make the victims into the wrongdoers?  For the current generation of children they know very little about what transpired on 9/11, or even who Osma Bin laden was, But for some children at Vernon they know they were taught on the 11th September this year, that a Muslim boy called Osma was bullied by Americans,

France: Man arrested after car driven into crowd outside bar.

(Nimes)  A 32 year old man has been arrested after he drove his car into a crowd outside the L'Instant T bar in the city of Nimes.  At approximately 1 am on Friday morning (Local time) the man drove his vehicle towards a crowd of around 50 people, thankfully he only managed to injure 2 people who were stood behind a security barrier which stopped his vehicle dead.

He was apprehended by the crowd after he tried to escape. Whilst police are refusing to acknowledge any terrorist connection, witnesses at the scene state he was shouting ‘Allah Ackba’ as he drove towards the crowd. The authorities have released a statement saying the driver is suffering from mental health confusion and has been hospitalised 

Interlude:Electric Dreams: The Duel

Here's a track from the 1984 film 'Electric Dreams which i feel never got the credit it deserved:

India: 8 terrorists taken out by Indian forces

(Kashmir)  Indian security forces took out 8 Islamic terrorists  all of whom were Paksitani who tried to sneak into India in which to try and wage unholy jihad.

Three were killed near the Line of control (LoC) in Keran sector in Kupwara district that borders Pakistan. Two Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) terrorists were shot dead in Sopore town and three died in a 33-hour fighting in Reasi district.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Somalia:US Air force takes out terrorists who decided to open up on US Patrol.

(Mogadishu) The United States Airforce  carried out an airstrike in Somalia Tuesday after U.S. and partner troops came under attack. The incident occurred 37 miles west of Mogadishu, in the  village of Mubaraak.

U.S. troops who were part of a “Somali partner forces-led operation against the al­ Shabab, terrorist group,”  who when they realised that Americans were in front of them decided to opened up with small arms fires killing one Somali soldier and injuring two more..  The response from the US forces was to call in an airstrike which took out a gun position killing two murderous thugs and injuring one other.

Germany: 17 year old Turkish German arrested on charges of plotting to blow up a Gay club and a church.

(Frankfurt)  German police revealed Thursday evening that they have arrested and taken in custody 17 year old Yusuf Erkocoglu a German of Turkish extraction. Apparently Yusuf was in the process of blowing up a gay bar in Frankfurt (Something tells me the police have got confused about the word blow here) and a church (Which in light of the recent revelations regards Catholic priests)  fits in perfectly with how Yusuf wanted to blow somebody in a gay bar.

The United States Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell has revealed that the US played a big part in getting this wannabe terrorist off the streets.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

China: SUV driven in crowds, driver then carries out knife attack: 9 killed 43 injured

(Hengyang) This evening 54 year old Yang Zanyun. Decided to drive his SUV into a crowd of people in the city centre and then he jumped out of the vehicle and proceeded to attack people with a knife. His actions resulted in 9 people murdered and another 43 people injured.

He was arrested at the scene and police have stated that he was known to them

Sweden: Deportation order agaisnt Palestinian who firebombed a synagogue removed as he might face danger if returned to the West Bank,

(Stockholm)  Last December a few Middle eastern citizens unhappy at finding a jewish synagogue in the area decided to teach those pesky Jews a lesson by firing bombing it.

Which is why this May three Palestinians found themselves in court, on charges of carrying out a hate crime. (well it is Sweden after all)  Two of them received 2 years in prison, with the third 2 months and an air ticket home with a remit of being denied entry to Sweden for 10 years. Well to the ethical latte brigade that was a step too far and so they appealed on their point of view that this poor innocent lamb would face danger from the Israeli state if returned to his home country. Well yesterday the court of appeal ruled in their favour and cancelled the deportation order and the Ethical latte drinkers in Sweden wonder why people have flocked to the far right.

Afghanistan: Suicide bomber targets protest agaisnt police: 68 killed, and 165 injured.

(Jalalabad) A load of Afghans not happy with the local police chief in the east of Afghanistan decided yesterday to block the main road from Pakistan to the district capital in which to get him to step down.

Unfortunately for them, somebody decided to target the protest with a suicide bomb with the resulting blast killing 68 people and injuring 165. As of yet nobody has claimed responsibility. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Spain: Socialist Government back peddles over arns sales to Saudi Arabia.

(Madrid) The fledgling socialist government of Spain is finding out the hardway that being in power isn't the same as being in opposition. Since the new Government was sworn in this June, the Socialists set about opening up the country to African migrants (Including removing barbed wire from the border fence) offering them benefits, free medical treatment and of course a Spanish passport. However after Spain became the country of course for virtually all of Africa, with migrants actually attacking the Police in which to set foot in Spain, the Socialist government has had to backtrack on its open door policy and is now saying it will deport illegals back to Africa.  

Elsewhere they decided that selling laser guided bombs to Saudi Arabia is wrong and so last week they informed Riyadh that the sale of 400 bombs was off the table and that they would be returning the $10.7 million the Saudis had handed over in 2015. The problem here is that arms sales was part of a $2.5 billion arms deal which included the supply of 5 warships. So naturally the Saudis said fine, we, will take our business elsewhere and what do you know. The socialists have stated, sorry you misunderstood us, the bombs are still for sale. with the Defence Minister Margarita Robles now saying:
"We are two partner countries that have signed a contract"
It appears that contrary to popular belief, socialists do love money after all. 

9/11 — Never Forget

Monday, September 10, 2018

Italy: Government tells UN Human rights chief to take a running jump

(Rome) Responding to Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations' new human rights chief, who stated in her maiden speech she will be sending a team to Italy (and Austria) in which to check up on reports of the rise in racism that Migrants are facing in country:

 “Italy’s decision to close its sea ports, denying entry to NGO rescue ships, had serious consequences on the most vulnerable. Even though we are seeing a big drop in the numbers of coming from Libya over the past 12 months, the numbers of those who died during the crossing is higher in the first six months of 2018 than it was.”
The Italian Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini replied on Monday that Italy will not accept any lessons from the UMN:
    "Over the last few years, Italy has received 700,000 immigrants, many of whom were illegal, and it never received any cooperation from other European countries  . So we don't take lessons from anyone, least of all the UN, which has again proved itself to be biased, pointlessly costly and badly informed. The police deny reports that is a racism emergency. Before doing checks on Italy, the UN should investigate its member States who ignore basic rights like freedom and equality between men and women"

France: Lyon airport closed down after man sent by Allah cashes barrier and races around runway.

(Lyon) A man smashed his car through security barriers at Lyon, airport in France, he then ploughed through the glass doors of the terminal and sped onto the runway, before being arrested.

In scenes captured on amateur video, the car was seen hitting a bump, then going airborne and landing in a cloud of dust at Lyon's international Saint-Exupery airport.
The driver then jumped out while the vehicle was still rolling and sprinted off on foot, pursued by a police van where he was caught and arrested. That little shindig of his led to 80 flights been cancelled or diverted.

The Lyon Prosecutor's office have reported that the driver is a 31-years-old French citizen and previously known to police.  With Lyon prosecutor Marc Cimamonti adding:

"He reportedly said 'I am sent by Allah,' but I don't have complete confirmation of that,"

Syria: Turkey ready to deploy 50000 troops to Idlib

(Ankara)  As Syria and Russia continue to soften up rebel hard points in the last large area of Syria occupied by Jihadists by the use of air and artillery strikes prior to an expected land offensive.

The rest of the world is screaming out...
"Think of the children"
With the UN claiming that this could herald the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century

Above is the google map of the area in question, below is a map of the state of play 
Map from Middleeasterneye

In a nutshell most of the rebel groups who were allowed to coach out of areas they had lost to the Syrians these past few years relocated to Idlib and now that the Syrians have them all in one place, they have decided to rid Syria and the world of a lot of Jihad loving thugs. Don't get me wrong, I have no time for the Syrian regime, but the current thugs caught like fish in a barrel are no angels either and I for one will not be shedding any tears for those who wanted to carve out a new caliphate by the use of the use of the bullet, bomb,knife and a lot of Allah ackbas.

Turkey which was party to last week's summit in Tehran between Russia, Iran on the fate of Syria's Idlib province, is in a strange position, as under the pocket dictator it is trying to re-imagine itself as the Ottoman Empire, which explains why it has spent a lot of money,time and effort in supporting the jihadists inside Syria, and now it looks (at face value) to be supporting the Shia enemy agaisnt the rebels it has supported for so long.  Which is why it has just been reported in Turkey by the pro Government Yeni Safak, that Ankara has relocated 30,000 of its own troops on the border with Syria and reinforced its positions there with concrete walls and bullet proof watchtowers . It has also instructed over 50,000 Turkish backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters stationed in Afrin, Azaz, Jarabulus, al-Bab and al-Rai to “be ready for military deployment.”

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has been reported as saying on Tuesday (11/09/18)  That a Syrian government offensive in Idlib would cause humanitarian and security risks for Turkey, Europe and beyond . Calling on the international community to take action on Idlib,  and warned that “the entire world stands to pay the price” otherwise. which points in the direction he may be ready to go up agaisnt the Syrians and Russians and wants the West to be in his corner.

But to further complicate matters the BBC Syria Producer Riam Dalat is reporting that the FSA has said that members of the Syrian opposition, possibly from Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the country’s Eastern Ghouta region say they are ready to attack Turkey should the country turn its back on them
You have to admit, that the plot of Games of Thrones has nothing on the Levant.

Iraq; Iranian consulate burnt down, Mullahs complain that Iraqis aren't doing enough to protect their diplomatic centres.

(Basra) This past week has seen violent protests erupt around the southern Iraqi city of Basra , you name it, there's a protest: Bad water..protest, lack of jobs,,protest, lack of support from central government..protest, After several death and over 60 injured a curfew was placed on the city. But one protest has stuck out and that is how the Iraqi people have protested regards their perceived belief that Iran dabbles too much with Iraqi politics, in fact so strong is this belief, the locals in Basra burnt down the Iranian consulate

Naturally the Iranians aren't happy about how a load of protesters haven't recognised the sanctity of a diplomatic mission and after invading Iranian sovereign territory (As all diplomatic mission around the world are deemed to be) ransacking it, they set fire to it. Oh dear the irony appears to be lost on the Iranians who have no problem looking the otherway when mobs ransack foreign embassies back in Tehran :
US Embassy: 1979
Kuwaiti and Saudi Arabian embassies ; 1987
Danish Embassy: 2006
Pakistani Embassy: 2009
British Embassy: 2011
Saudi Missions in Iran : 2016

Tennis, Serena Williams and that Hissy fit.

(US) Over the weekend  Serena Williams lost a tennis match and boy did she complain. She's played the abuse card, how she can only be a victim and how this is all about that male privilege. The media have gone overboard on what a victim she is. But for some strange they omit the fact that she not only smashed her tennis racket after losing a point, she was getting coached from the sidelines by her coach, an act he has admitted to and which she denied. Which is why this cartoon by Mark Knight regards the incident gets my stamp of approval for saying it, as it is.

Naturally the easily offended have rated the above depiction of said hissy fit as...racist. who would have guessed? 

Somalia: VIED attack on Government office kills 6

(Mogadishu)  A nutter decided to detonate an explosives laden vehicle at the gate of a district headquarters in Somalia's capital this morning, resulting in the deaths of at least 6 people and injuring another 16.

The attack is the second to have transpired in the Hodan district of the capital these past few weeks and has infuriated locals who want to know how Vehicle borne improvised devices  can get past the numerous vehicle check points across the city.

France: Man goes on rampage in France, Postman stabbed in throat.

(Paris) This morning after an Afghan male went on the rampage stabbing 7 people, across town on the Rue Oberkampf in the 11th district of Paris , a scissors-wielding man stabbed a postman in the throat and tried to attack others whilst shouting 'Jihad and allah ackba'

Police were called and they used a few thousand volts in which to make the fellow in question come quietly to the local nick.