Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sweden: 5 thugs jailed for murder most foul.

(Stockholm)  Five men have been convicted of murders in the Hallongbergen suburb of Stockholm, where in early 2017 a man was killed then a couple subsequently murdered after one of them provided a witness account regarding the first incident.

Last January a man working inside a garage in the Sundbyberg suburb of Stockholm was attacked by 5 thugs, despite been shot he managed to make it into his car and drive off towards the nearest hospital,  unfortunately for him,  the gang gave chase and murdered him on route by ramming his car off the road and then shooting him dead. The attack outside the garage was witnessed by a 39 year old man who informed the police. So in order to clear up that angle the gang followed the man home 6 weeks later after he had walked his dog and broke into his house. He managed to call the police naming his attackers as Fouad Saleh, and Mikael Chamoun  but before the police could arrive, he was shot dead  and his wife stabbed to death. The police arrived just minutes too late and arrested Saleh, Chamoun and a 17-year-old. On their clothing they found blood from the 39-year-old and his wife. 
Fouad Saleh on been lead away from court today

Today in court Fouad Sahle received a life sentence, Mikael Chamoun received a 14 year sentence, Amir Iabbari Dakes received a 12 year sentence. Munir Nooraldin received a 10 year sentence, and the 17 year old murderer got a slap on the wrist in the form of a 3 year sentence.