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Monday, December 6, 2021

Iran: Sees yet another Moudge-class frigate capsize , this time whilst in its dry dock.

(Iran:) In 2001, Iran set about a new ship building program based on the design of the 1971 Vosper Mk V class of which Iran purchased 4. The new class of frigate is known as the Moudge-class  of which by 2021, the following had been built:





There are 2 more of the class under construction in the port of Bandar Abbas and another one in the port of Bandar Anzali situated on the Caspian Sea. Now this is where it gets interesting, the ship under construction in Bandar Anzali is a direct replacement for the Damavand which capsized in 2018 when it hit the breakwater as it tried to enter port.

 Well its just come out in the wash that one of the two ships under construction in Bandar Abbas has also capsized, but what makes this tale even ignominious is the Talayieh was in dry dock at the time.

UK: How the left excuses Anti-Semitism

(London) Last week was Hanukkah and in the Uk, a trip was organised for a bus load of Jewish teenagers to visit central London. Whilst on Oxford Street, the children were recognised as Jewish by a number of Islamic males, who decided to express their displeasure towards the Jews as only they can. Quickly the Children were returned to the Bus and the doors locked, unfortunately for them the bus was caught in traffic and thus because the target for violence from said Islamic males.

For some strange reason, it took time for the media across the UK to report this story, which is strange as they appear to have no problems reporting within minutes from darkest Afghanistan when the Taliban claim that NATO bombed their Granny. So the incident took place on Monday, the BBC reported it 3 days later on Thursday  and for some strange reason the BBC inserted this statement into the article:

A slur about Muslims can also be heard from inside the bus. The Met Police has said the incident will be looked at "in its entirety".

Get, that, during a verbal and physical attack on children in the center of London, the BBC excuses the attack by claiming that the poor attackers were reacting to abuse. Well it just gets better, somebody took the time to listen into waht was been said insdie the bus, whislt it was getting attacked, and instead of abuse, it was actually a frightened child exclaiming:

"Call somebody, its urgent"

The BBC has become a proganda arm for Islamic intolerence. 

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ukraine: Uses its newly supplied Turkish made Drones to strike Separatist positions in Eastern (Occupied) Ukraine.

(Donbass)  After the Russian backed separatists using artillery killed a Ukrainian soldier and injured many more, with numerous artillery strikes the Ukrainians decided to send the message that now armed with their Turkish supplied TB2 UAVs they now had the means to quickly silence any such belligerent acts   which is exactly what they did when they struck one such artillery piece:

The Turkish made Bayraktar is making something of a name for itself as a very effective strike weapon (Libya/Syria/Armenia) where it has reigned supreme against Russian made anti-aircraft weapon systems, and now it is facing more Russian arms in Eastern Ukraine. In response both the EU and Russia have warned the Ukraine regards the use of the UAV, but not the artillery strikes before hand.


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Switzerland: Selects F35 over French and Eurofighter. Europe isn't happy

(Bern) Switzerland has been in the market for a new fighter for a few years to replace its current fleet of F18 hornets which it purchased during the 1990s and its F5 freedom fighters of 1960s stock 4 aircraft were in the running :

France: Dassault’s Rafale which has of late been very successful across Europe with sales to Greece and Croatia
EU: Airbus Eurofighter (with the offer of all planes to built in Switzerland) 
US: Boeing F18 SuperHornet (A more advanced version of the F18 already in service with Switzerland)
US: Lockheed Martin F35 (The only 5th gen aircraft on offer)

Well the Swiss have made their minds up and have selected the F35 and that hasn't gone down well across Europe. France which was hoping to win, even had Macron, telephone the Swiss President. The french speaking population of Switzerland have expressed their displeasure Le temps which also caters to the French Swiss population wrote:
“The decision is a “strategic error” on the part of the defence minister, the purchase of a new fighter jet has to take into account all aspects, including the geostrategic question. On this front, the European models – the French Rafale and the English-Italian-Spanish-German Eurofighter – were clearly the priority. There are even plans to launch a people’s initiative to challenge the decision.”

La Liberté which also caters to the same demographic wrote:

The choice sends a “disastrous signal” to Europe. “Not so much in the sense of trying to heal the tensions after the end of the framework agreement, but rather in terms of investing and projecting in a common future,“A security strategy is crafted together with one’s neighbours; it’s with them that one builds one’s future”.

 SonntagsBlick which caters to the German Swiss population published:

A letter from four European defence ministers addressed to Swiss Defence Minister Viola Amherd. According to the paper’s sources,  which talked about cross-border partnerships in various areas including cyber security and infrastructure.

 Airbus even made an appeal to the Swiss government to choose a European firm

Bernhard Brenner, Sales Director at Airbus Defence and Space stating that the decision shouldn’t solely be based on military criteria. "The economic and political elements are just as important."

Well now that the Swiss have picked the F35, there is talk that this decision will effect Swiss and EU relations , seeing how days before the Swiss picked the Patriot missile system over the French/Italian  SAMP/T

Thursday, July 1, 2021

US: Carried out airstrikes on Iranian militia based in Syria and Iraq.

(Washington)  So the last Saturday the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU) the pro Iranian militia based in Iraq and who whilst apparently were subsumed into the Iraqi army, still receive their marching orders from Tehran decided to host their very own military terrorist parade where they showed off the their military might

The parade came hours after a drone attack took place on the city of Erbil which struck non military targets, most likely to send the message to the Americans that the Iranian milita now have the ability to carry out suicide drone attack's, so the Yanks best watch out.

In response the US struck 3 PMU bases (2 in Syria and 1 in Iraq) which had been turned into bases for UAVs resulting in the loss of a lot of equipment and men. Naturally the Iranian ali snack bar franchise in both countries have claimed their will avenge their fellow jihadists , what I can't understand is these idiots were going to die anyway, so why get upset over them achieving martyrdom sooner . Oh well. the USAF released videos on all 3 strikes. (click on the blue twitter bird to access all 3 video's)

Germany: Authorities don't know why asylum seeker went on knife rampage which saw 3 women murdered and another 7 stabbed

(Wurzburg)  So last Friday a Somali migrant popped into the local Woolworths and asked an assistant "where are the knives ?" The 49 year old saleswoman proceeded to show him a selection, whereupom he picked up the longest and murdered her by stabbing her in the neck. He then turned on other customers killing a 82 year old woman  and a 21 year old who died protecting her daughter. he then ran outside and stabbed another 7 people outside before being chased, and attacked by bystanders before the  Police tipped up and put an end to his stabbing spree by shooting him in the leg allowing them to cuff and arrest him

Now compare the reaction of the German public: With that of the German authorities. For a start whilst the Jihadist (Police on searching where he lived found a load of ISIS paraphernalia) Then there was how he was uttering 'Allah ackba' as he carried out his deadly deed on a Friday the Islamic holyday where followers are lead to beleive that if they die carrying out acts of jihad they are guaranteed a special place in heaven. and yet the Police and authorities state they don't know his motive, his lawyer said his client could possibly be suicidal and might harm himself while in detention and the Bavarian state leader Markus Söder criticized people who labeled the attacker as "someone with migrant background," Err excuse me he's Somalian and not the victim who came to the country in 2015. But it gets worse earlier this year he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital  after threatening someone with a knife at a homeless shelter where he was living, Yet some expert deemed him fit to be released  and because of that experts decision, 3 women are dead with another 7 women badly injured. 


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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Gaza: Hamas tunnel found underneath courtyard of UNWRA school

(Gaza)  The conflict last month between Israel and Gaza saw Hamas launch around 4360+ missiles at Israel (with 680 of them landing inside Gaza) and the IDF striking1500+ targets resulting in 256 people killed inside Gaza. You know that Gaza which we are informed is one of the most densely populated areas in the world meaning  that the IDF had to strike approximately 5.8 targets in which to kill one person. Meaning that either the IDF are crap at their job, are using duff ammunition or they were hitting the right people.

Anyway Hamas and it s friends promoted this view that the IDF was carrying out a genocide, that women and children were dying in huge numbers and of course the liberal world rather than looking at the facts were more than happy to swallow what Hamas was promoting.  

The director of UNRWA in Gaza Matthias Schmale has been forced to leave the enclave in fear of his life after he stated that:
"I have the impression that there is a huge sophistication in the way the Israeli military struck over the last 11 days, so that's not my issue," Schmale said. He went onto say that “in comparison with the 2014 war, this time the strikes felt much more vicious in terms of their impact.”
First he was made to retract his statement , then he and a few others were forced to leave in fear of their lives  after Hamas made it quite clear his life was in danger if he remained . its as if Hamas dont like people to state the facts, such as how Israel has stated that they destroyed the media building in Gaza due to Hamas using it as a base in which to try and jam  the Israel Iron dome defence system. This is something Hamas has denied, just as they have denied they hide amongst civilians. Well ,the Hamas public disinformation department will have to pull its finger out as a huge tunnel has just been found running under UNRWA’s Zaitoun Preparatory Boys’ School in Gaza City’s Rimal neighborhood. 
The only problem here, whislt the western liberal media is more than happy to promote what Hamas has to say on any matter, when it comes to reporting their wrong doing, well then there simply is no story

Russia: To furnish Iran with a Military satellite.

(Moscow)  Duty rumour has it Russia is preparing to supply Iran with an advanced satellite system that will give Tehran an unprecedented ability to track potential military targets across the Middle East and beyond, The plan would deliver the Iranians with a Russian-made Kanopus-V satellite equipped with a high-resolution camera which would greatly enhance Iran’s spying capabilities, allowing continuous monitoring of facilities ranging from Persian Gulf oil refineries and Israeli military bases to Iraqi barracks that house U.S. troops

Whist the Kanopus-V is marketed for civilian use, Iranian military officials and leaders of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have made numerous trips to Russia since 2018 to help negotiate the terms of the agreement. On the other side of the coin, Russian experts have travelled to Iran in which to help train ground crews who would operate the satellite from a newly built facility near the northern city of Karaj. Under the agreement reached with Moscow, Iran’s new satellite would be launched in Russia and would feature Russian hardware, including a camera with a resolution of 1.2 meters — a significant improvement over Iran’s current capabilities, though still far short of the quality achieved by U.S. spy satellites or high-end commercial satellite imagery providers. More importantly, Iran would be able to “task” the new satellite to spy on locations of its choosing, and as often as it wishes.

Even more concerning, is the possibility that Iran could(and most likely would)  share the imagery with pro-Iranian militia groups across the region, from the Houthi rebels battling Saudi-backed government forces in Yemen to Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon and Shiite militias in Iraq and Syria. 

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

US: Number of migrants at US border hits new record high

(Washington)  The number of undocumented migrants reaching the US-Mexico border has hit the highest level in more than 20 years US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has said it caught 180,034 migrants, mostly single adults, in May. The number was up slightly from 178,854 in April and 172,000 in March. It was the biggest monthly total since April 2000 with increasing numbers coming from outside Central America. This include countries like Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and even some African nations.

Isn't it strange how so many people who hate the US and everything it stands for , will leave their homelands in which to live in the US.

US: Carries out the first ever air-to-air refueling operation between an unmanned tanker and a manned receiver aircraft,

(Washington)  In 2006 the US Navy started its own strike UAV program, however over time the Navy decided to divert it program away from strike missions and instead concentrate on an unmanned refuelling UAV in 2018 the Navy declared the Boeing MQ-25 Stingray as the winner.

The aim of the MQ-25 is to be able to refuel 4-6 Super Hornet jet aircraft at a range of 500 miles. That goal became a lot closer last week when the first ever refueling of a manned aircraft by a an unmanned one took place:

Syria: IDF carries out air strike on Syrian and Hezballah positions, killing at least 11.

(Homs) Yesterday morning the IDF carried out airstrikes on 2 positions in the Homs area of Syria. One was a strike on an ammo compound and the other was a Scientific Research Base (aka chemical plant) which saw General Ayham Suleiman Ismail a leading chemist killed amongst others.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the Syrians whilst admitting the attack, reported that all the attacking missiles were shot down.

UK: Hussein in court after he sacrificed 2 sisters in which to win the lottery on a deal he had made with a demon.

(London) Last June sisters Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27 decided to hold a party in Fryent Country Park, London in which to celebrate their birthdays. After the party ended they decided to remain , which unfortunately resulted in both been murdered. 

When they failed to return home, their families worried organized a search and found the two butchered hidden in undergrowth  

DNA and CCTV evidence led police to 18 year old Danyal Hussein and on searching his home, found a so called contract written by him with a demon which stipulated that if he sacrificed six women over a six month period he would win the lottery and not to be suspected of the crime afterwards, also found were numerous lottery tickets none of which had come in as winners. Anyway his day in court started and despite the evidence against him:
  1. He cut himself during the attack leaving his blood and DNA at the scene
  2. He purchased 6 knives at a supermarket the day before
  3. The handwritten contract with the Demon written in his own blood where he promised to sacrifice 6 women every six months in which to win the Mega million jackpot
  4. Caught on CCTV leaving the park at 4am

Hussein denies two counts of murder and possessing an offensive weapon . The case continues.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

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Iran: Pride of Iranian Navy catches fire and sinks

(Jask)  The Iranian Navy’s flagship IRIS Kharg suffered an engine explosion yesterday , which resulted in a fire, which whilst initially was brought under control,  raged out of control due to a lack of any firefighting ships (it was six miles off the port of Jask)  and sank.

The Kharg started life as a 18840 tonne Ol-class fleet replenishment oiler built in the Uk in 1976 and handed over to Iran in 1984 (delays due to the change of government, the US embassy hostage situation)  Due to a lack of real-estate in the ship department, the Iranians expanded on  its fleet oiler status by adding a helicopter  deck at the rear of the ship (Allowed it to carry 3 helicopters)  thus allowing the Iranians to classify the ship as a Helicopter carrier. However  its real mission was to act as a support vessel for Iran’s frigate fleet  which allowed them to venture further afield than what they could achieve on their own.  It also was believed to have allowed the Iranians to carry weapons (missiles) to the likes of Syria free in the knowledge that nobody would attempt o stop and inspect a Iranian navy ship as they could a civilian ship.


As mentioned the ship caught fire apparently due to poor quality parts used in a boiler refit in 2016 resulting in the ship sinking. At a stroke Tehran has lost a major part of its Navy and no doubt will restrict the Iranian fleet to home waters until it acquires a replacement.


This is the third loss of an Iranian Navy ship in 4 years , but instead of looking in the mirror, the mullahs have blamed....Israel for the above loss.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

France: Jihadist stabs Policewoman, steals her gun dies in shootout.

(La Chapelle-sur-Erdre) Yesterday at around 10am local time  39 year old Ndiaga Dieye who was on a security watch list for his subscription to radical Islam popped into the local police station just north of the city of Nantes  and set upon an unsuspecting policewoman with a knife leaving her fighting for her life.

 Taking her gun, he did a runner in his car, was on crashing, saw him carry out a home invasion taking a 21 year old woman hostage , he revealed himself by shooting at police carrying out a manhunt injuring 2 policemen,  and was shot dead in the resulting shoot out.

Dieye was only released from a 8 year prison sentence in March

Thursday, May 27, 2021

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Thursday, May 20, 2021

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Israel: Destroying the myth that the IDF only targets civilians

(Jerusalem)  In each and every conflict with Israel the narrative promoted by the other side is that Israel isn't killing any so called freedom fighters, rather it is killing women and children . The IDF actually goes out of its way to air targeting pod videos of their strikes, yet for some very strange reason the main stream media doesn't want to know.  But I do so here are a few:

Gaza: Hamas Terrorists at work which the media never seem to show

(Gaza) Have you noticed how during any bunfight between Gaza and Israel. the media never ever show Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in uniform or with weapons. Nope the entire narrative is Israel is killing women and children, but never terrorists, part of that is due to how Hamas never allows the media in Gaza to report on their so called soldiers thus promoting the image that they are the victims in each and every war they start. The thing is that hasn't stopped Hamas and their ilk from posting videos of their thugs at work, videos the media in the west never bother their arses in showing. Here are a few:

So hands up how many people have seen the media air any of the above, which if they had, would have painted a very different picture of Gaza. 

Israel: The background to the latest conflict

(Jerusalem)  So after 11 days of conflict Israel has declared a ceasefire, with Hamas claiming that as they have won the war with Israel, they as victors are going to stop sending missiles into Israel as a humanitarian gesture, So what was this all about? Very complicated and despite what the Islamic world  has claimed based completely on rumour designed simply to wind up the Worlds Islamic population during Ramadan

Ramadan as you may or may not know is the Islamic worlds holiest month , where they try and tell the world that in order to purify the soul, they abstain from all ill thoughts , fast to clear their bodies (but forget to mention that actually they stuff themselves twice a day in which to go without food during daylight hours, resulting in a lot of Muslims actually putting on weight during Ramadan .

The first act in the path to the recent bunfight was how at the start of Ramadan tens of thousands of Muslims in defiance of Covid restrictions for unvaccinated people descended on Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. When the police tried to send them packing they rioted and exclaimed to the world...look the Jews are stopping us from praying .After a few days the Israelis relented and allowed the unvaccinated Palestinians to congregate on mass, 

At the same time, Palestinian males took to filming themselves attacking orthodox Jewish chidden and uploading those film clips to social media , this resulted in a huge backlash from Orthodox jews who protested on mass against the jubilant Palestinians allowing the Arabs to say..look the jews are attacking us during Ramadan

Also at the same time a court case regards the eviction of a number of Arab families was blown out of proportion by the Palestinians in which to claim..look the Jews are ethnically cleansing us from Jerusalem. Nothing of the sort. It was a civil court ruling regards properties owned by Jews which were taken in 1948 by Jordan and handed to Palestinians. since 1967, the issue was put to the courts, where the Families agreed that the homes were Jewish and they would pay rent, they never bothered, and now 54 years down the line they claim the homes are their and they bought them off a bloke called Ismail but cant actually identify who Ismail is. Full details here

So all of the above was used to wind up the locals who rioted , which saw the police clamp down resulting in an ultimatum from another country 'Gaza'   which stated that if the Israel police don't retreat they would start a war. Which is exactly what happened on the 9th of May when Hamas launched the first of around 3440 missiles. .What I cannot understand is how the very same media which bleats that Hamas is under a crippling siege where food, fuel, medicines etc cannot get through haven't asked how Hamas managed to acquire so many Iranian sourced weapons  

Friday, May 14, 2021

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Iran: Sites of Hidden Missile bases revealed.

(Haji Abad) Despite all the rhetoric the  mullahs of Iran, understand only too well that when it comes to arms technology they are lightyears behind the rest. Virtually its entire military is based on 1970s equipment albeit with a new coat of paint. Knowing of this mismatch they have invested in disposable asymmetrical warfare , which is why they have funded hundreds of militia groups across the ME:

Why they have invested in Unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs aka drones) lots of small boats in which to swarm a target and of course missiles. Oh the  Mullahs do love their missiles as it affords them the ability to strike targets well out of the way and as we have seen time and time again they simply deny having anything to do with such missiles strike's, instead finger pointing at their proxies and exclaiming:
 "It wasn't me , it was them"

Whilst washing their hands of any terrorist activity by pro Iranian militias using missiles and rockets which funny enough resemble Iranian rockets and missiles, the Mullahs have spent a lot of money in which to build huge secret underground missiles bases, these they have paraded to the world in which to to exclaim:

"Never mind the quality feel the width"

and whilst they remain hidden, they pose a threat, but when they are located by the outside world, that missile base becomes nothing more than a huge white elephant (looks at the Maginot line or even La Coupole Hitlers secret V2 base in France which was intended to be a bomb proof structure which could launch V2 bombs against London on an industrial scale, until the RAF dropped the Tallboy bomb on it.)

Anyway one such missile base has been found by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) just outside the town of Haji Abad

They concluded that the base has at least 14 of the latest Zolfagar or Dezful missiles which are solid and not liquid fuelled meaning that they can ripple fire missiles within minutes and do so until they run out of stocks. But what surprised them the most was how the launch tubes for these missiles have been dug horizontally into the ground and aiming in the direction of Saudi Arabia :

Whilst this missile site has only recently come to the knowledge of the public, something tells me, the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel have known for a while. I mean the above photos show a time gap of 4 years from 2016 to 2020 and as such, I'm pretty sure that those launch tubes have a number of cross hairs on them , meaning that they can be put of action relatively quickly by a weapon such as the Storm Shadow which Saudi Arabia and the UAE have purchased over 900 at $3 million a pop. Similar bases have also been found at



Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Syria: IDF carries out airstrikes on Iranian arms dump..again.

(Al Haffah) Early Wednesday 5th May, the IDF carried out an airstrike on what are usually Iranian ammo dumps 14 miles east from the city of Latakia on the town of Al Haffah. 


As usual the Syrians claim to have shot down the majority of incoming missiles with Syrian television reporting that the target of the air strike was a warehouse with plastic materials, problem there is video of the actual target after it had been struck shows a very large secondary explosion and the sound of a lot of ammo cooking off, not something you would associate with a plastic factory

China: 22 tonne rocket sent up last week to make reentry on the 8th May and nobody knows where it will land.

(Beijing)  Last Thursday the Chinese launched into space the the core module of its Tianhe space station a project that is expected to be completed by 2022 with an outpost about a quarter of the size of the International Space Station (ISS).

In order to get the 22 tonne core module into low orbit the Chinese used the biggest rocket in their inventory , the Long March 5. which left the 30-metre high core of the Long March 5B floating in space awaiting reentry back to earth . The thing is since since 1990 nothing over 10 tonnes has been deliberately left in orbit to re-enter uncontrolled. The Long March 5B core stage is thought to be about 21 tonnes and the Chinese have left it to chance where it lands and there lies the problem, because due to its size, it's heat resistant engine parts and its flight path which takes it over as far north as New York, Madrid and Beijing and as far south as southern Chile and Wellington, New Zealand, and could make its re-entry at any point within the dark blue area in the graphic below

Thursday, April 29, 2021

US: The US Navy just became more lethal

(San Diego)  The US Navy has for the past few years recognised that other nations have gone out of their way in which to try and level the playing field at sea. We see that with the Iranians and their leaning towards mass boat attacks, the Russians with hypersonic missiles and the Chinese, well they have gone down the route of the numbers game. why only last week China inaugurated 3 new navy ships (1 assault ship, I huge missile destroyer and 1 nuclear submarine) 3 days ago. 

The problem with Navy ships is they are fitted with certain (usually single use) weapons, so torpedoes are only good for ships or submarines. Anti ship missiles target ships, cruise missiles target land targets and anti aircraft missiles target aircraft. Having to assign space for each weapon system reduces the amount of weapons you can field on a ship as well as the amount of missiles you can carry.  Now if the other fellow has more ships than you, he has a better chance of winning a future bunfight simply due to the numbers game. So the US Navy went back to the drawing board and decided multi mission weapons was the way to go.

So the Tomahawk cruise missile which started life 37 years ago as a land attack missile, has just been given a new lease of life by giving it the capability to strike moving naval targets.  which with its 1000 mile range outranges most anti ship missiles in the world by far bar one the Chinese DF-26 which is a ballistic missile believed to have the ability to hit ships at sea.

The otherday the USS John Finn took part in a naval exercise off of San Diego where using UAVs running on passive sensors they hunted for and found a barge (meant to resemble an enemy ship) 260 miles away and launched a SM6 standard missile (The Standard Missile family has been the US Navy's main anti aircraft missile since 1967) resulting in a direct hit. The most impressive thing about the strike was not in the use of a multi mission missile , but rather in the use of unmanned vehicles (under the surface, on it and above it) which were able to find the target using only passive sensors and relay that information back to the USS John Finn allowing it to launch a missile without the target knowing it was been targeted.

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Russia: Navy ship experiences something of a mishap launching a missile

(Moscow)  On Tuesday the Russian Navy Destroyer 'Marshal Shaposhnikov' took part in fleet exercises in the Sea of Japan after rejoining the fleet after a 4 year refit. Part of the exercises involved test firing  Kalibr cruise missiles which had been part of that refit. Whilst the Russian Navy aired videos of the successful firing of these missiles, here's one they didn't mention and which was leaked to the world via social media:

Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

France: Informs its citizens in Pakistan to leave the country

(Paris) After months of simmering (And often violent protests) directed at France after Emmanuel Macron expressed support for a satirical magazine’s right to republish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, deemed blasphemous by many Muslims. After the beheading of a French teacher  which as we now know was based on lies by an Islamic girl who wanted to deflect attention away from playing hooky from school.

However the truth and actual facts never count for much in Islamic countries where the anger of the mob always overrules the rule of law and after many protests, culminating in the banning of extreme Islamic party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) on the 15th of April after its leader Saad Rizvi stated he would lock down the country with protests if the French ambassador wasn't deported  which saw 2 policemen defending the French consulate killed

Realizing how things can escalate in Pakistan, France took the unheard step of  informing all its citizens to leave the country:
“Due to the serious threats to French interests in Pakistan, French nationals and French companies are advised to temporarily leave the country.. The departures will be carried out by existing commercial airlines.”

Something tells me , that some poor asylum seeker in France trying to seek sanctuary from Pakistan, will decided to utter the immortal words: "Alis snack bar"..Watch this space. 

Germany: Syrian who murdered a German for holding hands with another man . Has his day in court. Says he did the right thing.

(Berlin)  Last Oct 4th a month after being released from prison on charges of membership of ISIS failed Syrian asylum's seeker 20-year-old Abdullah al-H. H saw red when he saw two German male tourists holding hands, and proceeded to attack both men with a knife. killing one and injuring the other. he then did a runner to the city of Karlsruhe 300 miles away , but he was chased down three weeks later  due to the DNA he left behind on the knife he had dropped and was arrested.

Whilst under lock and key, Abdullah's only regret was he failed to murder the other fellow, well he's currently in the dock on charges of murder and questions are been asked about how a ISIS terrorist's known to the authorities was not deported.

Abdullah al-H

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