Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Holland: Police to quite literally take the shirts off the backs of criminals.

(Dan Haag) In the ongoing fight against crime, Dutch Police have realised that a large number of their guest criminals have taken to wearing expensive items in which to garner respect from their own corner about how well they are doing, in others words 'status symbols' . whilst they already have the power to confiscate  items of jewellery such as 'Rolex' watches.  However until now they have been unable (by law) to touch the very expensive items of clothing these thugs have started donning in which to look good. Well that has all changed according to Rotterdam police chief Frank Paauw:

"These are often young guests who consider themselves untouchable. We're going to undress them on the street. These young people have no source of income, sometimes even debts from a previous conviction, but they wear outfits that exceeds 1500 euros. That not only undermines the rule of law but also sends a completely false signal to local residents. Taking away their proceeds of crime is therefore important, "