Friday, January 5, 2018

Ireland: Muslims want the Irish to resist blaming Islam for attacks

(Dublin)  After the knife attack the other day in the town of Dundalk where 18 year old Mohamed Morei an Egyptian asylum seeker murdered 1 man and injured 2 others. The Muslims of the Emerald Isle are dismayed that people are referring to the incident as an Islamic terrorism attack.

Mohamed Morei  outside court where he was charged with murder.
Ali Selim, for the Islamic Cultural Centre in Dublin says Irish people should take heed of their own recent history with Britain before drawing conclusions about members of the Muslim community:
“It was just yesterday that if you crossed the Border and spoke in an Irish accent you’d immediately have your papers checked. Even today people still talk about the cartoons of Irish people in the British press. I believe this history will stop most people from stereotyping.”
The same  Ali Selim who didn't send any representative  to a Muslim protest against ISIS in 2015, claiming they didn't know about the protest.

 Fazel Ryklief who works at the Islamic Foundation of Ireland in Dublin stated
“In the end, irrespective of whether he was Syrian or Egyptian, it all came down to him being a Muslim. Islam always gets the brunt of it, I want to stop feeling guilty about being a Muslim every time someone with a Muslim name does something like this,”
The same Fazel Ryklief  who had no problem painting all white people as potential far right bigots after a gun attack on a mosque in Canada last year.

Dr Saud Bajwa, spokesman for the Galway Islamic Cultural Centre.
"The vast majority of Irish people treat Muslims with respect but that he has noticed a change in attitudes in recent years. “There is no doubt that these days people are quick to jump to conclusions,”
The same Dr Saud Bajwa who has tried for the past 7 years to get the local council to give the go-ahead to their illegal mosque, only to see them throw their retrospective bid out of the window last month.

Shaykh Dr Umar al-Qadri, imam of the Al-Mustafa Islamic Centre in Blanchardstown, Dublin stated:
 “That the Irish people’s experience in recent decades should prevent them from stereotyping an entire group of people as terrorists.”

The same Shaykh Dr Umar al-Qadri who said last year  that his religion has been hijacked by those who are not true Muslims. “This is a holy month for us [the Islamic holy month of fasting Ramadan], true Muslims are fasting and praying not killing people,”

I've nothing against anybody who defends their religion, faith or Ideology from wrongful finger wagging, in fact it is their damn duty and right to do so. But when I see people demanding we don't judge them, whilst they are not only guilty of that crime (Ask any Muslim in the West how they feel about Jews/Gays/Apostates in private ) but remain silent on the ugliness expressed around the world by their fellow religious cohorts , I not only have no time for them, but I will go well out of my way in which to expose them for the bigots they are,