Thursday, March 4, 2021

Sweden: 'Suspected 'Terrorist' goes on stabbing rampage

(Vetlanda)  A 22 year old male from Afghanistan decided to go on a stabbing spree in a small town 175 miles south of the capital where he attacked and injured 8 random people with an axe.

 The police arrived within minutes and resolved the situation by simply shoingt him in which to underline the adage:

“Never bring an axe to a gun fight”

Initially the police declared it was attempted murder but later announced they had opened a terrorist investigation. Gee I wonder why that is. Oh here’s a picture of the guilty person after he had been shot by the police and apprehended.

Monday, March 1, 2021

China: Using the COVID crisis to play vaccine Diplomacy

(Beijing) The world is currently rolling out vaccines to combat the COVID epidemic which spread out from China at the start of last year. 

The countries which funded research into vaccines are the ones who are in the lead regards vaccinating their populations, this has lead to the usual suspects opining that this is a form of racism and that rich countries who can afford vaccines should be handing over vaccines to poor countries before vaccinating their entire populations we saw this with Israel being berated for not vaccinating the West bank and Gaza which have their own governments, we saw it with the UK when the new leader of the WTO demanded that the UK diverts its vaccines to poorer countries rather than vaccinate its own.  leaving out that the UK has seen the worst death rate across Europe (122K as of 02/03/21)

There is also a demand that the US (which has the worst death rate in the world) to hand over vaccines to Mexico. Well it appears that China is cashing in, by offering batches of their own C19 vaccine to countries around the world , no doubt to gain future leverage on the political playground also known as the UN . Whilst everybody bar the UK and Israel are having issues getting their hands on enough vaccines, China has been sending plane loads of their own vaccine around the world 


Equatorial Guinea
















Dominican Republic


There's quite a few more, I simply cant be asked to chase them down, but they are there if you follow the thread on the Chinese media I have link in. Expect China to win quite a few UN votes, WHO would have guessed?

UK: Algerian Asylum seeker jailed after trying to attack TV anchor live on TV whilst screaming 'Allah ackba'

(London) Last year during the woke BLM protests around the world after a violent career criminal was killed during his drug fuel arrest , 25 year old Algerian asylum seeker Soofuu Yakr, took umbridge at seeing an Australian news team covering the protests in London and decided to regale news correspondent Sophie Walsh to the sounds of 'Allah ackba' whilst trying to stab her with a screwdriver.  She pushed him away, and he was chased by the camera resulting in him getting picked up by the police.

Well yesterday he had his day in court and was jailed for 18 months, the problem here is, he will remain in the Uk, me, I would send him back to Algeria at the end of his sentence, pretty sure if the West deported other so called asylum seekers gone bad, the message would soon get through that to claim asylum in the Uk entails respecting of way of life.

Germany: Picks Israeli Trophy Active protection system for its Tanks

(Berlin)  Last Tuesday Germany became the latest nation to purchase the Trophy Active Protection System (APS) in which to protect its leopard 2 tanks. The standing of the Leopard 2 - widely seen as one of the best tanks in the world- took a huge fall from grace , after Turkey suffered a large number of humiliating losses to its own Leopard 2 tanks during its military adventures in Syria to missile armed ISIS terrorists (As well as the Kurds)

To be fair the Turks Leopards were of the A4 variant which aren't as modern as the A7+ variant of 2010 vintage. But nevertheless the image of the Leopard 2 has been stained due to how its side armour is susceptible to anti tank missiles. Which is why the German Military free from the hand of the ruinous  Ursula von der Leyen who really crippled the German military during her stint as defence minister (Now doing the same as the leader of the EU)  have looked at the problem at hand and purchased the Israeli 'Trophy' APS system 

US: Release's video of the Ballistic strikes carried by Iran in 2020

(Washington) After the US took out Iranian general Soleimani last year, the Iranians retaliated with a so called one off missile strike on a US base. At the time, it was hinted that the Iranians in an effort to curb dissent at home informed the US of where they were going to strike so as to end the discussion, this saw the US evacuate 51 aircraft from the base prior to the missile strike and around 1000 men. 

However information revealed by the US military to 60 mins , states that actually that US intelligence had picked up advance warning that the Iranians were going to strike and that the downloading of satellite maps of a paid website of the target area gave the US the exact target (why they would reveal this info is beyond me)  anyway the Iranians lobbed 16 missiles at Al-Asad, with 5 failing to take off, they also lobbed 2 at Erbil in the north of Iraq, but one missed by 20 miles and the other was said to have been shot down resulting in the warhead failing to detonate.  Anyway the US military have released drone video of the first six strikes as viewed from the air, and for some strange reason allowed the US news program to air that video along with interviews with the the soldiers present. The strange thing I cannot understand here is if the Iranians had killed 100s of US soldiers, a lot of Iran would still be smoking today, and the mullahs know that, because despite its so called military might, Iran actually isnt that powerful, yes it can lob missiles, and carry out asymmetrical attacks, but a mighty military power it isn't . Which begs me to ask the question why has the US government decided to allow the military to publicly discuss the subject at hand? The 60 minutes interview:


Meanwhile the Biden administration cant jump through enough hoops in which to try and engineer a meeting with the Iranians in which to try and get them to return to the nuclear deal, which Trump pulled out of due to many instances of Tehran breaking it. In return the Iranians are going about upping the ante with all the neighbours simply in which to garner as many concessions from Biden as possible, 

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Syria: Israel retaliates for missile attack on Israeli ship

(Damascus)  On Thursday the Israeli-owned MV Helios Ray a large car transporter was struck by 4 explosions (2 on each side) as it transited the Strait of Hormuz.

Whilst Iran claimed not to know anything about the missile strikes,  at the time of the strike the ship was surrounded by a number of Iranian ships which are believed to be motherships for Iranian forces. On being inspected on returning to port, it was found that the ship had been struck by 4 missiles purportedly to be the Iranian 
Well tonight, a number of Iranian assets in Damascus were paid back with interest One of the targets reported to have been struck is a Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps headquarters just to the south of Damascus in the suburb of Sayyidah Zaynab with a large number of Iranian casualties reported

With the installation of Biden as President, and his very public move away from his allies in the ME in which to placate the Mullahs who run Iran, we have seen an increase of attacks on those countries which Tehran  sees as enemies
US: Increase in missile attacks
Saudi Arabia: Ballistic and Drone attacks 
Israel: Ship

Encouraged no doubt by how they feel that the US will not do anything to Iran in which to try and get them back to the Nuclear deal that Trump pulled out of. The thing there is Iran was openly sticking the finger at the world regards its nuclear and missile program, Trump unlike the rest, refused to appease the mad mullahs. So now with Biden in the Whitehouse, Iran has it appears embarked on a policy of increasing tensions in the ME in the hope they will garner a much better deal from the US. That my friends is what is known as appeasement.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Covid 19: Liberals and Media promote the line that low take up of Vaccines by BAME people is due to..'Racism'

(UK)  So the UK like many other countries is vaccinating people with around 19 million people out of a population of 67 million so far having received their first jab and around 500k having received their second jab. But there is a problem , it appears that people from the  Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic demographic aka BAME)  are reticent in taking up the vaccine. A survey taken in Dec revealed that whilst 76%) of the UK public would take a COVID-19 vaccine if advised to do so by their GP or health professional, (with just 8% stating they would be very unlikely to do so) that figure dropped to 57% within the BAME community. Well that survey has now been written in concrete with the latest National health  figures for England (25/02/21) of exactly who by ethnicity has received the jab:

Due to such a low take up of the vaccine amongst the BAME population, the Government has instigated a number of projects in which to encourage more BAME people to take the jab, this has included:
TV adverts with BAME actors encouraging people to have the jab
Opening vaccination centres inside mosques
Mosques running training sessions for Islamic community leaders
Looking at having door to door vaccination teams to catch those people who haven't had a jab
Having the BBC debunk Covid conspiracies by broadcasting in Asian languages 

Yet despite all that hard work, it has been found that a large number of BAME people are refusing to accept the vaccine primarily due to falsehoods promulgated by their own within their own community 

So the Government, media, communities and religious centres know that the low take up is due to misinformation and yet the race card is been played by those who should know better in which to explain that hesitancy for example the BBC where I culled the above graphic, knocked out the following article :

Now here is where the BBC gets sneaky, they cite a disease of the poor, but the area is 91% non white. They are playing the race card by stealth, Then there was former Black MP Diane Abbott who claimed that the low turnout by BAME people(but in her neck of the woods primarily black people)  was due to a hostile environment for BAME people in the UK:

What is it with these people, and their constant rolling out of the race card in which to explain the bleeding obvious and that is the BAME community aren't taking to the vaccine due to misinformation, or religion and not due to racism and its not just the UK:

for some very strange reason I can't see any in the last 5 countries there playing the race card.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

EU: Promoting Project fear in which to blot out their Vaccine failure

(Strasburg) If you haven't noticed the World has been under the grip of a COVID (C19) pandemic this past year. as of 26/02/21  2.5 million people have died and that's just the ones who have been recorded as victims

In response many nations set about mitigating the threat of C19 by setting their best scientists to come up with a vaccine and that they did. One such vaccine is the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, designed by Oxford university using a viral vector vaccine whom they handed over production to AstraZeneca with a stipulation written into the contract that it will be sold at cost to the world, which is why it sells for around $3 as opposed to others which sell for around $30. Anyway The British Government funded the development of the vaccine to the tune of £84 Million with no guarantees and all the risks borne by the Government. That was in May 2020. The UK also made numerous deals with other vaccine developers resulting in it procuring on paper enough doses to inject each person 5 times. 

Now before you think greedy. this was with companies before they had successfully produced a vaccine. The EU took a slightly different track and in contrast to the Uk and US throwing money at the problem, they instead decided to barter in which to get a better deal, fine if things went to plan that would be great. unfortunately things didn't go to plan. unlike the Uk and US the EU at the start of 2021 had placed all its eggs in one basket, that basket contained 3 eggs:

The Pfizer vaccine (200 million doses)

The Sanofi/GSK vaccine (300 million doses)

Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine (300 million doses)

Now most people will have heard of the Pfizer and the Oxford/AstraZenica, but Sanofi. Well thats a vaccine the French were/are developing and the French pushed the EU to reject an offer of 500 million doses of the Pfizer in which to ensure that the EU had a pure EU (French) vaccine. The thing is Sanofi which was meant to be ready by December, was pushed back to Jan , then Feb and last month it was pushed back to Oct 2021. Not to worry EU still had the other two, then in January, Pfizer stated it would have to cut production in which to improve its production line in which to be able to provide for the increase in demand. Not to worry the EU still has Oxford/AstraZeneca to fall back on. and then they too stated that its European plants would be unable to supply what they said they could due to poor yields at its plant in Belgium which is exactly what AZ experienced at its 2 plants in the Uk  in August last year when its delivery date of 30 million doses by September was pushed back to Nov with a total of 4 million doses by year end. AZ and the Gov set about rectifying  the problem and by the start of the year both UK plants were working as expected.

The EU not happy with seeing their final egg not turn up trumps, went into a hissy fit and demanded that AZ redirect vaccines from the UK plants to the EU despite the UK having signed their contract with AZ 3 months before the EU. They then publicly attacked the Uk threatening to halt any deliveries of vaccines the Uk had ordered from the EU. they even forced a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland contrary to their own demands that the UK has to keep NI in line with the EU. that lasted a few hours. instead of sitting down behind closed doors in which to resolve the issue with AstraZeneca  the EU tried to force arm them publicly by going to the press, when that plan of action didn't work they took to character assassinating the vaccine by claiming it isn't good enough and they won't be vaccinating over 65s year olds with it. A stance repeated across the EU, which I suppose would be a political fix in which to explain to the EU masses wanting a vaccine why they can't be vaccinated, not due to their ineptness but rather due to the poor effective ness of the AZ vaccine.

The thing is paper after paper shows that the a single standard dose of AZ provides an efficacy from day 22 to day 90 post vaccination of 76% with protection not falling in this three-month period After the second dose vaccine efficacy from two standard doses is 82.4% with the 3-month interval being used in the UK. (82.4% effective, with a 95% confidence interval of 62.7% - 91.7% at 12+ weeks) and the reason for Macrons outburst the test group of 100 people had nobody over 65 in it.

Ok but this is where it gets silly. The UK had by 24/02/21 given the 1st of 2 jabs to just shy of a third of its population with 18.91 million people 

The next country with the highest number of vaccines doses administered is Germany at 5.5 million. Now I mentioned silly, It was revealed yesterday that out of the 6,134,707 doses of the AZ vaccine received by the EU.4,849,752 doses haven't been utilised not only that, but the vaccine hasn't been redirected to people under 65 as the EU leaders stated would only receive the vaccine, there are even evidence that people are refusing to accept the vaccine despite it been given the ok, by the EUs European Medicines Agency  

So in a nutshell people are going to become very ill or even worse across the EU due to the fact that its political leaders rather than put their hand up and admit they got it wrong instead slate a life saving vaccine resulting 5 million doses sitting around doing nothing But it gets worse The EU leader Ursula von der Leyen (who in her previous job as German defence minister left a train wreck) last night gave a press conference where she stated that the EU  will ban the exports of Covid vaccines . Couldn't make it up if you tried.

Syria: President Biden orders airstrike on Iranian Militia

(Damascus)  In retaliation for a raft of Iranian sanctioned missile attacks on US assets inside Iraq, the latest in Erbil last Monday which saw 1 civilian contractor killed and several soldiers injured , the president of the United States Joe Biden tonight ordered an airstrike on Iranian militia inside SYRIA in which to send the message to the idiots inside IRAQ that the US won't stand by and allow attacks to continue on US assets inside...IRAQ


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Friday, February 19, 2021

France: Failed asylum seeker murders Asylum centre manager

(Pau) A failed Sudanese asylum seeker with a history of criminality on hearing that his bid for asylum has been rejected popped across to the asylum centre in town where he used to live and murdered the manager  

The mayor of Pau said the suspect's asylum status had recently been rejected and confirmed he had already spent time in prison. "This is a terrible tragedy, all the more because the victim spent his entire professional life helping migrants and asylum seekers, The man's asylum request had been rejected, and for good reasons. He then turned against the head of the service; this is extreme and absurd violence."

Thursday, February 18, 2021

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

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Friday, February 5, 2021

Mali: British troops using mini UAVs which are deployed from grenade launchers

(Mali) The British have recently deployed the Light Dragoons and Royal Anglian Regiment in support of French led Operation Barkhane, its regional counter-terrorism effort in the region. 

One interesting snippet that has come out in the wash is that the British troops have been equipped with a mini drone which is deployed from a 40mm grenade launcher:


Drone 40 was created by Melbourne-based defence technology firm DefendTex as a solution to the problem of a range disparity between the infantry weapons carried by Australian infantry, which are accurate to about 500 meters, and the AK-74s carried by adversaries, which can reach out to 800 meters but not one that required changing the gun or adding a lot more weight to what soldiers were already carrying. in a nutshell,  Drone 40 is a multi purpose UAV able to be fitted out to a spy in the sky or a loitering munition, which can be remotely disarmed allowing the drone to land inert for later recovery. 

In spy mode, the drone’s video streaming can transmit 10 km over direct line of sight. with the ability to record video and retransmit it when it comes within range, or it can take still images. Using GPS, the drone can follow a waypoint plotted course to a target, or it can use its own synthetic aperture radar to identify and track a target

Belgium: Iranian diplomat jailed for 20 years over bomb plot in France

(Brussels)  A Iranian diplomat has been jailed for 20 years by a court in Belgium over a foiled bombing in the first trial of an Iranian official for planning to carry out an act of terrorism  in Europe since Iran's 1979 revolution.

Vienna-based diplomat Assadolah Assadi was found guilty on February 4 of attempted terrorism after a plot to bomb a rally of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), an exiled opposition group, near Paris in June 2018. Three other defendants also received jail sentences.

 The planned attack on the rally was thwarted by acoordinated operation between French, German, and Belgian security services. Assadi, who refused to appear in court, invoking his diplomatic status, was arrested while on holiday in Germany and handed over to Belgium . Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh "strongly" condemned the sentencing, calling it "illegal and a clear violation of international law, especially the 1961 Vienna Convention,"

A little rich for the Iranian government to cite international law when it goes out of its way to harass diplomat staff inside Iran. Expect a EU dual citizen to be arrested on bogus charges inside Iran in which to force Belgium to release their diplomatic terrorist  

Thursday, February 4, 2021

UK: City refuses Mosque permission to broadcast the call to prayer

(Peterborough) A mosque in a British city submitted a requested to the city council for it to be able to broadcast the call to prayer  3 times a day to the faithful via outside speakers stating that each call would last no more than five minutes and would be sounded out through four loudspeakers which would be hidden from view which was backed up by the following press release:

“The call to prayer is only for a few minutes. It’s extremely soothing and spiritually uplifting. It will not cause any impact in the local neighbourhood. That would be against our religion. It will only be transmitted in a small area around Masjid Ghousia which is predominantly Muslim.” 


Well the city council was having none of the above with one councillor stating:

  “In other circumstances, if someone played a loud rock song three times a day every day, loud enough that it could be heard by houses in the surrounding area because the listener finds it therapeutic, the public would be within their right to complain and the council would intervene. On what moral grounds can you deal with those who make excessive noise that disturbs their neighbours when other noise pollution has been sanctioned by the council themselves? As Muslims have attended prayers at this mosque for years it is not necessary for the practicing of the religion and is therefore unnecessary noise. Unwanted sound (where someone else chooses the frequency of the noise, the duration, volume and type of noise itself) can illicit stress responses in people, even without them being aware of it.To someone who has a strong physiological response to unwanted sound it will be unbearable. The importance of peace and quiet is undervalued in our busy world, we do not need to add to it.”

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

China: Tells Taiwan, if they declare independence it means war

(Beijing)  One thing has become very clear since Biden replaced Trump as President of the US, An that is all of the usual suspects are going out of their way in which to push their weight around in the knowledge that President Biden is a soft. This became very clear yesterday when China went public and informed Taiwan that if they declare independence , then they will declare war on the Island state.

China backed up its threats by flying numerous military aircraft into Taiwanese airspace twice over the past weekend and again yesterday resulting in the Taiwanese air force going to high alert:

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Thursday, January 21, 2021

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Thursday, January 14, 2021

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Friday, January 8, 2021

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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Pakistan: 11 Miners murdered for being Shia Muslims

(Mach) On Sunday Sunni Muslim terrorists entered a coal mine in the town of Mach 30 miles east of the regional capital of Quetta, separated the Shia Muslim miners from the Sunni ones, took them into the mountains and shot them dead

Due to the regions proximity to Shia Iran, there is a sizeable Shia population , however they have to live inside security enclaves for their own safety for example in Quetta 600000 Shia Muslims have to live inside 2 huge fortified security compounds  

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Somalia: 5 killed on Suicide bomb attack on Turkish road building crew

(Mogadishu) Five people, including two Turkish nationals, were killed and more than a dozen others injured on Saturday after a suicide bomber carried out an attack on a road construction site in Somalia. The attack took place near the Mogadishu-Afgoya road construction work site, which was funded by the Qatari government and conducted by a Turkish company. Four Turkish nationals have been injured in the attack.  A total of 14 people were injured in the attack.

The company was working on a road between Somali capital Mogadishu and the town of Afgooye. Al Shabaab, affiliated with Al Qaeda, have claimed the attack saying the attack targeted “white officers” on the outskirts of Mogadishu. The official was cited as saying two “apostate soldiers” were also killed in the attack.

Mali: 2 French soldiers killed

(Bamako) 2 French soldiers were killed and another injured when their vehicle was hit by an IED in northeastern Mali, just days after three others died in similar fashion.

The killed soldiers, Sergeant Yvonne Huynh and Brigadier Loic Risser, were on a reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering mission in the eastern region of Menaka when the blast occurred, the joint chiefs of staff said in a statement. Huynh, 33, was the first woman soldier sent to the Sahel region since the French operation began. Risser was 24 and both were members of a regiment specialising in intelligence work.

Sergeant Yvonne Huynh (left) and Brigadier Loic Risser, 

Nigeria: 5 Christians executed on camera for being....Christians

(Garkida) It has been reported that 5 Christians who were kidnapped in Northern Nigeria (The Islamic half) were executed by their captors for the crime of being Christians  Terrorist group Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), a faction of Boko Haram, has claimed responsibility for the killings.They released a video saying the deaths were a "warning to Christians in all parts of the world and those in Nigeria".

The five executed Christians are understood to have been among 11 people kidnapped on Christmas Day from Garkida town, Adamawa State, in north-east Nigeria.

Their deaths were filmed, with footage showing them kneeling with their hands tied behind them before they were shot dead. The victims were all men and were asked to state their names before they were killed. The men gave their names as Uka Joseph, Sunday, Wilson, Joshua Maidugu and Garba Yusuf, but also said as their last words "I am a Christian"

Niger: Attacks on 2 villages see 79 murdered

(Niamey) Around 70 civilians were killed in simultaneous attacks on two villages by Islamist Terrorists in Niger, near the border zone with Mal. About 49 villagers were killed and 17 people wounded in the village of Tchombangou,  another 30 other villagers were  killed in the nearby village of Zaroumdareye.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year!