Thursday, April 29, 2021

US: The US Navy just became more lethal

(San Diego)  The US Navy has for the past few years recognised that other nations have gone out of their way in which to try and level the playing field at sea. We see that with the Iranians and their leaning towards mass boat attacks, the Russians with hypersonic missiles and the Chinese, well they have gone down the route of the numbers game. why only last week China inaugurated 3 new navy ships (1 assault ship, I huge missile destroyer and 1 nuclear submarine) 3 days ago. 

The problem with Navy ships is they are fitted with certain (usually single use) weapons, so torpedoes are only good for ships or submarines. Anti ship missiles target ships, cruise missiles target land targets and anti aircraft missiles target aircraft. Having to assign space for each weapon system reduces the amount of weapons you can field on a ship as well as the amount of missiles you can carry.  Now if the other fellow has more ships than you, he has a better chance of winning a future bunfight simply due to the numbers game. So the US Navy went back to the drawing board and decided multi mission weapons was the way to go.

So the Tomahawk cruise missile which started life 37 years ago as a land attack missile, has just been given a new lease of life by giving it the capability to strike moving naval targets.  which with its 1000 mile range outranges most anti ship missiles in the world by far bar one the Chinese DF-26 which is a ballistic missile believed to have the ability to hit ships at sea.

The otherday the USS John Finn took part in a naval exercise off of San Diego where using UAVs running on passive sensors they hunted for and found a barge (meant to resemble an enemy ship) 260 miles away and launched a SM6 standard missile (The Standard Missile family has been the US Navy's main anti aircraft missile since 1967) resulting in a direct hit. The most impressive thing about the strike was not in the use of a multi mission missile , but rather in the use of unmanned vehicles (under the surface, on it and above it) which were able to find the target using only passive sensors and relay that information back to the USS John Finn allowing it to launch a missile without the target knowing it was been targeted.

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Russia: Navy ship experiences something of a mishap launching a missile

(Moscow)  On Tuesday the Russian Navy Destroyer 'Marshal Shaposhnikov' took part in fleet exercises in the Sea of Japan after rejoining the fleet after a 4 year refit. Part of the exercises involved test firing  Kalibr cruise missiles which had been part of that refit. Whilst the Russian Navy aired videos of the successful firing of these missiles, here's one they didn't mention and which was leaked to the world via social media:

Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

France: Informs its citizens in Pakistan to leave the country

(Paris) After months of simmering (And often violent protests) directed at France after Emmanuel Macron expressed support for a satirical magazine’s right to republish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, deemed blasphemous by many Muslims. After the beheading of a French teacher  which as we now know was based on lies by an Islamic girl who wanted to deflect attention away from playing hooky from school.

However the truth and actual facts never count for much in Islamic countries where the anger of the mob always overrules the rule of law and after many protests, culminating in the banning of extreme Islamic party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) on the 15th of April after its leader Saad Rizvi stated he would lock down the country with protests if the French ambassador wasn't deported  which saw 2 policemen defending the French consulate killed

Realizing how things can escalate in Pakistan, France took the unheard step of  informing all its citizens to leave the country:
“Due to the serious threats to French interests in Pakistan, French nationals and French companies are advised to temporarily leave the country.. The departures will be carried out by existing commercial airlines.”

Something tells me , that some poor asylum seeker in France trying to seek sanctuary from Pakistan, will decided to utter the immortal words: "Alis snack bar"..Watch this space. 

Germany: Syrian who murdered a German for holding hands with another man . Has his day in court. Says he did the right thing.

(Berlin)  Last Oct 4th a month after being released from prison on charges of membership of ISIS failed Syrian asylum's seeker 20-year-old Abdullah al-H. H saw red when he saw two German male tourists holding hands, and proceeded to attack both men with a knife. killing one and injuring the other. he then did a runner to the city of Karlsruhe 300 miles away , but he was chased down three weeks later  due to the DNA he left behind on the knife he had dropped and was arrested.

Whilst under lock and key, Abdullah's only regret was he failed to murder the other fellow, well he's currently in the dock on charges of murder and questions are been asked about how a ISIS terrorist's known to the authorities was not deported.

Abdullah al-H

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

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